Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steve Leroy Peterson 37604, TNDermatology1306849500
George Beverly Winton 37604, TNDermatology1447253653
Robert John Clemons 37604, TNDermatology1861495012
Donald Eugene Clemons 37604, TNDermatology1104829308
Paul Michael Benson 37604, TNDermatology1982607180
Dolores J Lucas 37055, TNDermatology1992708077
Anna S Clayton 37232, TNDermatology1326041922
Dana L Latour 37067, TNDermatology1477552263
Shelley F Franklin 37067, TNDermatology1558360347
Paul A Latour 37067, TNDermatology1619976412
Charity F Mcconnell 37067, TNDermatology1467451740
James Joseph Szabo 38305, TNDermatology1497754600
Franklin Dermatology Group, Plc 37067, TNDermatology1952303539
Jill C Fichtel 37027, TNDermatology1154323749
Lana Beth Goodman 37421, TNDermatology1528509825
Ut Medical Group Inc 38104, TNDermatology1780676650
Robert Lewis Jackson 38120, TNDermatology1720072200
Lawrence H Reid 37745, TNDermatology1699760017
Colleen Nobuko Shimazu 37801, TNDermatology1427043801
Jackson Clinic Pa 38305, TNDermatology1285629386
Holly Clowers 38305, TNDermatology1689669673
Stuart S Leicht 37604, TNDermatology1013902907
Sharon E Albers 37232, TNDermatology1386639938
Kendall Anne Morrison 38555, TNDermatology1427044320
Howard L Salyer 37203, TNDermatology1558357277
Charles Franklin Safley 38111, TNDermatology1831185677
Barbara T Keyes 37203, TNDermatology1427044148
Charles Austin Mitchell 37087, TNDermatology1063409845
Patrick Henry Burkhart 37804, TNDermatology1275521676
Albert Kattine 37129, TNDermatology1881682011
Carolina M Montes 38138, TNDermatology1861480980
Michael Anthony Schneider 38138, TNDermatology1801885629
Mary Ashley Churchwell 38138, TNDermatology1144219965
Luella Grigg Churchwell 38138, TNDermatology1659360352
Timothy Lee Gardner 37604, TNDermatology1861482465
Heidi K Rand 37203, TNDermatology1245221985
James Richard Risney 37604, TNDermatology1639160815
Larry David Hudson 37604, TNDermatology1679564835
Alvin H. Meyer 37076, TNDermatology1215918321
Nicole Marie Soto 37701, TNDermatology1952383226
Charles Burkhead Herron 38242, TNDermatology1528040672
John Q Binhlam Mdpc 37027, TNDermatology1124001466
Julie M Pena 37067, TNDermatology1184608416
Conrad L Brimhall 37814, TNDermatology1598740532
Brent E Pennington 37212, TNDermatology1881670719
Edward John Primka 37917, TNDermatology1134105919
George C Keough 37922, TNDermatology1942286729
Jason B Robbins 37212, TNDermatology1306822234
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TNDermatology1013994722
Christopher Drew Claudel 37072, TNDermatology1053398446
Keith H Loven 37072, TNDermatology1235116518
William John Schermer 37620, TNDermatology1467430231
Joni Glavan Sago 37660, TNDermatology1932187200
Carri Beth Homoky 37660, TNDermatology1588642946
Russell David Mader 37660, TNDermatology1871571182
James P Rash 37660, TNDermatology1306824610
Marc Alan Darst 28277, TNDermatology1144208158
Dan Alexander Dunaway 38119, TNDermatology1295705176
Pathology Associates Of St. Thomas 37205, TNDermatology1073585774
Rex Allen Amonette 38104, TNDermatology1275506404
Raymond Jason Wesley 37075, TNDermatology1730152059
John Harvey Gardner 38104, TNDermatology1669445276
Memphis Dermatology Clinic Pa 38104, TNDermatology1366416653
Lisa M Whiteaker 38501, TNDermatology1306811427
Elizabeth Brittian Anderson 37919, TNDermatology1073589925
Cynthia Kang-rotondo 37917, TNDermatology1952377814
Sophia Joellyn Hendrick 37919, TNDermatology1396711248
