Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard N. Sherman 70115, LADermatology1700889177
David Cooksey 71105, LADermatology1225032121
Robert W Benson 70454, LADermatology1962406843
Martin D. Claiborne 70115, LADermatology1699770214
Ronald Joseph Daigle 70503, LADermatology1346246717
Tamela L Charbonnet 70364, LADermatology1215934401
Daniel A Marshall 70056, LADermatology1073510798
Gordon J Russo 70056, LADermatology1083612469
Nicholas Joseph Viviano 70433, LADermatology1730187162
Paul Ratcliff Winder 71106, LADermatology1568464980
Kevin A Guidry 70605, LADermatology1407848146
Tom J Meek 70808, LADermatology1053308692
Amie B Shannon 70808, LADermatology1386631935
William Trent Massengale 70808, LADermatology1952398893
Harry A Burglass 70808, LADermatology1104813971
Shondra L. Smith 70605, LADermatology1134117898
George William Poche 70808, LADermatology1275521932
Ira Hughes Thorla 70809, LADermatology1730178047
Franklin R Johnson 70809, LADermatology1275522328
Jessica Coller Ochsner 70001, LADermatology1164411161
Mary Margaret Dobson 70808, LADermatology1952392318
Diane Loria Rose 70001, LADermatology1053302273
George Havard Albright 70003, LADermatology1144203589
Donald I Posner 71104, LADermatology1548243793
Anne B Bryan 71106, LADermatology1255314415
Jack S Resneck 71104, LADermatology1861475691
David J Clemons 71104, LADermatology1306829916
Brian Paul Ford 70605, LADermatology1326027053
Michael Eddie Cormier 70605, LADermatology1003895756
Josephine Futrell 71111, LADermatology1609846500
Edward F Pitard 70124, LADermatology1033180583
John J Jones 70301, LADermatology1720050867
Ricardo Mora 70301, LADermatology1346212032
Gary Ross Brown 70433, LADermatology1366418881
Sharon S Meyer 70115, LADermatology1518934611
Errol J Quintal 70809, LADermatology1033187273
Sarah Alexander Haydel 70360, LADermatology1811965932
Thomas Drew Carey 71270, LADermatology1841269453
Glenn Gerard Russo 70056, LADermatology1083683445
Virginia P Lewis 71291, LADermatology1528027620
David M Walsworth 71291, LADermatology1396704904
Jack P Murphy 70068, LADermatology1487615662
Daniel Gaines Dupree 70503, LADermatology1043271828
Fernando E Palomeque 70360, LADermatology1417910464
William J Wilder 70360, LADermatology1053374884
Eric Neal Tabor 70461, LADermatology1588627244
James Arthur Altick 71201, LADermatology1922062322
Rene None Koppel 70006, LADermatology1861459547
Laurie H Harrington 70791, LADermatology1326005802
Maria Ibanez-labadie 70072, LADermatology1609833052
Jason Jude Romero 71104, LADermatology1851358998
Rachel Reina 70433, LADermatology1780642330
Rhonda R Baldone 70433, LADermatology1245298876
Peter Wynhoven Simoneaux 70121, LADermatology1730137845
Richard A Keller 70121, LADermatology1962451799
Julie Mermilliod 70121, LADermatology1578514808
Marilyn C Ray 70121, LADermatology1598711848
Deirdre Hooper 70115, LADermatology1114973617
Sarah Cenac Jackson 70115, LADermatology1790724326
Laura Sherrod Haynie 71103, LADermatology1679517148
Patrick Richard Carrington 71103, LADermatology1699711978
Jennifer Claire Waguespack-labiche 70518, LADermatology1033146352
Christopher James Mcewen 70808, LADermatology1437186228
John Bretton Brantley 70808, LADermatology1629006630
James Ronald Bergeron 71103, LADermatology1336182377
Stephanie R. Frederic 70808, LADermatology1356381800
Jeffrey E. Frederic 70808, LADermatology1417997974
