Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cancer Healthcare Associates 78229, TXDermatology1548263346
Daniel Joseph Ladd 78731, TXDermatology1477556256
Charles William Doubleday 77027, TXDermatology1508869991
Kris Howard 79765, TXDermatology1740283019
Walter C. Anderson 78130, TXDermatology1982607230
Jack D Waller 79106, TXDermatology1710980057
Linda Jean Royall 78258, TXDermatology1023011723
Cloyce L. Stetson 79430, TXDermatology1730181017
Ernest Charlesworth 76903, TXDermatology1114921459
Toni Funicella 78750, TXDermatology1205830106
Jennie Ann Ozog Duffy 77030, TXDermatology1851395800
James Ray Bond 76051, TXDermatology1659375616
Diana Kim Nguyen 75082, TXDermatology1750385688
Larry C Roberts 79015, TXDermatology1578565859
Michael J. Wells 75093, TXDermatology1790787067
Keith Andrew Picou 78503, TXDermatology1881699270
Greg William Pearson 77024, TXDermatology1699779108
Healthtexas dallas Diagnostic Association 75093, TXDermatology1245235886
Denis L Beaudoing 75225, TXDermatology1558367037
Samuel Edwin Steinmetz 75231, TXDermatology1194721340
Healthtexas Provider Network dallas Diagnostic Association 75042, TXDermatology1255337275
Lawrence M. Joseph 77504, TXDermatology1649276692
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXDermatology1760488936
Epiphany Dermatology Of New Mexico, Llc 87111, TXDermatology1447615760
Wayne A Fagan 78411, TXDermatology1942206180
Leena Suresh Bhat 77074, TXDermatology1306843917
Leigh Ellen Eubanks 77056, TXDermatology1780681171
Suzanne Bruce 77056, TXDermatology1588661979
Edward Michael Mccarthy 79119, TXDermatology1902803976
Rebecca A. Mccarthy 79119, TXDermatology1770581464
Absolute Dermatology & Medi Spa, Pa 78613, TXDermatology1215934195
Lori F Honeycutt 78613, TXDermatology1568469443
Hector Lastra Franco 79925, TXDermatology1376540211
Jeanne A Paz 77598, TXDermatology1700884210
William Allen Gilmore 77701, TXDermatology1831197136
Lori D Stetler 75225, TXDermatology1235137357
Allison F Singer 75082, TXDermatology1720086846
Isaac Perez 75028, TXDermatology1962400937
Van Emmet Perry 78217, TXDermatology1669479366
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc 77025, TXDermatology1013915255
Leslie Jean Tenaro 77079, TXDermatology1548267081
David A Bushore 78759, TXDermatology1568461036
Samuel Adelman 78217, TXDermatology1578562872
Charles Samuel Stevens 78209, TXDermatology1982603171
Balcones Dermatology Associates, Pa 78759, TXDermatology1407855646
John F. Kaiser 78744, TXDermatology1508865668
Scott David Mcmenemy 77478, TXDermatology1528067618
Amarillo Dermatology, P.a. 79119, TXDermatology1619976685
Phillip James Eichhorn 75235, TXDermatology1881693885
Bradley Irwin Beckman 77024, TXDermatology1720088461
Lawrence B Meyerson 75061, TXDermatology1285634055
Ronald Jay Ressmann 78217, TXDermatology1871593335
Donald R Paek 76132, TXDermatology1902806482
Jay R Walther 78550, TXDermatology1245230655
Stephen Erik Gano 76012, TXDermatology1962402040
Adam J Czelusta 77450, TXDermatology1033110929
Katherine K Farady 78757, TXDermatology1174522791
Debra Lynn Chernosky 77027, TXDermatology1770583494
Baylor W Kurtis 77627, TXDermatology1366441610
Lester Fred Libow 78209, TXDermatology1245239425
Raymond L Garcia 75061, TXDermatology1417957630
Anh Van Nguyen 77375, TXDermatology1659372258
Charles Robert Gobert 78934, TXDermatology1629079199
Karen Leora Herman 79902, TXDermatology1386645752
