Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathleen M Adams 54650, WIClinical Psychologist1285637595
Revelino M Abellera 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1447253869
Gordon I Herz 53719, WIClinical Psychologist1053314344
Robert R Bablitch 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1922000199
Annette Elizabeth Gregoire 54660, WIClinical Psychologist1396749222
Kevin M Boland 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1104820935
Brian L Mcknight 53821, WIClinical Psychologist1275537813
Meriter Health Enterprises Inc. 53715, WIClinical Psychologist1346244993
Daniel F Schraith 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1316941388
Richard J Wittchow 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1477557122
Laurence C Berg 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1437153392
Rhonda J Madsen 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1790789311
Jane Hounsell 53295, WIClinical Psychologist1588113120
Susan M Wester 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1376547018
Sharon K Montalbano 54660, WIClinical Psychologist1447254925
Gregory D Prichett 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1588668958
Jeffrey R Court 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1356346621
James M Tarlano 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1306841788
Leona J Sedlacek 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1699770032
Nancy C Todd 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1659376044
Sue M Wolf 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1275538506
Rodelino R Virata 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1225033301
Adam Mehmet Gulhan 54143, WIClinical Psychologist1841294345
Kathryn A Baker 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1801891056
Ann E Vanatta 54650, WIClinical Psychologist1629073028
Jackie T Joday 54703, WIClinical Psychologist1841296316
Mary C Nilsson 54773, WIClinical Psychologist1902802499
Sheryl L Gora-bollom 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1811993314
Pamela K Radosen 54650, WIClinical Psychologist1184620684
Mary Ann K Scoglio 54001, WIClinical Psychologist1841296373
Charles J Lanzarotti 53215, WIClinical Psychologist1861498214
Nguyen H Phan 53211, WIClinical Psychologist1194721407
John A Griffiths 54773, WIClinical Psychologist1073519286
Mary B Watts 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1649276791
Mary J Linville 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1154327054
Imran K Niazi 53215, WIClinical Psychologist1689670754
Eugene E Kolaczkowski 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1265438535
Gordon G Zeng 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1801891460
Donnalee A Hoelzen 54660, WIClinical Psychologist1770588295
John R Streyle 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1881690386
Carrie L Lapham 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1821094905
Red Granite Neuromonitoring Llc 53202, WIClinical Psychologist1740755305
The Counseling Center Of Milwaukee, Inc. 53212, WIClinical Psychologist1245238633
Vincent Louis Angeloni 50325, WIClinical Psychologist1689671745
Ava Risa Feldman 50325, WIClinical Psychologist1891792958
Sheldon Louis Brownstein 45236, WIClinical Psychologist1174520464
Lauren Murphy Payne 53406, WIClinical Psychologist1720087364
Alex Hartwell 53217, WIClinical Psychologist1083613517
Joan Carol Russo 53066, WIClinical Psychologist1225037575
Richard August Hohfeler 53222, WIClinical Psychologist1881694701
Rhonda Reinholtz 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1720089667
Joseph J Colletti 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1164423000
Barbara Lee Rothweiler 54401, WIClinical Psychologist1376544247
Marhsa B Lukasek 54656, WIClinical Psychologist1467453985
James C Harrison 54650, WIClinical Psychologist1609877869
Lesley F Charlton 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1497756969
Jane A Houlihan 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1750382271
Rosalind M Laraway 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1376544759
Jon W Dickson 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1043211550
Peggy Lynn Audley 54017, WIClinical Psychologist1396747150
Laura Tooran Mirhoseini 53105, WIClinical Psychologist1487646436
Calumet County 53014, WIClinical Psychologist1902898406
