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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Michael Difranco OHDentist1023428489
Ali Zadeh CADentist1700030384
Hasan Zia TXDentist1306224993
Larina Chu CADentist1003258351
Eric Andrew Nygard MTDentist1134504566
Nicole Diane Mckown Dentist1598027989
Naressa K Singh NYDentist1114318862
Bradley W Green CODentist1689935975
Stephen Cotter CADentist1346651262
Miriam Elizabeth Chung NYDentist1699153429
Surgical Partners Of North Carolina Dentist1023432408
Francisco J Pico Fazzi PADentist1295190064
Kenneth L. Reed AZDentist1427324409
Smiles Dental Group, Pc Dentist1285093385
Smiles Dental Group, Pc Dentist1427417526
Wolf And Bear Dental Care Llc Dentist1497115547
Smiles Dental Group, Pc Dentist1114387982
Advanced Dental Anesthesia Services NJDentist1023479359
David R. Backus Dds, Inc. OHDentist1245691492
David Toma Dds, Inc. MADentist1699129379
Avanti Specialty Pllc VADentist1215382262
Phelon Rammell TXDentist1861848152
Dental Anesthesia Of New York, Llc NYDentist1437509841
Arizona Dental Anesthesia Pllc AZDentist1689025256
Tee pee Dentistry P.c. CTDentist1770935710
Wonil Edward Jung CADentist1245687706
Cheri A Dang Dmd Inc CADentist1407303357
Jennifer Cross TXDentist1902168602
Kramer Dental Anesthesia Services, Inc. INDentist1477005320
Christopher Lachapelle-lampkin TXDentist1063871127
Tree House Dentistry For Kids WADentist1457896847
Cheri A Dang Dmd 2 Inc CADentist1124563119
Natalie M Alsup TXDentist1801209374
Monument Dental Anesthesia Pllc TNDentist1356891675
Wach Dental Anesthesia PADentist1336687045
Stanton Schuler CADentist1750572335
Jason Wong AZDentist1942645528
Andrew Sing Young CADentist1417359191
James John Crawford WIDentist1669879946
Valleygate Anesthesia Dentist1093215147
Kiddos Pc PADentist1487172359
Hampton Roads Anesthesia & Dentistry, Pllc VADentist1831629419
Jennifer Wallen CODentist1134234404
Richard Stafford CADentist1740715051
Portland Dental Anesthesia ORDentist1639604689
Taylor R. Gordon PADentist1548637192
Melany Camacho NYDentist1578910071
Nicholas S Katchen Dds Pc NYDentist1992232441
Asleep Dentistry CTDentist1841720794
Eric John Berger INDentist1144742347
Smile By Design Windsor Llc CTDentist1548502750
Kari Cwiak, Dmd & Jonathan L Wong, Dmd , Pllc VADentist1184155962
Rebecca C. Rees CODentist1821344508
Sweet Dreams Dental Anesthesia, Pllc MADentist1629580741
Green Gables Dental Llc CODentist1508376906
Ari Gitlin Dds Pc NYDentist1366891053
5280 Dentistry And Anesthesia CODentist1649785197
The Tooth & Co Llc Dentist1497260475
Marco Savittieri CADentist1831644053
Glade Cox AZDentist1427416353
Jana Sabo Dds Inc CADentist1740770650
Ticonderoga Dental Plaza, Pc NYDentist1457869224
Carolinas Center For Ambulatory Dentistry Llc Dentist1720573587
Michael Walbom FLDentist1467947739
Texas Dental Anesthesia TXDentist1891271557
Green States Anesthesia Pllc Dentist1699252544
Medina Anesthesia Associates, Inc OHDentist1831676253
Outpatient Anesthesia Group, Inc. Dentist1215415468
Christa Marano PADentist1194264788
Hill Country Special Care Dental Center, Pllc TXDentist1265914923
Tyler Tomkinson AZDentist1841604659
Brittney Cloninger PADentist1295196962
Vital Dental Dentist1326521139
Joshua L Perry OHDentist1619255197
Nicholas Russell OHDentist1033513296
Lone Star Dental Anesthesia Dentist1295210573
Smile Studio Specialist Inc VADentist1194219139
Christina Baek, Dds, Pc Dentist1417423898
George Jaber CADentist1396185369
Roberts & Lo Pllc Dentist1871060772
Roberts & Lo Pllc Dentist1225505134
Roberts & Lo Pllc Dentist1932676848
Quen Ly CODentist1649438292
Scottsdale Dental Center Llc Dentist1437623790
Braxton Henderson NCDentist1043664188
Jeffrey J Borandi Dmd Llc Dentist1255897591
Jeffrey W Martz Dmd Llc Dentist1619433976
The Smile Club Dentistry And Orthodontics Pllc Dentist1265999379
Premier Dental Group Pllc Dentist1063971281
Kristopher Mendoza CODentist1457843799
Touro College Dentist1538667548
Hardeep Dhaliwal WADentist1811163611
Yasmine Zaeni Dds Inc Dentist1861958654
Brandon Michael Fitzgerald PADentist1801139662
Day Dental Anesthesia Dentist1174188486
Tcp Anesthesia Services Pllc Dentist1376108035
Thomas Frank Cwalina PADentist1114982873
Eric Han CTDentist1457737454
Rocky Mountain Dental Anesthesia Dentist1942868690
