Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laurel A Smith 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1710966734
Janet R. Mullins 32084, WAClinical Psychologist1154394088
Heather Parker 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1568437341
Joshua L. Whaley 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1790736346
Jeffrey E Corcoran 98801, WAClinical Psychologist1679507230
Kathryn Elisabeth Ekemo 95603, WAClinical Psychologist1639262918
Matina Hawkins 98003, WAClinical Psychologist1770994600
Martha Amy Leonard 98036, WAClinical Psychologist1043313554
Anne Marie Holmes 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1174615694
Susan Marie Vrtis-younger 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1558468355
Cammy Chicota-carroll 78240, WAClinical Psychologist1073660262
Jeffrey Michael Troutman 85142, WAClinical Psychologist1134258718
Christopher Paul Tobey 98221, WAClinical Psychologist1609922269
Tobi Ricca 98036, WAClinical Psychologist1174657324
Lisa C Johnson 97005, WAClinical Psychologist1710004239
Jessica Boldt 98660, WAClinical Psychologist1295867331
Christen A. Carson 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1275607046
Kassandra Young 98503, WAClinical Psychologist1205221702
Upaya Inc 98501, WAClinical Psychologist1659578714
Sha'ari Garfinkel 98106, WAClinical Psychologist1245353101
Jackie M Smith 98466, WAClinical Psychologist1053595660
Brandie Michelle Frisby 99336, WAClinical Psychologist1437321221
Tsu-yin Chang 02116, WAClinical Psychologist1457550725
Theresa J Nuccio 98102, WAClinical Psychologist1235353665
Elizabeth A Cole 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1114186665
Mark N Hoffman 98801, WAClinical Psychologist1982801353
Oliver Birchwood-glover 99362, WAClinical Psychologist1013116193
Christine C Wineberg 98816, WAClinical Psychologist1144481631
Jacob Hogue 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1720206022
Kellie Kristina Robison 98383, WAClinical Psychologist1760602155
Diedra L Clay 98112, WAClinical Psychologist1205088689
Paige Mcewen Kayihan 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1366692006
Zarah Joy Davis 95903, WAClinical Psychologist1245475854
Osceola M Evans 78234, WAClinical Psychologist1679803001
Pirouz Ganji 94102, WAClinical Psychologist1588943195
Karen M Foley 98201, WAClinical Psychologist1518238625
Brittney Neuman Neidhardt-gruhl 98057, WAClinical Psychologist1700018348
Ruth Morgan Wain 98503, WAClinical Psychologist1487929709
Julia Elizabeth Mclawsen 98004, WAClinical Psychologist1962787655
Elizabeth Vu 98012, WAClinical Psychologist1124356837
Chaska Latoya Gomez 96859, WAClinical Psychologist1689823262
Priscilla Kyu 94103, WAClinical Psychologist1558590943
Patricia Melanie Hosner 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1114237534
Jessica B Misner 98004, WAClinical Psychologist1437421278
Leslie Baker 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1992258941
Jennifer Sue Martinez 84653, WAClinical Psychologist1275845596
Ivysue Hranac 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1427388412
Alison Elizabeth Goodman 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1710118369
Rachel Leah Birch 78130, WAClinical Psychologist1619108271
Matthew Patrick Langedyke 98272, WAClinical Psychologist1174829899
Michelle Marie Cani Battin 98052, WAClinical Psychologist1093964561
Kristin J Lindstrom 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1679722680
Todd Michael Raleigh 98226, WAClinical Psychologist1396061339
Brenda Marie Bible 98660, WAClinical Psychologist1134422629
Lionel Norman Enns 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1881958148
Tahni Rachelle Kalina 98901, WAClinical Psychologist1952661951
Tami Haley 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1134466337
Jennifer Carolyn Plumb Vilardaga 27705, WAClinical Psychologist1912346339
Joeleen Joyce Wilkinson 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1447686811
Renee Madathil 98195, WAClinical Psychologist1639595879
Kathryn Eva Korslund 98004, WAClinical Psychologist1942601406
Sile Acacia Grace Matsui 98372, WAClinical Psychologist1336522697
Heather Marie Spence 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1386048361
Tammy Todd 98312, WAClinical Psychologist1841200839
Alexandra Waxer 77339, WAClinical Psychologist1114315868
