Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert S Berger 20695, MDDermatology1659374460
Robert J Carnathan 20815, MDDermatology1679575849
Thomas Nelson Berry 21804, MDDermatology1477558591
Linda Park Nims 22180, MDDermatology1922005537
Rebecca Rudd Barry 22180, MDDermatology1538166798
Purnima Sau 20910, MDDermatology1912905266
Paula Elise Bourelly 20007, MDDermatology1700884855
Susan Ann Barry 20007, MDDermatology1891793931
Norman A Lockshin 20902, MDDermatology1366440117
Sanders Harris Berk 20886, MDDermatology1053310789
Josef K. Yeager 20886, MDDermatology1730188475
Charles Steven Samorodin 21030, MDDermatology1841290327
Edward West Cowen 20902, MDDermatology1639179716
Paul C Waldman 21740, MDDermatology1407857469
Thomas M. Keahey 20886, MDDermatology1437158177
Shelly M. Hall 20815, MDDermatology1497747760
Ronald Goldner 21201, MDDermatology1346233228
Kenrick Hamilton Roberts 21502, MDDermatology1386637122
Barbara Christine Williamson 20774, MDDermatology1972596690
Michael Francis Mccagh 21502, MDDermatology1225021827
Van Trong Ha 20176, MDDermatology1649263195
Mark E Eaton 21409, MDDermatology1629070495
Derm Associates Llc 20902, MDDermatology1649271354
Michael Radowsky 21239, MDDermatology1992799027
Michael Mclain Todd 20176, MDDermatology1609860337
Roberta F Palestine 20817, MDDermatology1841285582
Alison Ehrlich 20817, MDDermatology1750376497
David Allen Spott 20735, MDDermatology1033105457
Gail R Goldstein 21409, MDDermatology1720076391
Beth G Diamond 21409, MDDermatology1598753097
Ali Hendi 20815, MDDermatology1316935521
Bonnie Epstein 21093, MDDermatology1508855248
Nadine B Acri 21236, MDDermatology1306835681
Benjamin Nathaniel Lockshin 20902, MDDermatology1275523110
E H Silverstein Md Pa 21208, MDDermatology1962492710
Bruce Edmund Beacham 21093, MDDermatology1386625861
Dennis Kurgansky 21014, MDDermatology1831171099
Michael Rebert Warner 21702, MDDermatology1942282371
Lynn Kathleen Bickley 21620, MDDermatology1275521114
James Kevin Poulton 21237, MDDermatology1407845779
Thomas Flynn Smith 21237, MDDermatology1477542751
Kindred Hair & Skin Center, Llc 21045, MDDermatology1992220826
Stanford I Lamberg 21208, MDDermatology1205819216
Tara Ann Rumbarger 21742, MDDermatology1467435032
James Anthony Schiro 21742, MDDermatology1437132008
Lisa Renfro 21401, MDDermatology1306820626
Iris Kedar Rubin 20817, MDDermatology1184609976
Maral Skelsey 20007, MDDermatology1699750315
David Strobel 21228, MDDermatology1134106164
Frederick Norman Pearson 21042, MDDermatology1710965660
Brenda Jean Berberian 20815, MDDermatology1063490027
Susan Schaner 20602, MDDermatology1508845926
Gerald W Newman 21401, MDDermatology1154301331
Ilene B Bayer-garner 21146, MDDermatology1003895764
Todd Michael Colonna 20850, MDDermatology1306826102
Jay Mark Barnett 20850, MDDermatology1396724779
Samuel S Norvell 20850, MDDermatology1750352704
Thomas N Darling 20814, MDDermatology1518930056
Kenneth Patrick Judd 21613, MDDermatology1366416810
Elizabeth Mitchell Dugan 20902, MDDermatology1134193733
Melanie L Adams 21044, MDDermatology1265406078
Irving D Wolfe 21117, MDDermatology1508832346
Krista K Buckley 21409, MDDermatology1952379745
Grace F. Kao 21201, MDDermatology1275501959
Hollis C. Reid 21128, MDDermatology1023086303
Roni W Ford 20879, MDDermatology1790754554
Cylburn Earl Soden 20707, MDDermatology1831168574
Allison Marie Linquist 21122, MDDermatology1396714994
Paul Andrew Rusonis 21043, MDDermatology1922077171
