Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Edward Damm 26301, WVClinical Psychologist1912900457
Ernie L. Vecchio 25569, WVClinical Psychologist1093717399
Appalachian Laboratories Inc 24354, WVClinical Psychologist1609878966
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1144224775
Teresa Jenkins Bowers 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1225032634
Judys Drug Store Inc 26847, WVClinical Psychologist1407851769
Sharon Jean Joseph 26241, WVClinical Psychologist1629073770
Fred Thomas Lee 26104, WVClinical Psychologist1619972767
St Francis West Health Care Inc 25302, WVClinical Psychologist1952306706
Tara-marie Linne 25443, WVClinical Psychologist1659377430
Mareda Lynn Reynolds 25177, WVClinical Psychologist1942207105
Harry J Coffey 26105, WVClinical Psychologist1588661227
Michael Louis Weed 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1447257118
Gynecologic Associates Parkersburg Inc 26101, WVClinical Psychologist1770581233
Peter Joseph Callahan 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1205834389
Ashlee Ann Turner 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1376908186
Melisa Figueroa 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1386643039
Teddy A Harris 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1588663256
Darlene D Muse 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1285633883
Anita Ryan 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1831198365
Fausto Imbing 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1134128358
Zarina Rasheed 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1740289818
Hernando Jimenez 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1285634113
Susan Carol Baisden 25661, WVClinical Psychologist1558361527
Lois Rebecca Mcdonald 25443, WVClinical Psychologist1952300519
Cathy Lynn Caruthers 25213, WVClinical Psychologist1932109899
Saxe Medical Services, Inc 25504, WVClinical Psychologist1578556577
Stephanne Cline Thornton 25311, WVClinical Psychologist1467445635
Ruth Ann Riffe 24951, WVClinical Psychologist1891788493
Ronni Rittenhouse 26003, WVClinical Psychologist1487649646
Hilry Gordon 26408, WVClinical Psychologist1912992728
Angela A Garcia 26408, WVClinical Psychologist1649266958
Walter Fredrick Sias 26408, WVClinical Psychologist1669468971
Victor Cerra 26003, WVClinical Psychologist1356337620
Summersville Regional Medical Center 26651, WVClinical Psychologist1104813740
Summersville Out Patient Center 26651, WVClinical Psychologist1750378345
Phoenix Psychological & Counseling Assoc Inc 26408, WVClinical Psychologist1386631786
Thomas Odell Duvall 26351, WVClinical Psychologist1437145331
David Eugene Frederick 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1205824893
Denise Corrado 26525, WVClinical Psychologist1407840358
Bridges & Bridges Inc 32159, WVClinical Psychologist1003804543
Hanno W Kirk 24901, WVClinical Psychologist1750379111
Priscilla Bryant-schoenly 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1104816024
Mark G Inman 25304, WVClinical Psychologist1285624791
Linda L Neal 25962, WVClinical Psychologist1588655054
George K Joseph 25705, WVClinical Psychologist1699766931
Philip Bronson Hatfield 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1871575803
Nicole Keefauver 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1780065193
Ana Finney 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1164887840
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 26330, WVClinical Psychologist1518942531
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 26554, WVClinical Psychologist1386629392
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 24740, WVClinical Psychologist1124003140
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 25387, WVClinical Psychologist1891770806
Raleigh Psychiatric Services, Inc. 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1205812914
Katherine Hovanski Lynch 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1730165952
Felicia M Hampton Horne 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1336125491
Janet Weekley Adkins 25504, WVClinical Psychologist1497733430
Donald R Swick 25112, WVClinical Psychologist1609854652
Vamc Martinsburg 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1063491900
Myra Sue Hartman 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1376522235
Anne Hedges 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1184603086
Marilyn S Lafreniere 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1518946250
Shari L Jordan 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1457330136
John G. Doherty 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1477532265
Dahlia C Pugh 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1932188232
Carolyn Thorman 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1669452744
