Providers with Taxonomy: Dermatology in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Dermatology
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kyung Ai Mireille Chae 98012, WADermatology1932101060
Nicole Prevo Kageyama 98057, WADermatology1407858665
Elie Levy 98168, WADermatology1427053834
John A Kazmierowski 98686, WADermatology1023013984
Dianne B Thompson 98104, WADermatology1487659967
Northwest Skin Specialists Pllc 98104, WADermatology1437154911
Richard B Grabowski 98104, WADermatology1194720680
Amy D Sarkie 98104, WADermatology1104821602
Robin A Green Whipple 98104, WADermatology1730185083
Mark J. Doherty 98225, WADermatology1801892260
Stuart Garrie 98004, WADermatology1407854706
John Mark Bauer 98502, WADermatology1851391015
Shauna M Richert 98502, WADermatology1154321453
Sasha Stokes Cavanagh 98506, WADermatology1700886017
Mark Allen Crowe 98372, WADermatology1215938808
Dan Algot Wiklund 98372, WADermatology1386645976
James H Petrin 98072, WADermatology1316948904
James M Komorous Md Ps 98405, WADermatology1528060902
Anthony John Meyer 98104, WADermatology1609868546
Dorothy N Yang 98104, WADermatology1720070162
Charlotte L Metzler 98363, WADermatology1548253198
Alizabeth Lechi Truong 98335, WADermatology1801898598
Curtis Dan Henderson 99202, WADermatology1649262593
Jerry D. Eisner 98274, WADermatology1215923354
Nobuyoshi Kageyama 98057, WADermatology1679561427
John Stuart Walsh 98005, WADermatology1942298161
Christina J Lyons 98226, WADermatology1609866342
Robert Francis Butler 98383, WADermatology1558352518
Susan Marie Orchard 98607, WADermatology1215919386
Cora Whitney Hannon 98506, WADermatology1164404018
Edward S Carmick Jr Md 98310, WADermatology1497737308
Kerrie J. Spoonemore 98105, WADermatology1063401305
Kimberly Anne Wenner 98467, WADermatology1467442640
Matthew Raymond Gee 98038, WADermatology1306835764
Susanne Loraine Gee 98126, WADermatology1114915691
Mark Conrad Valentine 98201, WADermatology1043294473
Eileen Pazderka Smith 99362, WADermatology1558340554
Benjamin Hsu 99218, WADermatology1164401444
Jeng Yue Chang 98125, WADermatology1194704478
Avery A Bevin 98312, WADermatology1588643613
Carla J Bauman 98004, WADermatology1952381733
Sidney F Whaley Jr 98405, WADermatology1336129154
Eric P. Brumwell 98110, WADermatology1922086388
Eric O Rasmussen 98383, WADermatology1467423376
The Polyclinic 98122, WADermatology1174594634
Joy C Wu 98012, WADermatology1255303632
Ronald William Reinhart 98370, WADermatology1922070820
Jeffrey Stephen Newman 98372, WADermatology1528032919
Jeffrey C Stiles 99362, WADermatology1396719456
Thomas Hirota 98467, WADermatology1144294240
Joel K Sears 99212, WADermatology1184699365
Paul T Dunn 99212, WADermatology1386619294
Staci M Hestdalen 99212, WADermatology1194790006
Joseph L Cvancara 99212, WADermatology1548235450
Richard S Herdener 99204, WADermatology1457326365
Marcos Antezana 98104, WADermatology1104892843
Russell B Caldwell 98004, WADermatology1831166404
Donald Kern 98104, WADermatology1366419756
Robert Anthony Norum 98026, WADermatology1811965627
Calvin Treger 98122, WADermatology1265401954
Walter Leroy Williams 99403, WADermatology1841269248
Cellnetix Pathology Pllc 98206, WADermatology1356310866
Advanced Dermatology And Skin Surgery, Pllc 99212, WADermatology1881660751
Paula Zook 98122, WADermatology1558321869
Christina Anne Hardaway 98366, WADermatology1750357802
Duane C Whitaker 98110, WADermatology1609847821
