Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John F Kirk 33711, FLDermatology1023011129
James H Taylor 32720, FLDermatology1083617856
Daniel L Akins 33756, FLDermatology1942203880
Kathryn B Holloway 34474, FLDermatology1902809635
Richard J Hilder 34474, FLDermatology1063415784
Debra Price 33156, FLDermatology1184627754
Philip G Barton 34474, FLDermatology1174526891
Michael John Ford 32308, FLDermatology1508868860
Silvia F. Garcia 34145, FLDermatology1447254412
Andrew K Pollack 19034, FLDermatology1063416006
Judith Ellen Crowell 33173, FLDermatology1659376218
Garry Bruce Gewirtzman 33324, FLDermatology1932104502
Alysa Robin Herman 33146, FLDermatology1245235829
Mark Steven Nestor 33180, FLDermatology1063417665
Jordan Blake Schwartzberg 33434, FLDermatology1265437891
David Michel Sharaf 33324, FLDermatology1114922747
Robin Ilana Shecter 33446, FLDermatology1003811647
Shani Studnik 33326, FLDermatology1366447906
Janet Carol Teltscher 33180, FLDermatology1003811548
Oen-hiang Cynthia Tie 32308, FLDermatology1356346894
Gregg Orin Wilentz 33326, FLDermatology1144225681
Harold Steven Rabinovitz 33324, FLDermatology1093710618
Marta Ines Rendon 33486, FLDermatology1801891429
Daniel Rivlin 33140, FLDermatology1073518692
Richard Michael Rubenstein 33321, FLDermatology1477558096
Brad Peter Glick 33063, FLDermatology1235134818
Stephen Howard Mandy 33139, FLDermatology1528063112
Elise Chang Hillmann 33458, FLDermatology1386649853
Ocala Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, P.a. 34474, FLDermatology1871599365
Lisa Zack 34103, FLDermatology1467458984
Richard Stephen Greene 33324, FLDermatology1215933452
Joseph Anthony Arena 33324, FLDermatology1356347587
Suzy Lee 34135, FLDermatology1730185133
Mary F Barber 34491, FLDermatology1003812207
Charles R Snyder 32216, FLDermatology1801892021
Daniel Jonathan Wolf 33180, FLDermatology1679579841
Jay Stuart Gottlieb 33029, FLDermatology1588660757
Kevin E Chun 34748, FLDermatology1447256201
Joel Marc Wilentz 33009, FLDermatology1073519971
Jeffrey Marcus 33433, FLDermatology1700882545
Robert J. Loewinger 32960, FLDermatology1750387403
Juana Maria Julien 33156, FLDermatology1821094426
Lori B Schaen 30341, FLDermatology1326045915
Jorge E Torres 34748, FLDermatology1073510400
Sheila M Torres 32159, FLDermatology1962409300
David C. Blumer 32601, FLDermatology1851398937
David Wayne Runyon 34471, FLDermatology1518964238
Sandy Robert Goldman 33176, FLDermatology1902803760
Barbara Anne Ash 32953, FLDermatology1124025903
Michael Scott Proctor 33707, FLDermatology1114925633
Bradley P Grant 32904, FLDermatology1528066073
Nancy R Schleider 33912, FLDermatology1932107398
Jany Sanchez 33175, FLDermatology1366440729
Stacy Frankel Md Pa 33313, FLDermatology1235642240
Mary Lynn Pepine 33801, FLDermatology1518965672
Edward B Lack 33511, FLDermatology1417955584
Nichelle Arnold 33426, FLDermatology1952793408
Frederick R Behringer 34471, FLDermatology1043218860
Fred Tarry Creech 33990, FLDermatology1982603528
Hal Blake Ridgway 33426, FLDermatology1710986005
Nancy Dsilva 32579, FLDermatology1306845615
Donald Proctor 32960, FLDermatology1043219405
Thomas H Ross 33467, FLDermatology1033118385
Barry Isaac Resnik 33180, FLDermatology1336148535
Marvin D Abrams 34236, FLDermatology1750380952
Leonard Dean Cutler 33907, FLDermatology1760481840
Peter Michael Wallach 33071, FLDermatology1710987391
Shari Fern Topper 33428, FLDermatology1962402545
Jodi Allene Fiedler 33428, FLDermatology1710987300