Brad Tyson 98034, WAClinical Psychologist1952704413
Vanessa Mcaferty 98144, WAClinical Psychologist1568831741
Kate Buffington 99352, WAClinical Psychologist1114302874
Roger Banther 97304, WAClinical Psychologist1487907606
Emilie Buter 98406, WAClinical Psychologist1689078750
Carolyn M Jacoby 98408, WAClinical Psychologist1568845188
Jason Prinster 97702, WAClinical Psychologist1699827840
Cheri Colean 99206, WAClinical Psychologist1740670447
Teryn Michelle Sahagun 98104, WAClinical Psychologist1992149793
Heidi Anderson 99207, WAClinical Psychologist1124412937
Whitney Jenkins 98005, WAClinical Psychologist1508260050
Elizabeth Marks 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1396279758
Jeffrey Eugene Wallace 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1538557012
Lucille C Correa 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1548676547
Ashley Renee Connors 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1770950735
Naomi Raia 98661, WAClinical Psychologist1205214285
Margaret E Sanchez 98513, WAClinical Psychologist1083973606
Aaron Richard Belz 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1861828659
Arianne Parkinson 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1295071124
Douglas Chandler 98201, WAClinical Psychologist1952493306
Cynthia Martin 98030, WAClinical Psychologist1942448741
Lauren Matthews 98115, WAClinical Psychologist1780923839
Tricia Borg 98203, WAClinical Psychologist1225255326
Veronica Bechara 80521, WAClinical Psychologist1609285675
Tiffany P Woelfel 98516, WAClinical Psychologist1366954471
Katherine Shimada 98107, WAClinical Psychologist1124441639
Daniela Prieto Larson 98661, WAClinical Psychologist1487165510
Alisa Pisciotta 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1316328503
Tracey Alta 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1366804049
Matthew Ponsford 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1417300468
Mary Gutierrez 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1225583586
Tana Rae Carpita 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1750801734
Margaret M Sweeney 98103, WAClinical Psychologist1205353141
Kara D Frizzell 98665, WAClinical Psychologist1104261817
Juliette Knight 98408, WAClinical Psychologist1124533294
Megan Kloep 98188, WAClinical Psychologist1831618867
Caitlin C Saunders 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1023319084
Justin Chen 42223, WAClinical Psychologist1366869844
Michiko Kono 98036, WAClinical Psychologist1851561609
Joseph Lyons 99206, WAClinical Psychologist1053810564
Jeffery Scott Martin 78236, WAClinical Psychologist1700284916
Cheryl Noel Richards Enstad 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1306375985
Keren Holt 98118, WAClinical Psychologist1144485103
Mary Kathryn Lagerstrom 98166, WAClinical Psychologist1043706690
Tara Anne Murphy 98531, WAClinical Psychologist1871677138
Mirella Warren 98103, WAClinical Psychologist1689153074
Grace E Yang 98104, WAClinical Psychologist1629506886
Sara Eagan 98109, WAClinical Psychologist1982065611
Colleen Rustad 98406, WAClinical Psychologist1184134314
Behavioral Health Collaborative 98133, WAClinical Psychologist1639685241
Christopher Robin Carver 99207, WAClinical Psychologist1871089698
Stephanie Marie Degroat 98188, WAClinical Psychologist1194205609
Paula Rachel Sage 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1265908339
Christine Ma 98106, WAClinical Psychologist1306313366
Robin Noel Horrell 98201, WAClinical Psychologist1437637857
Atlas Counseling Pllc 98102, WAClinical Psychologist1740719970
Jennifer Elaine-ketcham Crooks 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1952879090
Bridgitte Mathiasen 98055, WAClinical Psychologist1053609503
Clove Pellant 98506, WAClinical Psychologist1598206583
Lisa Miller 98103, WAClinical Psychologist1619159480
Katie Lynn Thomas 99206, WAClinical Psychologist1275064479
Daylen L Gonzales 98408, WAClinical Psychologist1316371859
Erik D Geissal 98662, WAClinical Psychologist1982895819
Laura Ann Berg 99207, WAClinical Psychologist1124473087
Chelsie Lokelani Diaz 99207, WAClinical Psychologist1346550704
Kolbi Marie Peach 99207, WAClinical Psychologist1013403955
Alerra, Llc 92624, WAClinical Psychologist1780165662
Komo Kulshan Counseling Pllc 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1851857916
