Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Virginia Rutledge Forney 30305, GADermatology1316941644
David Michael Greeson 30606, GADermatology1417951450
Ashley C Cavalier 31522, GADermatology1558366534
Jonathan Barak Fass 30606, GADermatology1104821917
Diamondis John Papadopoulos 30342, GADermatology1023015690
Lori B Schaen 30341, GADermatology1326045915
Metroderm, P.c. 30342, GADermatology1205833894
David E Kent 31217, GADermatology1194722850
Joshua Edward Lane 31904, GADermatology1336146091
David J Cohen 31217, GADermatology1487652020
John A. Fountain 30012, GADermatology1629076906
David Eric Schoenfeld 30117, GADermatology1184622946
Kenneth Mark Ellner 30076, GADermatology1447259577
Judith Lila Silverstein 30076, GADermatology1033118146
Martin Layne Weil 30076, GADermatology1639178643
David Jonathan Levine 30076, GADermatology1881693877
Michael Scott Fisher 30076, GADermatology1225037161
Stephen F. Templeton 30319, GADermatology1780684928
Allen B Filstein 30012, GADermatology1518968338
William Howard 31602, GADermatology1679574867
Russell R Burken 30577, GADermatology1508858200
North Atlanta Dermatology, P.c. 30096, GADermatology1427040799
Charles Jacob Douchy 30096, GADermatology1003808361
Jennifer Burger 30305, GADermatology1770575029
Matthew J Reschly 30096, GADermatology1417949777
Yvette Andree George 30144, GADermatology1528050804
Paula M. Nelson 30047, GADermatology1356333645
James A. Rooney 31707, GADermatology1114919438
Margaret A Kopchick 30577, GADermatology1699768804
Fred Jason Kight 30909, GADermatology1437142072
Jason Glen Arnold 31021, GADermatology1558355693
Dermatology And Skin Cancer Center Of Augusta, P.c. 30909, GADermatology1912991902
David Blake Pharis 30096, GADermatology1649264482
Josepha Bueno Devaro 31406, GADermatology1295729051
William G Irwin 31088, GADermatology1316931017
Michael John Sharkey 31021, GADermatology1417941964
Mark Francis Baucom 30342, GADermatology1831184357
David S Lockman 30606, GADermatology1184619587
Melinda Faye Greenfield 31707, GADermatology1841285723
Albany Dermatology Clinic, Pa 31707, GADermatology1295721512
Trisha N Daley 30041, GADermatology1124014246
Barry L Thompson 30904, GADermatology1215923073
John R T Reeves 30904, GADermatology1477549277
Barry Lane Thompson 30904, GADermatology1760478580
Anne H Kettler 66223, GADermatology1659368967
Vickie M Brown 31061, GADermatology1952398273
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc 33612, GADermatology1306833595
Robert E Gunnoe 66223, GADermatology1942297015
Virginia Childs Hall 31210, GADermatology1073501276
Mitra Mofid 30067, GADermatology1669462610
Darryl Dhaw Hodson 31088, GADermatology1871583351
David Doyle 30904, GADermatology1811988736
Stewart E Wiegand 30328, GADermatology1477544138
Corinne Meek Howington 31406, GADermatology1952392409
Sidney P Smith 31419, GADermatology1104817410
Sidney P Smith Md Pc 31419, GADermatology1427039254
Edward A Dipreta 31520, GADermatology1689656720
Winfred Derrick Moody 30046, GADermatology1124000187
Mark Russell Ling 30263, GADermatology1639153638
Mark Jay Holzberg 30263, GADermatology1669456661
Magdalena U Kowalski 30736, GADermatology1619952686
Karen R Maffei 30677, GADermatology1902881659
Charles Russell Harris 31029, GADermatology1073590410
Firas George Hougeir 30135, GADermatology1023095957
Gordon Kim Rainey 78234, GADermatology1528046331
Dione Marcus Super 30012, GADermatology1598974503
Kelli Ingram Baender 30326, GADermatology1093793416
