Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David L Bruxer 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1619970241
Frontier Behavioral Health 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1861495327
Robert Scott Miller 98277, WAClinical Psychologist1477557338
Jeffrey S Rose 98335, WAClinical Psychologist1396749701
Public Hospital District No 1 a 99163, WAClinical Psychologist1366446767
The Northwest Pinnacle Group, Inc. 98040, WAClinical Psychologist1538164983
Laurel Rene Andersoncowell 97209, WAClinical Psychologist1356346217
Nancy Cloud 98367, WAClinical Psychologist1144225004
Stephen H Ruvo 99212, WAClinical Psychologist1811992837
Laurie Ann Sheerer 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1538164587
Regional Toxicology Services, Llc 98421, WAClinical Psychologist1821092297
John A Kazmierowski 98686, WAClinical Psychologist1023013984
Ann Carter 98133, WAClinical Psychologist1083167647
Leigh A Harkcom 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1285639500
Joan C. Golston 98122, WAClinical Psychologist1578568218
David E. Dickman 98003, WAClinical Psychologist1992700645
Darrelle Morgan Volwiler 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1306841960
Laura Lynn Hershkowitz 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1144225780
Allen Wayne Ratcliffe 98409, WAClinical Psychologist1598760134
Kathleen M. Cullen 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1720083389
Bobbie Katherine Fletcher 98390, WAClinical Psychologist1487650784
Leslie Anne Savage 98383, WAClinical Psychologist1831195486
Douglas Theodore Gray 98908, WAClinical Psychologist1285631317
Inland Northwest Blood Center 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1679570485
Mark C Michael 98102, WAClinical Psychologist1508864166
Bourget Health Services Inc 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1033117338
James D. Goodwin 98801, WAClinical Psychologist1104824218
Lisa Bess Christian 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1588662530
Karen Hye 98002, WAClinical Psychologist1710348511
Laura Grace Reiber 99362, WAClinical Psychologist1023017365
Marianne Donohue Hashimoto 99362, WAClinical Psychologist1497754352
Richard A Garcia 99362, WAClinical Psychologist1194725630
Anjelina Citron 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1548260979
Christine Jean Pollastro 98685, WAClinical Psychologist1942201637
Katy Murray 98506, WAClinical Psychologist1255331880
Kenneth Eisenberger 98370, WAClinical Psychologist1881694321
Peter Dennis Pautz 98201, WAClinical Psychologist1295736643
Marie L Sweeney 98004, WAClinical Psychologist1922000652
Christine Richelle Guzzardo 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1144212457
Brian Ross Campbell 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1245223270
Nancy Jane Sullivan 98502, WAClinical Psychologist1316930282
Wayne C. Dees 98166, WAClinical Psychologist1275526949
Lee A Sanders Md Inc Ps 98166, WAClinical Psychologist1275526964
Malaika Clelland 98406, WAClinical Psychologist1538152970
John Rider Hess 98104, WAClinical Psychologist1770575078
Nancy Ann Adler-jones 98072, WAClinical Psychologist1942293816
Ken Lewis Curry 99352, WAClinical Psychologist1902898661
Robert S Wark 98506, WAClinical Psychologist1730181769
Natasha Martin 98506, WAClinical Psychologist1639697063
Michael Charles Weyand 98684, WAClinical Psychologist1871586222
Gayle M Tate-casson 98632, WAClinical Psychologist1114911922
Arthur Lloyd Miller 99011, WAClinical Psychologist1144216706
Sharon L Grabner 98005, WAClinical Psychologist1134115793
Carlos R Carreon 98632, WAClinical Psychologist1770579773
H Stanton Thatcher 99362, WAClinical Psychologist1457347288
Simon B. Paquette 98683, WAClinical Psychologist1376530584
Frederick W. Silver 98372, WAClinical Psychologist1962499095
Stephen Joseph Clark 98012, WAClinical Psychologist1073500815
Gregory J. Charboneau 99223, WAClinical Psychologist1790773463
Joan Margaret Loeken 98112, WAClinical Psychologist1619965308
Jennifer Anne Schmitz 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1053305607
The Everett Clinic, Pllc 98201, WAClinical Psychologist1831186766
Kathryn M Johnson 98201, WAClinical Psychologist1780672030
Anthony Christopher Zold 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1821086125
Howard Lundsten Leonard 98122, WAClinical Psychologist1861480816
Joyce R Lingerfelt 99114, WAClinical Psychologist1194713297
Russell George Braendlein 96205, WAClinical Psychologist1982692901
Kindred A Ritchie 98166, WAClinical Psychologist1124017793
