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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Social Worker:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melody Suzanne Hickman-horvath TNClinical Social Worker1194723379
Judy P Havner TNClinical Social Worker1730187915
Mitzi Suzanne Mcbride TNClinical Social Worker1720086929
Traci Leanne Tippett TNClinical Social Worker1184622383
Linda Christine Sparks TNClinical Social Worker1629076823
Michelle Diane Barrett-hilton TNClinical Social Worker1538167739
Morgan Lavenia Rogers OHClinical Social Worker1528066727
Susan Kersey INClinical Social Worker1871591156
Melanie R Wolfe WYClinical Social Worker1477551570
Blair D Halperin ORClinical Social Worker1447258710
Good Samaritan Hospital INClinical Social Worker1184622458
Susan Renee Hewitt TNClinical Social Worker1144228321
Michael Gruenthal NYClinical Social Worker1578561718
Euan Murray Mcmillan OKClinical Social Worker1285632422
Joel Mandel Kestenbaum OHClinical Social Worker1942208210
Jean Ann Bolding TNClinical Social Worker1235137423
Jean Simms Patterson TNClinical Social Worker1407854615
Becky L. Porter Clinical Social Worker1255339461
David B Miller TNClinical Social Worker1083612204
Stephen J. Gaeng MDClinical Social Worker1437157658
Gail H. Aycock LAClinical Social Worker1740288992
Shauna A Spellman IDClinical Social Worker1346248507
Joan Alfreda Lawrence OHClinical Social Worker1306844584
Beverly Joanne Clontz TNClinical Social Worker1689672883
Mary E. Skidmore OKClinical Social Worker1396743597
Shara Beth Overbay TNClinical Social Worker1679571889
William Edward Conklin TNClinical Social Worker1720086937
Susan Mae Ringle TNClinical Social Worker1801894019
Mary Leoma Yarling TNClinical Social Worker1336147552
John Michael Benda MNClinical Social Worker1194723288
David Albert Gold MDClinical Social Worker1134127236
Richard S. Mitchell MAClinical Social Worker1477551547
John Robert Gould TXClinical Social Worker1588662621
Ramakota K Reddy ORClinical Social Worker1861490021
Sarah R Wells PAClinical Social Worker1295733400
Faye M Weiss NDClinical Social Worker1932107166
Sleep Analysis Centers Of Texas, Lp Clinical Social Worker1174521314
Rene Wood WYClinical Social Worker1164420287
Julie Ann Olson WYClinical Social Worker1962400085
Jennene Daniels MDClinical Social Worker1669470894
Barbara B Dolby WYClinical Social Worker1619975729
Elizabeth C Hemphill PAClinical Social Worker1497753537
David Allen Coffman TXClinical Social Worker1336147495
Pedro Debrito DCClinical Social Worker1275531238
Grace Healthcare Laboratory, Inc. Clinical Social Worker1275531261
Helene S Hughes PAClinical Social Worker1699773606
Jacki Lynn Nesbitt FLClinical Social Worker1326046335
Robert Phillip Tepley CTClinical Social Worker1346248200
Kim Harmon MNClinical Social Worker1093713935
William Knoegel CTClinical Social Worker1033117080
Paul G Hardick PAClinical Social Worker1194723932
Vijay Rajan OHClinical Social Worker1891793642
Robert H Svenson NYClinical Social Worker1164420147
Jeffery Paul Courson OHClinical Social Worker1396743365
Edith C Lawrence VAClinical Social Worker1295733236
Ann B Loper VAClinical Social Worker1932107968
Susan C Ruda ILClinical Social Worker1104824135
Lisa Bess Christian WAClinical Social Worker1588662530
Curators Of The University Of Missouri MOClinical Social Worker1568460426
Kathleen Anne Casey DEClinical Social Worker1215935184
Dewey G Cornell VAClinical Social Worker1093713042
Jeffrey C Fracher VAClinical Social Worker1952309015
Laura J. Ginther Braun CTClinical Social Worker1083612972
Corrine L Boncek INClinical Social Worker1134127053
Albert Samuel Koenig ARClinical Social Worker1801894738
Linda J. Wright ILClinical Social Worker1285631291