George Steven Hoover 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1689644890
Barnet David Feingold 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1649250820
T Amaro 25405, WVClinical Psychologist1841279353
Katherine E. Smits 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1376514059
Gayle G Keenan 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1831161249
Tandy J Mcclung 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1083686802
Christina S Wilson 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1194798157
Marc W Haut 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1598738452
Stacey Waller 25314, WVClinical Psychologist1114990900
Marilyn Byrne 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1780657593
Eric Rankin 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1689647323
Andrew Bradlyn 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1336113778
Janie Howsare 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1235103052
Kevin T Larkin 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1720052434
Michelle Christy 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1306811849
Carole V Harris 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1861467342
Robert K Edmundson 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1104892033
Robert Lee Kolb 26062, WVClinical Psychologist1477529410
Donna Rae Sanders 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1912967217
Binni M Bieler 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1972563195
James Scott Mizes 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1720051386
Marissa E Carey 26508, WVClinical Psychologist1861466187
Behavioral Health Assessments Pllc 26059, WVClinical Psychologist1841645165
Ascension Our Lady Of Victory Hospital, Inc 54768, WVClinical Psychologist1134193014
Ted D Friehling 22031, WVClinical Psychologist1215906409
Valley Health Systems Inc 25702, WVClinical Psychologist1023083854
Linda L Cook 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1497720452
Donna M Midkiff 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1568422178
Julianne M Mcginnis 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1962462572
Kelly R Daniel 25703, WVClinical Psychologist1619938800
William P Downs 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1598726788
Donna Lynn Osburn 25301, WVClinical Psychologist1821059551
Barbara Hunter Romfo 24740, WVClinical Psychologist1598726135
Cameron Susan Forfar 26426, WVClinical Psychologist1477515872
Donald E Summers 26301, WVClinical Psychologist1205898467
Melissa S Lewis 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1932162740
Carolyn Donovan 25425, WVClinical Psychologist1508820093
John R Haram 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1790749505
Cheryl Jane Walters 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1013972504
Counseling And Wellness Center Pllc 26101, WVClinical Psychologist1275599060
Susan Grace Walker-matthews 25302, WVClinical Psychologist1174589964
Deborah A Sull-lewis 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1689632499
Robbin Marie Durham 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1689632382
Community Health Foundation 25635, WVClinical Psychologist1023076544
Gilbert Medical Center 25621, WVClinical Psychologist1487612909
Community Health Foundation 25635, WVClinical Psychologist1730147257
Howard K Fletcher 25309, WVClinical Psychologist1568420982
Ronald Jay Haberman 25705, WVClinical Psychologist1487602538
Chinmay K Datta 26330, WVClinical Psychologist1356399216
Gerald Wedemeyer 26330, WVClinical Psychologist1174571038
Jane Elinor Flanagan 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1528016250
Crystal Elaine Whittington 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1649228313
Janet Zane Peck 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1659321040
Christina M Arco 25314, WVClinical Psychologist1073563185
Life Strategies Counseling Services Inc. 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1700837143
Heather E. Hill-nassif 25302, WVClinical Psychologist1386695369
Integrated Geriatric Care Pllc 26101, WVClinical Psychologist1396797825
Hamlet Don Smith 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1265484661
The Word House, Inc. 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1447203005
Brian Howard Sharp 26582, WVClinical Psychologist1033162136
New Creek Station 26726, WVClinical Psychologist1033162359
Troleta Stewart Moody 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1922051341
Sona K Shah 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1083667695
Charmaine Y Dotson 26101, WVClinical Psychologist1346294105
Latoya N Linton-frazier 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1487614806
David M Schaffer 26104, WVClinical Psychologist1437115151