Robert T Yerhot 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1558362624
Shelly Rose Statz 54016, WIClinical Psychologist1235121260
Christopher Converse Babbitt 54002, WIClinical Psychologist1245232982
Judith Margaret Doersch 54952, WIClinical Psychologist1184618571
Bradley C. Garson 54615, WIClinical Psychologist1336133651
Judith A Yocius 54952, WIClinical Psychologist1821082462
Marlena Larson 53403, WIClinical Psychologist1538154679
David K Hendricks 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1801881966
Mark Joseph Mohapp 53147, WIClinical Psychologist1861487647
Kaye Marie Eckert 53934, WIClinical Psychologist1467448290
Julie S Feil 54904, WIClinical Psychologist1194712851
Kathleen Kos 53295, WIClinical Psychologist1649267238
Dorothea M Epple 54902, WIClinical Psychologist1720075708
Carol Ann Baird 53403, WIClinical Psychologist1780671552
Marilyn S Befera-zielinski 53403, WIClinical Psychologist1386631158
Donald A Walters 53403, WIClinical Psychologist1417944216
John A Mullen 53403, WIClinical Psychologist1700873577
Stephanie B Hanson 53403, WIClinical Psychologist1124015904
Moreland Medical Center 53188, WIClinical Psychologist1447248182
Karen Komornicka 53227, WIClinical Psychologist1235126822
Lisa Ann Johnson 53005, WIClinical Psychologist1508287780
Valerie Nyman 53212, WIClinical Psychologist1124577291
Craig Alan Luebke 53147, WIClinical Psychologist1467446989
Carolyn E Praninsky 53406, WIClinical Psychologist1609863406
Roxanne Marie Guenther 53122, WIClinical Psychologist1235124173
Damon William Buckett 53005, WIClinical Psychologist1205824604
Cris William Johnston 54021, WIClinical Psychologist1174512644
Anne Alexa Weston 53066, WIClinical Psychologist1639168750
South Street Clinic Llc 53066, WIClinical Psychologist1235128356
Mark Allen Martello 96859, WIClinical Psychologist1629068622
Mari J Kriescher 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1629068192
Scott D Lalonde 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1073503546
Gina M Moede 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1699765164
Ilana Hadar 53186, WIClinical Psychologist1144210501
Rhonda Huhtala 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1245220565
Kathleen M Sayers 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1720078074
Torland E Cornelius-adkins 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1639169949
Monique L Gore 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1568452803
Sandra A Holden 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1801886122
George J Kamps 54302, WIClinical Psychologist1134119456
Mike (michael) F. Agneessens 54155, WIClinical Psychologist1477544500
Dale S Rasmussen 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1609867761
Jeanette Pieper 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1821089988
Paul Grady 53074, WIClinical Psychologist1902897010
Glenn Zipperer 53074, WIClinical Psychologist1548251655
Thomas L Thoune 54304, WIClinical Psychologist1790776565
Nancy Latton 53074, WIClinical Psychologist1528059912
David Merrifield 53074, WIClinical Psychologist1437140829
Sandra Jacques 53074, WIClinical Psychologist1154312544
Kimberley Hollander Fischer 53188, WIClinical Psychologist1578554747
Joan Kojis 53074, WIClinical Psychologist1609857770
Mary F Wyman 53208, WIClinical Psychologist1154302255
Erik Frank Sievers 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1558342519
David E. Lacocque 53703, WIClinical Psychologist1134100068
Sue A Balog 53081, WIClinical Psychologist1629059555
David W Fruehling 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1053392407
John P Rislove 54650, WIClinical Psychologist1396727376
Kimberly R. Skerven 53005, WIClinical Psychologist1669454088
Diane M Oman 53186, WIClinical Psychologist1346223740
Lee A Werner 54220, WIClinical Psychologist1437132701
Robert Kevin Lafountain 54143, WIClinical Psychologist1427030857
Kathleen M Graham 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1760465199
Susan K. Walsh 53208, WIClinical Psychologist1093798498
Eric Habrel 53005, WIClinical Psychologist1568452423
J. Rod Gimbel 53211, WIClinical Psychologist1932199627
Red Cliff Band Of Lake Superior Chippewa 54814, WIClinical Psychologist1497744015
Marcia A Dunn 53821, WIClinical Psychologist1811978851
Christi M Nowland 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1003898990