Sleepy Tooth Sedation, L.l.c. Dentist1821656471
Arlington Dental Excellence Specialists Pllc Dentist1164911863
Paul Wilson CODentist1710345160
Sheila Aryana OHDentist1588224620
Jihee Woo NYDentist1700298676
Celine Javanni CODentist1225415300
Dr Ram Dental Inc Dentist1518528413
San Diego Dental Anesthesia Dentist1710548375
Tyler Johnson CADentist1831334929
Mary Alvarez-nutting CADentist1447732409
John Russell Yancey CODentist1255622635
Malinda Maynard Husson WVDentist1629134317
Abuzar Arshi Siddiqui TXDentist1154876035
Danielle Culpepper AZDentist1780043059
Boshra Sophia Iravani CADentist1487033619
Bridgeport River Dental Pc Dentist1346898293
Adam Kutzner WADentist1891265807
Jonathan Patrick Bacon MDDentist1811336142
Ryan Cheung CADentist1245680271
Valleygate Dental Surgery Centers Of The West, Llc Dentist1194230573
Valleygate Dental Surgery Center Of Fayetteville, Llc Dentist1003321365
David Toma MADentist1376551812
Battery Park Pediatric Dentistry Pllc Dentist1487299798
Renata Carvalho Da Fonseca Dds., A Dental Corporation Dentist1588209712
David Pfeffer NYDentist1770902181
Leonard Naftalin Dds A Dental Corporation Dentist1629475751
First Person Care Clinic Dentist1780038257
Bryant Cornelius OHDentist1417002973
Azaz Awan NYDentist1235541038
John T. Will, Dds, Pllc Dentist1184255101
Jose Antonio Rivero Sutil NYDentist1417212937
John Leach AKDentist1659784098
Gina Chen PADentist1265882880
Christopher Gushue VADentist1215379060
Anesthesia Associates Of Central Pa Dentist1770104846
Jim Ervil VADentist1689295586
Zakaria Messieha ILDentist1457465841
A Larsen Wellness Pc Dentist1124641576
Seth Arnall MIDentist1750728119
Brett Harris TXDentist1093111650
Robert Alexander Busto OHDentist1811102338
Heather Eileen Robinson MNDentist1861481327
Heather Robinson Dds Pa Dentist1609491695
Walda Paulita Lloyd TXDentist1467533695
Mark D. Miller KYDentist1104982016
Roy Bolden Hooks TXDentist1275881575
Dreamgaurd Anesthesia Services Dentist1902423494
Christopher L Lewis Dmd Dentist1952929853
Jonathan L Wong VADentist1225266430
Carepoint Anesthesia Group Of Michigan, Llc Dentist1487262820
Iris Lo NCDentist1871759621
Deep Sedation P.c. Dentist1376152165
Chamandeep Brar TXDentist1609300722
James Gravener PADentist1306384631
Ashli Holland VADentist1124543509
Sleep Dentistry st. Louis, Llc Dentist1215547997
Yuen Ryan Wu CADentist1942568928
Jae Marie Grymes DEDentist1528409448
Idaho Dental Anesthesia Pllc IDDentist1629470141
Robert B Miller Dmd Pc Dentist1699310656
Shaheen M Moezzi CODentist1609157171
Chad Michael Stoker NCDentist1629025259
Paul Douglas Schwarz CADentist1932371184
Pennsylvania Mobile Anesthesia Associates, Llc Dentist1356956023
Payam Patrick Kajeh TXDentist1821521428
Julie Mercado TXDentist1649707712
Jesse W. Manton OHDentist1326465824
Noora Ayyash TXDentist1871915058
Ryan K. Larsen Dmd & Associates MTDentist1306258991
Andrea M Bell PADentist1154500247
Nathan James Carillo CODentist1841647294
Drew Alan Preston CADentist1285934125
Post Falls Anesthesia Group Pllc Dentist1871195131
Apex Anesthesia Services Pc Dentist1023467958
Michelle Marie Pashley CADentist1396843009
Christine A. Lemon Pllc Dentist1942804703
Galaxy Dentistry For Children Dentist1457955213
Brett King LADentist1669541231
Creek Capital Anesthesia Llc Dentist1275137663
Comfort Care Anesthesia, Llc Dentist1881185791
Dental Anesthesia Of Nevada, Llc Dentist1821694308
James Kellan Villalon CODentist1851777304
Karen Anderson, Dds Inc Dentist1033715206
Terry T Durbin PADentist1699725382
Evergreen Dental Anesthesia Pllc Dentist1821684713
Scott Lewis Siegel NMDentist1487834438
Arlington Dental Associates Pc MADentist1093061749
Shoreline Anesthesia, Llc Dentist1407445620
Ryen Lawton Birkinbine OHDentist1447743638
Reading Dental Associates Pc Dentist1740871227
Ryan Patrick Watkins CADentist1104954999
Marjon Bekhrad Jahromi CADentist1548323397
Erik Nariyoshi MSDentist1801336235
Lucian Dan Boboia TXDentist1215004783
Titus Tang Dental Inc Dentist1093309213
Mark Edward Beicke PADentist1265552491
Jana Sabo CADentist1619289600
Focus Dental Specialists Dentist1174118723
Christopher T Chiu CADentist1780095216
C Chiu Dds Inc Dentist1003313925
D Chiu Dds Inc Dentist1831784289


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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