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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rafael Oseguera ZZDentist1285063529
Sara Correa ZZDentist1922491331
Mario Martinez ZZDentist1699127183
Alvaro Vazquez ZZDentist1588980379
Gilberto E Tostado ZZDentist1306151212
Mauricio G. Larios ZZDentist1902038623
Oscar Machado ZZDentist1407178940
Sergio Tostado ZZDentist1477785178
Dr Monica Velez Dental Services Llc PRDentist1861919128
Dr Ernesto Del Valle Rivera Csp Dentist1669536587
Dr. Nelson A. Mercado Castro, Csp PRDentist1477691913
Anayansi Santiago PRDentist1003024589
Carlos Miguel Nieves Mendez PRDentist1902106537
Charlene Ramos Villanueva PRDentist1669031704
Ernesto Del Valle PRDentist1356403240
Filiberto Desa Cintron PRDentist1114049897
Harry L Sanabria PRDentist1518029925
Jose A Ruiz PRDentist1770579914
Luis Edgardo Caldero PRDentist1700094281
Luis Calvo PRDentist1659426203
Marco A. Delvalle PRDentist1982741906
Milmarie Lopez Silva Dentist1871032946
Monica Velez PRDentist1255798955
Nelson A Mercado PRDentist1003812298
Sergio Acevedo PRDentist1538163951
Vanessa Theresa Cruz Echevarria PRDentist1548267610
Oscar F Cordero Of Dental Csp PRDentist1407056773
West Coast Smiles Psc PRDentist1194059261
Ldv Endodontics PRDentist1003119058
Endodoncia Y Estetica Dental C.s.p PRDentist1407127079
Lecm Ortho Group, Llc Dentist1134629165
West Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Psc Dentist1861976912
Ferrari Endo Pcs Dentist1770048290
Centro De Ortodoncia, Inc PRDentist1427270883
Ramey Dental Group, Psc PRDentist1427266816
Ortodoncia Del Noroseste Csp PRDentist1992907380
Augusto Cesar Garcia PRDentist1427108331
Carla Marie Bonaparte PRDentist1083926190
Carlos Enrique Abreu Girald PRDentist1932169257
Cristina Cortes PRDentist1922098011
Evelyn Rodriguez-nieves PRDentist1194806919
Hipolito Fantauzzi-ortiz PRDentist1659377745
Hiram O Vera Arocho PRDentist1235119751
Ileane Amador PRDentist1568427268
Jimmarie Ramos PRDentist1336310630
Jose E Fernandez PRDentist1295702165
Jose Juan Ferrari PRDentist1518273721
Jose A Mercado PRDentist1679619001
Jose Valentin PRDentist1447253877
Jose Gustavo Wiscovitch PRDentist1174511844
Lorna I. Esteves PRDentist1952308645
Luis Angel Blay PRDentist1275641847
Luz D Visbal FLDentist1598080921
Marien Blanco PRDentist1881795698
Oscar Francisco Cordero PRDentist1730187758
Ricardo Jose Desa-cintron PRDentist1871551689
Sandra Yvette Torres-castillo PRDentist1700982972
Sonia Rodriguez-nieves PRDentist1770695934
Yamira Roldan PRDentist1538162961
Yanira Lopez Aquino PRDentist1396000980
Oficina Dental Dr Jacqueline Rodriguez Psc PRDentist1356508873
Aida I Rivera PRDentist1801943097
Aixa Torres Rivera PRDentist1538267737
Jacqueline Rodriguez PRDentist1750477691
Juan Jose Ayuso PRDentist1376682286
Ramon Arnaldo Lasa-morales PRDentist1609914589
Sandra Valcarcel PRDentist1629178702
Valerie Garcia PRDentist1417359423
Yeritza Michelle Rodriguez Valle PRDentist1811218472
Yinayra Victoria PRDentist1265507693
Drs. Brown & Brown, Pa NCDentist1609973387
Alexis Nichole Brown NCDentist1588071336
Brooke Amber Hasenfelt NCDentist1376880781
Chimere R Callaway NCDentist1386984391
Ford T Grant NCDentist1912914136
Josiah Benjamin Brown Ii NCDentist1457457467
Nicole Elizabeth Beasley NCDentist1447703426
Robert Joseph Bencic NCDentist1801071774
Terry Cornelius Hall NCDentist1558489724
Michael Charles Horasanian CADentist1063577583
Centro Avanzado De Odontologia Estetica,csp PRDentist1083927818
Cr Diaz Bonilla Dentista Pediatrica Psc PRDentist1255707568
Angel F. Aviles Ramos NYDentist1265403083
Annette Sanchez-cruz PRDentist1396830964
Carem Rosa Diaz PRDentist1043293251
Graciela Rosario PRDentist1942200167
Guillermo Enrique Aviles PRDentist1629115399
Isadora Zaira Gonzalezrosario PRDentist1689931628
Mayra Arroyo-ortiz PRDentist1053378992
Renan Serracante PRDentist1619193349
Ricardo Rodriguez PRDentist1356309686
Victor R. Ortiz-guzman PRDentist1265498489
Victor Maunuel Ortiz-quinonez PRDentist1386699429
Pedodontic Associates Inc Dentist1265419758
Endodontic Associates Llc HIDentist1902052012
Pearlridge Dental Group Inc. HIDentist1790934024
Endodontic Specialists, Inc. HIDentist1649412677
Erik K. Tinhan, M.a., D.d.s., Inc. HIDentist1760625149
