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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Social Worker:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Hans Gregory Lonnroth ILClinical Social Worker1518966365
Neal Askuvich MOClinical Social Worker1871592626
Helen K Ferszt NYClinical Social Worker1295734093
Toni W. Viertel NYClinical Social Worker1902805625
Linda M Dwinell FLClinical Social Worker1265431985
Ronald E Reeve VAClinical Social Worker1285633040
Duncan E Anderson MNClinical Social Worker1760480560
Lynda Harris-boscaino NYClinical Social Worker1366441198
Marjorie Beth Sugarman NYClinical Social Worker1245239961
Alfonso F.j. Prieto NYClinical Social Worker1063411783
Sung Yoon Choo NYClinical Social Worker1225037039
Elkin Simson NYClinical Social Worker1477551281
Kimberly Joann Faucett TNClinical Social Worker1396744132
Nicholas Noll MOClinical Social Worker1407854292
Carlos Alberto Ramirez NJClinical Social Worker1891793691
Kim Dressel MOClinical Social Worker1194724971
Richard Robert Plut PAClinical Social Worker1679572481
Katherine Elizabeth Zinkiewicz NYClinical Social Worker1164421905
Deborah Perlman Welsh TNClinical Social Worker1982603726
Harvey Allen Davis VAClinical Social Worker1104825868
Jo Ann Shew MOClinical Social Worker1609875376
Bruce Toulmin MOClinical Social Worker1508865270
Karen Rene Gannon TNClinical Social Worker1548269236
David Eugene Miller Clinical Social Worker1801895594
Gene Gault Mcevoy OHClinical Social Worker1689673303
Mary H Gay VAClinical Social Worker1497754113
Allison Coleman Ballew NCClinical Social Worker1972502508
Kathy Smith CTClinical Social Worker1326047960
Janet E. Casey MNClinical Social Worker1295734994
Michael L Markel OHClinical Social Worker1386643096
Corie Lynn Kulp INClinical Social Worker1023017738
Harry Arvin Kopelman MTClinical Social Worker1275532897
Lauren Murphy Payne WIClinical Social Worker1720087364
Hytham Al-masri ILClinical Social Worker1841299591
Carol A Czapar ILClinical Social Worker1902805658
Maggie Santinanavat MOClinical Social Worker1770582413
Shan-ching Ying ILClinical Social Worker1053310714
Wallace Douglas Oshell PAClinical Social Worker1730188491
Beth Gabrielle Resko PAClinical Social Worker1508865114
Mary Anne Secrist OKClinical Social Worker1962401653
Donna Schmidt MOClinical Social Worker1982603684
Beth Ellen Wilkinson GAClinical Social Worker1184623811
Kimberly Burns MOClinical Social Worker1275532913
Barbara Burton MOClinical Social Worker1356340095
Thomas E Berger CAClinical Social Worker1083613723
Jack E Garon ILClinical Social Worker1265431910
Lisa Yvette Ottenhoff MIClinical Social Worker1083613624
Susan Janine Shapiro FLClinical Social Worker1942209598
Phyllis June Russo FLClinical Social Worker1932108586
David Yale Gelman NYClinical Social Worker1104825751
Marianna Tomasino NYClinical Social Worker1285633834
Mary Elizabeth Paul ILClinical Social Worker1366441917
Troy Sherman Johnson MNClinical Social Worker1669471108
Adrienne Garcia-o'malley TXClinical Social Worker1043219504
Laura A Masters AZClinical Social Worker1033118591
Louise Anne Zachidniak TXClinical Social Worker1134128614
James B. Quinn TXClinical Social Worker1477552966
Vincent J Nerviano PAClinical Social Worker1932108420
Stephen C. Wenzke OHClinical Social Worker1982603379
Karine Lea Suskin NYClinical Social Worker1609875095
Vernell Kennedy Fogle SCClinical Social Worker1063411452
John C Akers-bell INClinical Social Worker1477552875
Albert Zbik FLClinical Social Worker1508865072
Evelyn K. Bartsch PAClinical Social Worker1134128606
Michael G Chovanec MNClinical Social Worker1154320554
