Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anastasios Angelo Pappas 55102, MNDermatology1912904970
Lydia Y Sahara 55112, MNDermatology1295879245
Tyler Conway 55432, MNDermatology1104269000
Anne B Neeley 55416, MNDermatology1104143437
Gregory Russell Hannon 55435, MNDermatology1659714913
Paul Chun-pu Jou 92064, MNDermatology1356608319
Tania Marie Gonzalez Santiago 58104, MNDermatology1952539223
Naiara S Barbosa 87106, MNDermatology1124464979
Saint Paul Dermatology Ltd 55102, MNDermatology1184114803
Vein Center At Allure Medical Spa, Pllc 48316, MNDermatology1457302051
Frank A Bures 54601, MNDermatology1992715577
Erin Sellinger 55447, MNDermatology1033537782
Adam Schmitt 55447, MNDermatology1194133157
Walter Liszewski 60611, MNDermatology1033505243
Susan Evelyn Rudolph 56073, MNDermatology1043244213
Cuong V Nguyen 60611, MNDermatology1669817128
Jaime Loso 55416, MNDermatology1619364494
Kristin Elaine Totoraitis 55108, MNDermatology1376076075
Westley Shigeo Mori 55108, MNDermatology1487181285
Sarah J Harvey 56308, MNDermatology1265774335
Jason D Michaels 85260, MNDermatology1255650073
Seth Lofgreen 80910, MNDermatology1801259023
Desiree Alaina Mohandas 55416, MNDermatology1679837637
Patrick Joseph Brown 49519, MNDermatology1689801789
Andrea Langeveld 55130, MNDermatology1003270232
Gowri Kabbur 55108, MNDermatology1194250605
Stephen R Tan 55130, MNDermatology1669446415
Maria Cooper 32258, MNDermatology1902253230
Alison Bruce 32224, MNDermatology1285614701
Ashley B Wentworth 32224, MNDermatology1932526209
Timothy Michaelis 32224, MNDermatology1366975658
Mark R Pittelkow 85259, MNDermatology1164401675
Jennifer Day 55416, MNDermatology1225443419
Associated Skin Care Specialists, Pa 55433, MNDermatology1083659569
Dan Krakora 54016, MNDermatology1548622863
Chad H Weaver 56007, MNDermatology1235367202
Emma Fell Johnson 55905, MNDermatology1033538517
Angela Aakhus 56601, MNDermatology1326330127
Nahid Y Vidal 55905, MNDermatology1316269103
Scott Kindle 57078, MNDermatology1144587353
Elisabeth Hurliman 55424, MNDermatology1730323304
Christie Riemer 49431, MNDermatology1285098947
Jacob James Inda 54601, MNDermatology1275997827
Addison Michael Demer 55905, MNDermatology1912392390
Michelle L Cihla 54115, MNDermatology1376599324
Kristen Paige Hook 55435, MNDermatology1053465641
Lauren B O'neill 55369, MNDermatology1205128592
Adam Souhail Aldahan 55416, MNDermatology1609304617
Jamie Lea Hanson 55108, MNDermatology1386006054
James Theodore Dorrian 55108, MNDermatology1548503576
Erika J. Rabeni 55416, MNDermatology1275578841
Susan M Holt 55423, MNDermatology1932201639
Ashley Heurung Merten 55337, MNDermatology1174903553
Natalie Amason 62864, MNDermatology1083015689
John Muzic 81401, MNDermatology1093100984
Pitiporn Suwattee 98405, MNDermatology1710073291
Tiffany Lynn Shih 55130, MNDermatology1437416088
Leah Swanson 85259, MNDermatology1700272978
Aaron James Steen 10710, MNDermatology1093169633
Sanford Medical Center 57069, MNDermatology1093090342
Stephen William Lewellis 54401, MNDermatology1891152641
Nikoo Cheraghi 55107, MNDermatology1679912901
Solveig Louisa Ophaug 97239, MNDermatology1295261949
Anne Boyd Nikle 55434, MNDermatology1417319633
Nora Sayel Ali 55905, MNDermatology1184159238
Diana Leigh Vork 62269, MNDermatology1871028316
Minnesota Dermatology Collaborative Pllc 55435, MNDermatology1104595644
Kathryn Therese Shahwan 58201, MNDermatology1699193714
Forefront Dermatology, S.c. 55374, MNDermatology1114393295
Diana K Cohen 54016, MNDermatology1467896498
Stillwater Medical Group 55082, MNDermatology1558350488