Steven Marc Price 32804, FLDermatology1285634550
Anjali H Singh 34667, FLDermatology1497755664
Theodore N Fotopoulos 34652, FLDermatology1598765760
Michael A Myers 34652, FLDermatology1427058601
Larry Kenneth Cohen 33409, FLDermatology1780684787
Dale Rafael Charneco 32073, FLDermatology1740281781
Peter A Donelan 33613, FLDermatology1851392831
N Fred Eaglstein Do Pa 32073, FLDermatology1679574164
George Leslie Bondar 33607, FLDermatology1902807365
Nelson Charlie 33316, FLDermatology1811998982
Ronald Charles Knipe 32806, FLDermatology1770585754
James Daniel Talley 32803, FLDermatology1003817115
Maxine C Tabas 32789, FLDermatology1962404855
Terrence Allan Cronin 32901, FLDermatology1356343115
Paul Simon Md Pa 33009, FLDermatology1962404533
Terrence Allan Cronin 32901, FLDermatology1548262140
Christopher Paul Crotty 32819, FLDermatology1427050178
James Matthew Knight 32801, FLDermatology1194727586
Jeffrey Glenn Moskowitz 32765, FLDermatology1558363952
Paul Edwin Simon 33009, FLDermatology1629070115
Alfredo Dante Fernandez 34239, FLDermatology1689676132
David S. Sax 34243, FLDermatology1902808462
Jose E Mendez 33027, FLDermatology1033101175
Valentina Bradley 33308, FLDermatology1902898083
Francille M. Macfarland 32792, FLDermatology1851383053
Nicole Conrad 33065, FLDermatology1679565881
Maxine C Tabas Md Pa 32789, FLDermatology1306838263
William J Grisaitis 32751, FLDermatology1063404051
David Gregory Yrastorza 33812, FLDermatology1255323978
Karen R Kade 33186, FLDermatology1043202799
John L Meisenheimer 32819, FLDermatology1033101647
Ricardo Mejia 33477, FLDermatology1467444943
Roger Steven Golomb 33756, FLDermatology1841282340
David Anthony Lam 34689, FLDermatology1114919602
George E Burns 33756, FLDermatology1508858044
Stella M. Bulengo 33908, FLDermatology1194717447
Robert G. Brown 32073, FLDermatology1447242748
William B Henghold 32503, FLDermatology1376536508
Gerardo J Lugo 34103, FLDermatology1952394199
Scott Alan Ross 34103, FLDermatology1205829447
Jay Howard Brachfeld 33428, FLDermatology1629061775
Steven Jay Wasserman 34285, FLDermatology1174516181
Susan Lynn Malane 33511, FLDermatology1578556387
Joseph C Gretzula Do Faad Pa 33426, FLDermatology1033102801
Brian T Johnson 34655, FLDermatology1578556189
Michael Bruce Wartels 34461, FLDermatology1336133792
Margaret Anne Collins 34461, FLDermatology1073507455
Ralph Eugene Massullo 34461, FLDermatology1104810563
Kristy Lynn Chatham 34461, FLDermatology1942294269
Deborah Melanie Saff 33444, FLDermatology1124012489
William Arch Welton 34461, FLDermatology1043204365
Suncoast Dermatology And Skin Surgery Center, Pa 34461, FLDermatology1902890239
Steven Michael Hacker 33444, FLDermatology1528052867
Florida Skin Center Inc 33912, FLDermatology1730173709
Adam Scott Greenberg 34292, FLDermatology1932193729
Larry S Bishop 32940, FLDermatology1255325049
St Lukes Cataract & Laser Institute 34689, FLDermatology1154316628
Michael James Suah 32174, FLDermatology1114912466
Melinda Faye Greenfield 31707, FLDermatology1841285723
Parks Dermatology Center Llc 32174, FLDermatology1629063680
Heather Crawford 32174, FLDermatology1871588830
Jeffrey Dean Parks 32174, FLDermatology1336134360
Alexandria S. Kongsiri 33701, FLDermatology1740275791
American Institute Of Dermatology Pa 33870, FLDermatology1861487795
Darrin A Rotman 33870, FLDermatology1144215898
Avrohm William Faber 32256, FLDermatology1700871415
James B. Connors 33705, FLDermatology1548255250
