Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Leyre Ainara Falto Aizpurua 00682, PRDermatology1073907242
Abimael Rivera-cruz 00612, PRDermatology1588839765
Clinica Las Americas Guaynabo, Inc 00959, PRDermatology1326096058
Diana Carolina Valentin Colon 00936, PRDermatology1194069336
Noelani Gonzalez Ortiz 00674, PRDermatology1255607222
Nicole M Rochet 33021, PRDermatology1114361730
Dvc Dermatology Psc 00966, PRDermatology1619490448
Mariana Cruz Manzano 00727, PRDermatology1760821565
Deyson Lorenzo-rios 00921, PRDermatology1861856551
Rocio Marie Cardona Munoz 00982, PRDermatology1003261280
Teladoc Health Medical Group Puerto Rico, Pc 75057, PRDermatology1154901684
Osward Yadiel Carrasquillo Gonzalez 27516, PRDermatology1336535855
Hector Ignacio Maldonado 00969, PRDermatology1417951955
Norma Ursa Alonso 00917, PRDermatology1235136466
Roberto Luis Davila-depedro 00918, PRDermatology1538154315
Miguel Vazquez Botet 00918, PRDermatology1588651442
Ricardo Javier Rodriguez-perales 00969, PRDermatology1306834098
Armando J Guardiola 00680, PRDermatology1447245121
Maria A Padilla-bruno 00961, PRDermatology1295729101
Rafael Federico Martin Garcia 00907, PRDermatology1942299375
Pablo Ivan Almodovar 00909, PRDermatology1124017488
Rafael Ernesto Martin 00967, PRDermatology1609865807
David Latoni-cabanillas 00680, PRDermatology1003897331
Maria Lourdes Betancourt-pineiro 00921, PRDermatology1285616516
Aida L Quintero Noriega 00674, PRDermatology1003898818
Hiram Antonio Ruiz Santiago 00959, PRDermatology1447249768
Rafael Velez 00683, PRDermatology1659354157
Aurea L Delgado Rodriguez 00926, PRDermatology1649254657
Carmen Liliana Cruz 00988, PRDermatology1366420960
Carmen M Sanmiguel 00961, PRDermatology1730167214
Centro Dermatologico San Pablo, Psc 00959, PRDermatology1194704882
Luis J Ortiz-espinosa 00983, PRDermatology1053390732
Luz D. Figueroa - Guzman 00725, PRDermatology1144205717
Anibal Rivera Fernandez 00960, PRDermatology1891767851
Lizette Chabrier 00968, PRDermatology1942274519
Centro Dermatologico Arecibo 00918, PRDermatology1821062498
Isabel Banuchi 00918, PRDermatology1295709442
Roberto E Alfonso 00907, PRDermatology1528035649
Ana L Colon De Jimenez 00918, PRDermatology1457329351
Edil Gonzalez Rios 00918, PRDermatology1285602102
Loyda Sofia Torres-berrios 00960, PRDermatology1912975624
Jaime R Villa Colon 00717, PRDermatology1174591861
Pedro Vendrell 00717, PRDermatology1306818638
Jose Ramon Gonzalez Chavez 00909, PRDermatology1619930682
William Feliciano 00959, PRDermatology1013971712
Francisco Colon - Fontanez 00912, PRDermatology1811951353
Fernando M Calero 00603, PRDermatology1588629281
Edgardo Rodriguez Vallecillo 00907, PRDermatology1235197765
Nestor Sanchez Colon 00705, PRDermatology1497716609
Nidia Camacho Padilla 00646, PRDermatology1114972544
Lymarie I Aguila Gonzalez 00674, PRDermatology1598705287
Maria I Martinez Colon 00919, PRDermatology1073554390
Alexander Lugo 00918, PRDermatology1750323895
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00936, PRDermatology1295760676
Jose A. Hernandez 00907, PRDermatology1689692675
Jose A Rabelo 00725, PRDermatology1073533220
Reinaldo Rosario Guardiola 00918, PRDermatology1043234941
Univ Central Del Caribe 00960, PRDermatology1861403487
Hiram Antonio Ruiz 00612, PRDermatology1164433595
Cesar Antonio Quinones 00918, PRDermatology1336253269
Jerry Charles Charneco 00791, PRDermatology1073628491
Gilberto A Solivan Acosta 00926, PRDermatology1053427443
Alma M Cruz Santana 00985, PRDermatology1447364716
Damaris Torres Paoli 00921, PRDermatology1922101260
Hector M Hernandez Alvarez 00909, PRDermatology1023112141
Candido R. Torres 00909, PRDermatology1215032776
Maria A Maymi Soto 00646, PRDermatology1144390063
Rocio C Mandry-pagan 00966, PRDermatology1033277892
Oliva E Benmaman 00918, PRDermatology1790845402
Doris N Molina 00923, PRDermatology1346395647
Pl Derma Psc 00918, PRDermatology1760522114
David G Latoni Maldonado 00909, PRDermatology1609911213
