Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lauren Moy 60153, NYDermatology1275997942
Michael J Mulvaney 12203, NYDermatology1063405025
Gretchen Lynn Malikowski 14223, NYDermatology1720467194
Beatriz Mendez 11432, NYDermatology1376590265
Nikki Danielle Ying Tang 97504, NYDermatology1740574169
Anthony Chiaravalloti 13057, NYDermatology1598178378
Blair Murphy-chutorian 10017, NYDermatology1891113395
Michelle E Park 10011, NYDermatology1740694918
Kenneth Edward Bloom 10462, NYDermatology1477536068
Marcel Perl 10962, NYDermatology1619396173
Shelbi Ching Jim On 96817, NYDermatology1184923765
Metro Dermatology Of Ny,pc 11354, NYDermatology1336343268
Claudia Hossain 19104, NYDermatology1740634849
Elena Pollack 11355, NYDermatology1366711350
James Theodore Dorrian 55108, NYDermatology1548503576
Emily Hejazi 10006, NYDermatology1972917524
Wynn Hugh Kao 61704, NYDermatology1790996890
Katy Irene Burris 10022, NYDermatology1629242144
Susan Seo 19087, NYDermatology1669622148
Steven Jacob Brooks 11030, NYDermatology1073800165
Stephanie Marie Gallitano 10032, NYDermatology1508202714
Raman Kevin Madan 11743, NYDermatology1427391218
Wyckoff Professional Medical Services, Pc 11237, NYDermatology1659710796
Amanda Hassler 77008, NYDermatology1700206877
Erica Ilene Scarrone 10591, NYDermatology1801198148
Andrea Nandini Persaud 10128, NYDermatology1013028687
Lilian Sarfati 11217, NYDermatology1942566161
Svetlana Rabinovich 77030, NYDermatology1780098152
Marjon Vatanchi 92660, NYDermatology1073951109
Nava Chana Greenfield 03301, NYDermatology1093080202
James Daniel Taft 93010, NYDermatology1053308239
Giuseppe Militello 11220, NYDermatology1558381681
Tejas Bharat Patel 10314, NYDermatology1497041776
Desmond M Shipp 43230, NYDermatology1700128584
Dmitriy Timerman 06810, NYDermatology1174986525
Lenahan Dermatology Pllc 14051, NYDermatology1871087221
Marcelle Grassi 14225, NYDermatology1881690915
Nathalie Zeitouni 85004, NYDermatology1164403010
Adeel Ahmad 25801, NYDermatology1578717997
Christine Geiger 14221, NYDermatology1366967614
Gian Leeross Vinelli 14625, NYDermatology1730509522
David William Brodell 14625, NYDermatology1154775880
Daniel Bryan 13057, NYDermatology1003229931
Christopher Brent Yelverton 14625, NYDermatology1093997686
Catherine Thompson 14850, NYDermatology1275197964
Hamza Dastgir Bhatti 10019, NYDermatology1043598352
Mark Mckinley Ash 27516, NYDermatology1710419379
Christopher Lowe 37421, NYDermatology1831480524
Louis Jared Siegel 11694, NYDermatology1922363605
Shoni Jaye Rozenberg 11598, NYDermatology1902284854
Anna Karp 10014, NYDermatology1487942223
Jeffrey Kezis 12601, NYDermatology1609874395
Alice B Gottlieb 10589, NYDermatology1275581407
Marisa Wolff 12866, NYDermatology1588929046
Marla Diakow 11203, NYDermatology1972940534
Joseph Onorato 11530, NYDermatology1992882773
Joann N Salvemini 11790, NYDermatology1023062973
Nikhil Shyam 19087, NYDermatology1255726899
Kumar Sukhdeo 10016, NYDermatology1366823841
Hendrik Ivo Uyttendaele 12524, NYDermatology1194781039
Ross Zeltser 12524, NYDermatology1194769851
Hudson Dermatology, Pc 12524, NYDermatology1508895384
Silvija Pejkovska Gottesman 10016, NYDermatology1215290564
Pooja R Shah 11743, NYDermatology1003201179
Brooke N Bair 12561, NYDermatology1134262736
Michael Farhangian 91436, NYDermatology1346690138
Alyssa Fischer 05401, NYDermatology1831518638
