Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Marshall Knox 96753, HIDermatology1396749347
Jac Daniel Marden 96793, HIDermatology1548250277
Winona Wong 96826, HIDermatology1568439974
Joseph Mckinlay 96813, HIDermatology1609844588
Sunghun Cho 20307, HIDermatology1851368518
Kevin L Dawson 96813, HIDermatology1811959414
Janice Matsunaga 96813, HIDermatology1083676795
Paul S Takiguchi 96701, HIDermatology1134187602
Micki N Ly 96732, HIDermatology1346299435
Paul Itsuo Sunahara 96817, HIDermatology1528011665
Kenny R Malott 96753, HIDermatology1548202203
Shannon Mei Yen Sheu 96817, HIDermatology1700821667
Milton J Ackerman 96814, HIDermatology1225069990
Alex Samuel Carcamo 96789, HIDermatology1992759211
Maui Medical Group Inc 96793, HIDermatology1215963970
David M Huntley 96734, HIDermatology1376568527
George M Martin 96753, HIDermatology1134147994
Charles Thomas Mauro 96720, HIDermatology1205840469
Gary Salenger 96793, HIDermatology1982616892
Julie Renee Kenner 96734, HIDermatology1366454423
Patrick Michael Ellison 33621, HIDermatology1619081155
Joseph R Mckinlay Md Llc 96813, HIDermatology1134238173
Roman W. Glamb 96813, HIDermatology1740386325
Bradley S. Lau 96819, HIDermatology1023118734
Suzanne Peggy Kaneshiro 96817, HIDermatology1932209475
Randall T. Mita 96814, HIDermatology1992806053
Sharon A. Minami 96813, HIDermatology1831290998
Jenifer C. Fong 96701, HIDermatology1205925922
Jay L. Grekin 96813, HIDermatology1013006659
Wayne Hiroshi Fujita 96701, HIDermatology1073690152
Norman Goldstein Md Inc 96817, HIDermatology1679643134
Thomas S. Potter 96766, HIDermatology1417052283
Patti K.m. Endo 96793, HIDermatology1699870956
John D Boyer 96813, HIDermatology1538252911
Robert Seth Shapiro 96720, HIDermatology1104999770
Joy A Mcelroy 96740, HIDermatology1336211952
Aloha Dermatology Llc 96826, HIDermatology1225196389
Philip David Hellreich 96734, HIDermatology1316099963
Stella Sanae Matsuda 96817, HIDermatology1528106671
Zubeida S Khan 96792, HIDermatology1093856262
Greg K. Sakamoto 96813, HIDermatology1639205396
Joy A Mcelroy Md Inc 96740, HIDermatology1770610875
Monica M Scheel 96740, HIDermatology1568592772
Linda E. Fancher 96814, HIDermatology1073631362
Douglas W. Chun 96813, HIDermatology1942373865
Heather Irene Bejenaru 96793, HIDermatology1154498665
Gregory John Herbich 96813, HIDermatology1780800987
Derm Docs Llc 96813, HIDermatology1770797961
Paul S Takiguchi Md Inc 96701, HIDermatology1629282280
Kory Hiromi Kitagawa 96817, HIDermatology1265643423
G. Todd Bessinger, Md, Phd, Llc 96816, HIDermatology1851593420
Miki Shirakawa Garcia 96813, HIDermatology1265632194
Elizabeth H. Foley, M.d., Inc. 96701, HIDermatology1639350135
Timothy Hagino, M.d. Llc 96701, HIDermatology1952571416
Lois Yukiko Matsuoka 96839, HIDermatology1396905592
Sarah Grekin 96813, HIDermatology1326205006
Theresa Lynn Ray Flament 96707, HIDermatology1770775249
Pacific Dermatology Inc 96793, HIDermatology1417101569
U S Dermatology Of Hawaii Inc 96786, HIDermatology1023343936
Paul I. Sunahara M.d., Inc. 96817, HIDermatology1730406232
Greg K Sakamoto Md Llc 96813, HIDermatology1508183823
David M Huntley Md Inc 96734, HIDermatology1528386299
Kitagawa Dermatology Llc 96817, HIDermatology1699095232
Patti K M Endo Md Inc 96732, HIDermatology1972893980
Janice Matsunaga, M.d., Inc. 96813, HIDermatology1275828907
Direct Dermatology Professionals Hawaii Pc 96813, HIDermatology1366825655
Ryan Sato 96817, HIDermatology1235443995
