Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David W Muffelman 23061, VADermatology1396748182
Keith Allen Knoell 22980, VADermatology1396748109
Robert Brichta 23111, VADermatology1386648301
Paul Harmon Uhle 23111, VADermatology1144224189
Yvonne Knight 23233, VADermatology1477558682
Michael Leslie Gross 23462, VADermatology1932105285
Linda Park Nims 22180, VADermatology1922005537
Rebecca Rudd Barry 22180, VADermatology1538166798
Harry Wilmer Wyre 22033, VADermatology1821096090
Henry Gerard Sacks 22401, VADermatology1184622268
Hanover Dermatology Pc 23111, VADermatology1033117049
Robert A. Silverman 22031, VADermatology1881694651
Lawrence Eley Blanchard 23226, VADermatology1740280379
Laura Kellam Pratt 23834, VADermatology1548260912
Daniel Steven Hurd 24060, VADermatology1841290897
Nelson E. Velazquez 25801, VADermatology1730189747
Donald Ray Richardson 22902, VADermatology1679574925
Georgia Kannon Seely 23235, VADermatology1447251707
Dermatology Associates Inc 22601, VADermatology1336140623
Burton Von Burkholder 22911, VADermatology1245231547
Robert N Deangelis 22152, VADermatology1841282803
John William Brady 20110, VADermatology1801888474
Fletcher Comer Askew 22911, VADermatology1265425573
Jerome Michael Parsons 23321, VADermatology1912990524
Van Trong Ha 20176, VADermatology1649263195
Joi Michelle Lenczowski 23111, VADermatology1316949290
Christopher Timberlake Aleman 23235, VADermatology1669466819
Michael Mclain Todd 20176, VADermatology1609860337
Samuel Thwing Selden 23320, VADermatology1336135839
Martin T Smith 24018, VADermatology1760470496
Norvell Vandervall Coots 22211, VADermatology1417947771
Bruce C Dundon Md Ltd 23455, VADermatology1366423212
William L Coker 23666, VADermatology1578545596
Nicole Marie Deyampert 22211, VADermatology1285616979
Judith Marie Szulecki 24112, VADermatology1215927538
Ann Stewart Mckenney 22211, VADermatology1154305944
Christopher Robert Gorman 23226, VADermatology1346225802
Michelle Collins Walters 23435, VADermatology1477538585
Michael Peter Stevens 22401, VADermatology1417932427
Patricia P Stevens 22401, VADermatology1609851609
David Wayne Bray 22311, VADermatology1740266386
Falls Church Medical Center, Inc. 22044, VADermatology1245216670
Jonathan Lee Hindman 23454, VADermatology1487630653
Christine S Rausch 23238, VADermatology1972589885
David Lee Tolliver 24605, VADermatology1831176296
Erin Gilbert Adams 23059, VADermatology1972581007
Ned Jay Gross 24112, VADermatology1346229127
Gary Paul Gross 24153, VADermatology1043299639
Larry Patton 24012, VADermatology1124007448
Jeffrey Paul Mawhinney 22060, VADermatology1972583565
Wanda M Patterson 20190, VADermatology1255301412
Kristen Overstreet Martin 23454, VADermatology1700856721
Dermatologic Surgery Of Central Virginia Plc 22902, VADermatology1568441897
Martin S Horn 22030, VADermatology1952387060
Phillip R Letada 23666, VADermatology1700862588
Kathy Diep Ngoc Tieu 22033, VADermatology1811973951
Eric C. Parlette 23298, VADermatology1386624567
Mia R Wessels 24211, VADermatology1942288501
Carolyn Ilene Miller 22801, VADermatology1144206236
Rockingham Dermatology, P.c. 22801, VADermatology1215913314
Fredericksburg Dermatologic Associates Pc 22401, VADermatology1326025735
Richard Keith Burwell 23665, VADermatology1619947405
Evms Academic Physicians And Surgeons Health Services Foundation 23508, VADermatology1003887118
Frederick G Wenzel 22601, VADermatology1962473199
Michael E Mathieu 22601, VADermatology1215908223