Charles Jackson Vanmeter 21702, MDDermatology1063472009
Skin Cancer Surgery Center, Llc 20817, MDDermatology1942276852
Juris Paul Germanas 21771, MDDermatology1447210794
Mark Lawrence Welch 20817, MDDermatology1619943644
Richard Gordon Pfau 21061, MDDermatology1518935485
Albert Kintim Wong 21045, MDDermatology1942279518
Mark H. Lowitt 21204, MDDermatology1326015611
Lloyd S Miller 21287, MDDermatology1952379513
Lawrence J. Green 20850, MDDermatology1073581344
Stephen Robert Damm 20708, MDDermatology1295796191
Benjamin D Bernstein 21014, MDDermatology1831155704
Barbara Kerker Honig 21208, MDDermatology1457317067
Mary Sheu 21093, MDDermatology1659338705
Timothy J Curtin 20852, MDDermatology1316904485
Ronald Alan Katz 20740, MDDermatology1346298429
Geeta Mohla Shah 20879, MDDermatology1194773770
Joel E Max 21093, MDDermatology1760431852
Stanley Joseph Miller 21204, MDDermatology1841240470
David H Stein 21201, MDDermatology1346291200
Jean Margaret Moresi 21061, MDDermatology1881647535
Regina Anderson 21218, MDDermatology1164474920
William W Stocker 21409, MDDermatology1538112560
Christine D Ambro 21409, MDDermatology1124089362
Johns Hopkins University 21287, MDDermatology1891148797
Linda C Wang 21093, MDDermatology1063479756
Bernard Alan Cohen 21093, MDDermatology1962454876
Jordana Sarah Gilman 20016, MDDermatology1932152253
Risa M. Jampel, M.d., P.a. 21117, MDDermatology1396799235
Tamy B Buckel 21620, MDDermatology1467406553
Matthew Harold Katz 20852, MDDermatology1457306466
Elisabeth G Richard 21093, MDDermatology1932154093
Diane Julie Orlinsky 21204, MDDermatology1194771642
Susan Mclaughlin 21075, MDDermatology1154377448
Saint Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, MDDermatology1528014842
Gary L. Peck 20815, MDDermatology1710933890
Linda Louise Lutz 21201, MDDermatology1538107099
Anthony Gaspari 21201, MDDermatology1881635522
Judith V Williams 23507, MDDermatology1558303453
Gerald Lazarus 21287, MDDermatology1922042878
Janet Ferber Brown 21061, MDDermatology1194769638
Ciro Martins 21287, MDDermatology1144264466
Faith Debra Esterson 21208, MDDermatology1609811983
Deborah Ann Englert 21152, MDDermatology1366478224
Howard N Robinson 21093, MDDermatology1922034925
Elliot R Goldstein Md & Joel R Schulman Md Pa 20815, MDDermatology1245266907
Ronald Shore 20852, MDDermatology1144258757
Eva F. Simmons-o'brien 21204, MDDermatology1285663542
Joseph M Porres 20852, MDDermatology1902835689
Annie Verghese 20619, MDDermatology1407883051
Risa Jampel 21117, MDDermatology1538116678
Oanh Lauring 21236, MDDermatology1952355190
Rebecca Appel Kazin 20815, MDDermatology1588619878
Walter Rush 20910, MDDermatology1871524710
Clement S. K. Banda 21045, MDDermatology1255385498
University Of Maryland Dermatologists Pa 21201, MDDermatology1659304152
Nadja Y. West 20889, MDDermatology1235163197
Ronald Sweren 21287, MDDermatology1487689287
Robert & Margaret Weiss Md P.a. 21030, MDDermatology1215952130
Karen Scully 21093, MDDermatology1922023365
Luis A Garza 21287, MDDermatology1427074517
Arpana Shah 20622, MDDermatology1134148075
Nova Medical And Urgent Care Center, Inc. 20147, MDDermatology1588683742
Eleanor Yvonne Ford 20901, MDDermatology1396768560
Charlotte Elisabeth Modly 21136, MDDermatology1447274840
Tamy B. Buckel, M.d., P.a. 21620, MDDermatology1588678585
University Of Maryland Dermatologists, Pa 21201, MDDermatology1578571980
St Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, MDDermatology1639189863