Heather K Hamilton 06484, NYDermatology1841429206
Derek Victor Chan 10019, NYDermatology1932488574
Sonoa Ho Yee Au 77479, NYDermatology1720374507
Jeffrey M Weinberg 11375, NYDermatology1689660565
Vincent Anthony Deleo 90033, NYDermatology1134110091
Anne Hardick Dacko 11697, NYDermatology1487636858
Donald Vincent Belsito 10032, NYDermatology1700869294
Soho Skin And Laser Dermatology Pc 10013, NYDermatology1093782492
Maria R. Robinson 19073, NYDermatology1306059100
Smita Awasthi 95816, NYDermatology1912107970
Peter Chien 02215, NYDermatology1609089077
Jesse Miller Lewin 10032, NYDermatology1285951251
Rita V Linkner 10012, NYDermatology1295057578
Anetta Elzbieta Reszko 10021, NYDermatology1114186400
Agnieszka Kubica Thompson 54401, NYDermatology1205192788
Leah Helen Ansell 10962, NYDermatology1114260429
Rohini Shantharam 10001, NYDermatology1285077057
Carmen Castilla 10013, NYDermatology1942562202
Ian Micheal Ahearn 10010, NYDermatology1326306135
Mitalee Patil Christman 10016, NYDermatology1013334093
Kautilya Shaurya 11211, NYDermatology1639598576
Ofer Reiter Agar 10065, NYDermatology1912483520
Tiffany J Libby 10017, NYDermatology1912249418
Andrew Lin Ji 94305, NYDermatology1265843460
Jody Alpert Levine 10028, NYDermatology1417988387
Mark Kaufmann, M.d., P.c. 10128, NYDermatology1407418353
Gabriela Cobos 02115, NYDermatology1235558925
Adebola Dele-michael 10019, NYDermatology1235250820
John Kamran Nia 10029, NYDermatology1396155297
Hao Feng 06030, NYDermatology1033520556
Cerrene Nicole Giordano 19107, NYDermatology1598027906
Tarek Yamany 10001, NYDermatology1821478819
Marcus Avenue Medical Pc 10016, NYDermatology1255982542
Kseniya Kobets 07601, NYDermatology1912296674
Charlotte Aronin Birnbaum 10012, NYDermatology1649680737
Alexandra Elizabeth Zeitany 27006, NYDermatology1689036428
Amy Lynn Spizuoco 10010, NYDermatology1285952515
Mark E Burnett 93105, NYDermatology1104182393
Cherise Mizrahi-levi 33305, NYDermatology1649550591
Jusleen Ahluwalia 92122, NYDermatology1427443696
Robert Lynn Finney 10012, NYDermatology1013208487
Elyse Monique Love 10003, NYDermatology1891174603
Rachel K Rosenstein 07601, NYDermatology1871836668
Shirin Bajaj 11714, NYDermatology1710379094
Nicole Marie Seminara-zambrzycka 28031, NYDermatology1437441003
Gabriela Marie Soza 10075, NYDermatology1124472162
Lisa Pham Anthony 10580, NYDermatology1407177553
Libby Rhee 10022, NYDermatology1265738884
Gaurav Singh 92103, NYDermatology1184073801
Margo Lederhandler 10583, NYDermatology1316331762
Beau Dicicco 10028, NYDermatology1255786000
Jason Ezra Hawkes 95765, NYDermatology1356631873
Bb Medical And Dermatology Inc 10022, NYDermatology1790210516
Virgil A Hatcher 10003, NYDermatology1457351975
Nikoo Cheraghi 56001, NYDermatology1679912901
Sarah Yagerman 10022, NYDermatology1568873628
Lauren Marie Ogrich 85255, NYDermatology1386061257
Richard Lawrence Torbeck 11040, NYDermatology1700229283
Caren Droesch 02481, NYDermatology1396193777
Christiane Querfeld 91010, NYDermatology1467772533
Elizabeth Jessica Ranelli 10011, NYDermatology1952924839
Syril Keena Que 46290, NYDermatology1053672014
Emmanuel Loucas 33414, NYDermatology1427050160
Nayoung Lee 10017, NYDermatology1659791069
Bobby Buka, M.d., P.c. 10038, NYDermatology1134349954
Michael Ong Nguyen 92697, NYDermatology1174028138
Manhattan Gastroenterology P.c. 10011, NYDermatology1922396472
Nicholas Soter 10016, NYDermatology1366431306