Roots Work Llc 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1801370333
Olivia M Floyd 53406, WIClinical Psychologist1205302817
Michael J. Phillips, M.d., S.c. 53066, WIClinical Psychologist1033192091
Rosen K Dimitrov 53066, WIClinical Psychologist1841273638
David F Agnew 53081, WIClinical Psychologist1962485755
Michael J Phillips 53066, WIClinical Psychologist1124001938
Consultants Laboratory Of Wi, Llc 54935, WIClinical Psychologist1891778346
Nancy Feingold 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1073597399
Paula Cain Gorman 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1861476962
Jean R Lemanski 54911, WIClinical Psychologist1497739486
Barbara Josephine Baer 53130, WIClinical Psychologist1164406948
Margaret Rose Legler 54301, WIClinical Psychologist1831174119
Robert E Smith 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1124003199
Joni Constance Delwiche 54301, WIClinical Psychologist1053396796
Lynne T Oswald 54481, WIClinical Psychologist1649255381
University Of Wisconsin System Non Payroll 53706, WIClinical Psychologist1669458386
Patricia K Connors 53081, WIClinical Psychologist1356327738
Phyllis Kasper 54241, WIClinical Psychologist1215913207
Leslie A Ofner 53094, WIClinical Psychologist1053398545
Velma Haag 53955, WIClinical Psychologist1851378988
Eugene J. Mcmahon 53226, WIClinical Psychologist1518945237
Laurie Ann Roberts 54166, WIClinical Psychologist1225017064
Kevin E Rist 54401, WIClinical Psychologist1497734750
Susan J Mcaninch 54235, WIClinical Psychologist1124007349
Dawn Renee' Nelson 53202, WIClinical Psychologist1265412134
North Star Counseling Services, Llc 53022, WIClinical Psychologist1295715472
Callie Ann Krauel 54235, WIClinical Psychologist1174507982
Barbara Bornstein 53217, WIClinical Psychologist1275914129
Kathleen M O Neill 53098, WIClinical Psychologist1881679173
Dmitry M Vlasoff 53227, WIClinical Psychologist1841278561
Raymond Charles List 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1811976129
Ssm Healthcare Of Wi Inc 53913, WIClinical Psychologist1346229697
Heidi Louise Waligora 54806, WIClinical Psychologist1285618462
Patricia A Brinkman 53081, WIClinical Psychologist1487630471
Daniel Goeckner 53092, WIClinical Psychologist1982687018
Helen M Lethlean 54601, WIClinical Psychologist1437134921
Pamela A Clough 54301, WIClinical Psychologist1609851963
Harvey I Kaufman 53405, WIClinical Psychologist1972574143
Barbara Jean Reinke 53226, WIClinical Psychologist1740251164
Brian D Bell 53792, WIClinical Psychologist1154393361
Dermatopathology Of Wisconsin Sc 53005, WIClinical Psychologist1164494142
Lynn M Ollswang 53211, WIClinical Psychologist1861464729
Kristi L Carr 59901, WIClinical Psychologist1285608786
Dane County Cytology Center, Inc 53713, WIClinical Psychologist1851365209
Jack Glenn Huguley 60605, WIClinical Psychologist1649244336
Li Zhou 54911, WIClinical Psychologist1285608984
Susan M Matzke 53545, WIClinical Psychologist1689640401
Robert M Valentine 54143, WIClinical Psychologist1477529105
William G Nick 54235, WIClinical Psychologist1093781536
Barbara K Lecaire 54301, WIClinical Psychologist1508833435
Marianne B Burton 53151, WIClinical Psychologist1265408173
Neil Joseph O'connor 53703, WIClinical Psychologist1558337535
Lisa B Mcguffey 53792, WIClinical Psychologist1205802246
Vicken R Vorperian 53188, WIClinical Psychologist1235106089
Arlie J Albrecht 53122, WIClinical Psychologist1871560540
Heart Care Associates Llc 53233, WIClinical Psychologist1942277587
Jasbir Singh Sra 53215, WIClinical Psychologist1760459309
Masood Akhtar 53233, WIClinical Psychologist1154398790
Vikram Nangia 53215, WIClinical Psychologist1316914963
Ryan L Cooley 53209, WIClinical Psychologist1255308813
Atul Bhatia 53215, WIClinical Psychologist1962479527
L & D Enterprises, Inc. 53590, WIClinical Psychologist1225005887
Therese Mattingly 53545, WIClinical Psychologist1346217700
Keith Robert Gray 53226, WIClinical Psychologist1477520518
David S Wargowski 53705, WIClinical Psychologist1043288921
Lori Kuntz 53533, WIClinical Psychologist1316916117
Anwer Dhala 53215, WIClinical Psychologist1932178407
Mary Ann Benavides 53213, WIClinical Psychologist1124087051
Mary J Brill 53211, WIClinical Psychologist1144289588
Vincent Joseph Adesso 53217, WIClinical Psychologist1316907694


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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