Frances Beard 38104, TNDermatology1770550659
Frank Glover Witherspoon 38104, TNDermatology1558338376
Robin H Friedman-musicante 38104, TNDermatology1700853520
Lee Allen 38104, TNDermatology1235106055
Amy A Huber 38104, TNDermatology1215904602
John D Huber 38104, TNDermatology1760459069
Maria C Mariencheck 38305, TNDermatology1659348746
Robert J Kaplan 38119, TNDermatology1750359543
Robert J & Bertram D Kaplan Mds Pa 72301, TNDermatology1780652537
Thomas Paul Chu 38018, TNDermatology1851369391
Donald A Sharp 37830, TNDermatology1780652230
Judy Y Hu 37087, TNDermatology1205897840
Claude Clinton Frazier 37919, TNDermatology1710949508
Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Of Tullahoma Pc 37388, TNDermatology1881658243
George I Kurita 37043, TNDermatology1659335750
Maureen Poh 38132, TNDermatology1093771552
Ronnie D Rasberry 38132, TNDermatology1720044282
Susan E Freeberg 37923, TNDermatology1932165370
Ravi R. Ubriani 37076, TNDermatology1255398244
Robert B Skinner 38132, TNDermatology1093772048
Richard Scott Hall 38501, TNDermatology1952368870
Richard Harold Gentry 38501, TNDermatology1245297019
Charles I Huddleston 37922, TNDermatology1518925825
Lee B Dittrich 37922, TNDermatology1316905862
Lawrence L Bushkell 37922, TNDermatology1376501544
Matthew C Hanggi 37922, TNDermatology1043278336
Toivo E Rist 37917, TNDermatology1457309205
Maria F Rueda 37865, TNDermatology1457300725
Janet Lyon Knight 38119, TNDermatology1942250915
Medical Education Assistance Corporation 37604, TNDermatology1235180480
William P Teer 38305, TNDermatology1720039423
David Harvey Horowitz 37203, TNDermatology1225089097
Medical Specialty Clinic P.c. 38301, TNDermatology1104877703
Tony L Meyers 37922, TNDermatology1427000462
Robert M Jones 38305, TNDermatology1295788461
Matthew C Wilks 37917, TNDermatology1023062569
Amanda Wilks 37917, TNDermatology1265486484
Nashville Skin And Cancer, Plc 37212, TNDermatology1497700231
The Allergy & Asthma Group P.c. 37421, TNDermatology1730134180
Matthew Brent Doppelt 37922, TNDermatology1306891494
Kevin Carter Blanton 37917, TNDermatology1659318764
Kevin Blazer 37917, TNDermatology1861439648
Michael D Zanolli 37205, TNDermatology1861431603
Jennifer Dempsey Martin 37212, TNDermatology1114967023
Dermatology Associates Of Kingsport, P.c. 37660, TNDermatology1487695862
Chadwick J Thomas 37660, TNDermatology1457395840
Blount Memorial Physician Group, Inc. 37804, TNDermatology1699710194
Knoxville Dermatology Group Pc 37922, TNDermatology1760419014
East Tennessee Medical Group, Pc 37701, TNDermatology1942238902
Eva R Parker 37067, TNDermatology1023047792
Carla T Lee 37203, TNDermatology1285664623
Malika Tuli 38134, TNDermatology1659303444
James E Turner Md Phd Pc 38134, TNDermatology1720011679
James E Turner 38134, TNDermatology1528083706
Ronald Andrew Nelson 37130, TNDermatology1760407944
Wesley King Galen 37403, TNDermatology1326073974
Vanderbilt University 37215, TNDermatology1235154972
Dermatology Associates Of Knoxville, Pc 37917, TNDermatology1407873284
Kenneth R. Maloney 38301, TNDermatology1609893296
Elizabeth Ann Evers 37221, TNDermatology1861412405
Alan Stuart Boyd 37232, TNDermatology1235159468
Heritage Medical Associates Pc 37203, TNDermatology1548284060
George I. Kurita Jr Md Pc 37043, TNDermatology1669486585
Adam W Baker 38138, TNDermatology1316955578
Galen Medical Group, Pc 37343, TNDermatology1346250057
John Alan Zic 37204, TNDermatology1942210877