Ashkan John Ghorbani 77504, TXDermatology1851392039
Linda J. Banta 78258, TXDermatology1144221359
Terry E. Williams 77598, TXDermatology1376545293
Janice R. Chang 77598, TXDermatology1659373579
Luat Q Nguyen 76015, TXDermatology1104828854
Robert M Jackson 78759, TXDermatology1649272311
Wendy C Magee 77504, TXDermatology1760484349
Elizabeth A Mullans 77098, TXDermatology1679575146
Richard B Swint 75462, TXDermatology1366434383
Thomas Duncan Nichols 77030, TXDermatology1134111347
Peter Simon Herman 79902, TXDermatology1669464285
Tricia J Brown 77070, TXDermatology1538151865
Kent Stuart Aftergut 75104, TXDermatology1922091016
Ming H Jih 77030, TXDermatology1083607766
Leonard H. Goldberg 77030, TXDermatology1023001708
Paul M. Friedman 77030, TXDermatology1962495648
Steven J Smith 77339, TXDermatology1881687457
Dermatological Association Of Texas, Pllc 77004, TXDermatology1306839816
Thomas D Griffin 19073, TXDermatology1336141373
Mushtaq Ahmad Khan 77478, TXDermatology1245232933
Leo Arnold Conger 76513, TXDermatology1588665772
Hans Michael Sander 78759, TXDermatology1285635813
Pablo Garza 77901, TXDermatology1013900497
Karen Ann Lund 75093, TXDermatology1225021645
Elizabeth Basler 77030, TXDermatology1689668394
Gary Edward Vaughn 77701, TXDermatology1053305771
Judy Sharon Jordan Thomas 78256, TXDermatology1851385439
Jaime F Recasens 77046, TXDermatology1659365195
Justin Wayne Clark 79410, TXDermatology1639164098
Richard H Hope 79410, TXDermatology1457346819
Calvin L. Day, Jr., M.d., P.a. 78229, TXDermatology1861487167
Wade Hamrick Smith 76033, TXDermatology1558357152
Robert Clark Terrill 75075, TXDermatology1902892367
Terry Vincent Pursley 76801, TXDermatology1962498824
Steven E Ritter 78253, TXDermatology1780670448
Scott C Duncan 78209, TXDermatology1952398612
Lucy Li 75034, TXDermatology1164419701
Iris Sandra Polinger 77477, TXDermatology1770570111
Mark S Wallis 75605, TXDermatology1861489049
Stephen Keith Tyring 77598, TXDermatology1245227263
Chris Wayne Crawford 75230, TXDermatology1447248281
Clara H. Henry 76210, TXDermatology1144218884
Jerald Louis Sklar 75230, TXDermatology1821086679
Aubrey Chad Hartmann, Md, Pa 78613, TXDermatology1144218900
Laura Lea Sears 75230, TXDermatology1942298708
Carmen Cecilia Casas 78413, TXDermatology1063400836
Matthew D Barrows Md Pa 75071, TXDermatology1699763490
Mary Elizabeth Fleischli 75230, TXDermatology1245228063
James Wilcox Mason 76712, TXDermatology1699763375
Eric Stephen Hollabaugh 75093, TXDermatology1497749824
Aubrey Chad Hartmann 78613, TXDermatology1194713933
Elsa Velazquez 02494, TXDermatology1043206527
Bart O Iddins 78236, TXDermatology1659365393
Joseph Roger Peterson 78006, TXDermatology1679561070
Jobey D Claborn 79347, TXDermatology1609864727
Byron L Limmer Md And Rachel L Limmer Md Pa 78232, TXDermatology1922097062
Bobby Lee Limmer 78232, TXDermatology1508855628
Richard L Devillez 78411, TXDermatology1720078660
James C Campbell 78550, TXDermatology1588654271
Stephen Lloyd Schwartz 78550, TXDermatology1457342412
Chad M Hivnor 78258, TXDermatology1477544476
Tracy Lee Biediger 78234, TXDermatology1639160468
Michael Bryant Stroud 76048, TXDermatology1215928767
Ross A Alexander 76904, TXDermatology1427039494
Charmaine F Browne 78501, TXDermatology1992786339
Michael T. Jarratt 78759, TXDermatology1114909157
Max Edward Reddick 77024, TXDermatology1922080613
Natures Partners 75402, TXDermatology1356330963