Narayan S Naik 30319, GADermatology1467431940
Robert W Wetherington 30080, GADermatology1285613307
Alexander S Gross 30041, GADermatology1306826490
Rhonda B Rogers 30117, GADermatology1578543427
Rhonda B Rogers Md Pc 30117, GADermatology1447220157
Mark Alan Chastain 30060, GADermatology1790756138
Jennifer Louise Buckley 30060, GADermatology1215908652
Misty Dawn Caudell 30501, GADermatology1821060781
Adar Berghoff 30342, GADermatology1023080561
David E Schoenfeld Md Pc 30117, GADermatology1780658203
Steven A Freedman 30339, GADermatology1669446936
Abdul Hafeez 30046, GADermatology1023082005
Rebecca B Campen 31405, GADermatology1023086899
Sanders R Callaway 30809, GADermatology1033187703
Dermatology Specialists Of Augusta 30809, GADermatology1558339275
Steven Mitchell Marcet 30263, GADermatology1255300976
Kevin S Berman 30076, GADermatology1336118983
Robert B. Rhoades Md, Pc 30907, GADermatology1962471516
Joseph A Howe 31792, GADermatology1114996568
Daniel F Mitchell 31792, GADermatology1447219548
Amy E Kim 30342, GADermatology1457312019
Cheryl J Barnes 31792, GADermatology1609838077
Lauren S Nagashima-whalen 30606, GADermatology1033172382
David T Harvey 30265, GADermatology1578526232
Linda M Benedict 30318, GADermatology1730143041
Diane V Duvall 30318, GADermatology1437113495
Elizabeth M Burns 30342, GADermatology1972569853
Cynthia Ann Doallas 31419, GADermatology1295791408
Philip R Mills 30513, GADermatology1487610945
Robert Andrew Swerlick 30322, GADermatology1487610846
George Frank Dobo 30127, GADermatology1689631434
John Y Chung 30720, GADermatology1710943709
Myles Sidney Jerdan 30309, GADermatology1770549701
Carlton Trent Faulk 30143, GADermatology1518923549
Jared Samuel Friedman 30060, GADermatology1316904147
John David Kayal 30064, GADermatology1366409880
Gregory J Cox 30342, GADermatology1306803796
Paige Bloodworth Camp 30114, GADermatology1215994470
Jennifer L Jones 30141, GADermatology1114985108
Louis Jack Herskowitz 30106, GADermatology1972561819
Robert Mills Harper 30060, GADermatology1982662599
Mark Allan Knautz 30127, GADermatology1790743300
Barbara Eileen Ebert 31768, GADermatology1558319301
Georgia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, Llc 31021, GADermatology1063460459
Lanier Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists, Pc 30501, GADermatology1437109899
Mack J Rachal 30309, GADermatology1902856370
Susan C Hurt 30327, GADermatology1659321743
Kevin L Smith 30501, GADermatology1306896931
Michael B Reynolds 30501, GADermatology1487604021
Jordana Sarah Gilman 30097, GADermatology1932152253
Emory Clinic Inc 30322, GADermatology1396798229
Clem Melton Doxey 30060, GADermatology1144274937
Jay A Levin 30342, GADermatology1467406082
Tiffani K Hamilton 30022, GADermatology1710931027
Abhik Damian Dhar 30096, GADermatology1306890678
Sonya Bellamy 30341, GADermatology1780638627
Emory Medical Care Foundation Inc 30303, GADermatology1063452381
James Garris Morgan 31909, GADermatology1619918166
Atlanta Dermatology, Vein & Research Center, Llc 30022, GADermatology1376584268
Gwinnett Dermatology Pc 30078, GADermatology1477596203
Keith D Wright 30078, GADermatology1649214537
Joel S Shavin 30078, GADermatology1255376075
Jonathan S Weiss 30078, GADermatology1619913712
Harry R. Mccarthy 30076, GADermatology1902842214
Ross M Campbell 30677, GADermatology1215973482
William R Marshall 31419, GADermatology1063448009
The Southeast Permanente Medical Group 30305, GADermatology1245266956
Windell C Davis-boutte 30047, GADermatology1669409298
