Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Wyoming

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Wyoming:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melanie R Wolfe 82240, WYClinical Psychologist1477551570
Rene Wood 82240, WYClinical Psychologist1164420287
Julie Ann Olson 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1962400085
Jana K Saltenberger 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1992703094
Barbara B Dolby 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1619975729
Connie Kay Strayer 82201, WYClinical Psychologist1366440471
Irene Teresa Johnson 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1295733319
Anne S Wagner, Lcsw, Pc 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1871592592
James Richard Dolby 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1609875285
Nicolas Prat 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1699776401
Susan Marie Liljegren 82414, WYClinical Psychologist1497757090
Mary Jo Greenwood 82301, WYClinical Psychologist1831181130
Peggy A Klein-escamilla 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1649264771
Marti Renee Salas 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1194710996
Hallie Denise Landreth 82005, WYClinical Psychologist1316932916
Mary Ellen Sternitzke 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1871589317
Robert E Cope 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1578920518
Rosemary Therese Shiel 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1548251606
Jeffrey P. Clark 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1063403822
Karen K Nielsen 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1376524496
Theresa Anne Faulkner 82834, WYClinical Psychologist1104807593
Michael Alles 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1720060692
William Quinn 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1659354066
Rhonda Schieffer 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1083697411
Margarete J Loghry 82240, WYClinical Psychologist1023090404
Julian Good 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1023099637
Christine W Gray 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1033190152
Maria L Mores 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1649254863
Donna C Sigward 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1083698203
Janice J Petrie 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1770567935
Cheyenne Medical Specialists Pc 82009, WYClinical Psychologist1356325278
Gregory A Long 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1467437731
Dawn Stewart 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1558346759
Susan M Banes 82082, WYClinical Psychologist1669457305
Kristen K Rigoni 82071, WYClinical Psychologist1740266741
Deborah Harper 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1720064728
Robert Conrad Strayer 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1720064686
Laboratory Corporation Of America 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1881672111
Rebecca Bailly 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1366422206
Marsha Wilkinson 82435, WYClinical Psychologist1730150335
Joelle Paris France 82009, WYClinical Psychologist1962475269
With Eagles Wings 82510, WYClinical Psychologist1801869169
William B Woodward 82716, WYClinical Psychologist1912973330
Linda Ann Meeker 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1255308979
Susan T Kotowicz 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1023085750
Yellowstone Ultrasound Inc 82414, WYClinical Psychologist1184692584
Sunny Merritt 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1700854015
Nicholas Robin Marshall 82005, WYClinical Psychologist1306818026
Eric H Siiteri 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1235108994
Colleen K Sidhu 80525, WYClinical Psychologist1235198748
Eric Siiteri Phd Llc 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1932178696
Hans V Ritschard 82005, WYClinical Psychologist1992765358
Marie Elaine Koenings 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1932165644
William David Anderson 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1003872847
David E Sones 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1356307680
Milton Meis 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1922056027
Barbara Logan Ziegler 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1801844550
Patricia L Schwaiger 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1174571590
Counseling Consulting & Mediation Llc 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1346299260
Donna Jean Holst 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1801845805
Gloria Diane Rutt 82009, WYClinical Psychologist1417906850
Jan Schaad Lcsw Pc 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1306896402
Janice A Schaad 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1154372209
Nicholas J Stamato 82716, WYClinical Psychologist1801848593
Becky Sue Clark 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1306806955
Sharyn Siler 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1376597245
Jason Caine Carter 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1659325553
Laurence William Melka 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1831131291
Cari W Rothenhoefer 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1871536656
John William Slaughter 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1740223684
Wyoming Counseling, Inc 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1760425821
William M. Banks 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1710921226
Lander Valley Physician Practices, Llc 82520, WYClinical Psychologist1215971510
Victor Hyman Ashear 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1780614677
Aleece Gutierrez 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1306878913
Thomas M Schnatterbeck 82834, WYClinical Psychologist1023045614
Mary Jo Jeffres 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1629013784
Julia A Duncan 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1083655302
Audrey Boespflug 82637, WYClinical Psychologist1477044261
Meghan Ann Mc Mackin 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1316981798
Michele Marie Powell-braman 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1447284955
Dawn Elizabeth Sopron 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1932133188
Clay Pot Counseling, Inc. 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1164456315
Pauline Frances Stoehr 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1912924721
Gerald Joseph Post 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1639196561
David Carl Webster 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1124047469
David F. Allhusen 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1912928102
Laurie Lynn Abbatello 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1154339844
Karen Lee Walmsley 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1497767594
Amanda Cunningham 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1790890960
Cathryn Ahanonu 82401, WYClinical Psychologist1326418153
Renee Dreher 82009, WYClinical Psychologist1356798797
Judy V Rooney 82609, WYClinical Psychologist1548370703
Rhonda Michele Riley 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1619074374
Anapath Diagnostics, Inc 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1386743169
Judith K. Olson 82070, WYClinical Psychologist1841399383