Mark Jonathan Jaffe 20817, MDDermatology1629089107
Ann Malm Lindgren 20817, MDDermatology1275544751
John Francis Oneill 20817, MDDermatology1184635575
Lawrence J Green, Md Llc 20850, MDDermatology1144233289
Priscilla Wu 20850, MDDermatology1093828352
Samuel S. Norvell, M.d. 20850, MDDermatology1225143662
Carl H Ling 20619, MDDermatology1902830656
Jagadeesh Sv Kumar 21921, MDDermatology1467486977
Lisa L. Anderson 21666, MDDermatology1134136393
Davis G Farvolden 21286, MDDermatology1578595005
Panteha Tamjidi 20815, MDDermatology1104835354
Bernstein & Robinson Dermatology P.a. 21014, MDDermatology1467560177
Charles County Dermatology Associates Llc 20695, MDDermatology1952413080
Jen john Inc 21702, MDDermatology1114039377
Patricia C. Brown 20906, MDDermatology1841392628
Herbert L Kronthal Md Pa 21212, MDDermatology1053415356
Irvin Robert Horowitz 20852, MDDermatology1376647537
Michelle H. Lee 90048, MDDermatology1942305487
Diane Marie Touart 21201, MDDermatology1164527156
Felisa Lewis 20889, MDDermatology1942305933
Kathryn Neuman Rudo 21136, MDDermatology1700981701
Marcia Sanford Driscoll 21201, MDDermatology1124127899
Marvin Chadab Md Pa 20745, MDDermatology1467552729
Melanie Adams Md Pa 21044, MDDermatology1326149600
Denise Cook 20422, MDDermatology1508958083
George Walter Turiansky 20307, MDDermatology1003901281
Tina B West 20815, MDDermatology1912094491
Sewon Kang 21287, MDDermatology1972690816
Lawrence R Feldman 21157, MDDermatology1861581787
Markham C. Luke 20903, MDDermatology1235228438
Englert Dermatology, Llc 21152, MDDermatology1619066206
Amy Beth Cole 20902, MDDermatology1275623084
Joy Yung-chia Chen 20852, MDDermatology1104906908
Thuy Vi Nguyen 21042, MDDermatology1881775716
Daryl Sulit 20889, MDDermatology1255413209
Joseph W Burnett 21210, MDDermatology1942383591
Laura Marquart 20850, MDDermatology1679643837
Annapolis Dermatology Center, Pa 21409, MDDermatology1700995974
Peter H Niebyl 21601, MDDermatology1588752166
Anne Elizabeth Rothman 20879, MDDermatology1437251956
Leonard Charles Sperling 20814, MDDermatology1023180395
Jeffrey A Schuldenfrei 20877, MDDermatology1497828701
Alvanus Howland Hartley 20678, MDDermatology1336213503
Drs. Ford And Rothman Cosmetic And Clinical Dermatology, Llc 20879, MDDermatology1205900537
Steven Barry Snyder 21117, MDDermatology1578637674
Elisabeth Lejman 22150, MDDermatology1285700518
Boris D Lushniak 20889, MDDermatology1083773212
Rockville Internal Medicine Group 20854, MDDermatology1861551061
Susan Jennifer Walker 20889, MDDermatology1952461329
Elizabeth Tanzi 21287, MDDermatology1023178365
Charles Gary Hurst 21010, MDDermatology1063572501
Talbot Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery Pa 21601, MDDermatology1184785370
Hon Pak 20814, MDDermatology1497816334
Marsha C Mcneely 20815, MDDermatology1518028257
Jill Andrea Lindstrom 20307, MDDermatology1306908041
University Dermatology Associates Pllc 20036, MDDermatology1447313580
John J Short 20815, MDDermatology1710044789
Yelena Mirensky Frankel 21030, MDDermatology1649329533
Katina Byrd Miles 20744, MDDermatology1053460568
Valerie Dawn Callender 20769, MDDermatology1245389717
Peter C Morse 20815, MDDermatology1306999065
Janis Marie Taube 21287, MDDermatology1629121801
Daniel L Dellatorre 20815, MDDermatology1891833398
Marianne E Dawn 21061, MDDermatology1033252390


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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