Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard I Ecker 97128, ORDermatology1881697787
Francesco D'alessandro 97601, ORDermatology1457354136
Bernard A Gasch 97225, ORDermatology1407851363
John A Kazmierowski 98686, ORDermatology1023013984
Beata L Rydzik 97225, ORDermatology1457357576
Richard Boyd Phipps 97030, ORDermatology1376541995
Diane Romayne Baker 97223, ORDermatology1083613913
Jill M Olinger 97702, ORDermatology1396745303
Bert G Tavelli 97210, ORDermatology1013918978
Debbie L Miller 97210, ORDermatology1205838075
Robert Frank Bell 97225, ORDermatology1902898703
James Frederick Kitterman 97401, ORDermatology1700879616
Kyle M Van De Graaff 97330, ORDermatology1770577025
Susan Tobey Denman 97006, ORDermatology1700871803
Judith Redd 97504, ORDermatology1104814151
Edgar Maeyens 97420, ORDermatology1871574947
Julia Ho Obadiah 97227, ORDermatology1326020561
Stephanie J Mengden Koon 97223, ORDermatology1780667527
Sandhya V Koppula 97006, ORDermatology1962487231
Dawn S. Allison 97502, ORDermatology1841277241
Peter E Goodkin 97015, ORDermatology1225017288
Leslie Ann Carter 97702, ORDermatology1730168014
Stephen John Mannino 97205, ORDermatology1679553218
Tony S Clinton 97015, ORDermatology1982675690
Jay N Gade 97471, ORDermatology1447222724
Sandra Jones Wu 97401, ORDermatology1578535662
David Michael Adelson 97239, ORDermatology1861465247
Marla Ross 97223, ORDermatology1881667947
Scott A.b. Collins 97223, ORDermatology1780658013
Gregory Charles Richterich 97401, ORDermatology1316911274
Bend Dermatology Clinic Llc 97701, ORDermatology1649244393
Rebecca A. Bremner 97209, ORDermatology1801862099
Michael J Adler 97209, ORDermatology1275509457
Barbara E. Resnick 97209, ORDermatology1750357943
Shobha N. Jetmalani 97224, ORDermatology1407822687
Jay Y Park 97401, ORDermatology1023086857
Adriana M. Brune 97330, ORDermatology1699743062
Stephen N Snow 97227, ORDermatology1205805405
Eric L Hanson 97212, ORDermatology1740259035
David Mark Trask 97504, ORDermatology1174592349
Cynthia A Dreyer Md Pc 97401, ORDermatology1154382570
Dermatology Clinic Pc 97301, ORDermatology1831150846
Samuel J Denton 97301, ORDermatology1881656387
Michael E Goodenberger 97301, ORDermatology1205898707
Larry Len Peterson 97035, ORDermatology1043273907
Russell John Young 97302, ORDermatology1144285529
Nicole M Fett 97239, ORDermatology1184682437
Wallace H Knapp 97330, ORDermatology1972553220
Rogue Valley Dermatology, Llc 97504, ORDermatology1154371284
Dawn S. Allison, Md, Pc 97702, ORDermatology1366492530
Shashi K Srinivasan 97301, ORDermatology1992755813
Allergy Asthma & Dermatology Associates Pc 97209, ORDermatology1801849849
Thomas V Kruse 97302, ORDermatology1003862285
Stanley J Cyran 97213, ORDermatology1083653653
Diane L Baird 97401, ORDermatology1891734448
Jessica N Mehta 97224, ORDermatology1346289923
Mark A Hall 97702, ORDermatology1609815166
Reza Kafi 97225, ORDermatology1891737201
Patricia M. O'hare 97321, ORDermatology1821030693
Deborah D Huebbe Youhn 97213, ORDermatology1063448553
Michelle D Bonta 97225, ORDermatology1265468615
Patricia Lynn Norris 97210, ORDermatology1306873203
David F Young 97526, ORDermatology1679501860
Northwest Dermatology & Laser Clinic Pc 97210, ORDermatology1376571364
Leslie A. Carter M.d., Llc 97702, ORDermatology1962431627
Douglas K Zirker 97701, ORDermatology1982629713
Keith H Swenson 97213, ORDermatology1679599757
Kristin R Stevens 97225, ORDermatology1689690737
Lisa S Turner 97225, ORDermatology1093731093