Charles Horstmeier MOClinical Social Worker1083613657
Vicki Fuller Allen NMClinical Social Worker1912906322
Mary E. Nalick CAClinical Social Worker1427057835
Christopher L Huvos MAClinical Social Worker1508865916
Alan F. Slasor CAClinical Social Worker1952300378
Sheryl Thau Bardin MAClinical Social Worker1033118450
Mark List Cohen GAClinical Social Worker1811996481
Velma Jean Wilson MIClinical Social Worker1275532848
Ranjit Suri NYClinical Social Worker1992704571
Wanda Jean Borges NMClinical Social Worker1801895487
Meryl Lyn Delena GAClinical Social Worker1194724781
Judith Bamberger-carroll NYClinical Social Worker1255330841
Linda Susan Mcalister NCClinical Social Worker1144229576
Michael Hammer CAClinical Social Worker1861491292
Nancy Gould Sandman MAClinical Social Worker1942209374
Jesus De La Torre UTClinical Social Worker1750380184
Barbara Joanne Francis CAClinical Social Worker1487653812
Darlene D Muse WVClinical Social Worker1285633883
Nancy Carroll Vansaun PAClinical Social Worker1457350969
Mark Anthony Goral PAClinical Social Worker1629077136
Craig Marlin Walters PAClinical Social Worker1346249851
Joseph Melton Bird VTClinical Social Worker1083613665
Nancy Kay Gordon ORClinical Social Worker1164421749
James Richard Dolby COClinical Social Worker1609875285
David Joel Maxey TNClinical Social Worker1801895305
Roger Dale Paige MOClinical Social Worker1770582280
Robert Lynn Peterson MNClinical Social Worker1942209481
Geoffrey Thomas Oconnell NYClinical Social Worker1720087117
Candis Kay Sollars ORClinical Social Worker1922007434
Mary Allen Carey OKClinical Social Worker1669471181
Stephen Michael Moyer NCClinical Social Worker1457350977
Michael J. Gallagher NYClinical Social Worker1154320679
Mindi L Robinson INClinical Social Worker1144229675
Anita Ryan WVClinical Social Worker1831198365
Michael A Harris NYClinical Social Worker1003815531
Alex Hartwell WIClinical Social Worker1083613517
Peter Jeffrey Ewert NCClinical Social Worker1730188020
Dick D Jones MNClinical Social Worker1912906215
Patricia A Gaupp CTClinical Social Worker1902805203
Cheri Kindler VAClinical Social Worker1578562880
Terry Lee Rudolph MIClinical Social Worker1154320489
Angela Elizabeth Steep TNClinical Social Worker1639178965
David M Salerno TNClinical Social Worker1538168869
Gregg S Shander TNClinical Social Worker1497754733
Sharon Lynn Bullard SCClinical Social Worker1497754840
Seth I. Keller NYClinical Social Worker1598764946
Leasa Satterfield Graham TNClinical Social Worker1841299294
Michael Lars Oase LAClinical Social Worker1588663959
Chuck Staats TXClinical Social Worker1629077995
Tina Maria Musacchia LAClinical Social Worker1093714289
Sharon F. Pell FLClinical Social Worker1336148691
Terri Mcgowan GAClinical Social Worker1386643591
Linda Heywood GAClinical Social Worker1851390074
Nancy Birtley MOClinical Social Worker1689673956
Joan Carol Russo WIClinical Social Worker1225037575
Peggy C Weber INClinical Social Worker1528067709
Harry D Krop FLClinical Social Worker1609875889
Shelby Cook DCClinical Social Worker1104825397
Joelle Angela Floriana OHClinical Social Worker1730188962
Carol W Ippoliti MEClinical Social Worker1205835550
Kristine K Christenson MNClinical Social Worker1932108289
Joanna M Condon MEClinical Social Worker1831198183
Mary Claire Wahlberg MNClinical Social Worker1518966787
Richard G Kennel ILClinical Social Worker1942209127
Laura Catharine Eddlemon TNClinical Social Worker1578562757
Mary Ellen Jaehne MNClinical Social Worker1659370831
James Jenkins Theisen MNClinical Social Worker1689673857
Fausto Imbing WVClinical Social Worker1134128358