Spring K Golden 96817, HIDermatology1912292699
Ellecia Cook 96732, HIDermatology1831422906
Complete Dermatology 96789, HIDermatology1467794842
Alex Carcamo Md, Inc. 94301, HIDermatology1881937191
Aloha Dermatology And Laser Center Llc 96732, HIDermatology1467884536
Monica Scheel Md Llc 96740, HIDermatology1396173506
Hawaii Skin Cancer Center, Llc 96813, HIDermatology1710302765
Mika L Yamazaki 96701, HIDermatology1346417292
Anh Ngoc Tran 98104, HIDermatology1770993149
Golden Dermatology Llc 96817, HIDermatology1154866473
Honolulu Dermatology Llc 96826, HIDermatology1134667603
Dermacare Hi Llc 96722, HIDermatology1265969703
Amy Reisenauer Md Llc 96753, HIDermatology1922550987
Karl Vance 96813, HIDermatology1922234780
Kenny R. Malott M.d. Inc. 96753, HIDermatology1265902670
Island Dermatology Llc 96740, HIDermatology1497226054
Ann Chang Brewer 59901, HIDermatology1235573114
Amy K Reisenauer 96753, HIDermatology1104927110
Rebecca Bernadine Luria 96734, HIDermatology1639155922
Sarah Mason Howell 96816, HIDermatology1467550590
Glenn Todd Bessinger 96734, HIDermatology1346230273
Catherine O'connor, Np c, Llc 96701, HIDermatology1932744562
Mahinakealo, Llc 96727, HIDermatology1144844473
Hawaiian Islands Dermatology, Llc 96734, HIDermatology1891310355
Shelbi Ching Jim On 96817, HIDermatology1184923765
Douglas W Johnson, Md, Inc 96813, HIDermatology1528012127
Suzanne P. Kaneshiro, M.d., Inc. 96817, HIDermatology1922108463
Linda E Fancher Md Llc 96814, HIDermatology1124110879
Kailua Dermatology & Associates Ltd 96734, HIDermatology1639229008
Milton Ackerman, M.d., Inc. 96814, HIDermatology1396968160
Ariel Gelman 96859, HIDermatology1023491776
Alan S. W. Song 96753, HIDermatology1174624019
Ethan Thacher Routt 96817, HIDermatology1194112391
Erin Nicole Fuller 96825, HIDermatology1730475633
Tagai Musaev 96789, HIDermatology1376072850
Parwathi V. Paniker 96740, HIDermatology1396845814
Deborah J. Yang 96819, HIDermatology1578745188
Joanne M. Zenker 96814, HIDermatology1528063393
Allyson A. Spence-shishido 96819, HIDermatology1588981906
Erin N. Wilmer 96819, HIDermatology1477992030
Rodd H. Takiguchi 96819, HIDermatology1215133418
Jinmeng Zhang 96793, HIDermatology1740694926
Jason W. Suszko 96814, HIDermatology1619276177
Theresa S. Devere 96819, HIDermatology1316952823
May M. Zhang 96793, HIDermatology1407276884
Annie R. Wang 96814, HIDermatology1467712356
Daren Fomin 96859, HIDermatology1982132510
Pacific Medical Dermatology Llc 96815, HIDermatology1639844681
Yun Sun Lee 96815, HIDermatology1871805721
Robert W.h. Rampton 96859, HIDermatology1376925842
Danielle Jacqueline Lospinoso 96859, HIDermatology1134461874
Amber Rae Gill 96816, HIDermatology1932465895
Scott R Florell 96722, HIDermatology1689692576
Waianae District Comprehensive Health And Hospital Board, Inc 96792, HIDermatology1275566424
Diana Norton 59101, HIDermatology1528454014
Nathan Cox 96734, HIDermatology1508391780
Suzanna Lee Lewis Grima 96789, HIDermatology1306230602
Dylan Lee 96813, HIDermatology1174028351
Ann C Brewer Md Inc 96768, HIDermatology1376280669
Briana Brown 30905, HIDermatology1164835104
Pamela Marie Padilla 32259, HIDermatology1881026581
Janessa Renee England 28310, HIDermatology1487001483
Sabrina Rebekah House 23604, HIDermatology1477934867
Faryal Asad Siddiqui 92037, HIDermatology1003342072


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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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