Trisha Clarke Beute 23708, VADermatology1518938547
Stuart W Brust 24501, VADermatology1528039260
Bruce David Glassman 22304, VADermatology1730151119
Douglas Scott Richardson 20166, VADermatology1073586582
Dermatology Specialists Of Virginia Pc 20190, VADermatology1083688238
Antoinette Foote Hood 23507, VADermatology1063487429
Reginald B Henry 23502, VADermatology1225003361
Mark W Jenison 23502, VADermatology1134194277
Margery Atkins Scott 23507, VADermatology1609843929
Leslie R Coker 23666, VADermatology1275500449
Karla Dorothy Gayer 23230, VADermatology1750359352
Brett Douglas Krasner 22911, VADermatology1386612547
Nancy H Thornton 23294, VADermatology1700855681
Shelley Kae Hoover 23294, VADermatology1033188586
William J Alms 22101, VADermatology1740252006
Nina M Fisher 22101, VADermatology1295707560
Sunila Singh Walia 22101, VADermatology1992773659
Jane M Lynch 24401, VADermatology1952370553
Chicky Dadlani 22101, VADermatology1790759348
Valerie Magloire Harvey 23606, VADermatology1427027978
Theodore Stewart Sebastien 20190, VADermatology1568433860
Michele Jane Gonzalez 23454, VADermatology1558333658
Hazel J Vernon 23230, VADermatology1316907371
Bonnie Foster Straka 22901, VADermatology1477514834
Deborah M Elder 22911, VADermatology1861453003
Evan Ragland Farmer 23507, VADermatology1831150093
Deborah W Lockman 22901, VADermatology1407817539
Thomas Larry Smith 22191, VADermatology1184685976
Hazle S Konerding 23230, VADermatology1093777542
Margaret J Constante 23230, VADermatology1457313900
Camille A Haisley-royster 23230, VADermatology1366404816
Laurie L Shinn 23230, VADermatology1700848256
William Jennings Shields 23692, VADermatology1992768253
Anna M Magee 22911, VADermatology1962466334
Allison K Divers 24018, VADermatology1770549826
Robert Gurney 20190, VADermatology1174589212
Lawrence J Finkel 20186, VADermatology1922065424
Bruce Evans Fuller 23602, VADermatology1538117890
Anjali D Chandela 20165, VADermatology1982652269
John Charles Dumler 22801, VADermatology1700836889
Glenn H Fuchs 22204, VADermatology1720038342
Gerald C Burnett Md Ltd 24592, VADermatology1104877679
Jane T Nguyen 20176, VADermatology1275585473
Amir Bajoghli 22101, VADermatology1275586190
Yvette E Appiah 22310, VADermatology1710931472
Richard Bell Fohl 23226, VADermatology1790741973
Douglas James Grider 24014, VADermatology1184684581
Douglas Carey Semler 20176, VADermatology1467403600
Kimberly S. Salkey 23219, VADermatology1902868060
Galen H Fisher 23230, VADermatology1144282591
Janet G Hickman 24503, VADermatology1740234756
Soni S Carlton 24503, VADermatology1952356818
Sentara Medical Group 23502, VADermatology1740228618
Steven Cronquist 23454, VADermatology1689613044
Christopher Newkirk Sheap 22801, VADermatology1952340895
B Thomas Reams 23113, VADermatology1295775112
Center For Skin Surgery Pllc 22182, VADermatology1922049006
Inia I Yevich-tunstall 22152, VADermatology1851332605
Sonia Mikhail Kheir 20164, VADermatology1356383608
Judith V Williams 23507, VADermatology1558303453
Center For Skin Surgery Pllc 22182, VADermatology1831132463
John Pearse Kaufman 24014, VADermatology1598708935
Center For Medical Dermatology 22182, VADermatology1780629584
Anju Pabby 22401, VADermatology1992741011
Royal Dermatology And Aesthetic Skin Care, Inc. 23220, VADermatology1952338303
Mariana A Phillips 24016, VADermatology1851322895
Robert Irving Broder 22401, VADermatology1982635157
Dwana Rashad Shabazz 22033, VADermatology1548296817
Warrenton Dermatology Pc 20186, VADermatology1396778205
