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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alexandria S. Kongsiri FLDermatology1740275791
Heidi Mangelsdorf NCDermatology1528053428
James E Rheim CADermatology1538154455
John Michael Humeniuk SCDermatology1639164528
American Institute Of Dermatology Pa Dermatology1861487795
Adam B Hessel OHDermatology1922093855
Joan Marie Rindler MIDermatology1407841349
Julio C Cruz OHDermatology1871588723
Quenby Lea Erickson INDermatology1558356410
Byron David Baldridge MTDermatology1720073596
Wolfgang Anton Huhn PADermatology1366437139
Roberto Luis Davila-depedro PRDermatology1538154315
Walter K Nahm CADermatology1467447284
Bikle & Beidler Derm Inc PADermatology1427043256
Eliot Nathan Mostow OHDermatology1376538116
Jenifer Harish T Reddy MIDermatology1336134006
Darrin A Rotman FLDermatology1144215898
Avrohm William Faber FLDermatology1700871415
Douglas Kligman PADermatology1043205768
Mary Ann Dionne Bentz CTDermatology1295720910
Roberta F Palestine MDDermatology1841285582
Penina Burnstein NYDermatology1538154174
Judy H. Holtman KYDermatology1912992504
Byron James Van Dyke CADermatology1821084443
Michael G Caruso Md Pa FLDermatology1649266172
Neil Frank Gibbs CADermatology1932195567
Robert B Johnson NCDermatology1730175365
Peter Paul Greco NCDermatology1669468203
Michael Randy Cohen MIDermatology1568458115
Marie Francine Bruyneel ARDermatology1821084427
Wade Hamrick Smith TXDermatology1558357152
Jane Show Wada CADermatology1609862242
Alan Warren Solter PADermatology1477549996
Hideko Kamino NYDermatology1447246970
Magdy B Migally OHDermatology1992791388
Richard Frank Cordova PADermatology1073509527
Kirkland Lau CTDermatology1780670240
Samuel Thwing Selden VADermatology1336135839
Arthur Daniel King FLDermatology1255327722
Peggy Tong WIDermatology1063408573
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. Dermatology1871589200
Jacob Rispler CADermatology1689660037
David Allen Spott MDDermatology1033105457
Robert Clark Terrill TXDermatology1902892367
Comprehensive Dermatology Pc INDermatology1689660946
Lorrie J Klein CADermatology1508852799
Joseph Rockwell Rheim CADermatology1891781100
Kathleen L Behr CADermatology1104812452
Dari Ann Ungaretti ILDermatology1548256746
David Levi Nathan INDermatology1619963998
Indira Krishnarao OHDermatology1417943796
Bucks mont Dermatology Associates Pc PADermatology1992791156
Mark Charles Kory MODermatology1326034489
Alan J Parks OHDermatology1598751653
Jerome M Aronberg MODermatology1861488926
Sharon Gail Mcdonald MODermatology1659367803
Henry A. Greenblatt NYDermatology1619963899
Trisha N Daley GADermatology1124014246
Charles F Trapp FLDermatology1518953686
Jerry D. Eisner WADermatology1215923354
Prashant Singri ILDermatology1922094929
Stephen O. Kovacs MADermatology1124014006
Mark D Lehman OKDermatology1932195815
George W Monks OKDermatology1891781779
Steven K Shama MADermatology1386630226
Jose V Lara FLDermatology1134115058
Deborah S. Mendelson AZDermatology1508852492
Lawrence J Gregg OKDermatology1528054467
Alan Neal Binnick VTDermatology1699761528
Barry L Thompson Dermatology1215923073
Donald R Seidel OKDermatology1316933286
Lawrence E Samuels MODermatology1811983869
Shane Meehan NYDermatology1487640439
Terry Vincent Pursley TXDermatology1962498824
Dermatology And Skin Surgery Apmc Dermatology1023005758
Robert Land Henderson ALDermatology1306833041
Fern Ellen Mayer CTDermatology1386630085
Howard L Salyer TNDermatology1558357277
Rindler & Reddy Dermatology Pc Dermatology1215923024
Gail Smith Westhoven ALDermatology1528054319
Henry Herman Roenigk AZDermatology1619963410
Bill Hale Halmi AZDermatology1245226042
Affiliated Dermatologists Sc Dermatology1194711853
Alison Lee Rhein MDDermatology1164418828
Steven E Ritter TXDermatology1780670448
John R T Reeves GADermatology1477549277
Barry Lane Thompson GADermatology1760478580
Hung V Ong CADermatology1407842149
Scott C Duncan TXDermatology1952398612
Romagosa Dermatology Group Llc FLDermatology1609863398
Lucy Li TXDermatology1164419701
Tom J Meek LADermatology1053308692
Amie B Shannon LADermatology1386631935
Ricardo Antonio Romagosa FLDermatology1720075401
Michael J Mahon MIDermatology1013904549
Robert W. Averill MADermatology1215924634
John H Lyons UTDermatology1255328746
Anthony Gediminas Matukas CADermatology1669469003
Christopher W Kling MODermatology1467449934
Amy Beth Koff MADermatology1144217670