Daniel Gutierrez 10017, NYDermatology1720440944
Darice Williams Fadeyi 10016, NYDermatology1427280544
Francis W. Iacobellis 10065, NYDermatology1386620631
Laju M Mathew 10022, NYDermatology1235438466
Mary Matina Valinotti 11706, NYDermatology1568018588
Ankit Gor 05401, NYDermatology1790196525
Four Seasons Dermatology Llc 05446, NYDermatology1790737393
Chin Hung Ho 13617, NYDermatology1831534452
Jay F Schechter 13676, NYDermatology1740353473
Lasha Jaiani 12524, NYDermatology1538289988
Olga Gaskins 12524, NYDermatology1114335171
Shelly Rivas 11042, NYDermatology1477999886
Christopher Tracy Richardson 14642, NYDermatology1245573575
Manasi Kadam Ladrigan 14534, NYDermatology1366457814
Julia Hobson Barker 05401, NYDermatology1427442615
William Sipprell 14564, NYDermatology1699182881
Margaret Alise Curry 14625, NYDermatology1528067683
Sherrif F Ibrahim 14564, NYDermatology1508975731
Jill Katherine Wieser 44106, NYDermatology1902398779
Jeremy A. Brauer, Md Pc 10028, NYDermatology1417451865
Nicola Ann Quatrano 10549, NYDermatology1154663458
Allison Jean Potolski 12009, NYDermatology1730738626
Elen Blochin 10016, NYDermatology1316102999
Anagha Bangalore Kumar 55905, NYDermatology1295390342
Michael Xiong 29572, NYDermatology1245627439
Madhavi Menon 13057, NYDermatology1538278338
Jasmine Ahmadi 13057, NYDermatology1518141613
Eric Sorenson 11530, NYDermatology1174918973
White Plains Medical Services, P.c. 10528, NYDermatology1003355207
Andrew Spiros Dorizas 33176, NYDermatology1336506260
Peter Charles Lombardo 10022, NYDermatology1487657771
Martin H Brownstein 11050, NYDermatology1386646693
Lynn Silverstein 11797, NYDermatology1942202262
Mazin A Dhafir 14224, NYDermatology1285639518
Carole Lynne Shear 10021, NYDermatology1578568887
Antoinette Plocek Notaro 11952, NYDermatology1922003920
Monica Barbara Schadlow 10017, NYDermatology1447255427
Advanced Dermatology Of New York Pc 10019, NYDermatology1083610521
Robert W. Scott 14701, NYDermatology1750387213
Anthony S Dee 14031, NYDermatology1699771832
Lawrence D Jaeger 10019, NYDermatology1093711897
Advanced Dermatology Of New York Pc 10475, NYDermatology1518964923
William Kenneth Stern 10956, NYDermatology1912904392
Daniel Robert Foitl 10022, NYDermatology1861499147
Cornelie M. Jones 14075, NYDermatology1699772913
Douglas D Altchek 10021, NYDermatology1366449340
David Eric Biro 11209, NYDermatology1265439129
Brummitte Dale Wilson 14075, NYDermatology1245237288
Tara Kaufmann 11733, NYDermatology1811994627
Russell W Cohen 11572, NYDermatology1538167242
Barrett Eisenstat 11572, NYDermatology1285631176
Craig Kornreich 11572, NYDermatology1336146232
Eve Lowenstein 11572, NYDermatology1003813916
Peter Santalucia 14075, NYDermatology1578561247
Elizabeth Robbins Rosenthal 10543, NYDermatology1336147826
Sammy Hutman 10950, NYDermatology1881692481
Michael Cohen 11572, NYDermatology1275531857
Joseph G. Tuchman 10950, NYDermatology1790783397
Steven Wolinsky 10950, NYDermatology1982602405
Thomas Meola 10016, NYDermatology1982602413
N Orentreich & D Orentreich Ptr 10021, NYDermatology1972501351
Catherine Orentreich 10021, NYDermatology1295733673
David Scott Orentreich 10021, NYDermatology1235137449
Michael A Kalman 10021, NYDermatology1811995194
Theta S Pattison 12009, NYDermatology1841298510


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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