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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Social Worker:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Institute For Dermatopathology, Inc. PAClinical Social Worker1821060641
Ameripath Indianapolis Pc INClinical Social Worker1316919079
Desert Pathology Medical Group, Inc. Clinical Social Worker1205898475
Ironclad Laboratory Solutions Llc Clinical Social Worker1235519695
Ameripath Milwaukee Sc Clinical Social Worker1124160601
Ameripath Lubbock 501a Corporation Clinical Social Worker1184788630
Ocmulgee Medical Pathology Association Inc GAClinical Social Worker1538368501
Ameripath Florida Llc Clinical Social Worker1962604660
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Social Worker1306025697
Davenport Diagnostic And Treatment Center, Inc TXClinical Social Worker1255578191
Concentra Laboratory Llc Clinical Social Worker1912291774
Trident Diagnostics, Llc TXClinical Social Worker1962774968
Southwest Diagnostic Laboratories Pc Clinical Social Worker1669605895
Ameripath Lubbock 501a Corporation Clinical Social Worker1801033683
Ameripath Pat 501a Corporation Clinical Social Worker1043500440
Ameripath Texas Lp Clinical Social Worker1639469141
Ameripath Florida Llc Clinical Social Worker1972898435
Ameripath Texas, Inc. TXClinical Social Worker1295970580
Apsp addison, Llc Clinical Social Worker1841542800
Cquentia Labs, Llc Clinical Social Worker1386052249
Good Toxicology Solutions Inc Llc Clinical Social Worker1245610690
Vercaity Labs, Lp Clinical Social Worker1386025443
Ameripath New York, Llc MAClinical Social Worker1699175760
Americare Medical Group, Inc. Clinical Social Worker1578935953
Ocmulgee Medical Pathology Association, Inc GAClinical Social Worker1356714703
Premier Histology Of Texas Llc Clinical Social Worker1629486659
Finding Freedom Therapy, Pllc TXClinical Social Worker1447653134
Wellspine Monitoring, Pllc Clinical Social Worker1720344179
Medpoint Management Group, Llc Clinical Social Worker1467933184
Reliance Medlabs TXClinical Social Worker1629454053
Ameripath Indianapolis Pc OHClinical Social Worker1477799666
Ipc Pac Healthcare Services Of Texas Pllc Clinical Social Worker1194174201
Zalexa Enterprises, Pllc Clinical Social Worker1457710956
Ameripath Kentucky Inc KYClinical Social Worker1740253194
Gentox Lab Services Llc TXClinical Social Worker1336593888
Diagnostic Lab Services Clinical Social Worker1366806010
Institute For Dermatopathology, Inc. Clinical Social Worker1316442668
Institute For Dermatopathology, Inc. Clinical Social Worker1821593161
Pruven Health Clinical Social Worker1649758038
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Social Worker1952381477
Beta Biosciences, Llc Clinical Social Worker1245692169
Grace Lab Services Inc Clinical Social Worker1912472358
Supreme Medical Laboratories Llc Clinical Social Worker1619488418
Lambert Psychology, Pllc TXClinical Social Worker1902176415
Ameripath Lubbock 5.01(a) Corporation TXClinical Social Worker1447324025
Txar 501a Corporation TXClinical Social Worker1538130059
Ameripath Lubbock 5.01(a) Corporation TXClinical Social Worker1437209582
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Social Worker1407820889
Ro Smock & Associates Llc Clinical Social Worker1174189849
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Social Worker1699961086
Ameripath Florida Llc Clinical Social Worker1437393907
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc Clinical Social Worker1164054896
Brighter Paths Wellness And Counseling Center Clinical Social Worker1881258424
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc Clinical Social Worker1639799737
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc Clinical Social Worker1528688629
Violet Theodos, Ph.d. Pllc Clinical Social Worker1295357515
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc Clinical Social Worker1801419387
Quest Diagnostics Llc Il Clinical Social Worker1053937219
Medical Lab Partners Llc Clinical Social Worker1487271060