Dunbar Medical Associates Pllc 25526, WVClinical Psychologist1316907793
Susan K Marcum 45631, WVClinical Psychologist1053377689
Steven Brown 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1982664355
Edmond B Watts 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1669426771
Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center, Inc. 24740, WVClinical Psychologist1740234673
Patricia M Bailey 26003, WVClinical Psychologist1255386314
C. David Blair 25301, WVClinical Psychologist1447206941
Portia J Parker 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1043266372
Elizabeth Hetland Becker 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1457398109
Bonnie L Bryant 20744, WVClinical Psychologist1760429088
Andrew James Caldwell 25801, WVClinical Psychologist1376581637
Salem Family Medicine Inc 26426, WVClinical Psychologist1215975438
Center For Health Psychology, Inc. 25301, WVClinical Psychologist1376581942
Louise Ann Will-wallace 25419, WVClinical Psychologist1679511034
Huntington Behavioral Health Services, Inc. 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1891736724
Amanda Rolfe 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1629011408
Susan Kay Lawson 25545, WVClinical Psychologist1285677708
Mary M. Straight 26301, WVClinical Psychologist1689618332
Kelly Medical Services Corporation Llc 24801, WVClinical Psychologist1033154810
Jon Roger Skaggs 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1124063730
Susan C. Lamp 26101, WVClinical Psychologist1225073323
Wetzel County Hospital Association 26155, WVClinical Psychologist1750326880
Sarah Ann Skeen 25701, WVClinical Psychologist1659317568
William J Fremouw 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1326076308
Wetzel County Hospital Association 26155, WVClinical Psychologist1194753145
Psimed Oasis, Llc 25309, WVClinical Psychologist1013946920
Angela A Mouse 25314, WVClinical Psychologist1639108558
Bredga Murphy Neal 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1740210186
Robert Horton Brewer 25705, WVClinical Psychologist1790715308
Primary Oncology Network Pllc 26554, WVClinical Psychologist1588610570
Ultimate Health Services Inc 25705, WVClinical Psychologist1467492975
Terry Laurita Sigley 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1003848003
Michael Forrest Perdue 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1801828959
Julia E Mccown 25304, WVClinical Psychologist1730111915
Nabil Guirguis 26330, WVClinical Psychologist1174558589
Nicolene Cavendish 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1255357802
Karen Sue Schimmel 26101, WVClinical Psychologist1992721575
Nancy Laune Brallier 25302, WVClinical Psychologist1558389254
Edward Baker 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1104846757
Rhonda L. Jackson 21701, WVClinical Psychologist1134140957
George David Allen 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1205859006
Robert William Huwieler 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1396769279
Rosemary L Smith 25301, WVClinical Psychologist1326062340
Teresa D. Smith 25301, WVClinical Psychologist1144244526
Olga E Gioulis 26601, WVClinical Psychologist1245246743
Nancy Rabel Canterbury 25304, WVClinical Psychologist1073520771
Lois B Holloway 26452, WVClinical Psychologist1912915794
Beverly Ann Kinsolving 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1518976638
Sharon Kay Lewis 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1366451312
Diane Woodrum-leuthold 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1316957087
Clifton Robert Hudson 25303, WVClinical Psychologist1962413567
Thomas W Bartsch 26301, WVClinical Psychologist1386655538
Michael Ray Sieber 26408, WVClinical Psychologist1558373373
Creative Interventions, Llc 26547, WVClinical Psychologist1497768287
Sheila R Weissenberger 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1700991056
Bruce Phillip Jennings 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1366558777
Peggy J Allman 26554, WVClinical Psychologist1790891794
Roger F. Boggess 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1962518670
Marybeth Hummel 26506, WVClinical Psychologist1144337684
Janet Ellen L'abbe 71901, WVClinical Psychologist1003825688
Alison W Krawiecki 25401, WVClinical Psychologist1255364428
Holistic Therapy Center, Llc 26505, WVClinical Psychologist1184086035
Michelle A Legault 25526, WVClinical Psychologist1619995164
Sleep Network Of West Virginia 26554, WVClinical Psychologist1174544118
Brian C Hanasky 26003, WVClinical Psychologist1518474311
Stanley B Schmidt 26506, WVClinical Psychologist1518071034
Corey Paul Roman 26003, WVClinical Psychologist1376650374
Mark A. Nerenberg 25704, WVClinical Psychologist1245347970


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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