Steven Tyler INClinical Social Worker1689673824
William G Roth FLClinical Social Worker1124027362
Laura Sharon Durant FLClinical Social Worker1205835444
Rachel Elizabeth Richardson MNClinical Social Worker1578562716
Tessy C Jenkins MIClinical Social Worker1548269897
John Salkeld TXClinical Social Worker1720087927
Katharine I Waitt NCClinical Social Worker1073512323
Nicholas G Tullo NJClinical Social Worker1982603239
Michael R. Kelley NEClinical Social Worker1376542639
David J Wendt TNClinical Social Worker1285633545
Michael David Ciliberti PAClinical Social Worker1295734564
Bonnie Slade FLClinical Social Worker1477552743
Rama Pratap Jiandani NJClinical Social Worker1205835436
John G Thompson INClinical Social Worker1013916246
Megan Mcgraw DEClinical Social Worker1215936414
Karen Kluchin-song LAClinical Social Worker1114926318
Joey Todd Parker TNClinical Social Worker1427057652
Emilia Godinez MNClinical Social Worker1972502045
Richard E Davis MEClinical Social Worker1639178759
Stephen R Folven MAClinical Social Worker1548269665
Alison H Wilkins VAClinical Social Worker1528067675
Stephen Mark Elliott NYClinical Social Worker1669471611
Andrea Levinson FLClinical Social Worker1205835295
Steven M Gauze KYClinical Social Worker1083613079
Shirley Godfrey OKClinical Social Worker1073512067
Helena L Weisl MDClinical Social Worker1154320109
Mary Jo Hardick PAClinical Social Worker1225037278
Katharine E Schrock INClinical Social Worker1407855463
Mary W Krohn PAClinical Social Worker1952300915
Linda Dukess PAClinical Social Worker1316946486
Michael Stephen Phillips PAClinical Social Worker1922007061
Paul Thomas Taren PAClinical Social Worker1467451591
Mary Ann Leidinger PAClinical Social Worker1093714149
Jere W Leib INClinical Social Worker1457350506
Sherry Lynne Hamby NCClinical Social Worker1134128226
Claudia B. Rutherford MAClinical Social Worker1295734358
Zarina Rasheed WVClinical Social Worker1740289818
Babette Wise DCClinical Social Worker1023017100
Judith Anne Peelle MIClinical Social Worker1487653465
William Duncan Brown INClinical Social Worker1306845342
Sandra L. Craig PAClinical Social Worker1629077565
Christopher Ian Higginson DEClinical Social Worker1467451401
Elizabeth Ames NYClinical Social Worker1043219157
Mary D Moller CTClinical Social Worker1770582884
Christopher Wishmire INClinical Social Worker1730188848
Robert Joel Smith ILClinical Social Worker1114926235
Gwendolyn Pehl Minnix PAClinical Social Worker1306845441
Joseph Schappert NYClinical Social Worker1134128234
Sharon A. Rapp INClinical Social Worker1700885829
Howard Aaron Israel PAClinical Social Worker1023017159
Lisa Anne Bean PAClinical Social Worker1427057496
Arlene K Rosen PAClinical Social Worker1336148303
David R. Simons INClinical Social Worker1053310029
Katrina Hague INClinical Social Worker1417956491
Lynda Tomalonis Farrell VAClinical Social Worker1306845318
Diane G Swinford INClinical Social Worker1295734325
Rodney E Timbrook INClinical Social Worker1932108982
David R Thomas MOClinical Social Worker1134128150
Julie A Mollan MIClinical Social Worker1902805930
Janine Annette Muller NCClinical Social Worker1609875681
Norman Earl Minor INClinical Social Worker1598764581
William Anson Dailey TXClinical Social Worker1356340293
Sandra Solomon NYClinical Social Worker1679572523
Susan Patricia Sethna MNClinical Social Worker1770582652
Douglas Harold Davis INClinical Social Worker1215936117
Scott W Salon INClinical Social Worker1942209846
Kathy Lynn Acus-souders OHClinical Social Worker1174523070


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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