Richard Breault MAClinical Social Worker1104204619
June Tiefenbrun Feldman NYClinical Social Worker1881692408
Joy L Knopfmeier INClinical Social Worker1568469542
Larry P Mudd INClinical Social Worker1245237122
Teresa Sagrati Dieringer UTClinical Social Worker1770951592
Live Life Well Counseling UTClinical Social Worker1417328030
Richard Paul Abben LAClinical Social Worker1750388740
Cemetrius Teouna Rolle NCClinical Social Worker1295117760
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc KYClinical Social Worker1346247111
O. M. Custer CAClinical Social Worker1134598295
Carol E Ellinger VAClinical Social Worker1366449738
Andrea Marie Mastropietro Clinical Social Worker1750763066
Ann-marie Stephenson CAClinical Social Worker1073511069
Kathryn Blair, Lcsw, Llc CTClinical Social Worker1659736452
James Jones AZClinical Social Worker1073978870
Ashlee Ann Turner WVClinical Social Worker1376908186
Avellino Lab Usa, Inc. CAClinical Social Worker1265897078
Norma Magdaleno AZClinical Social Worker1386641124
Joan Fay Atkin OHClinical Social Worker1811994346
Kathleen Marie Kralik ARClinical Social Worker1639177025
Coastal Pathology Medical Associates, Inc Clinical Social Worker1528065679
Grace P Tamesis TXClinical Social Worker1740288729
Cardio Stat Inc Clinical Social Worker1750388070
Karen Hye WAClinical Social Worker1710348511
Ferd And Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Childrens Svc Of Plm Bch FLClinical Social Worker1841297926
Maria Elena Fields MAClinical Social Worker1679571301
Meghann Lang COClinical Social Worker1174979553
Gloria Saez DCClinical Social Worker1689127524
Ann B Winnecke INClinical Social Worker1609873728
Gary Weidman MDClinical Social Worker1750388187
Jean D Burgess MDClinical Social Worker1326045824
Stonewall Memorial Hospital TXClinical Social Worker1083612121
Richard Chadwick Blackford PAClinical Social Worker1053318360
Cynthia Bohen KYClinical Social Worker1538166541
Maryann H Cox VAClinical Social Worker1508864778
Leslie Pertz, Lmsw, Nic, Pllc MIClinical Social Worker1144767419
Shpresa Kaletsch FLClinical Social Worker1124566971
Michigan Family Therapy, Pllc MIClinical Social Worker1013456938
Karina Michelle Stewart TNClinical Social Worker1558369751
Debra Lee Logan AZClinical Social Worker1134126816
Stephen Michael Gollomp PAClinical Social Worker1194723585
Family Prescription Center Inc Clinical Social Worker1659379287
Andrew Howard Demick TNClinical Social Worker1932107125
Kevin Scott Corum TNClinical Social Worker1316945504
Peter A Dodzik INClinical Social Worker1437156999
Michele Boyle Clinical Social Worker1902357460
Mary S Thompson VTClinical Social Worker1043741051
Amy Lynn Kopel MDClinical Social Worker1831196625
Kathleen Mary Fouts NCClinical Social Worker1730187451
Donald Zuckerman DCClinical Social Worker1164420535
Thomas Ward Bishop MIClinical Social Worker1760480966
Ava Risa Feldman IAClinical Social Worker1891792958
Jeanne Marie Bennett KYClinical Social Worker1164429320
Pope Medical Associates Inc Clinical Social Worker1508385428
Gabrielle Brown ILClinical Social Worker1295244952
Michael Whetstone MOClinical Social Worker1306843735
Shoshanna Everhart INClinical Social Worker1336147099
David Carter Holcomb NMClinical Social Worker1790783868
Matthew Bradley Reese TNClinical Social Worker1790783918
Dennis S Freeman TNClinical Social Worker1609874890
Karen Lynn Seaton TNClinical Social Worker1326046525
Kathleen Christensen MNClinical Social Worker1932106606
Robert Krikorian OHClinical Social Worker1063410405
William Berez TNClinical Social Worker1649278847
Valerie Baldwin-thomas TXClinical Social Worker1093713505
Lorrie Gentes MAClinical Social Worker1962907246
Frank Joseph Kudlo FLClinical Social Worker1982601217
