Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Frank Resh 92020, CADermatology1154309862
Nathan S. Uebelhoer 92037, CADermatology1659344513
Craig Alan Rohan 45433, CADermatology1366414591
Moutasem Abaza 93551, CADermatology1831148501
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CADermatology1356394175
Jeffrey A Drayer 92562, CADermatology1154366011
Jay William Zimmerman 94598, CADermatology1396789731
James L Reith 93551, CADermatology1215943758
Patricia Perry 91505, CADermatology1700892304
Samantha Fay Ghiselli 80246, CADermatology1942212857
Michelle Aszterbaum 92660, CADermatology1992891329
Nancy M. Satur 92121, CADermatology1457438434
Beverly Ann Johnson 32308, CADermatology1255434742
Jashin Joaquin Wu 92620, CADermatology1407953102
Patricia Cavender 91355, CADermatology1487626867
Brooke Resh Sateesh 91950, CADermatology1164565339
William James Lee 92562, CADermatology1437287315
Leonard H Kim Md Medical Corp 90067, CADermatology1659418721
Leonard H Kim 90067, CADermatology1023183258
Ronald Demetri Liskanich 91786, CADermatology1245391820
Gloria Jane Stevens 91786, CADermatology1699836288
Anjali Butani 92780, CADermatology1144373168
Jayne Joo 95816, CADermatology1942468962
Jacob Allen Klaustermeier 60014, CADermatology1952560443
Haydee Knott 94941, CADermatology1285808691
Dana Lee-anne Ellis 92660, CADermatology1902171341
Deepti Gupta 98105, CADermatology1326281353
Katrina E Woodhall, Md And Associates, A Professional Medical 92103, CADermatology1043528177
Jefferson T Hunt 31905, CADermatology1083843221
Teresa Zamary 94063, CADermatology1417185216
Michelle Aszterbaum Md Inc 92660, CADermatology1295059020
Travis J. Morrell 81501, CADermatology1003130725
Rajan P Kulkarni 97239, CADermatology1902040777
Angela K. Walker 89509, CADermatology1215163217
Jennifer Channual 92653, CADermatology1689986374
Alison Marie Small 97239, CADermatology1003176942
Brianne Zechlinski Dickey 95403, CADermatology1760725394
Albert Chiou 94063, CADermatology1609119783
Jennifer Lynn Hanson 55905, CADermatology1326421603
Samreen Choudhry 92660, CADermatology1447531017
Nicole N Harter 90027, CADermatology1780027102
Maya George Debbaneh 94108, CADermatology1861812950
Shahraam Kamalpour 93105, CADermatology1740624915
Kathryn Therese Shahwan 55416, CADermatology1699193714
Paul Chun-pu Jou 92064, CADermatology1356608319
Anna-bianca Stashak 55905, CADermatology1740692326
Ezra Kest 91436, CADermatology1013025576
Meghan Mullen Dickman 94063, CADermatology1356617260
Dennis Kim 02115, CADermatology1699035626
Ajitpal Singh Dhillon 93710, CADermatology1437520616
Prohealth Partners, A Medical Group 90712, CADermatology1093848509
Niraj Butala 90024, CADermatology1316280977
Frank Richard Noodleman 93901, CADermatology1285772152
Lauren Moy 60153, CADermatology1275997942
Foothill Dermatology Medical Center 91740, CADermatology1154592368
Doheny Medical Group 90067, CADermatology1871006031
Stephanie Feldstein 95816, CADermatology1528453701
Jennifer Ornelas 95816, CADermatology1013332451
Tanya Kormeili 90403, CADermatology1245450766
Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Clinic Of Northern California 95825, CADermatology1083120992
Maria Alexandrovna Aleshin 94063, CADermatology1861810558
Shehla Admani 94063, CADermatology1073805248
Brianne H Daniels 92103, CADermatology1871937045
Jessica Ann Riley 92673, CADermatology1548677438
Yi-chun Chen 95816, CADermatology1679927941