Prakit Jeerapaet FLDermatology1205823606
Jack C Jawitz FLDermatology1316934714
Joseph A Muccini MODermatology1952398430
Harold Mermelstein NYDermatology1053308429
Brent M. Boyce MIDermatology1417944786
Mark F Tesser NYDermatology1598752867
Mark S Wallis TXDermatology1861489049
Anne H Kettler KSDermatology1659368967
Vickie M Brown GADermatology1952398273
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc Dermatology1306833595
Alan Todd Glass NYDermatology1124015318
Jeffrey J Crowley CADermatology1073500278
Robert E Gunnoe KSDermatology1942297015
Robert J Thompson PADermatology1619964731
Cindy Francyn Hoffman NYDermatology1295722395
Edward B Lee NYDermatology1417944596
Tom Urban CADermatology1114914256
Stephen Keith Tyring TXDermatology1245227263
John Greg Brady PADermatology1548257546
Advanced Dermatology Center, Pa NCDermatology1487641429
Miguel Vazquez Botet PRDermatology1588651442
Eduardo T Weiss FLDermatology1053308965
William Trent Massengale LADermatology1952398893
Harry A Burglass LADermatology1104813971
Charles Austin Mitchell TNDermatology1063409845
Shondra L. Smith, Md Dermatology1447248166
Martin T Smith VADermatology1760470496
Chris Wayne Crawford TXDermatology1447248281
Michael Novak CADermatology1063400703
Clara H. Henry TXDermatology1144218884
Arnold C. Fellman MIDermatology1770571424
Sheri J Lagin NYDermatology1669460416
Jerald Louis Sklar TXDermatology1821086679
Aubrey Chad Hartmann, Md, Pa TXDermatology1144218900
Laura Lea Sears TXDermatology1942298708
Carmen Cecilia Casas TXDermatology1063400836
Rex F Largen NEDermatology1326036112
Matthew D Barrows Md Pa TXDermatology1699763490
Mary Elizabeth Fleischli TXDermatology1245228063
Hobart Kaye Richey FLDermatology1881681690
Elisa Macy Roberts NCDermatology1578551305
Clifford M Berck NYDermatology1649268327
Ricardo Javier Rodriguez-perales PRDermatology1306834098
Shondra L. Smith LADermatology1134117898
George William Poche LADermatology1275521932
James Wilcox Mason TXDermatology1699763375
Gail R Goldstein MDDermatology1720076391
Mark Popkin NJDermatology1225026834
Thomas C. Balshi FLDermatology1063400646
Richard Polson Mcclintock CADermatology1124016712
Christopher G Nelson FLDermatology1477541076
Renee Jennifer Mathur PADermatology1376531970
Beth G Diamond MDDermatology1598753097
William G Irwin GADermatology1316931017
Michael John Sharkey GADermatology1417941964
Nanette B Silverberg NYDermatology1316933740
Andrea Marie Rosik MIDermatology1063407955
Cindy Lynn Lamerson NVDermatology1699763201
Douglas Robert Swinehart CADermatology1144214230
Foy Wallace Cox CADermatology1184611048
Willard Z Maughan UTDermatology1235125063
Mark Allen Ruben CADermatology1497742084
Michael E. Jackson NYDermatology1912991019
Byron L. Barksdale NEDermatology1073508750
Josepha Bueno Devaro GADermatology1295729051
Armando J Guardiola PRDermatology1447245121
Craig Dean Omohundro ALDermatology1457346850
Thomas Lathrop Hall CADermatology1770570814
Dermatology And Skin Cancer Center Of Augusta, P.c. Dermatology1912991902
Thomas George Olsen OHDermatology1023005261
Scott Sanders NYDermatology1780670927
Debra L Bailey FLDermatology1285622852
Albany Dermatology Clinic, Pa GADermatology1295721512
Heather Crawford FLDermatology1871588830
Gary D Lichten OHDermatology1174517932
David A Kriegel NYDermatology1831184779
Yale University Dermatology1205822236
Michael James Suah FLDermatology1114912466
Meg Pierce FLDermatology1154318137
Toledo Clinic Incorporated Dermatology1144217894
Ibrahim Ahmad Tangoren NYDermatology1770578601
Jackson Clinic Pa Dermatology1285629386
Derek Nguyen CADermatology1528054095
Paul Steven Yamauchi CADermatology1720074537
Colleen Nobuko Shimazu TNDermatology1427043801
Cyril E Severns ARDermatology1013904176
Gunnar H Gibson CADermatology1427043595
Nobuyoshi Kageyama TXDermatology1679561427
Duane Carlton Tucker FLDermatology1538154612
Jeffrey M Weinberg NYDermatology1689660565
Christopher Dabski NYDermatology1992790026
Jeffrey Louis Sugarman CADermatology1548255482
Ellen S Marmur NYDermatology1134114655
Jason Glen Arnold GADermatology1558355693
Parks Dermatology Center Llc Dermatology1629063680
Aubrey Chad Hartmann TXDermatology1194713933
Derek S Towery MODermatology1346237351
Kristine M Hirschfield CADermatology1780670091
Stephen E Helms OHDermatology1902892979
Min-wei Christine Lee CADermatology1124014741


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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