Adrien A Stewart 70506, LADermatology1811921679
Robert W Romero 70506, LADermatology1285652453
Robert Andrew Koppel 70006, LADermatology1326066952
Donna Nunnally 70808, LADermatology1306867080
Kate Kathleen Mcdonald 70461, LADermatology1679594212
Courtney Murphy 70808, LADermatology1225059900
Jan Wampold 70808, LADermatology1346261963
Leonard E. Gately 70002, LADermatology1528089547
Lori Nelson Byrd 70808, LADermatology1922021864
Venetia Marie Nicole Patout 70563, LADermatology1104849579
Michelle S Gerdes 70002, LADermatology1376566380
Rebecca S Giles 71301, LADermatology1447273800
George B Ingrish 71301, LADermatology1154344513
Erin Elizabeth Boh 70112, LADermatology1790797454
George Michael Kent 71111, LADermatology1144333857
Mehdi Mosadegh 70460, LADermatology1629095468
Robert N. Earhart 70808, LADermatology1720004666
Kyle M Coleman 70301, LADermatology1588777361
Martha E Stewart 70448, LADermatology1972535284
Thomas Nicotri 70448, LADermatology1316960370
Stella Boustany Noel 70503, LADermatology1992813612
George Allan Farber 70065, LADermatology1073625505
Manohar Rao Maramraj 71301, LADermatology1497867485
John Edgar Lewis 71360, LADermatology1710081393
William P. Coleman 70006, LADermatology1861585283
Julie G Danna 70121, LADermatology1730274267
John H Counce 70006, LADermatology1184711194
Carter David Paddock 70003, LADermatology1467541797
Jeffrey C. Poole 70005, LADermatology1518042134
Nia K Terezakis 70006, LADermatology1508935198
Ann C Zedlitz 70808, LADermatology1902976921
Laura Conway Williams 70006, LADermatology1548330202
Kimberly M Mills 71201, LADermatology1194825729
Patricia R Hickham 70119, LADermatology1073682084
Douglas A Koppel 70006, LADermatology1376616409
Michael Francis Doucet 70570, LADermatology1861565756
Michael K Weil 70461, LADermatology1780750802
Lynn Z. Tucker 70808, LADermatology1245397397
Suneeta Singh Walia 70121, LADermatology1023165180
Robert J Grieshaber 70433, LADermatology1881731222
Stephen D Antrobus 70809, LADermatology1629116553
Laci Lafleur Theunissen 70809, LADermatology1386783280
Ashley N Counce 70006, LADermatology1699806539
Scott M Jackson 70808, LADermatology1336267509
Elizabeth M Dimitri 70460, LADermatology1285700732
I Ricardo Martinez 70006, LADermatology1124182993
Robert Walker Jones 70072, LADermatology1245454404
Kristy Roper Kennedy 70503, LADermatology1609091875
Deborah C. Hilton 70458, LADermatology1447462536
Howard Patrick Ragland 70112, LADermatology1649482738
William Patrick Coleman 70006, LADermatology1104038439
Steven Cooper Heard 71106, LADermatology1194936849
Sarah E. Glorioso 71111, LADermatology1093916140
Joshua Caleb Mandrell 71270, LADermatology1770781650
Frank M. Ingrish 71301, LADermatology1164621413
Ashley Coreil Record 70791, LADermatology1982894374
Stephen John Klinger 70112, LADermatology1356531677
Frankie Guillot Rholdon 70508, LADermatology1528252681
Shannon C Pickens 70127, LADermatology1720267560
Bethaney June Vincent 70121, LADermatology1508049438
Kristal Bourgeois Guidroz 70364, LADermatology1053595702
Mara Alena Haseltine 70112, LADermatology1336317379
Brittany Oswald Stumpf 70112, LADermatology1982872925
Emily Katherine Grieshaber 70433, LADermatology1265605158
Adrian Dobrescu 70115, LADermatology1336316959
Lee Martin Miller 70605, LADermatology1063679256
Andrea Tesvich Murina 70112, LADermatology1295994218
Nicole Matths Harrell 70808, LADermatology1972763340
