Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Peter Charles Lombardo 10022, NYDermatology1487657771
Martin H Brownstein 11050, NYDermatology1386646693
Lynn Silverstein 11797, NYDermatology1942202262
Mazin A Dhafir 14224, NYDermatology1285639518
Carole Lynne Shear 10021, NYDermatology1578568887
Antoinette Plocek Notaro 11952, NYDermatology1922003920
Monica Barbara Schadlow 10017, NYDermatology1447255427
Advanced Dermatology Of New York Pc 10019, NYDermatology1083610521
Robert W. Scott 14701, NYDermatology1750387213
Anthony S Dee 14031, NYDermatology1699771832
Lawrence D Jaeger 10019, NYDermatology1093711897
Advanced Dermatology Of New York Pc 10475, NYDermatology1518964923
William Kenneth Stern 10956, NYDermatology1912904392
Daniel Robert Foitl 10022, NYDermatology1861499147
Cornelie M. Jones 14075, NYDermatology1699772913
Douglas D Altchek 10021, NYDermatology1366449340
David Eric Biro 11209, NYDermatology1265439129
Brummitte Dale Wilson 14075, NYDermatology1245237288
Erin Z. Schoor 11746, NYDermatology1689671620
Tara Kaufmann 11733, NYDermatology1811994627
Russell W Cohen 11572, NYDermatology1538167242
Barrett Eisenstat 11572, NYDermatology1285631176
Craig Kornreich 11572, NYDermatology1336146232
Eve Lowenstein 11572, NYDermatology1003813916
Peter Santalucia 14075, NYDermatology1578561247
Elizabeth Robbins Rosenthal 10543, NYDermatology1336147826
Sammy Hutman 10950, NYDermatology1881692481
Michael Cohen 11572, NYDermatology1275531857
Joseph G. Tuchman 10950, NYDermatology1790783397
Steven Wolinsky 10950, NYDermatology1982602405
Thomas Meola 10016, NYDermatology1982602413
N Orentreich & D Orentreich Ptr 10021, NYDermatology1972501351
Catherine Orentreich 10021, NYDermatology1295733673
David Scott Orentreich 10021, NYDermatology1235137449
Michael A Kalman 10021, NYDermatology1811995194
Theta S Pattison 12009, NYDermatology1841298510
Michael Brodin 95033, NYDermatology1326046921
Morris Westfried 11228, NYDermatology1487652756
Jeffrey Kezis 12601, NYDermatology1609874395
Rockville Dermatology, Pc 11570, NYDermatology1356349153
Helen Shim- Chang 10029, NYDermatology1730187543
Marvin Brian Tankel 11563, NYDermatology1700885290
Stephen J Danziger 11238, NYDermatology1033118310
Miriam S Libkind 11598, NYDermatology1679572978
Helen Radoszycki 10038, NYDermatology1073512307
Mark R Kahn 11581, NYDermatology1023017464
Johanna Baeuerle 10960, NYDermatology1346249794
Lina S Plantilla 11229, NYDermatology1306845599
G Thomas Spigel 14760, NYDermatology1518966746
Alan M Nussbaum 11581, NYDermatology1518966613
David J. Altman 14221, NYDermatology1598764433
Phoebe E Rabbin 10016, NYDermatology1023018801
Bijan Setareh-shenas 11803, NYDermatology1013917665
Deborah S Sarnoff 11548, NYDermatology1467452979
Cosmetique Dermatology, Laser & Plastic Surgery, Llp 11548, NYDermatology1710987227
Lance Barazani 11365, NYDermatology1518967025
Romeo Morales 13850, NYDermatology1275533556
Suzanne J Friedler 11365, NYDermatology1326048430
Meryl Blecker Joerg 11365, NYDermatology1932109014
Aza Lefkowitz 11365, NYDermatology1356341432
John N Troccoli 11365, NYDermatology1861492977
Michael Howard Winston 11776, NYDermatology1194725242
Carl Solowey 11374, NYDermatology1265432470
Joshua L Fox 11365, NYDermatology1215937396
Francis X Dispaltro 11365, NYDermatology1093715187