Csi Medical Group 94040, CADermatology1871909804
Mai Hoang Nguyen 22180, CADermatology1275612319
Danielle K Moul 92651, CADermatology1700091113
Elan M. Newman, M.d., Inc 92130, CADermatology1780198358
Innovative Dermatology Alliance Ca 93291, CADermatology1083188221
Donna Tran 92663, CADermatology1457614919
Samantha Rose Ellis 94526, CADermatology1174918098
Katrina Marie Spaunhurst 98101, CADermatology1679917116
Jan Smogorzewski 90033, CADermatology1710366760
Nika Cyrus 92691, CADermatology1730526591
Alina Goldenberg 92056, CADermatology1710374889
Skin And Beauty Center Inc 91505, CADermatology1073751129
Anh-dao Vu Le 90806, CADermatology1619946779
William H Baumgartl 89128, CADermatology1528004496
Pamela Marie Padilla 32259, CADermatology1881026581
Diakoniamed 92835, CADermatology1699265868
Mayha Patel 90505, CADermatology1861881666
Sean Condon 91360, CADermatology1144663683
Sara W Dill 93105, CADermatology1578573358
Golden State Dermatology Associates, Inc. 94598, CADermatology1700860871
Kyle Cheng 91505, CADermatology1306103064
David Drimmer 91301, CADermatology1801206180
Jeremy Cameron Davis 90211, CADermatology1013232537
Allison Kim Truong 90211, CADermatology1356728299
Lisa R Michels 95616, CADermatology1811082464
Vanessa Roxanne Holland 90404, CADermatology1659550861
Jenny Jiyon Kim 90095, CADermatology1306883350
Sabrina Martin 90211, CADermatology1720321268
Jennifer L Sorrell 94401, CADermatology1487827861
Douglas B. Patton 95816, CADermatology1487732160
Amistad Multi Specialty Medical Group Inc. 92701, CADermatology1912556721
Liza Gill 91360, CADermatology1508240458
Preeti Jhorar 90274, CADermatology1366872293
Ladan Shahabi 90211, CADermatology1093833709
Rachael Cayce, M.d. Inc., A Professional Corporation 90017, CADermatology1417363391
Attila Mady 85501, CADermatology1063478188
Leslie Anne Storey 93711, CADermatology1043313133
Amneet Kaur Brar 93720, CADermatology1831730514
Samuel Jackson Balin 90095, CADermatology1518254481
Carol Erin Cheng 90404, CADermatology1285911453
Stanley Tyler Hollmig 78712, CADermatology1033437835
Daryl E Tibbs 92660, CADermatology1265452007
Carolyn Goh 91436, CADermatology1346408622
Joseph Francis Greco 90404, CADermatology1588607394
Marcia Hogeling 90404, CADermatology1871786293
Paul Christopher Levins 90095, CADermatology1093705261
Suzanne Michelle Sachsman 90095, CADermatology1629231675
Philip Oliver Scumpia 90095, CADermatology1386879708
Steven Mark Kern 84098, CADermatology1104814102
Mfc Dermatology 90505, CADermatology1790322063
Manjunath S Vadmal 91505, CADermatology1043228083
Pacific Skin Institute 95815, CADermatology1184027104
Karan Ann Kortlander 90245, CADermatology1174163703
Kristen Aguirre 92629, CADermatology1205255288
Arun Prakash Venkat 92056, CADermatology1952436354
Ruth Gilboa 92075, CADermatology1205873197
Joseph A Samady 92056, CADermatology1013954908
Jennifer Lee Depry 89117, CADermatology1619260122
Christopher S Crowley 91950, CADermatology1962836783
Jennifer Yeh Chiang 92020, CADermatology1457656738
Megan M. Brown 92037, CADermatology1386087617
Jacqueline Brogan Md 92118, CADermatology1326603028
Jacqueline Brogan 92118, CADermatology1801273479
Tracy Leong 92506, CADermatology1003133216
Mark E Burnett 93105, CADermatology1104182393
Katie Ruth Pang 91754, CADermatology1750439873
Katie R. Pang, M.d., Inc 91754, CADermatology1740476381
Pascal Ferzli 90740, CADermatology1396906921