Kenneth W Neal 22204, VADermatology1881629590
Wilmer Kenneth Blaylock 23298, VADermatology1417982778
Julia Riley Nunley 23298, VADermatology1285669556
The Arts & Science Of Dermatology, Pc 24018, VADermatology1992730519
Rebecca Theresa Satoskar 22180, VADermatology1659397073
Lucas Kidd Gwynn 22044, VADermatology1588681274
Loudoun Medical Group Pc 20176, VADermatology1679591440
Nova Medical And Urgent Care Center, Inc. 20147, VADermatology1588683742
Margaret Hitchcock Terhune 23233, VADermatology1720008246
Khoa Quoc Nguyen 22046, VADermatology1487675252
Richard J Hwang Md Pc 22191, VADermatology1629090501
Kurt Laurence Maggio 20155, VADermatology1598787756
David Coleman Wilson 24551, VADermatology1194748012
Grace Ann Newton 24501, VADermatology1568478972
George Charles Harr 23454, VADermatology1013924588
Chauncey A. Mchargue 22701, VADermatology1407867500
Hayri E Sangiray 23294, VADermatology1760596803
Robert S. Baer 23502, VADermatology1083720767
Panteha Tamjidi 20815, VADermatology1104835354
Larry Odell Sharpe 23505, VADermatology1841308913
Duyen T Faria 22182, VADermatology1487763074
Sylvia M Suarez 22182, VADermatology1275642787
Diem N Wu 23294, VADermatology1831209550
Michelle A. Rivera Md Pc 22205, VADermatology1174633804
Thao Tran 23294, VADermatology1124138474
Douglas Lloyd Nelson 23606, VADermatology1891807327
Jonathan L Schreiber 23502, VADermatology1689785578
Pamela Beltran Cornelius 23606, VADermatology1366554883
Calvin Odell Mccall 23249, VADermatology1023129905
Linda M. Serwatka 23606, VADermatology1013028620
Susan Elizabeth Mackel 23606, VADermatology1306949581
Stacy C Romero 23113, VADermatology1861598823
Josephine S Bohannon 23113, VADermatology1497851356
Josephine S Bohannon 23113, VADermatology1750487716
Anh P Dang-vu 20170, VADermatology1114025178
Alan Nathan Moshell 22015, VADermatology1437259405
Paul Howard Kravitz 22015, VADermatology1588764567
Julie Patricia Henry 22015, VADermatology1730289703
Smeena Khan 20176, VADermatology1922108521
Nancy Aria 22314, VADermatology1730280231
Hf Swan Md Pc 22306, VADermatology1831281153
Mid Atlantic Dermatology 23320, VADermatology1073605333
Alexandra Kazakis 22031, VADermatology1386736288
Hoang Nguyen Pham 22003, VADermatology1083708655
Theresa Conologue 22401, VADermatology1053407452
Victoria L Gross 23233, VADermatology1568558625
Capital Dermatology Ltd 22304, VADermatology1295822419
Sung Won Yoon 22003, VADermatology1114015864
Elaine Teresa Eliezer 20175, VADermatology1396834974
Dermatology Plc 22911, VADermatology1215018031
Derm One, Pllc 24605, VADermatology1053493288
New River Dermatology Plc 24060, VADermatology1467534248
Harvey Frank Swan 22306, VADermatology1992888598
Commonwealth Dermatology, Pc 23230, VADermatology1013091115
Ken J Tompkins Md Pc 23666, VADermatology1376628479
Ken J Tompkins Md Pc 23464, VADermatology1174608277
Ken J Tompkins Md Pc 23454, VADermatology1295810398
Michelle A Rivera 22205, VADermatology1871670166
Albemarle Dermatology Associates, Llc 22901, VADermatology1801973169
Charlottesville Dermatology 22911, VADermatology1316016470
Kelly M. Cordoro 22908, VADermatology1477622090
Syed Amiry 20190, VADermatology1396815031
Terri P. Morris 22408, VADermatology1194812776
Mary Mather 22801, VADermatology1508964529
Robert J. Pariser 23502, VADermatology1235232539
Janice A Mcdonald 23455, VADermatology1306920830


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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