Aiea Pediatric Dental Center HIDentist1629212675
Aiea Pediatric Dental Center HIDentist1245474071
Dr Harrison Jh Pang Dmd, Llc HIDentist1912133372
Arleen G.a. Regala, Dds, Inc. HIDentist1588895460
Galen Y. Chee Dmd, Inc HIDentist1114150638
Alan M. Tamashiro, D.d.s., Inc. HIDentist1215160775
Myles C. Miyasato, D.d.s., M.s.,inc. HIDentist1942535471
Frank C. Baumholtz Iii, Dds Inc HIDentist1336476811
Smile Designers, Inc. HIDentist1750610275
Randal D. Morita, D.d.s., Inc. HIDentist1548590375
Gale Marana Dds Inc HIDentist1689996712
Aloha Dental Center HIDentist1407162423
Hawaii Dental Group, Inc. Dentist1295043016
Regala & Su, Dds, Llc HIDentist1023387073
Ricky M. Tsuhako D.d.s., Inc. HIDentist1326394438
Pearlridge Dental Care, Llc HIDentist1255768255
Island Dental Group Inc HIDentist1295108280
Derek B Tom Dds Llc HIDentist1669826244
Glenn Y. Takaki Dds Llc HIDentist1093166407
Premier Dental Group Hi Inc HIDentist1407395668
Dreamtect Dental Llc Dentist1043848922
David T. Ohara D.d.s., Inc. HIDentist1083732242
Pedodontic Associates, Inc Dentist1285603373
Wayne M. Tamashiro, D.d.s., L.l.c. HIDentist1114965522
Dental Care Centers Of Hawaii, Inc. Dentist1730123050
Milton M Oshiro Dmd Inc HIDentist1538262514
Endodontic Associates Inc Dentist1801911508
Alan Takeshi Sato HIDentist1336125434
Alan M. Tamashiro HIDentist1184780462
Alexander James Hall HIDentist1770031205
Alfredo Coloma HIDentist1225181571
Angela Merici Audrey Chin HIDentist1346493350
Arleen G.a. Regala HIDentist1700826484
Benjamin S Rodriguez HIDentist1144533431
Bryan Shunzo Tamura HIDentist1235115346
Bryson Chang HIDentist1821516097
Burt Kawamoto HIDentist1912598756
Cameron Y Lee HIDentist1558481432
Celeste C.h. Yagi HIDentist1629105150
Christopher Lin HIDentist1598145898
Christopher Masaki Shimizu CADentist1164081659
Claude N Tamura HIDentist1649334210
Craig M. Kaneshiro HIDentist1235388562
Curtis Naoji Kamisugi HIDentist1255489480
Cynthia Merrick HIDentist1508918889
David T Ohara HIDentist1851451686
Dean Y Horie HIDentist1063589679
Denis Jakuj HIDentist1538682711
Derek H. Ichimura HIDentist1659432995
Derek B. Tom HIDentist1770667131
Donovan W.c.k. Young HIDentist1548474976
Eduardo Kina Manapat HIDentist1083706907
Erik Petter Strommer HIDentist1407335805
Erik K Tinhan HIDentist1326009846
Floyd Masaru Tanoue HIDentist1295940344
Francis Kazuyoshi Hamada HIDentist1518093012
Frank Conrad Baumholtz HIDentist1225118185
Galen York Chee HIDentist1245396530
Gina Benedicto Viernes HIDentist1710070503
Glenn Mamo Biven HIDentist1417107640
Glenn Hanada HIDentist1790855385
Harrison Jen Hee Pang HIDentist1003902321
Janel Supnet Ancheta-carroll HIDentist1336245992
Jay T. Kanegawa HIDentist1336234749
Jennifer Sasada HIDentist1790838068
John P. Oka HIDentist1023253747
Jonni Kumar HIDentist1447664073
Keileen Fukada HIDentist1720606965
Keith M Koga HIDentist1780763896
Kevin Ichiriu HIDentist1710136874
Lauren J.m. Imai HIDentist1689860058
Lloyd S Hataishi HIDentist1033250162
Luke Yoshihide Teruya HIDentist1821075292
Maemerita D Sandigeo HIDentist1235387499
Marc Ken Nakamura HIDentist1750484168
Marilyn B.j. Chun HIDentist1053478859
Martin M. Kaneshiro HIDentist1063661221
Michael Eng HIDentist1669418646
Michael O'shea HIDentist1568490472
Michelle Ryooko Kobayashi HIDentist1295713410
Milton S. Hino HIDentist1376727594
Milton Morio Oshiro HIDentist1033449152
Myles C. Miyasato HIDentist1780740068
Nina Thuc Nhi Tran HIDentist1033697461
Norman G. Suga HIDentist1578535605
Olga Hamilton HIDentist1467957506
Randal Dennis Morita HIDentist1093806267
Raymond Hideo Tanaka HIDentist1255454575
Rhinelle Hirose HIDentist1730474750
Ricky Mitsuo Tsuhako HIDentist1508990037
Robertson Wu HIDentist1073098695
Rocio C Escobar Bustamante HIDentist1366006223
Roy Yamamoto HIDentist1538191747
Scott Ryan Hiramoto HIDentist1285049395
Scott Lau Morita HIDentist1619316296
Sean R. Holliday HIDentist1568686798
Sheena Sharifzadeh Chavda HIDentist1639691330
Shelliann Aiko Kawamoto HIDentist1326274028
Stephen H Fujinaka HIDentist1730391285
Steven Kenneth Ertel HIDentist1245247675
Wayne T Matsuura HIDentist1871504811
Wayne Masao Tamashiro HIDentist1508803461


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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