Samuel Sanchez Rivera 00727, PRDermatology1154543221
Amarylis Rosado Rodriguez 00783, PRDermatology1780896662
Frances Marie Hernandez 00917, PRDermatology1073716122
Hildamari Justiniano Garcia 00683, PRDermatology1083818009
Sheila M Valentin Nogueras 00983, PRDermatology1841490349
Dr Samuel Sanchez Psc 00727, PRDermatology1629278072
Alexander Lugo Janer Psc 00918, PRDermatology1841483476
Collazo Castro Dermatology Clinics Psc 00674, PRDermatology1366613796
Luz Magali Pena 00901, PRDermatology1013182211
Garcia cardona Dermatology Associates Psc 00738, PRDermatology1912169814
Elena M Nogales Perez 00983, PRDermatology1003079757
Adisbeth Morales Burgos 00917, PRDermatology1447458765
Jaime Villa Colon, C.s.p. 00717, PRDermatology1982887931
Rachelle E. Seijo 00725, PRDermatology1548417454
Dr Amarylis Rosado And Associates Inc 00783, PRDermatology1770733149
Eneida Maria De La Torre - Lugo 00959, PRDermatology1467603027
Elena M Montalvan Miro 00936, PRDermatology1922231919
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00935, PRDermatology1952627648
Skin Care Specialists Inc 00716, PRDermatology1447563960
Universidad De Puerto Rico De Cayey 00736, PRDermatology1306112792
Rogelio Mercado-seda 00680, PRDermatology1427359157
Lilliana Maria Ramirez Garcia 00917, PRDermatology1982937918
Amilcar Gabriel Rodriguez Melendez 00717, PRDermatology1174817449
Joanna M Busquets Ferriol 00901, PRDermatology1457585465
Rosbel Gonzalez Rivera 00961, PRDermatology1003124728
Mb Dermatology, Psc 00968, PRDermatology1386903573
Puerto Rico Dermatopathology Laboratory Inc 00918, PRDermatology1033462403
Dermasalud, P.s.c. 00959, PRDermatology1598019853
Sanchez Dermatopathology 00918, PRDermatology1023362357
Centro Dermatologico Del Este Dra Elena Nogales Psc 00738, PRDermatology1538592886
Dra Valenie Rivera Roig Psc 00716, PRDermatology1124430467
Jim Rodriguez 00795, PRDermatology1164814034
Hilda Justiniano Md, P.s.c. 00682, PRDermatology1821330705
Cortes Dermatology & Internal Medicine Pc 00603, PRDermatology1558765446
Banucci Institute 00918, PRDermatology1174657340
Advancedermatology And Skin Cancer Center, Psc 00983, PRDermatology1548501950
Mercado Dermatology Llc 00680, PRDermatology1528432903
Michelle Collazo Castro 00674, PRDermatology1669666137
Maria Milan 00968, PRDermatology1164601159
Dra Lilliana Ramirez Garcia P.s.c. 00917, PRDermatology1407223308
Oscar William Nevarez-pomales 00613, PRDermatology1629496534
Julia Schwartz 00646, PRDermatology1962842518
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00935, PRDermatology1396935672
Nicole Sofia Carvajal 00725, PRDermatology1952664807
Futucare, Llc 00968, PRDermatology1457712036
Am Skin Surgery Psc 00917, PRDermatology1487105284
Medical Specialists Services P.s.c. 00717, PRDermatology1225575434
Arc Dermatology Inc. 00979, PRDermatology1164871463
Rg Dermatology 00961, PRDermatology1801316039
Aileen E Santos-arroyo 00918, PRDermatology1578821484
Southern Dermatology Psc 00717, PRDermatology1811460017
Julio E Sanchez-pont 00918, PRDermatology1659380681
Dermgroup Llc 00716, PRDermatology1790337582
Jorge L Sanchez-colon 00918, PRDermatology1609849280
Gil Y Cortes 00603, PRDermatology1245320308
Dermatology And Mohs Surgery Associates Llc 00918, PRDermatology1124689831
Nicole Melissa Candelario Gonzalez 00725, PRDermatology1215243829
Nugen Labs, Llc 00705, PRDermatology1205457934
Ocg Dermatology Llc 00918, PRDermatology1053937151
Rc Dermatology Llc 00982, PRDermatology1275150179
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00984, PRDermatology1649342924
Caparra Dermatology Center 00966, PRDermatology1518010479
Puva tek 00921, PRDermatology1518003276
Carla Nicole Cruz-diaz 00983, PRDermatology1467710277
Alfredo Julian Bou Prieto 00959, PRDermatology1285049635
Julian O Barrera Llaurador 00921, PRDermatology1922466325
Diana V Rodriguez Rivera 00921, PRDermatology1902209612


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