Denise Ann Burke 97504, ORDermatology1184640815
William J Delgado 97701, ORDermatology1184643249
Klaus Bernhard Jade 98506, ORDermatology1912927815
Barry Michael Austin 97035, ORDermatology1447271879
Julee K. Richards 97471, ORDermatology1467475137
Larry Lee Guerin 97213, ORDermatology1316961287
Lynne Hubbell Morrison 97239, ORDermatology1174538664
Frances Judy Storrs 97239, ORDermatology1083629596
Anna Alexandra Bar 97239, ORDermatology1326053836
Alfons Lucian Krol 97239, ORDermatology1720093248
Trenton John Spolar 97058, ORDermatology1013923572
Neil Axel Swanson 97239, ORDermatology1831105394
Clifton Robert White 97239, ORDermatology1568478022
Andrew Blauvelt 97223, ORDermatology1932115425
Eric Lawrence Simpson 97239, ORDermatology1972511426
Jon Michael Hanifin 97239, ORDermatology1336157882
Portland Clinic 97205, ORDermatology1558379099
Jonathan Stuart Alexander 97209, ORDermatology1942218276
Franklin Parker 97239, ORDermatology1679581144
Gerald E Peters 97701, ORDermatology1891703021
Ken Kyung-hoon Lee 97209, ORDermatology1407864937
Kenneth Myungdei Kang 97015, ORDermatology1760495980
Luis Emilio Scheker 97225, ORDermatology1740293158
Susan Danielle Gass 97124, ORDermatology1184738122
Clark Edmund Sisk 97227, ORDermatology1154436830
Constance F Shadwick 97227, ORDermatology1649385295
Kathryn Schwarzenberger 97239, ORDermatology1245349190
Margaret A Hewitt 97035, ORDermatology1063521219
Bert J Mackaman 97309, ORDermatology1619070521
Erin J Allen 97213, ORDermatology1346344611
Consultants In Dermatology Llc 97058, ORDermatology1396849857
Maeran Landers 97062, ORDermatology1609972215
James Michael Hoesly 97701, ORDermatology1285730309
Troy K Richey 97477, ORDermatology1457458192
Luke B Sloan 97031, ORDermatology1598862542
Troy Richey Md Pc 97477, ORDermatology1467559286
Advanced Dermatology Of Oregon Pc 97062, ORDermatology1215035332
Parwathi Vasudeva Paniker 97227, ORDermatology1396845814
Timothy M. Brown, M.d., P.c. 97233, ORDermatology1295836765
Timothy Mather Brown 97233, ORDermatology1417058082
Janelle Marie Rohrback 97006, ORDermatology1699868489
Willamette Community Medical Group Llc 97401, ORDermatology1073607099
Susan Elise Koch 97015, ORDermatology1912092693
Matthew G Basco 97015, ORDermatology1386732923
John M Carrington 97801, ORDermatology1538257589
Jennifer W Childers 97504, ORDermatology1265515563
Thomas V Kruse, M.d., P.c. 97302, ORDermatology1649354929
Kevin Patrick White 97239, ORDermatology1447329719
Abigail Lee Haberman 97330, ORDermatology1255401063
William Scott Serrill 97321, ORDermatology1174698591
Eric J Hester 97223, ORDermatology1295800860
Edward G. Atkin 97123, ORDermatology1013082213
Clytie S Rimberg 97213, ORDermatology1477620029
Kathleen Beverly Elmer 98003, ORDermatology1992863518
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of The Northwest 97232, ORDermatology1184786527
Sissel M Kjelstrup 97210, ORDermatology1881759132
Julee Richards Md Pc 97471, ORDermatology1891850814
Andrew E Pitt 97035, ORDermatology1275699118
Diane L Baird Md Pc 97401, ORDermatology1750447546
Kyle Leland Horner 97355, ORDermatology1528124195
Larry Guerin Md 97213, ORDermatology1376609875
Eric G Olson, Md 97477, ORDermatology1407912611
Janet L. Roberts 97210, ORDermatology1114078763
Bend Memorial Clinic Pc 97701, ORDermatology1699827477
Timothy Maccurdy 97504, ORDermatology1306999156
Matthew Charles Mcclelland 97224, ORDermatology1346394954
Dermatology And Laser Associates Of Medford 97504, ORDermatology1336294321