Joyce Gensberg Schwartz TXClinical Social Worker1346248911
Andrea Michelle Blank OKClinical Social Worker1114924628
Juan F Madrazo Torres CAClinical Social Worker1831353366
Olivia Pfister Clinical Social Worker1629560255
Sonia Coelho Mosch MNClinical Social Worker1356348494
Katrice Jewelean Jackson CAClinical Social Worker1184102501
Lee A. Bowers PAClinical Social Worker1184621930
Jennifer D. Keen-kim CAClinical Social Worker1063992386
Peter S Belson MAClinical Social Worker1760963748
Lindsey Machicote Clinical Social Worker1851769889
Abigail E Dufretay-stepanek NCClinical Social Worker1720562267
Paul E Rosete AZClinical Social Worker1992702153
Jill Baron NCClinical Social Worker1740778018
Irene Teresa Johnson WYClinical Social Worker1295733319
Amanda Pratt FLClinical Social Worker1548782725
Stephanie Parisien NDClinical Social Worker1861831752
Josphine Chaumba NCClinical Social Worker1952834707
John Lewis Bryan NCClinical Social Worker1184622771
Cd Laboratories, Inc. MDClinical Social Worker1164420568
Lisa Lillard Oglesby TNClinical Social Worker1518965730
Karen Lynette Boyd MIClinical Social Worker1386642791
T Dianne Macpherson SCClinical Social Worker1063419158
Kevin R Orpurt TNClinical Social Worker1578561783
Affiliated Laboratory, Inc. MEClinical Social Worker1225035132
Wanda K. Holloway MOClinical Social Worker1598763088
Carol Jean Orr MOClinical Social Worker1093712606
Natalie Karen Fisher NYClinical Social Worker1679571665
Rita M Tinsley PAClinical Social Worker1336147370
Mark D Litt CTClinical Social Worker1972501914
Harlan Robert Grogin CAClinical Social Worker1144228180
John A Cooper TNClinical Social Worker1912905837
Melissa Mccreary Deines PAClinical Social Worker1821096744
Richard Kaplan CTClinical Social Worker1124026067
Institute For Beauty And Women's Health Llc MOClinical Social Worker1295733103
Craig R. Fisher ILClinical Social Worker1437157351
Antoinette R Thomas VAClinical Social Worker1063410900
Karen Anne Kandik MNClinical Social Worker1518965359
Andrea C Soler MAClinical Social Worker1225037070
Hans Gregory Lonnroth ILClinical Social Worker1518966365
Neal Askuvich MOClinical Social Worker1871592626
Carla B Macleod Md & Associates Pc MDClinical Social Worker1760481568
Helen K Ferszt NYClinical Social Worker1295734093
Toni W. Viertel NYClinical Social Worker1902805625
Linda M Dwinell FLClinical Social Worker1265431985
Ronald E Reeve VAClinical Social Worker1285633040
Duncan E Anderson MNClinical Social Worker1760480560
Lynda Harris-boscaino NYClinical Social Worker1366441198
Susan F Shanzer NYClinical Social Worker1417956251
Marjorie Beth Sugarman NYClinical Social Worker1245239961
Alfonso F.j. Prieto NYClinical Social Worker1063411783
Sung Yoon Choo NYClinical Social Worker1225037039
Elkin Simson NYClinical Social Worker1477551281
Kimberly Joann Faucett TNClinical Social Worker1396744132
Central Coast Cardiology A Medical Corporation Clinical Social Worker1407855265
Nicholas Noll MOClinical Social Worker1407854292
Carlos Alberto Ramirez NJClinical Social Worker1891793691
Kim Dressel MOClinical Social Worker1194724971
Richard Robert Plut PAClinical Social Worker1679572481
Katherine Elizabeth Zinkiewicz NYClinical Social Worker1164421905
Deborah Perlman Welsh TNClinical Social Worker1982603726
Robert Aloysius Crimmins FLClinical Social Worker1477552297
Harvey Allen Davis VAClinical Social Worker1104825868
Jo Ann Shew MOClinical Social Worker1609875376
Bruce Toulmin MOClinical Social Worker1508865270
Karen Rene Gannon TNClinical Social Worker1548269236
David Eugene Miller Clinical Social Worker1801895594
Gene Gault Mcevoy OHClinical Social Worker1689673303


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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