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Social Worker1922616168
Mpower Clinical Tx Clinical Social Worker1134737216
Mpower Triple Aim Tx Clinical Social Worker1386252468
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Social Worker1740890334
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Social Worker1063023612
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Social Worker1649882028
Life Tree Counseling Center, Inc. Clinical Social Worker1619985108
Mary E Halpin Phd Pc ILClinical Social Worker1639274715
Nancy S Molitor Phd Pc ILClinical Social Worker1154426237
Julie G Wrenn Psyd & Associates Pc Clinical Social Worker1033216221
Stephanie Wright Phd Pc Clinical Social Worker1699871210
Lisa A Pinto Psyd Pc Clinical Social Worker1871699819
Slatedm Neuro, Pc Clinical Social Worker1598379364
Ameripath Florida Llc FLClinical Social Worker1619940517
Granite Anesthesia Clinical Social Worker1548773203
Spinalytics Of Texas Inc Clinical Social Worker1669089660
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Social Worker1821605338
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories Inc. Clinical Social Worker1063019271
Ameripath New York Llc NYClinical Social Worker1043282841
Cerebri Monitoring, Llc Clinical Social Worker1306372248
Delta Neuromonitoring Llc Clinical Social Worker1780114017
Gemini Health Llc Clinical Social Worker1528598810
Neon Diagnostics, Llc Clinical Social Worker1225565062
Neurodiagnostics And Neuromonitoring Institute Inc. Clinical Social Worker1801298757
One Care Monitoring, Llc Clinical Social Worker1083141691
Red Granite Neuromonitoring Llc Clinical Social Worker1740755305
Apex Health Monitoring Llc Clinical Social Worker1295265452
Nppa Services Clinical Social Worker1740652197
Jessica Locuson Lcsw Pllc Clinical Social Worker1770187478
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Social Worker1871109512
Great Life Counseling Center, Pllc Clinical Social Worker1912502709
Drf Monitoring, Pllc Clinical Social Worker1205422797
Guardian Neurology, Pllc Clinical Social Worker1801487236
Ameripath New York, Llc Clinical Social Worker1366827602
Aarika Miller Clinical Social Worker1669061545
Alexis A Harris Snead OKClinical Social Worker1013923739
Alvin Spiekerman Clinical Social Worker1447671292
Amanda Elizabeth Noyes TXClinical Social Worker1255773800
Ann Bouton NYClinical Social Worker1215035738
Anna Claire Dixon ILClinical Social Worker1871057927
Anna Matyja ILClinical Social Worker1255789285
B David Das ILClinical Social Worker1184059404
Betty Sellas ILClinical Social Worker1811025034
Bradley Carmichael MOClinical Social Worker1730142902
Brent David Brudwick Clinical Social Worker1992290209
Carlos H. Nousari FLClinical Social Worker1477538940
Cathy Bruhn Rusnak ILClinical Social Worker1396966826
Chelsea E Fiduccia TXClinical Social Worker1578083655
Dolores Kraft TXClinical Social Worker1568524346
Edward Daniel Buck ILClinical Social Worker1750755625
Elizabeth Blair Kenney TXClinical Social Worker1578961595
Ellen Kaney-francis TXClinical Social Worker1457898637
Fernando Trivelli Alessandri TXClinical Social Worker1952824286
Francesca D Skowronski ILClinical Social Worker1841407822
Frank J Brown WIClinical Social Worker1245289560
Frank J Macchitelli ILClinical Social Worker1295868834
Gail Ihnen ILClinical Social Worker1871865121
Garica Sanford TXClinical Social Worker1548463375
Gwendolyn Melani Tinajero ILClinical Social Worker1922600642
Harold Kristian Bendicsen ILClinical Social Worker1558385385
Jacqueline Lee Wolfe ILClinical Social Worker1992717813
Janelle E Staviski MIClinical Social Worker1467965566
Janet Marie Vidales ILClinical Social Worker1013558196
Jaymie Lee Bush MIClinical Social Worker1700223633
Jennifer Boothe Brobst ILClinical Social Worker1104064443
Jennifer M Cleckner ILClinical Social Worker1013216365
Jerry Balcom Wolfe ILClinical Social Worker1093235327
Jessica Locuson TXClinical Social Worker1548678899