Dermatology, P.a. 55435, MNDermatology1255390548
Mankato Clinic, Ltd. 56001, MNDermatology1629044029
Columbia Park Medical Group, Pa 55432, MNDermatology1932150117
Skinspeaks: Advancements In Dermatology And Spa M.d., P.a. 55435, MNDermatology1043249865
Midwest Clinic Of Dermatology Laser And Cosmetic Surgery Pa 56303, MNDermatology1811092398
Dermatology Consultants, Pa 55107, MNDermatology1568567139
Dermatology Center For Children & Young Adults Pa 55121, MNDermatology1053417055
Advanced Dermatology Care Medical Cosmetic And Surgery Pa 55127, MNDermatology1073614558
Epiphany Dermatology Of Minnesota, Llc 56007, MNDermatology1356431191
Acne, Skin Disease & Leg Vein Clinic, P.a. 55433, MNDermatology1417163189
Center For Dermatology, Pa 55044, MNDermatology1467649939
John Bergman, M.d. Ltd 55402, MNDermatology1265696959
Forefront Dermatology, S.c. 56007, MNDermatology1710352299
Advanced Dermatology Care Medical Cosmetic And Surgery Pa 55082, MNDermatology1144486978
Advanced Dermatology Care Medical Cosmetic And Surgery Pa 55025, MNDermatology1912158031
Lake Area Dermatology Pa 55110, MNDermatology1710270921
Clarus Dermatology Pa 55421, MNDermatology1740532340
United Skin Specialists, Ltd 55424, MNDermatology1861861759
Lakes Dermatology, Pa 55306, MNDermatology1962871608
Southwest Dermatology 55423, MNDermatology1518331420
Skin Specialists 55402, MNDermatology1629442538
Market Street Dermatology, Pc 55405, MNDermatology1851733521
Forefront Dermatology, S.c. 55044, MNDermatology1659747731
Forefront Dermatology, S.c. 55424, MNDermatology1245606326
Forefront Dermatology, S.c. 55125, MNDermatology1164898250
Associated Skin Care Specialists 55432, MNDermatology1457885444
United Skin Specialists Missouri Ltd, Pc 55447, MNDermatology1639605074
Twin Cities Dermatology Center, Pa 55416, MNDermatology1164930541
United Skin Specialists Illinois Ltd, Pc 62864, MNDermatology1467955179
United Skin Specialists Illinois Ltd, Pc 62864, MNDermatology1194225268
Sanford Clinic North 56601, MNDermatology1407878424
Dermatology Partners Pllc 55901, MNDermatology1770115610
Monument Health Network, Inc. 57783, MNDermatology1477932390
Monument Health Network, Inc. 57783, MNDermatology1003295924
Sanford Health Of Northern Minnesota 56601, MNDermatology1154587780
Sanford Health Network North 56701, MNDermatology1386047355
Cole Dermatology 55057, MNDermatology1821054750
Dermatology Specialists, Pa 55435, MNDermatology1992752117
Uptown Dermatology & Skin Spa, P.a. 55408, MNDermatology1205868619
Crutchfield Dermatology, P.a. 55123, MNDermatology1962426502
Skin Specialists, Ltd. 55402, MNDermatology1013921600
Skin Physicians Pa 55344, MNDermatology1780795997
Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Institute P.a. 55435, MNDermatology1992890917
John Raymond Fenyk, Jr 55422, MNDermatology1407912389
Southwest Dermatology Specialists. Ltd 55423, MNDermatology1205960317
My Dermatologist, Pa 55076, MNDermatology1073937793
St. Luke's Hospital Of Duluth 55805, MNDermatology1295787380
Tareen Dermatology, P.a. 55113, MNDermatology1063782621
Skin Professionals West, P.c. 55387, MNDermatology1992394944
Integra Dermatology Pa 55435, MNDermatology1366820136
Dermatology Duluth Llc 55811, MNDermatology1285307975
Pinnacle Dermatology, Sc 55446, MNDermatology1609009380
Adam Reed Mattox 55455, MNDermatology1922269448
Afsaneh Alavi 55905, MNDermatology1083211023
Ahmed Nadeem Ansari 55905, MNDermatology1245791433
Ajdin Kobic 55905, MNDermatology1104321587
Albert Gutierrez 55416, MNDermatology1922442599
Alexander Meves 55905, MNDermatology1023095213