Diane S Chiu 98004, WADermatology1699736843
Paul B Thompson Md Ps Inc 98382, WADermatology1215998943
Michael E Ryan 99208, WADermatology1104888916
Justin H Piasecki 98104, WADermatology1700848355
Linda S Gabourel 98201, WADermatology1568427623
John P. Hackett 98004, WADermatology1134184047
Sanhwan Chen 98201, WADermatology1932165784
Jane M Nosal 98201, WADermatology1154387066
Peacehealth 98225, WADermatology1356309553
Northwest Nasal Sinus Center 98033, WADermatology1457309312
Franciscan Medical Group 98335, WADermatology1871541136
Valley Dermatology, Ps, Inc 98382, WADermatology1144278441
Frank J Baron 98040, WADermatology1578512075
Craig Steven Birkby 98104, WADermatology1669422994
Elizabeth Mary Vennos 98226, WADermatology1033169511
Allison Leslie Hughes 98040, WADermatology1194777805
Allergy Asthma & Dermatology Associates Pc 97209, WADermatology1801849849
Claire L Haycox 98382, WADermatology1457309908
Sarah Elizabeth Dick 98034, WADermatology1225089493
Julie E Voss 98033, WADermatology1356309678
Kean B Lawlor 98105, WADermatology1215985833
Sharon Ann Nicolazzi 98026, WADermatology1275586307
Fa Abigail De Imus 98201, WADermatology1265498901
Daniel Kim Frum 98383, WADermatology1194775619
Ravi R. Ubriani 37076, WADermatology1255398244
Elizabeth Chandler Hughes 98005, WADermatology1952365140
Michael Mark Nelson 98335, WADermatology1093765034
Ravi S Krishnan 98101, WADermatology1023063716
Jill Weinstein 98101, WADermatology1659328144
J Semmes Mickelwait 98273, WADermatology1811944309
Victor R. Michalak, Md 98027, WADermatology1003863416
Denice Schwind 98104, WADermatology1093754004
Andrea Anita Kalus 98105, WADermatology1669411070
Kean B Lawlor, Md, Pllc 98105, WADermatology1164465258
Darrell Jonathan Fader 98107, WADermatology1386688380
Karen M Vigeland 98664, WADermatology1306874748
Joel H Datloff 98664, WADermatology1477581817
Island Dermatology Pllc 98040, WADermatology1215966635
Morrisa Baskin 98801, WADermatology1760418271
Susan H Kim 98033, WADermatology1982634507
Dianne R. Levisohn 98370, WADermatology1699712182
The Vancouver Clinic Inc Ps 98664, WADermatology1992759427
Alison Z Young 98101, WADermatology1891734893
Lynn Susanne Sudduth 98370, WADermatology1942245824
Kendra Gail Bergstrom 98105, WADermatology1194764837
Robert Blaine Hopp 99336, WADermatology1801835509
Zheng Qian 98684, WADermatology1114950896
Association Of University Physicians 98104, WADermatology1023041159
John R Streidl, Md, Pllc 98021, WADermatology1851324115
J Semmes Mickelwait Md Ps 98273, WADermatology1114950375
Sharon M Seguin 98801, WADermatology1942233309
John R Streidl 98133, WADermatology1912931635
Daniel B Dietzman 98801, WADermatology1093740805
John Lawrence Headley 98026, WADermatology1528093861
Laurie Jacobson 98026, WADermatology1043235492
Michael Scott Metzman 98383, WADermatology1023033487
Tanya Rosanne Hathaway 98101, WADermatology1316962111
Peter J Jenkin 98101, WADermatology1922024033
Olympic Dermatology And Laser Clinic P S 98506, WADermatology1467470914
Amber D Fowler 98273, WADermatology1093733495
James L Brazil 98506, WADermatology1154349421
Association Of University Physicians 98104, WADermatology1093736621
Frederick A Leaf 98104, WADermatology1588679252
Trenton John Spolar 97058, WADermatology1013923572
Brenda F Kodama 98371, WADermatology1770591679
Julia E Jarvis 98371, WADermatology1942218847
Jessica H Kim 98371, WADermatology1891703781
Kieu N Dang 98371, WADermatology1437167327