Advanced Dermatology Of East Tennessee, P.c. 37803, TNDermatology1033121157
Carla R Retief 37215, TNDermatology1679585822
John Matthew Hardin 37215, TNDermatology1417969551
Lewis David Slawsky 37803, TNDermatology1497767529
Sterling Ruffin Craig 38305, TNDermatology1215940937
Forrest K Busch 38024, TNDermatology1063425791
Henry King Butler 37130, TNDermatology1669485652
Purvisha J Patel 38138, TNDermatology1174637433
Dermatology Group Pc 38119, TNDermatology1992811277
Karin Marie Covi 37343, TNDermatology1831200534
Lisa Bertina Carroll 37343, TNDermatology1649381344
Charles Rodney Susong 37343, TNDermatology1851402556
Sharon A Brown 37343, TNDermatology1710098413
Mark Harris Tanenbaum 38117, TNDermatology1093817298
Suparna Mullick 38139, TNDermatology1366547713
Maria Isabel Colome 37211, TNDermatology1033214689
Alan Harris Tanenbaum 38117, TNDermatology1114023611
Lynn M Foley 38138, TNDermatology1407952559
George Stricklin 37232, TNDermatology1710085667
Jami Lyn Miller 37204, TNDermatology1265530117
Samuel L Banks 37421, TNDermatology1801995329
Thomas Stasko 37232, TNDermatology1669571097
Richard Bartholomew Gibbs 38104, TNDermatology1306937891
Michael L Smith 37215, TNDermatology1730271149
Michel Mcdonald 37232, TNDermatology1316039738
Saundrett Arrindell 37232, TNDermatology1922190339
Darrel Lynn Ellis 37204, TNDermatology1821180258
Chattanooga Skin & Cancer Clinic 37421, TNDermatology1447343694
Joey S Price 37087, TNDermatology1124111257
Jeffrey Byers 37232, TNDermatology1073606000
Julie M Countess 37087, TNDermatology1720171796
Willamette Community Medical Group Llc 97401, TNDermatology1073607099
Brent Moody 37203, TNDermatology1457448599
Patrick Burnett 37232, TNDermatology1225125347
Jo-david Fine 37232, TNDermatology1861589988
Tricities Skin And Cancer 37604, TNDermatology1295824415
Sandra Gass 37917, TNDermatology1073693206
C Rodney Susong Md Pc 37343, TNDermatology1073693016
Robert Carl Griffith 37919, TNDermatology1689758138
S Kathleen Clark 37130, TNDermatology1174608137
F Hall Reynolds 37421, TNDermatology1972689164
Robert P Unkefer 37701, TNDermatology1861579989
Clay Mitchell Pickard 37403, TNDermatology1396823142
Michael Lee 37027, TNDermatology1285703421
Maria C Arzubiaga 37129, TNDermatology1225117476
Petra Milde 37027, TNDermatology1518046796
Dermatolgy & Dermatologic Surgery Pc 37604, TNDermatology1427128511
Lawrence H Reid Md Pc 37745, TNDermatology1477624336
Diane Marie Donohue 38654, TNDermatology1093888661
Robert Joseph Trautman 38119, TNDermatology1629140223
Dermatology Specialists Pllc 37917, TNDermatology1770641268
Martin T Rayburn 38401, TNDermatology1144381450
Charles A. Mitchell 37087, TNDermatology1861555419
Charles Edward Goodman 37130, TNDermatology1801951439
Don Charles Harting 37311, TNDermatology1568528693
William Beasley Harwell 37203, TNDermatology1154478386
Thomas P. Chu, M.d., P.c. 38018, TNDermatology1689731028
Lorien Sites 37212, TNDermatology1578610390
Natalie Marie Curcio 37215, TNDermatology1124175096
Benjamin Hayes 37174, TNDermatology1003963976
Robert Chen 38464, TNDermatology1902953722
Beverly M Zak 37205, TNDermatology1396892253
Christopher Robb 37174, TNDermatology1114074093
Southeastern Dermatology Consultants, Pc 37920, TNDermatology1427109446
Ken T Takegami 37388, TNDermatology1932251873
Melissa Langley 37203, TNDermatology1679629612
John Q Binhlam 37027, TNDermatology1467596080


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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