Alexia P Knapp 55454, MNDermatology1710951199
Alina G Bridges 55905, MNDermatology1427035682
Alison K Adams 55416, MNDermatology1467484014
Alison M Lang 55416, MNDermatology1013992684
Alison E Seline 55905, MNDermatology1700248291
Allison Hoffman 55402, MNDermatology1659496586
Allison L Schini 55416, MNDermatology1144207952
Amanda Joy Tschetter 55435, MNDermatology1003109059
Amer N Kalaaji 55905, MNDermatology1790756302
Amit Mittal 55905, MNDermatology1679064851
Amrita Arora 55905, MNDermatology1457663064
Amrita Goyal-o'leary 55435, MNDermatology1801273545
An-wen Chan 55905, MNDermatology1982850798
Anagha Bangalore Kumar 55905, MNDermatology1295390342
Andrea Lynn Bershow 55455, MNDermatology1013112036
Anna Gregoire 56258, MNDermatology1700231891
Anna-bianca Stashak 55905, MNDermatology1740692326
Anudeep K Rahil 55127, MNDermatology1124087358
Arthur W Ide 55435, MNDermatology1538128814
Bailey C Lee 55432, MNDermatology1225292535
Barry A Labine 56377, MNDermatology1780686592
Bart Theodore Endrizzi 55455, MNDermatology1235323585
Benjamin Yokel 55792, MNDermatology1033156823
Bethany Ann Cook Grothe 55110, MNDermatology1033435276
Brian David Zelickson 55402, MNDermatology1336195148
Brian Gerard Zogg 56007, MNDermatology1780681890
Brittney Jean Schultz 55455, MNDermatology1710305180
Bruce J Bart 55415, MNDermatology1982658357
Bruce Daniel Leckey 55905, MNDermatology1548622533
Burrel H Deaton 55426, MNDermatology1710040209
Cally Chermak 55435, MNDermatology1629185483
Cari Gibbs Dakin 55416, MNDermatology1336285071
Carilyn Nash Wieland 55905, MNDermatology1407870710
Carmen Montagnon 55905, MNDermatology1962963819
Carol Philippe 55369, MNDermatology1386025567
Carol A Soutor 55130, MNDermatology1023084241
Catherine C Newman 55905, MNDermatology1891773784
Chelsea Handfield 55905, MNDermatology1639707391
Christian Lee Baum 55905, MNDermatology1285755736
Christina K Anderson 56303, MNDermatology1053313692
Christina Lee Boull 55454, MNDermatology1225222862
Christine Kay Markus 55082, MNDermatology1982775029
Christopher J Arpey 55905, MNDermatology1922092071
Cindy F Smith 56201, MNDermatology1033185343
Clark C Otley 55905, MNDermatology1578535506
Cooper Campbell Wriston 55905, MNDermatology1134356728
Cortney D White 55104, MNDermatology1265411805
Craig Thomas Roelke 55421, MNDermatology1922328418
Cynthia Lynn Nicholson 55454, MNDermatology1619381381
Cynthia L Olson 55416, MNDermatology1316991797
Cynthia Anne Schlick 55317, MNDermatology1376529990
Cynthia L Vehe 55112, MNDermatology1649247560
Dane Robert Christensen 55416, MNDermatology1578541405
Daniel Kevin Elieff 56303, MNDermatology1891778163
Daniel David Miller 55454, MNDermatology1770745978
Darin Epstein 55416, MNDermatology1942285135
David William Groth 55423, MNDermatology1629000534
David Richard Pearson 55455, MNDermatology1679916589
David A Wada 55905, MNDermatology1043411168
David A Wetter 55905, MNDermatology1487625877
Dawn Marie R Davis 55905, MNDermatology1043297633
Dennis M Leahy 55104, MNDermatology1164531539
Donald E Davis 56002, MNDermatology1225017247
Donald Edwin Neal 55905, MNDermatology1952960411
Dorothy J Cline 55904, MNDermatology1750327417
Elizabeth Kate Blixt 56303, MNDermatology1487900577
Elizabeth Demaree 54701, MNDermatology1285164772
Elizabeth Kim Farhat 55425, MNDermatology1144489618
Elizabeth Sutton 55905, MNDermatology1912358490
Ellen Melrose 55130, MNDermatology1225490238
Elliott Harrison Campbell 55905, MNDermatology1265994412


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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