Robert L Bruckstein 11559, NYDermatology1386644375
Marvin Isaac Snow 11219, NYDermatology1437150240
Janet H. Prystowsky Md, Pc 10022, NYDermatology1902805583
Martin Reichel 11365, NYDermatology1275534067
Jason Applebaum 11365, NYDermatology1447251129
Gervaise Gerstner 10016, NYDermatology1770584195
Francesca J Fusco 10016, NYDermatology1982605317
Kenneth L Howe 10016, NYDermatology1932100245
Eugene Wexler 10016, NYDermatology1750382065
Allison L Holm 14607, NYDermatology1114928231
Joseph Michael Wojciechowski 14607, NYDermatology1720080740
James A Kresge 14607, NYDermatology1073515839
Theodore Charles Failmezger 10014, NYDermatology1790787364
Theta Pattison Md 12009, NYDermatology1942292925
Eugene J Whang 10465, NYDermatology1295727808
Wendy R Parish, M.d., P.c. 12401, NYDermatology1982696365
Douglas Ira Rosen 10465, NYDermatology1821081027
Robert Leslie Warner 10065, NYDermatology1609869890
Jeffrey Stephen Roth 10065, NYDermatology1043203243
Luthur Burton Lowe 12572, NYDermatology1447243332
Joseph Scott Baler 12205, NYDermatology1770576399
Maria A Derosa 14626, NYDermatology1740282508
Robin B Septon 11706, NYDermatology1942294319
Hilary E. Baldwin 11203, NYDermatology1962496265
Sharon A. Glick 11203, NYDermatology1114911419
Jessica J. Krant 11203, NYDermatology1275527582
Lynn Audrey Amarante 14221, NYDermatology1568456564
Cindy Hoffman Do Pc 10598, NYDermatology1841284528
Mark Lebwohl 10029, NYDermatology1013902444
Pairote Laochumroonvorapong 10021, NYDermatology1780679985
Marsha Gordon 10029, NYDermatology1124013248
Steven R Cohen 10467, NYDermatology1235124355
Jacob Levitt 10029, NYDermatology1568457679
Bruce Philip Robinson 10022, NYDermatology1700871829
Jordan Spence Zuckerman 11360, NYDermatology1043205016
Penina Burnstein 11219, NYDermatology1538154174
Hideko Kamino 10016, NYDermatology1447246970
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. 11103, NYDermatology1871589200
Henry A. Greenblatt 12550, NYDermatology1619963899
Shane Meehan 10016, NYDermatology1487640439
Harold Mermelstein 10583, NYDermatology1053308429
Mark F Tesser 10128, NYDermatology1598752867
Alan Todd Glass 11096, NYDermatology1124015318
Cindy Francyn Hoffman 10598, NYDermatology1295722395
Edward B Lee 13413, NYDermatology1417944596
Sheri J Lagin 10022, NYDermatology1669460416
Clifford M Berck 11021, NYDermatology1649268327
Nanette B Silverberg 10003, NYDermatology1316933740
Michael E. Jackson 11238, NYDermatology1912991019
Scott Sanders 10956, NYDermatology1780670927
David A Kriegel 10583, NYDermatology1831184779
Ibrahim Ahmad Tangoren 13224, NYDermatology1770578601
Jeffrey M Weinberg 11375, NYDermatology1689660565
Christopher Dabski 14086, NYDermatology1992790026
Ellen S Marmur 10128, NYDermatology1134114655
Peter Wisch 10128, NYDermatology1588652887
Elena L Jones 10028, NYDermatology1134118771
Alison Michelle Kortz 12033, NYDermatology1619966264
Afaf Mikhail 11501, NYDermatology1821087347
Joan Lilly Csaposs 12033, NYDermatology1316936750
Sumayah Jamal 10010, NYDermatology1487643516
Seth Orlow 10016, NYDermatology1497744536
David Polsky 10016, NYDermatology1205825247
Nicholas Soter 10016, NYDermatology1366431306
Vicki J Levine 10022, NYDermatology1932198983
Josef Jelinek 10016, NYDermatology1467442483
David Cohen 10016, NYDermatology1730179680
Nyumc Dermatopathology Unit 10016, NYDermatology1891785473