Elizabeth F Bucher 70005, LADermatology1295995546
Erik J Soine 70433, LADermatology1447410550
Lien Kim Bui Drew 70508, LADermatology1144481912
Keith Gerard Leblanc 70005, LADermatology1972765493
Emily M Speeg 70508, LADermatology1720241177
Julie Elizabeth Martin 70121, LADermatology1356532543
Lynne Porter Alexander 70427, LADermatology1205055977
Aimee Mistretta Hasney 70121, LADermatology1558553875
Ryan Joseph Matherne 70301, LADermatology1528259710
Zeena J Al-dujaili 70112, LADermatology1184824393
Katherine Zibilich Holcomb 70124, LADermatology1861668808
Philip Mark Neal 70360, LADermatology1508058892
Jordan Lynn Whatley 70808, LADermatology1063603397
Kristen Lebleu Losavio 70808, LADermatology1225203904
Alexis R Duke 70363, LADermatology1396936654
Elizabeth L Clemons 71106, LADermatology1881854883
Loretta Pylant Gremillion 71201, LADermatology1073704391
John H. Kwon 70461, LADermatology1720046386
Sarah Grace Baker 71103, LADermatology1730335753
Alison Trappey Penton 70503, LADermatology1588805576
Kathryn Kerisit 70001, LADermatology1336373729
Maurice Mccall Vick 70808, LADermatology1871726000
Scott Dunbar 70471, LADermatology1992029888
Lauren Michelle Thomassie 70433, LADermatology1164748539
Suman Dewan Gupta 70056, LADermatology1558627737
Ashton Taylor Hilton 70458, LADermatology1215236112
Leah Gonsoulin Jacob 70115, LADermatology1902047988
Amy Theresa Metzger Ananth 70448, LADermatology1053601252
Helene Marguerite Erickson 70461, LADermatology1508165481
Lindsey Hall 70808, LADermatology1790003432
Rachel Dean 71303, LADermatology1649413881
Blair Budden 70508, LADermatology1831458363
Mamina Turegano 70808, LADermatology1740415652
Christel Cary Malinski 70433, LADermatology1013231034
Lloyd Henderson Frye 70791, LADermatology1023350436
Patrick J Quinlan 70121, LADermatology1184718892
Megan Poynot Couvillion 70112, LADermatology1760724157
Sophia Mai 70458, LADermatology1760749246
Randall Corey Rougelot 70112, LADermatology1679815450
Alicia Jean Cool 70121, LADermatology1568662674
Azeen Sadeghian 70121, LADermatology1104184720
Aimee Rachal Coscarart 70112, LADermatology1699195958
Lisa Ann Blackwood 80227, LADermatology1760749683
Sarah Mcginty 70809, LADermatology1164841243
Kerri Davis-fontenot 70605, LADermatology1932528080
George Garib 70121, LADermatology1144413840
Stratton Grisoli 70433, LADermatology1447678610
Tracie Lebleu Pearson 70433, LADermatology1962744730
Katie Watson 70808, LADermatology1235559824
Rawaa Almukhtar 70112, LADermatology1003202409
William Charles Cole Claiborne 70115, LADermatology1518266402
Lucy Chao 70112, LADermatology1396136057
Frank Patrick Henchy 70403, LADermatology1972590164
Elizabeth Aline Williamson 70118, LADermatology1558757898
Taylor Ryan Smith 70112, LADermatology1316444565
Kelli Danielle Grim Hall 70836, LADermatology1194041152
April Taylor Sanchez 70785, LADermatology1497011548
Nicole Elaine Rogers 70001, LADermatology1669506630
Emily Burgin Richard 70808, LADermatology1649536095
Marisa Belaidi 37067, LADermatology1497142210
Nicholas Frank 70836, LADermatology1396163721
Creighton Chandler 71201, LADermatology1366548885
Jessica Leblanc 70791, LADermatology1013235647
Jenna Roach 70605, LADermatology1326401183
Eric M Finley 70115, LADermatology1184630709


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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