James C. Mauch 33705, FLDermatology1235124967
Michael G Caruso Md Pa 33573, FLDermatology1649266172
Emerald Coast Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center P A 32536, FLDermatology1386639912
Arthur Daniel King 34994, FLDermatology1255327722
Michael George Caruso 33573, FLDermatology1922094317
Albany Dermatology Clinic, Pa 31707, FLDermatology1295721512
Susana Leal-khouri 33149, FLDermatology1871589168
Charles F Trapp 32536, FLDermatology1518953686
Jose V Lara 32789, FLDermatology1134115058
Romagosa Dermatology Group Llc 34996, FLDermatology1609863398
Ricardo Antonio Romagosa 34996, FLDermatology1720075401
Prakit Jeerapaet 33511, FLDermatology1205823606
Jack C Jawitz 34205, FLDermatology1316934714
Kerry Marie Wong Fike 02494, FLDermatology1942297163
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc 33612, FLDermatology1306833595
Sherrie Lenise Bullard 33331, FLDermatology1043207293
Meg Pierce 32174, FLDermatology1154318137
Anna Falabella 33027, FLDermatology1700873734
Eduardo T Weiss 33021, FLDermatology1053308965
Francisco Flores 33027, FLDermatology1114914934
Rex F Largen 68512, FLDermatology1326036112
Hobart Kaye Richey 34285, FLDermatology1881681690
Debra L Bailey 34109, FLDermatology1285622852
Thomas C. Balshi 33445, FLDermatology1063400646
Christopher G Nelson 33612, FLDermatology1477541076
Kathleen M Colorado 33511, FLDermatology1336137694
Donald Paul Lookingbill 32224, FLDermatology1083602296
Janet Flores Cheng 33909, FLDermatology1275521478
Ronald D Smith 33021, FLDermatology1013905280
Henry Walter Randle 32224, FLDermatology1598753717
Stephen A Spencer 33948, FLDermatology1104814235
John Louis Millns 33615, FLDermatology1902895832
Bryan C Hicks 34474, FLDermatology1821086752
Dermatology And Skin Cancer Surgery Center, Llc 32765, FLDermatology1134617533
Myers & Fotopoulos Mds Pa 34652, FLDermatology1275522054
Michel A Snyder 34748, FLDermatology1831188630
Bay Dermatology And Cosmetic Surgery P A 34668, FLDermatology1437148996
Michael E Krutchik 34668, FLDermatology1609865161
Michael A Scannon 33607, FLDermatology1396734851
Howard Michael Goldman 19116, FLDermatology1699764175
Coastal Dermatology Pa 32246, FLDermatology1366431769
Robert John Siragusa 32405, FLDermatology1255320545
Kenneth Beer 33401, FLDermatology1699764993
Heather E Houck 33410, FLDermatology1225027527
Frank T Armstrong 33776, FLDermatology1952390148
Bonnie M Nestler 34668, FLDermatology1255320446
Coty Benmaman 34102, FLDermatology1306835624
David Esguerra 34668, FLDermatology1205825486
Terri Beck 34668, FLDermatology1114916301
Richard A Miller 34668, FLDermatology1023007242
David W Dorton 34668, FLDermatology1073502209
Sanjiva Goyal 32246, FLDermatology1558350702
Kathleen P Soe 34698, FLDermatology1386633394
Jennifer Duf Stroble 34243, FLDermatology1912997875
Howard Alen Green 33407, FLDermatology1053301655
Dermatology Associates Of The Palm Beaches Pllc 33407, FLDermatology1649260308
Vitaly Blatnoy 32765, FLDermatology1669462123
Joseph Richard Payne 32204, FLDermatology1831189398
William A Steele 34744, FLDermatology1619967189
Just Brahmatewari 33138, FLDermatology1346230786
Laertes A Manuelidis 33919, FLDermatology1245220698
Frank Edward Schiavone 32204, FLDermatology1922098441
Leonard A Shvartzman 32204, FLDermatology1417947961
James D Gordon 34744, FLDermatology1598755043


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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