Jennifer Leigh Knuston 99205, WAClinical Psychologist1508150632
Savannah Miller 98856, WAClinical Psychologist1346653961
Megan Fiona Cushing 98841, WAClinical Psychologist1073901351
Tracy Long 98493, WAClinical Psychologist1942692116
Britt Alvy 98104, WAClinical Psychologist1043765399
Joanna Dziura 09112, WAClinical Psychologist1124476122
Thomas M Danner 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1134188329
Suie Chang Ngai 98188, WAClinical Psychologist1699156661
Bridget Ideker 98465, WAClinical Psychologist1932763133
Douglas B Campbell 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1982673273
Sandra Elizabeth Davidson 98604, WAClinical Psychologist1538580147
Amanda E Bieber-mayberry 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1699067249
Mackenzie L Taylor 98632, WAClinical Psychologist1114166337
Christine Thuy Trang Tran 98493, WAClinical Psychologist1437532207
Skylar Liam Newkirk 98620, WAClinical Psychologist1558870832
Nora L Bloomingdale 98109, WAClinical Psychologist1407241409
Erika Vannesa Mora 98208, WAClinical Psychologist1396051710
Cynthia Robyn Kelley 98277, WAClinical Psychologist1780989434
James Allen Jackson 98335, WAClinical Psychologist1811282247
Diana P. Jacobs 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1790883353
Clancy Roberts 97227, WAClinical Psychologist1558772152
Shanna Alvarez 98109, WAClinical Psychologist1922258193
Daphne Tu 98052, WAClinical Psychologist1043765852
Heather Kathleen Duncan Goldy 98102, WAClinical Psychologist1306404306
Daniel Masler 98072, WAClinical Psychologist1144537762
Jennifer L Bloomgarden 98011, WAClinical Psychologist1982996062
Ashli Gurnett 59602, WAClinical Psychologist1659760759
Innovative Counseling Services, Llc 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1811468770
Katherine Evans Stanfill 98109, WAClinical Psychologist1003251406
Dane Olsen 98108, WAClinical Psychologist1497160220
Shannon Deneice Ledesma 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1578500328
Beautiful Autism Llc 98223, WAClinical Psychologist1841651585
Matthew Dimond 98057, WAClinical Psychologist1831607787
Michal Inspektor 98104, WAClinical Psychologist1174697205
Beth Ann Griffith 98020, WAClinical Psychologist1831397785
Nancy D Rider 98203, WAClinical Psychologist1871688374
Tamara Kristin Pietzke 98372, WAClinical Psychologist1184908253
Mary Nickel-nguy 95818, WAClinical Psychologist1417401910
Stacey Speelman 98248, WAClinical Psychologist1760879910
Gregory V Deklever 98052, WAClinical Psychologist1285286500
Denise Honeyford 48334, WAClinical Psychologist1275980294
Kenneth Roy Collins 98383, WAClinical Psychologist1154974558
Lindsey T Pineda 98493, WAClinical Psychologist1750368411
Lori A Sirs 98503, WAClinical Psychologist1811062243
Tracey Earnette Powell 93944, WAClinical Psychologist1588853816
Joanna Lynn Watson 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1770018657
Robyn Marie Callahan 98402, WAClinical Psychologist1184055824
Marci Sweet 98072, WAClinical Psychologist1487056131
Anita Susan Hoyle 98506, WAClinical Psychologist1386169209
Katherine S Bowen 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1801209986
Wonderland Child & Family Services 98177, WAClinical Psychologist1003478660
Stacy Jeanne Lenny 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1275785230
Pam Dell Fitzgerald 98070, WAClinical Psychologist1568012508
Shari Frazier 99336, WAClinical Psychologist1538527718
Amy H Park 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1306811534
Christine Russo 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1760857619
Barbara Barry 98260, WAClinical Psychologist1417021833
Janet T Raguindin 98203, WAClinical Psychologist1134779010
Stacy Michelle Story 98021, WAClinical Psychologist1346587003
Amy M Nuttbrock 98660, WAClinical Psychologist1447698501
Nabiha Paula Huq Saifee 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1407299019
Skylar Tharp 98663, WAClinical Psychologist1487998852
Julie Skiles 76544, WAClinical Psychologist1235550229
Molly Michelle Davenport 98032, WAClinical Psychologist1891857181
Vanessa Infante-alfaro 98802, WAClinical Psychologist1790294601
Michelle Marie Hart 98498, WAClinical Psychologist1760680730
Masako Komiyama 98144, WAClinical Psychologist1790113413


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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