Pacific Dermatology Institute 92660, CADermatology1740410182
Pih Health Physicians 90638, CADermatology1699212977
Cindy Y. Li 10013, CADermatology1265509111
Thomas Lee 85085, CADermatology1396122727
Jinah Kim 94301, CADermatology1093979866
Monica E Sandhu 94301, CADermatology1649698614
Christina Danial 94568, CADermatology1295122398
Teresa Fu 94301, CADermatology1164716619
Bonita Kozma 92103, CADermatology1659654598
Danielle Wiseley 31904, CADermatology1912379421
Gregory Philip Henderson 92660, CADermatology1619109519
Oloruntoyin Omoyeni Falola 94301, CADermatology1205126117
University Healthcare Alliance 95032, CADermatology1760531198
Lana Xian Tong 94010, CADermatology1386022176
Thinh Chau 02903, CADermatology1811448251
Brittanya Limone 92354, CADermatology1962908871
Philip Song 94509, CADermatology1083859888
Tuyet Ann Nguyen 90017, CADermatology1578926622
Lucius Blanchard 89121, CADermatology1134147853
Roxana Rose Daneshjou 94304, CADermatology1780048991
Olivia Choi 94115, CADermatology1437510310
Mojgan Hosseinipour 92677, CADermatology1033570122
Mill Valley Dermatology, Inc 94941, CADermatology1578173936
Alexis Dougherty, Inc 93103, CADermatology1568832657
Sama Kassira Carley 55905, CADermatology1487018263
Holly N Nichols 85258, CADermatology1780650036
Aaron James Steen 55905, CADermatology1093169633
Aimee Two 85207, CADermatology1619222429
Christie Lyn Carroll 95695, CADermatology1366580532
Olivia Yu-ping Lai 94588, CADermatology1023463288
Marcus Rene Ortiz 37909, CADermatology1124303334
Jennifer Ledon 92835, CADermatology1083024681
Artius Dermatology Associates, P.c. 93105, CADermatology1245782291
Catherine Shey-hwa Ni 91436, CADermatology1013371343
Ashwin Agarwal 75093, CADermatology1760844138
Brandon Cohen 90211, CADermatology1053775312
Melvin Weiwen Chiu 90033, CADermatology1275566788
Elizabeth Reed Ringrose 94602, CADermatology1447347877
Gene Ho Kim 90033, CADermatology1144208182
Veronica Shi 92103, CADermatology1366897464
Gefei Alex Zhu 98632, CADermatology1518329804
Hayley Wheeler Leatham 94305, CADermatology1295197028
Kafele T Hodari 95926, CADermatology1952527319
Ashley Brooke Crew 90033, CADermatology1942536834
Contour Dermatology And Cosmetic Surgery Medical Center 92270, CADermatology1063502227
Anand Raja Bhupathy 92270, CADermatology1881790418
Byron Andrew Knowles 95128, CADermatology1225586662
Pimple Popper Md, Inc. 93103, CADermatology1952915068
Sam Khalifian 91942, CADermatology1174926190
Maki C. Goskowicz 91942, CADermatology1821096942
Shinko Lin 91942, CADermatology1205130036
Andrew Fischer 77092, CADermatology1528453057
Nicole Marie Therrien 55905, CADermatology1912391145
Don Mehrabi Md A Professional Medical Corporation 91206, CADermatology1538350186
Sarah Ginnette Maggio 91436, CADermatology1265627129
Donny Mehrabi 91206, CADermatology1356454557
Zhe Hou 92821, CADermatology1760800973
Susan Tosh Butler 94070, CADermatology1013118843
Teo Soleymani 90277, CADermatology1447679865
Wiggin W Lee 91942, CADermatology1811239064
Sree Rama Krishna Karukonda 90505, CADermatology1548318322
Cary Edward Feibleman 90806, CADermatology1740207737
Mark Juhl 92660, CADermatology1912391897
Linda Golkar 92886, CADermatology1811997877
Sandy Kuo 90808, CADermatology1023438785
Sara Ruth Hogan 90808, CADermatology1295153997
Paul Blackcloud 90095, CADermatology1417319187


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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