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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Siavash Toosi GADermatology1962848671
Sonya Bellamy GADermatology1780638627
Stephen F. Templeton GADermatology1780684928
Steven A Freedman GADermatology1669446936
Stewart Wright Caughman GADermatology1669589024
Suephy C Chen GADermatology1922113141
Sumayah Jamila Taliaferro GADermatology1467658393
Susan C Hurt GADermatology1659321743
Timothy S Wang GADermatology1508954330
Tova Rogers GADermatology1356872246
Travis Wayne Blalock CADermatology1710195003
Trephina H Galloway GADermatology1134224363
Tunisia Finch Cornelius GADermatology1245404854
Valerie Lananh Truong Dermatology1245572643
Virginia Rutledge Forney GADermatology1316941644
Yvette Andree George GADermatology1528050804
Zakiya Pressley Rice GADermatology1871699041
Brett Stuart Dock FLDermatology1467433466
John Morello Md FLDermatology1609975374
John Morello FLDermatology1720272644
John C Perrotto IADermatology1659538809
American Skin And Cancer Center Pc NJDermatology1376724575
Frank C Victor NJDermatology1275624256
Joseph Kamel Francis FLDermatology1386841724
Michelle Elizabeth Muhart FLDermatology1821072497
Robert Salvatore Dibacco FLDermatology1134103716
Attleboro Dermatology, P.c. MADermatology1811965296
Hines Dermatology Associates, Inc. Dermatology1972559862
Dermatopath Lab, Inc. MADermatology1275589624
Andrew David Samel MADermatology1821066291
Yvonne C Hines MADermatology1255370904
Dr. A.r. Bhupathy, Inc CADermatology1902907108
Auburn Dermatology And Skin Cancer Center Dermatology1215029053
Alpine Allergy And Asthma Associates Inc Dermatology1366527889
Cascade Eye & Skin Centers Pc Dermatology1427293109
Fall River Dermatology Pc MADermatology1811232820
Nash Dermatology, Llc Dermatology1942742325
Skyn Clinic & Apothecary GADermatology1942780994
Daniel E Viders Md Pc MADermatology1033163126
Allison Lacey Mccormick CADermatology1316023484
Anthony Chiaravalloti NYDermatology1598178378
Casey Brown MADermatology1629553359
John R Person MADermatology1205804523
Kevin Tyler Nash ALDermatology1326201856
Rona Beth Holmes ALDermatology1316974090
Stephanie Wei Lai CADermatology1275195901
Zola Nemorin GADermatology1649750688
Ogawa Dermatology, P.c. MIDermatology1346356615
Oakland Hills Dermatology Pc MIDermatology1619217478
Christofer Natale Buatti MIDermatology1306872288
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1740238526
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1225183726
Atrius Health, Inc Dermatology1225175979
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1154535813
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1245444900
Atrius Health, Inc. MADermatology1306231519
Atrius Health, Inc. MADermatology1558756759
Atrius Health, Inc. MADermatology1467847632
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1487877692
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1174746275
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1427271584
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1972717635
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1952518391
Atrius Health, Inc. Dermatology1871639914
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates Dermatology1003939703
Neal S Walker PADermatology1396706123
Barry L Thompson Dermatology1215923073
Dermatology And Skin Cancer Center Of Augusta, P.c. Dermatology1912991902
Larry H Pierce Md Pc Dermatology1326237520
Augusta West Dermatology, Llc GADermatology1801272968
Augusta Dermatology Associates Pc Dermatology1649349978
Anna Katherine Wiggins Duckworth GADermatology1972623288
Anne M. Loebl GADermatology1467563395
Avis Brown Yount GADermatology1003831868
Barry Lane Thompson GADermatology1760478580
Bette C Potter GADermatology1487779492
Dan Filitis MEDermatology1952747784
Daniel J. Sheehan GADermatology1619088671
David Doyle GADermatology1811988736
Edward Hardin Smith GADermatology1073822607
Ermina Mujadzic KYDermatology1588790794
Fred Jason Kight GADermatology1437142072
James Petit GADermatology1720516560
Jeremiah Allan Miller GADermatology1093972325
Jill H Colvin WIDermatology1992714042
John R T Reeves GADermatology1477549277
Jonathan Karnes TXDermatology1306046180
Joshua Daniel Sparling MEDermatology1245216316
Kaitlyn Powell SCDermatology1356753461
Karen Clepper Parviainen GADermatology1023042124
Kathryn Potter Dermatology1154740793
Larry H. Pierce GADermatology1952495558
Lauren Eckert Ploch LADermatology1114151800
Loretta S. Davis GADermatology1346350832
Mario Maruthur GADermatology1356738199
Matthew Dean Belcher GADermatology1134568520
Maulik Manharlal Dhandha MEDermatology1972946366
Morgan Wenner Thakore GADermatology1770875130