Joseph Michael Obadiah 97213, ORDermatology1699818120
Renee Mclean Chang 97209, ORDermatology1942344973
Claudia P Taylor 97232, ORDermatology1356485114
Sarah Baca 97068, ORDermatology1902260425
Paul A Klas 97062, ORDermatology1508999152
Oliver Jayme Wisco 97701, ORDermatology1164545166
Charlotte Leslie Tsai 97227, ORDermatology1427271170
Tracy Funk 97239, ORDermatology1053536268
Providence Health & Services Washington 98501, ORDermatology1174744304
Mary Lyons 97005, ORDermatology1659593481
James Edward Weiss 84107, ORDermatology1275745838
Eric Hunter Kilber 97005, ORDermatology1336352087
Stephanie Alice Trautman 97701, ORDermatology1275744971
Robert Samuel Hopkins 97209, ORDermatology1407058654
Richard I. Ecker 97128, ORDermatology1700081742
Peter E. Goodkin, M.d., P.c. 97015, ORDermatology1396941530
Providence Health & Services Oregon 97213, ORDermatology1891992624
Joshua Stafford May 97701, ORDermatology1538366240
Chong Wee Foo 97401, ORDermatology1588861058
Paul D. Reicherter, Md, Pc 97471, ORDermatology1407055437
Tatyana Evgenieva Shaw 97209, ORDermatology1578762068
Joel A. James 97303, ORDermatology1497954937
Sabra Lofgren Leitenberger 97239, ORDermatology1528250727
Heh Shin Racher Kwak 97224, ORDermatology1174715924
William Lear 97302, ORDermatology1558553115
Robert Bickford Amon 97201, ORDermatology1427243591
Denise A. Burke M.d. P.c. 97504, ORDermatology1588851901
Jay N. Gade, Md, Phd, Pc 97470, ORDermatology1255520383
Lake Oswego Dermatology Group, Pc 97035, ORDermatology1710167689
Hood River Dermatology, Inc 97031, ORDermatology1962683839
Richard E Otoski Md Pc 97601, ORDermatology1750563813
Cynthia A Dreyer 97401, ORDermatology1407038342
Center For Dermatology And Laser Surgery Pc 97225, ORDermatology1578746368
Angela Kathryn Bohlke 97302, ORDermatology1649453390
James W Baker Md Llc 97223, ORDermatology1225207178
Eastern Or Dermatology 97801, ORDermatology1417128984
Nisha Shah Desai 97210, ORDermatology1265605984
Farnaz Dana Fakhari 97068, ORDermatology1396910451
Stacy Nicole Reed 97225, ORDermatology1285891168
Alex G. Ortega Loayza 97239, ORDermatology1790946903
Justin John Leitenberger 97239, ORDermatology1508027616
Omar N Qutub 97209, ORDermatology1124280540
Jill M Moore 97210, ORDermatology1922260413
Bend Memorial Clinic Pc 97701, ORDermatology1780846501
Silver Falls Dermatology, Llc 97302, ORDermatology1134375421
Providence Health & Services Wa 98208, ORDermatology1912158023
Northwest Permanente, P.c. 97232, ORDermatology1023261286
Dermatology Clinic Of Springfield 97477, ORDermatology1437302452
Jay Y Park Md, Pc 97401, ORDermatology1558515494
Karen Ellen Minzer-conzetti 97212, ORDermatology1508010372
Mahrukh Nisar 97477, ORDermatology1306283411
Amy Swerdlin Frankel 97213, ORDermatology1427293208
Samuel Fritz Bremmer 97239, ORDermatology1053553321
Rajan P Kulkarni 97239, ORDermatology1902040777
Kristin Jayne Neuhaus 97701, ORDermatology1427282383
Amanda J Pickert 97003, ORDermatology1922232255
Jo M Martin 97015, ORDermatology1013142116
Paul Jeffrey Aanderud 97015, ORDermatology1255569273
Brune Dermatology, Llc 97330, ORDermatology1093037210
Melinda Cushing Riter 97239, ORDermatology1699090092
Pamela Morganroth Scherer 97230, ORDermatology1508186297
Kaylan Lawson Weese 97471, ORDermatology1134449366
Brandon Max Markus 97302, ORDermatology1134440365
Preston Wyatt Chadwick 97301, ORDermatology1689985830


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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