Bruce Edward Leininger 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1982702882
Timothy A Blaney 82834, WYClinical Psychologist1407955503
April Justice 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1245330653
Ronald E Schmidt 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1649361247
Hilliard E. Chesteen 82604, WYClinical Psychologist1548351695
Gloria D Rutt Psyd Pc 82009, WYClinical Psychologist1063504611
Virginia S Vassen 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1295828366
Stephen Dixon Ross 82005, WYClinical Psychologist1386737146
James J Naramore 82716, WYClinical Psychologist1801982947
Gibson Buckley Condie 82435, WYClinical Psychologist1750478376
Rodney J Haug 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1124115670
Alicia Clark 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1134216690
Sheridan Medical Lab Llc 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1760570659
Wendy Elaine Laakmann 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1740361880
Sandra Brausch 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1932282837
Joanne Patricia Robinson 82609, WYClinical Psychologist1922182518
Michael Wayne Pellecchia 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1043399116
Charles W Rodgers Phd Pc 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1033298500
Douglas Sunderland 82435, WYClinical Psychologist1124197876
Laura Schmid-pizzato 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1508935941
Western Wyoming Pathology, Inc 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1578633988
John R Sink 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1144399056
Magic City Enterprises, Inc 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1194895359
Stephen Blaine Cook 82930, WYClinical Psychologist1821194580
Thomas Andrew Wilkinson 82930, WYClinical Psychologist1891890117
Dolores Cancino Clemons 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1346346525
Heather Bales 82435, WYClinical Psychologist1447641774
Glenn Thomas Garcia 82005, WYClinical Psychologist1902395171
Lexie Honey 82716, WYClinical Psychologist1629451554
Jackie Downie 82941, WYClinical Psychologist1518053776
Richard A Esquibel 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1003986571
Michal Zanetti 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1235200841
Mountain Regional Services, Inc 82930, WYClinical Psychologist1962573782
James Cummings 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1952473282
Glenn Dale Biggs 82301, WYClinical Psychologist1134291131
Ken W Hicks 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1609940329
Eric G Fernelius 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1043384662
Sherri E Hubbard 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1922172402
David Thomas Cote 82414, WYClinical Psychologist1306913660
Jeraldine Barrett 82633, WYClinical Psychologist1619044138
Robert Joseph Innes 82718, WYClinical Psychologist1891854709
Douglas John Scambler 82070, WYClinical Psychologist1871652248
William Burland Maurer 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1003976267
Elisabeth Ann Keefe 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1669532669
Stephen N Finzo 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1760544381
Karl Eric Jantz 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1699838383
Arlene G Morris 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1124182530
Barbara M Johnson 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1114082823
Gary Lee Curtis 82520, WYClinical Psychologist1669529897
Anne S Wagner 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1689723041
Kathy Graham 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1316096019
Cora Courage 82930, WYClinical Psychologist1215087200
Roland Hart 82514, WYClinical Psychologist1780735357
Melinda Carole Losee 82414, WYClinical Psychologist1114078383
Stephanie Anne James 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1922159805
Anna Francine Tryka 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1942352950
Abby Bowen-rodda 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1013060193
Julia Goldensohn 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1932253291
Wyomed Laboratory, Inc 82070, WYClinical Psychologist1972658250
Anapath Diagnostics Inc 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1467507616
Mike Ratigan 82701, WYClinical Psychologist1518013549
Castle Rock Special Hospital District 82935, WYClinical Psychologist1043366081
Leanne Shirley Black 82604, WYClinical Psychologist1154477024
Will J Shepard 82633, WYClinical Psychologist1801932702
William Fredrick Heineke 82717, WYClinical Psychologist1083751416
Kenneth Bell 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1598803413
Sage Medical Group Llc 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1164561528
Carolyn Perry Diaz 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1205976263
Love Care & Dignity, Inc. 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1235279498
Hunter Family Medical Clinic Pc 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1538200761
Christine Winter 82701, WYClinical Psychologist1710028899
Rehabilitation Enterprises Of Northeastern Wyoming 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1689716227
Oliver Goss 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1780726042
Yvette Werner 83301, WYClinical Psychologist1285776450
Toma F. Alger Schauffele 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1558404376
Carla Ingrid Gibson 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1376686394
Joyce E Campbell 82520, WYClinical Psychologist1124162250
Suzanne Petren 82930, WYClinical Psychologist1356486245
Heath P Miller 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1053455147
Elizabeth Cheroutes 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1720123300
Jennifer E Thobro 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1104951995
Martha Esther Schilling 82070, WYClinical Psychologist1053449512
Cloud Peak Initiatives, Inc. 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1740318013
Susan Bertilson 82072, WYClinical Psychologist1639208291
Anna M Russell 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1326177841
Margaret Elizabeth Rosso 82009, WYClinical Psychologist1871623454
Rita Larae Vannorman 82729, WYClinical Psychologist1952433302
Cynthia Paul 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1790817047
Kari Lynn Skordas 82301, WYClinical Psychologist1184758393
Mark C Russler 82401, WYClinical Psychologist1962526228
Brock Richard Greek 82401, WYClinical Psychologist1750406153
Lisa L Jordan 82801, WYClinical Psychologist1790800191
Gillian Emily Siegel 82070, WYClinical Psychologist1437277910
Stephanie Kiser 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1871974402
Susan A Bell-milby 82501, WYClinical Psychologist1538236948
Glenrock Hospital District 82637, WYClinical Psychologist1437294972
Barclay Dexter 83001, WYClinical Psychologist1821133109
Leon Early Chamberlain 82601, WYClinical Psychologist1760547798
Darcie N Wisehart 82426, WYClinical Psychologist1558486621
C. Sonny Hodgdon 82901, WYClinical Psychologist1306906581
Steven Newman 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1760543979
Alternative Counseling Associates 82520, WYClinical Psychologist1093857260
Katelin George 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1629443163
Michael J Bjornson 82001, WYClinical Psychologist1558411025


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