Peter S Yount GADermatology1376568147
Rachel Marks Greenwood GADermatology1427431048
Robert W Wetherington GADermatology1285613307
Ryan Travis Rogers GADermatology1396065470
Sarah Josephson Cely GADermatology1225235393
Vanessa Richardson SCDermatology1366785735
Leslie R Capin Md Pc Dermatology1619916079
Oak Dermatology Llc Dermatology1487168258
Advanced Dermatology Skin Cancer & Laser Surgery Center P.c. Dermatology1134170012
Rush copley Medical Group, Nfp Dermatology1093075848
University Physicians Incorporated Dermatology1962461889
University Physicians Incorporated Dermatology1558869297
University Physicians Incorporated Dermatology1861026189
University Physicians Incorporated Dermatology1972129369
Agnessa Gadeliya Goodson CODermatology1295025682
Andrea Steel Dermatology1194149211
Andrew Ming CODermatology1922301688
Anna L Bruckner CODermatology1649354150
Anne H Hanson CODermatology1558676668
Anthony Christos Parris NYDermatology1063508505
Brendan Thomas ILDermatology1497989644
Carla Ximena Torres-zegarra CODermatology1346470143
Catherine M Dudley ILDermatology1912923095
Cory Dunnick CODermatology1720171176
Darlene S Johnson CODermatology1821080391
David Norris CODermatology1619997814
Dawnielle Endly AZDermatology1568807238
Dolar R. Koya ILDermatology1164493417
Elizabeth Brezinski Wallace CODermatology1730436031
Emily Ann Gurnee CODermatology1447661012
Emily Mira Warshauer CODermatology1912317892
Erik Newman UTDermatology1649665886
Erin Welch CODermatology1972594190
Fred V Kemp ILDermatology1780603118
Gil Weintraub CODermatology1962884486
Grant Russell Plost CODermatology1164842241
Greg Palmer INDermatology1831194133
Gregory G. Papadeas CODermatology1730181405
Holly Christine Paugh CODermatology1518129949
J Huff CODermatology1336242320
Jacob Clark Whitsitt Dermatology1508250846
James T Chapman CODermatology1437141900
James Fitzpatrick CODermatology1548225667
Jarod Alexander Conley CODermatology1871676148
Jenna Marie Peart CODermatology1912391285
Jennifer Ann Ray CODermatology1962418673
Jennifer Shuley Ruth CODermatology1922374479
Jeremy Michael Hugh NHDermatology1427316348
Joanna M Burch CODermatology1144323130
Joseph A Chorny CODermatology1255310785
Joseph Morelli CODermatology1750474102
Julian Ramsey Mellette CODermatology1487747838
Katherine Pendleton CODermatology1891904306
Lori Prok CODermatology1356497978
Lucinda Liu Kohn CODermatology1346669561
Mariah Brown CODermatology1154468445
Matthew Ryan Clark ORDermatology1194162230
Matthew P Evans ILDermatology1144246828
Mayumi Fujita CODermatology1285727636
Melanie M Wong NYDermatology1992090120
Michelle Draznin CODermatology1528032166
Nazanin Ehsani-chimeh CODermatology1720366883
Nicole M. Annest CADermatology1205842051
Paul J Grant CODermatology1194717843
Renee A D'ambrosia CODermatology1205982808
Robert Dellavalle CODermatology1003881756
Ryan Gamble CODermatology1881988913
Ryan O'leary CODermatology1447679766
Sabrina Ann Newman CODermatology1871760470
Sasha Stephen CODermatology1992097646
Sean T Amsbaugh CODermatology1073561007
Stanca Ariana Birlea CODermatology1134499577
Sumalatha M Gudavalli CODermatology1770610719
Sylvia Brice CODermatology1245333236
Tanya Katarina Bulj ILDermatology1316144892
Theresa Pacheco CODermatology1003909458
Whitney High CODermatology1366467136
William J Bowman CODermatology1013076108
William L. Weston CODermatology1932275161
Atlanta West Dermatology, P.c. GADermatology1174680979
Catherine Gupta Warner GADermatology1710220249
Janice Murphy Warner GADermatology1720189293
Louis Jack Herskowitz GADermatology1972561819
Balcones Dermatology Associates, Pa TXDermatology1407855646
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc Dermatology1013994722
Southwest Skin & Cancer Clinic, P.a. Dermatology1619942182
Westlake Dermatology Pa Dermatology1518939347
Dermatology Specialists Of Austin, P.a. TXDermatology1427009687
Seton/ut Southwestern University Physicians Group Dermatology1508896804
Epiphany Dermatology Of Arizona, Llc Dermatology1457465858
Austin Dermatology Clinic, Pa Dermatology1861501736
Zoltan Trizna Md, Pa Dermatology1356420566
Renee Snyder Md Pa TXDermatology1346331782
University Of Texas Medical Branch, Austin Initiatives At Utmb Dermatology1144393802
Ladera Park Dermatology, P.a. Dermatology1417010935
Westlake Dermatology Pa Dermatology1659401024
Westlake Dermatology Pa TXDermatology1477678993
Austin Regional Clinic, Pa Dermatology1821157579
Seton Healthcare Dermatology1437377660
Derm Docs Llc HIDermatology1770797961
Anne Epstein, M.d., P.a. TXDermatology1942405824
Susan E Dozier, Md, Pa TXDermatology1780872762


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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