Thomas A Dean 98166, WAClinical Psychologist1235128802
Garrett D Alcorn 98166, WAClinical Psychologist1891784468
Patricia Kathleen Barr 98506, WAClinical Psychologist1700875242
Neuroeducation Inc Pc 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1982694923
John David Gilbert 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1801885827
Teresa Taft 99216, WAClinical Psychologist1548250533
Angelique Grayson Tindall 99206, WAClinical Psychologist1912997800
Puget Sound Allergy Asthma & Immunology 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1043200942
Amy Lawson Yuen 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1164412813
James Matthew Sardo 97239, WAClinical Psychologist1366432643
Kristine Anne Marsh 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1326038464
Karen A Miller 98277, WAClinical Psychologist1417948514
Judson Lawrence Scovill 98115, WAClinical Psychologist1043201841
Albert B Paige 98122, WAClinical Psychologist1053302539
Gayle Dukart-hardy 98661, WAClinical Psychologist1003807504
Melissa R Ottenbacher 98366, WAClinical Psychologist1922099696
Launi Ann Treece 98006, WAClinical Psychologist1649261157
Judy Marie Volmert 98290, WAClinical Psychologist1578554721
Robert J Hunter 98663, WAClinical Psychologist1144211335
Catherine Leona Cobb 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1588645477
Minor & James Medical Pllc 98104, WAClinical Psychologist1255312690
Bonita Shuffain Siegel 98155, WAClinical Psychologist1629050745
Fuki Marie Hisama 98195, WAClinical Psychologist1780666420
Melissa R. Robinson 98195, WAClinical Psychologist1831171586
Judy Rochlin 98033, WAClinical Psychologist1447232236
Jerome Merle Wasson 98531, WAClinical Psychologist1083696876
Patricia L. Gunderson 99022, WAClinical Psychologist1053393652
Helen Rose Estoque 98188, WAClinical Psychologist1265414759
Susan B Sterling 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1912980343
Temperance Wick Evans 98034, WAClinical Psychologist1972585305
Edward J Novotny 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1851374078
Thomas Taylor Mitchell 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1760473029
Andrew Lee Martin 98312, WAClinical Psychologist1780674820
Linda Marie Beldin-korter 97205, WAClinical Psychologist1033109640
Bruce D Robertson 98310, WAClinical Psychologist1598756512
Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital 98902, WAClinical Psychologist1053806711
Georganna R Sedlar 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1477535789
Holly Day Hunter 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1780673046
Eileen Rachel Stein 98103, WAClinical Psychologist1760465751
Patricia Michelle France 98493, WAClinical Psychologist1063495018
Lane Van Der Sluis 98663, WAClinical Psychologist1043293855
James A Roubos 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1356325724
Holly Noel Galbreath 98498, WAClinical Psychologist1508840984
Frances Josephine Lexcen 98498, WAClinical Psychologist1770567158
Tariq Salam 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1043294291
Patricia M Fantoni-salvador 33322, WAClinical Psychologist1063496115
Philip Andrew Holcombe 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1629052592
Rita I Zorrozua 99201, WAClinical Psychologist1487638342
Janet D Hesslein 98109, WAClinical Psychologist1750365599
Nora Hadley-meenk 98055, WAClinical Psychologist1447234091
Jeffrey Weist 98311, WAClinical Psychologist1700861986
Karen Elyse Karpman 99163, WAClinical Psychologist1427033323
Laboratory Corporation Of America 98550, WAClinical Psychologist1043295058
David Burnham Steen 98438, WAClinical Psychologist1295710200
Laboratory Corporation Of America 99352, WAClinical Psychologist1740265750
Laboratory Corporation Of America 98373, WAClinical Psychologist1942285952
Laboratory Corporation Of America 98837, WAClinical Psychologist1932184942
Michael P Rome 98405, WAClinical Psychologist1174509863
Laboratory Corporation Of America 98122, WAClinical Psychologist1073599478
Lorraine Sue Picha 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1003892431
Southern Idaho Regional Laboratory Llc 83706, WAClinical Psychologist1730165838
Kathy Sue Dreiblatt 98502, WAClinical Psychologist1508842535
Wendy Cathleen Ranlett 99206, WAClinical Psychologist1750367637
Lindsey T Pineda 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1750368411
Robert William Cihak 83501, WAClinical Psychologist1912984477
Terry Lynn Bader 98403, WAClinical Psychologist1053398305