Renee R Snyder 78703, TXDermatology1942281639
Nicole Marie Owens 78215, TXDermatology1154312080
Jean-denis Boucher 78233, TXDermatology1205827532
William Forrest Cothern 76107, TXDermatology1962493445
Shannan Elizabeth Mccann 78245, TXDermatology1710968227
Willis I Cottel 75201, TXDermatology1710961248
Manuel Davila 77504, TXDermatology1194709626
Daniel Anthony Carrasco 78705, TXDermatology1558345793
Robert Charles Smith 76201, TXDermatology1548244429
Liana H Proffer 79106, TXDermatology1891770046
Jon Karl Stern 77074, TXDermatology1457336133
Richard L. Spielvogel 19073, TXDermatology1720063662
Gary R Kantor 19073, TXDermatology1912983479
Ruth L. Kleier 45242, TXDermatology1184600520
Stephen V Laborde 77025, TXDermatology1962488106
Robert Jay Magnon 78212, TXDermatology1013993096
Farhad Niroomand 75219, TXDermatology1730166695
Renato Marquez Oracion 79761, TXDermatology1154309052
Jay L Viernes 78731, TXDermatology1053399477
Robert T Garbacz 76301, TXDermatology1134107360
Joseph E Knipper 76710, TXDermatology1407834468
Janet K Becker 78681, TXDermatology1912985938
Clifton R Daniel 76012, TXDermatology1174503288
Clay J Cockerell 75235, TXDermatology1235119298
Christie E Matter 75093, TXDermatology1598745465
Douglas R Farris 76054, TXDermatology1073593745
Terry M Jones 77802, TXDermatology1821078387
Tho Quoc Nguyen 76054, TXDermatology1861462020
Bryan A Selkin 75024, TXDermatology1679543847
Rick Jui Han Lin 78504, TXDermatology1508836693
Jason S Reichenberg 78701, TXDermatology1396715280
Alexander P. Kowalczyk 33069, TXDermatology1083699540
Melanie K. Trevino 53005, TXDermatology1740267780
James L. Troy 53005, TXDermatology1184601122
Mario Dileonardo 19073, TXDermatology1134104029
Paul Chu 10573, TXDermatology1851370381
David R Barron 45242, TXDermatology1952387664
Susan E. Kindel 45242, TXDermatology1780660407
E Michael Kramer 19073, TXDermatology1891770517
Kenneth S Resnik 19073, TXDermatology1750366688
Stephen John Beck 75703, TXDermatology1063490472
Temitope F Soares 77386, TXDermatology1619950383
Carlos H. Nousari 33069, TXDermatology1477538940
Edward John Keuer 60181, TXDermatology1013995679
S Robert Harla 78070, TXDermatology1740250695
Amy Rocky Brackeen 79414, TXDermatology1427036417
Lydia R Essary 75071, TXDermatology1225018286
Abraham Kuruvilla 75150, TXDermatology1124004080
Roopal Kunjan Shanghvi Bhatt 78730, TXDermatology1649253279
Bryan Lee Townsend 78757, TXDermatology1174508147
Paula Sue Vogel 78215, TXDermatology1881678779
Marie J Han 78236, TXDermatology1891773198
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TXDermatology1013994722
Kim M Ross 78212, TXDermatology1184600165
Jimmy D Schmidt 77090, TXDermatology1033194287
Bay Area Dermatology Associates 77598, TXDermatology1891765590
William Posten 75251, TXDermatology1497725790
Craig Lynn Maddox 78234, TXDermatology1346210713
Bay Area Dermatology Associates 77591, TXDermatology1851362834
Stephen Miller 78229, TXDermatology1760454060
Adrian Matthew Guevara 79912, TXDermatology1104898188
Danny K Mccoy 75246, TXDermatology1588638555
Libbyette E Wright 77024, TXDermatology1225002280
Robert T. Gilson 78229, TXDermatology1770557738
Southwest Skin & Cancer Clinic, P.a. 78745, TXDermatology1619942182
Daniel D. Witheiler 75203, TXDermatology1023083482
Shelley A Sekula-gibbs 77058, TXDermatology1386610905
Thomas Gretzinger 78726, TXDermatology1518934413


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