John Paul Sorrels TXClinical Social Worker1831667385
Julie G Wrenn ILClinical Social Worker1134229719
Justin D Resnick ILClinical Social Worker1912004714
Karen D. Norris TXClinical Social Worker1861616385
Katherine M Seiffert TXClinical Social Worker1174701841
Kevin C. Lambert TXClinical Social Worker1184944340
Lalita Batra ILClinical Social Worker1649377342
Leslie Hart TXClinical Social Worker1982072112
Lisa A Pinto ILClinical Social Worker1053417097
Margaret Weiss TXClinical Social Worker1306363338
Maria D Sinkule ILClinical Social Worker1841642097
Marlon Beach TXClinical Social Worker1134728421
Mary Ann Francisco ILClinical Social Worker1740408962
Mary E Halpin ILClinical Social Worker1093810178
Michele Oreilly Studl ILClinical Social Worker1528163078
Mohammad Hamid ILClinical Social Worker1679908743
Monica Flores MIClinical Social Worker1114464567
Monica A Schmitt ILClinical Social Worker1194706879
Nancy S Molitor ILClinical Social Worker1073618153
Natalie Friedrich Clinical Social Worker1427483288
Rachel Marie Carter ILClinical Social Worker1710487129
Rachel Menge ILClinical Social Worker1740624931
Rebecca Razo TXClinical Social Worker1801404538
Richard C Olshock COClinical Social Worker1104805449
Roger Ryan Giovino Clinical Social Worker1770108284
Ruth Bosire TXClinical Social Worker1336564103
Sapheallah N Harris TXClinical Social Worker1154989010
Seema Shah ILClinical Social Worker1497150353
Shakesha Montina Evans TXClinical Social Worker1174841910
Stephanie Wright ILClinical Social Worker1164528782
Tanya Varma TXClinical Social Worker1245494657
Virginia Ann Gemmell ILClinical Social Worker1487723490
Josette M. Lucci Llc MIClinical Social Worker1497910566
Walnut Hill Counseling Services Llc GAClinical Social Worker1245696582
Amanda Diane Hall GAClinical Social Worker1982790929
Carrie Carmichael Dorminey GAClinical Social Worker1154347920
Elizabeth Anne Garlich IAClinical Social Worker1205191509
Krista Strait-higgins IAClinical Social Worker1275863953
Douglas Owen Cacialli CAClinical Social Worker1467897413
Meliza Quinonez Kinney CAClinical Social Worker1316564594
Patricia Bowers Clinical Social Worker1215348750
James N Ellis WIClinical Social Worker1134442023
The Therapeautic Journey Llc MDClinical Social Worker1023446523
Denise Mary Montero MDClinical Social Worker1386659159
Eyvette Marie Weaver-pauling DCClinical Social Worker1053759548
Helen Avigan MDClinical Social Worker1649864299
Karen Shennette MDClinical Social Worker1831527555
Robin L. Semas MDClinical Social Worker1205873585
Teresa Grant DCClinical Social Worker1619129822
Walter Dorwin Teague MDClinical Social Worker1114029691
Danielle Harte NYClinical Social Worker1639325103
Jay M Levin NJClinical Social Worker1245367796
Brittany Davidson OHClinical Social Worker1891169546
Analuisa Orozco Clinical Social Worker1144400276
Carol Elizabeth Jeldness CAClinical Social Worker1427505551
Laboratorio Clinico Adjuntas PRClinical Social Worker1699881409
Laboratorio Clinico Santiago Irizarry Inc PRClinical Social Worker1417138991
Laboratorio Clinico Santiago irizarry PRClinical Social Worker1639390842
Aili L Plaza PRClinical Social Worker1326106782
Caleff Garcia PRClinical Social Worker1134491970
Coral M Davila PRClinical Social Worker1790082196
Fabiola P Najul Seda PRClinical Social Worker1841832169
Glendalys Rivera-reyes PRClinical Social Worker1295385243
Griselda Ramos Cedeno PRClinical Social Worker1851953780
Javier Portalatin PRClinical Social Worker1174761746
Jennifer Mercado PRClinical Social Worker1659870293
Luis E. Saliceti PRClinical Social Worker1306063151
Marian B. Alvarez Torres PRClinical Social Worker1568733087
Melitza Ivette Velez Clinical Social Worker1932691169
Nestor L Cuevas PRClinical Social Worker1295242972
Pierre E Altieri PRClinical Social Worker1881997179
Sydnia Rosado PRClinical Social Worker1073775565
Zoe I Vera PRClinical Social Worker1043582885


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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