Lisa M Hardebeck 98402, WAClinical Psychologist1306823398
Crestview Psychological Services, P.s. 98264, WAClinical Psychologist1992782015
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98122, WAClinical Psychologist1477530483
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98116, WAClinical Psychologist1396722260
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98006, WAClinical Psychologist1205813177
Sandra Anne Milton 98406, WAClinical Psychologist1700863669
Rochelle Kalla 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1336126291
Pamela T Rehder 98371, WAClinical Psychologist1255319117
Richard J Wyma 98371, WAClinical Psychologist1902884877
Kathleen Ann Kutscher 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1699753186
Ellen M. Rugg 98103, WAClinical Psychologist1558349258
Judith Martin 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1104804442
Laboratory Corporation Of America 98032, WAClinical Psychologist1255319588
Shannon Jill Johnson FPO A, WAClinical Psychologist1376521427
Randolph Wilson Johnson 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1508844531
Michael Wayne Mcclellan 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1306825906
Robert John Arnone 98208, WAClinical Psychologist1619956133
Jeng Yue Chang 98125, WAClinical Psychologist1194704478
Vickie Lee Roler 98604, WAClinical Psychologist1679552830
Jessica Leigh Viergutz-cavagnetto 99163, WAClinical Psychologist1619956844
Jo Ann Martinez 98312, WAClinical Psychologist1548240583
Tamura Lynn Arthun 98027, WAClinical Psychologist1457331241
Ronnie E Kaufman 98188, WAClinical Psychologist1659351286
Sara Jennifer Weelborg 98466, WAClinical Psychologist1124008743
Diane V. Bachen 98312, WAClinical Psychologist1659341592
Evan Brick Freedman 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1588634406
Marvin L. Hinz 98826, WAClinical Psychologist1609846575
Semra Olgac 98101, WAClinical Psychologist1578543419
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98075, WAClinical Psychologist1851379515
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98107, WAClinical Psychologist1609853597
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98115, WAClinical Psychologist1275510281
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98122, WAClinical Psychologist1669459525
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 98199, WAClinical Psychologist1902883861
Samuel P. Yang 99204, WAClinical Psychologist1174507073
Marcel A Van Eerd 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1114903705
Ana Maria Sierra 98403, WAClinical Psychologist1982688362
Jan Garver Bacon 98499, WAClinical Psychologist1457335820
Tri cities Laboratory, Llc 99336, WAClinical Psychologist1952385056
Marian R Schultz 98248, WAClinical Psychologist1982684304
Anne Wright 98005, WAClinical Psychologist1033192877
Joseph C. Pehm 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1679551931
Tina Marie Clement 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1528043270
Laurel A Smith 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1710966734
Mary R Wotring 98278, WAClinical Psychologist1689644429
Amy L Watts 98278, WAClinical Psychologist1023088861
Abigail K. Shoquist 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1386614030
Philip Gregg Hires 98937, WAClinical Psychologist1356311856
Colville Medical Center Ps 99114, WAClinical Psychologist1265402689
Gregory Dean Eberhart 98801, WAClinical Psychologist1902877111
Christine J Felix 98902, WAClinical Psychologist1902877228
Ellen Y Ahana 98007, WAClinical Psychologist1558332577
Katherin Ranzoni 98030, WAClinical Psychologist1619948312
Marnie G Schumacher 98520, WAClinical Psychologist1619948338
Audrey Burr 99202, WAClinical Psychologist1568433183
Yamile Jana 98370, WAClinical Psychologist1720050974
Marcia E Robbins 98115, WAClinical Psychologist1417929803
Laura Wolf Groshong 98105, WAClinical Psychologist1962474239
Eric Tecumseh Smeltz 99224, WAClinical Psychologist1972575108
Catherine Strong 98225, WAClinical Psychologist1629040571
Leslie Recor 98034, WAClinical Psychologist1962474692
John Peter Ney 98413, WAClinical Psychologist1902878580
Ronald J. De Vries 98188, WAClinical Psychologist1790757292
Nancy J Vannoy 98034, WAClinical Psychologist1538131065
Melanie Copeland 98801, WAClinical Psychologist1780657296
Lorin Lee Frank 98431, WAClinical Psychologist1710950126
Jody Ann Veltkamp 98226, WAClinical Psychologist1447223763


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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