Ira A Pion 11598, NYDermatology1144210659
Steven Natow 11598, NYDermatology1609866987
Vincent Vaccaro 13501, NYDermatology1790775815
Robin Buchholz 10025, NYDermatology1235120171
Elizabeth Hale 10065, NYDermatology1649261769
Felix Kuo 11743, NYDermatology1285625228
Mitchell S Singer 12308, NYDermatology1811988850
Andrew Alexis 10025, NYDermatology1285625160
Julie Schaffer 10016, NYDermatology1760473342
Samuel E Book 12553, NYDermatology1215928619
Elizabeth Ivy Goldberg 10016, NYDermatology1215918438
Carri L Ross 13850, NYDermatology1124009261
Medwin Matthew Mintzis 10021, NYDermatology1861473654
Howard L Stoll 14263, NYDermatology1780665554
Shakti Sharma 14263, NYDermatology1477534188
Craig Cameron Miller 14092, NYDermatology1861473324
Charles G Bernstein 10305, NYDermatology1508847104
Michael Ira Jacobs 10021, NYDermatology1992786313
Michael Eidelman 10011, NYDermatology1689656654
Bonnie Ross 10003, NYDermatology1902888951
Sherry Shieh 10010, NYDermatology1083696447
Herbert Hochman 10028, NYDermatology1174505747
Richard Mizuguchi 10003, NYDermatology1013990449
Edwin Kim Joe 10016, NYDermatology1912980129
Joel Lewis Lamm 11801, NYDermatology1780667956
Daniel Mitchell Rosenthal 11566, NYDermatology1134118037
Anthony Neal Gregory 12033, NYDermatology1396734513
Miriam Pomeranz 10016, NYDermatology1457340499
Ariel Ostad 10021, NYDermatology1104817675
Mario Lacouture 10065, NYDermatology1679563324
Barry Michael Pomerantz 10019, NYDermatology1295725257
Amit Garg 11042, NYDermatology1245211127
Anne Hardick Dacko 11697, NYDermatology1487636858
Paul Contard 10301, NYDermatology1326021445
Gary M Hahn 11725, NYDermatology1336122985
Lawrence M Wells 11364, NYDermatology1316920846
Timothy J Cardozo 10016, NYDermatology1386627891
Darren Keith Mollick 11791, NYDermatology1225012552
Robin Himmelstein 11570, NYDermatology1932183639
Jacqueline Sherry Fern 11776, NYDermatology1235114752
Seth Wilentz 10003, NYDermatology1255316121
Daniel John Schissel 09042, NYDermatology1992780761
Robert Trail Horn 14850, NYDermatology1922083641
Nooshin Ketabchi Brinster 10016, NYDermatology1922084441
Diana Susan Hurwitz 10580, NYDermatology1467438705
Wendy Wei-yue Lou 11714, NYDermatology1629054754
Annette A Cohen 11714, NYDermatology1255317236
H. Eliot Y. Ghatan 11230, NYDermatology1730165614
David Leon Cohen 11557, NYDermatology1013994839
Vincent S Beltrani 12401, NYDermatology1578540217
Donald L Levin 13088, NYDermatology1457339350
Gina A Taylor 11203, NYDermatology1326026220
Irene Elaine Rosenberg 11598, NYDermatology1932187648
Allen Jay Natow 11598, NYDermatology1669450375
Dmitry Khasak 10016, NYDermatology1649258286
Stuart R Levine 11570, NYDermatology1386622579
Elaine Virginia Digrande 10471, NYDermatology1477531440
Michael Mann 11598, NYDermatology1972582609
Wojciech Szaniawski 10573, NYDermatology1487633970
Alan J Halperin 10573, NYDermatology1134108673
Michael S Stotsky 10029, NYDermatology1154300796
Edward R Heilman 11206, NYDermatology1144209701
Michael K Miller 10573, NYDermatology1730168394
Richard W Green 10475, NYDermatology1154301000
Robert P Morris 13077, NYDermatology1700866217
David Fleming Horne 10022, NYDermatology1568442093
Joseph D Sutton 10901, NYDermatology1295715571


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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