Barbara J Fox 98371, WADermatology1164430054
Troy A Davis 99352, WADermatology1790793685
Ardeth Lazz Dunne 98101, WADermatology1033127717
Bernard Saul Goffe 98101, WADermatology1336157056
Dermatology Associates Pllc 98101, WADermatology1376551002
Thomas Keith Vaughan 98372, WADermatology1922017235
Island County Dermatology Pllc 98239, WADermatology1649281320
Richard M Sica 98837, WADermatology1508878729
Ulrike I Ochs 98101, WADermatology1023021854
Nicola R. Nylander 98101, WADermatology1851404008
Edwin Y Rhim 98101, WADermatology1275646424
Theresa Mah 98664, WADermatology1700991148
Henriette Patricia Schwab 98003, WADermatology1245345560
Robert Sidbury 98105, WADermatology1861507113
Benjamin Hsu, M.d.,p.s 99218, WADermatology1750496642
Craig Stephen Hersh 98686, WADermatology1003922279
Robert J Martin 98371, WADermatology1912013814
Jan Peter Dank 98225, WADermatology1053428490
Klaus Bernhard Jade 98506, WADermatology1912927815
Vivian A Lombillo 98506, WADermatology1013938620
Keith Cameron Carlson 90095, WADermatology1093749640
Cynthia Ackerman Knutson 98104, WADermatology1306863030
Drew Aubrey Reese 99202, WADermatology1750394227
Maureen A Mooney 98467, WADermatology1467460352
Robert F Findlay 98467, WADermatology1548278435
Clive Maopang Liu 98004, WADermatology1790793487
Brenda L Newman 98040, WADermatology1124037817
Inland Empire Dermatology, Ps 99206, WADermatology1811004757
Llewellyn Phillips 98055, WADermatology1316056070
Lisa Howard Williams 98112, WADermatology1093824716
Olympic Dermatologists, Ltd., P.s. 98383, WADermatology1649389727
Gregory John Raugi 98108, WADermatology1164531075
Kyle Justin Garton 98005, WADermatology1578673372
Kathryn W Erickson 98007, WADermatology1780794628
Michi M Shinohara 98105, WADermatology1750491650
James Philip Harnisch 98004, WADermatology1154431997
Janet Marie Trowbridge 98026, WADermatology1912017914
Jane Yoo 98101, WADermatology1407967789
Mark Franklin Bressler 98027, WADermatology1336250638
James Corydon Vary 98105, WADermatology1164533048
Janet Louise Rogge 98101, WADermatology1538271119
John Leo Winfield 98004, WADermatology1316049331
Fred D Ott 98686, WADermatology1699877183
Lauri M Tadlock 98007, WADermatology1225131865
Sharon B Kelly 98007, WADermatology1205930351
Elizabeth Katrina Ross 98225, WADermatology1922103332
Stanley Craig Gilbert 98225, WADermatology1013012459
Dermatology & Laser Center Nw 98225, WADermatology1376648717
Lawrence Joseph Gogenola 98004, WADermatology1407953003
Russell B Caldwell Md Pc 98004, WADermatology1962500181
Eric O Rasmussen 98335, WADermatology1780782904
Ray A Carlsen 98005, WADermatology1922107523
Thomas W Weir 98004, WADermatology1639278260
Eastside Dermatology Inc Ps 98007, WADermatology1649379231
Michael W. Piepkorn 98005, WADermatology1609975226
Michelle Louise Heath 98195, WADermatology1962501981
William Philip Werschler 99204, WADermatology1023119682
Dieter Kurt Thomas Schmidt 98012, WADermatology1982705158
Robert J Marshall 99352, WADermatology1043301906
Sidney B Smith 99352, WADermatology1326139080
Donald Michael Pehlke 98902, WADermatology1417048752
Richard Lynn Gardner 98225, WADermatology1215028527
Suseela V Narra 98027, WADermatology1306939665
Dan M Lantz 98005, WADermatology1811082993
Cascade Eye & Skin Centers P.c. 98371, WADermatology1033204938
David Ian Smith 98201, WADermatology1538255294


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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