Brian P Pollack 30322, GADermatology1235160060
Karen Clepper Parviainen 30901, GADermatology1023042124
Garin Daniel Barth 30240, GADermatology1770518045
Peter S Yount 30901, GADermatology1376568147
Thomas H Lamb 30117, GADermatology1477578813
Avis Brown Yount 30901, GADermatology1003831868
Steven S Thomas 30084, GADermatology1235157348
Mcintosh Clinic, P.c. 31792, GADermatology1831117746
Kirk D Saddler 30078, GADermatology1013936178
Jim D Adkins 30060, GADermatology1164442562
Mary M Feldman 30117, GADermatology1396767893
Jason L Smith 30165, GADermatology1578586400
Melissa Babcock 30342, GADermatology1700800752
Carl V Washington 30033, GADermatology1255345419
Lloyd B. Sampson 31901, GADermatology1245254424
Tammy K. Mclean 31909, GADermatology1457365686
Sherrie-ann Veronica Straughn 30305, GADermatology1477569085
Corrie Vanexel Alford 30141, GADermatology1891701496
Debra J Atkins 30068, GADermatology1790791465
Rebecca Youngblood Vaughn 30141, GADermatology1396754222
Family Dermatology Of Pennsylvania, Pc 19606, GADermatology1669482105
Kisa W Seymore 30125, GADermatology1841200375
Richard Peele James 31313, GADermatology1740290667
Georgia Dermatology &skin Cancer Center, Pc 31201, GADermatology1447363346
William Maddux Mcclarin 31501, GADermatology1598878597
Fiona O Zwald 30309, GADermatology1487768883
Alvin R Solomon 30322, GADermatology1003921305
Suephy C Chen 30322, GADermatology1922113141
Jack L Arbiser 30322, GADermatology1710092648
Robert J Morris 30322, GADermatology1508972381
Sareeta S. Parker 30236, GADermatology1922114974
Stewart Wright Caughman 30322, GADermatology1669589024
Mary K Spraker 30322, GADermatology1760599641
Irena Spektor 30339, GADermatology1720196249
John Thomas Apgar 30024, GADermatology1841308376
Christopher J Anderson 31419, GADermatology1376651026
Damon Van Mauldin 30033, GADermatology1427166933
Joanne P Mcalvany 30033, GADermatology1902914443
Marcus R Stonecipher 30033, GADermatology1801904354
Keith R Bruno 30084, GADermatology1164530184
Susan R Spitzler 30024, GADermatology1376652172
Joseph T Overton 30014, GADermatology1346359296
Jack L. Lesher 30912, GADermatology1235248402
Dirk Briscoe Robertson 30327, GADermatology1891804092
Nhu-linh T Tran 30327, GADermatology1588773709
Katarina Gabrielle Lequeux-nalovic 30305, GADermatology1124137351
Jing Feng Gill 30046, GADermatology1164531166
Shiara Vassian 30014, GADermatology1487763355
Marvin B Kayes 30084, GADermatology1700995891
The Derm Center Of Newton 30014, GADermatology1679682561
Piyush Raman 30060, GADermatology1558471201
Loretta S. Davis 30912, GADermatology1346350832
James Albert Yeckley 31405, GADermatology1578673893
St Francis Affiliated Services Llc 31901, GADermatology1598130932
Skin Care Physicians Of Georgia, P.c. 31217, GADermatology1346351582
John H Strickler 30096, GADermatology1689785875
Daniel J. Sheehan 30912, GADermatology1619088671
Atlantic Shore Dermatology Llc 31522, GADermatology1912018839
Anne M. Loebl 30909, GADermatology1467563395
Georgia Dermatology Specialists Of Coweta County 30263, GADermatology1265544357
Alan M Gardner 30067, GADermatology1215048673
Billie Luke Jackson 31210, GADermatology1235232430
Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center 31021, GADermatology1639272065
Naga Bhavani Meduri 30041, GADermatology1346344405
Trephina H Galloway 30327, GADermatology1134224363


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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