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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Diagnostic Radiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul W Schneider IADiagnostic Radiology1891793428
Charlotte Elenberger FLDiagnostic Radiology1679571269
Jerry S. Apple NJDiagnostic Radiology1447258041
Glenn P Moradian NDDiagnostic Radiology1356349955
Alfred A Mansour LADiagnostic Radiology1922006535
Pedro Rodriguez FLDiagnostic Radiology1588662183
John Burger KYDiagnostic Radiology1922006477
Advanced Imaging Associates Psc Diagnostic Radiology1023016532
Elwood E. Stone NCDiagnostic Radiology1659379162
Todd Reyburn INDiagnostic Radiology1043218555
Keith S Wexler INDiagnostic Radiology1942208467
Drs. Chase & Robinson Inc. Diagnostic Radiology1639177157
Stewart Chase OHDiagnostic Radiology1619975133
John Della Badia NYDiagnostic Radiology1396743829
Laurie Ann Abrams MDDiagnostic Radiology1184622615
Kenneth D Williams ILDiagnostic Radiology1790783249
James R. Lamanna WYDiagnostic Radiology1821096371
Leticia Aponte NYDiagnostic Radiology1851399257
Kevin John Jeansonne LADiagnostic Radiology1871591289
Stuart C Head LADiagnostic Radiology1396743712
Barry Bates OHDiagnostic Radiology1710985171
Diagnostic Radiology Incorporated Diagnostic Radiology1700884160
John A Parlin OHDiagnostic Radiology1407854862
Rick Allen Kukulka NEDiagnostic Radiology1689672040
James Kenneth Allen KYDiagnostic Radiology1104824564
Larry J Burr IADiagnostic Radiology1811995285
Gerald A Black NYDiagnostic Radiology1356349724
Barry Scott Stevens OHDiagnostic Radiology1174521546
William N Cohen NYDiagnostic Radiology1508864976
Mark W Franklin NYDiagnostic Radiology1861490237
Thomas G Green NYDiagnostic Radiology1689672057
Sheldon P Feit NYDiagnostic Radiology1497753867
Mark L Pedersen IADiagnostic Radiology1801894282
Jeffrey L. Borders KSDiagnostic Radiology1346248721
Walter E Bottizer NYDiagnostic Radiology1477551851
Alan L Bernstein NYDiagnostic Radiology1538167820
Cecil Noel Bankston LADiagnostic Radiology1891793188
Richard Cardella OHDiagnostic Radiology1912905217
Durrett Craddock KYDiagnostic Radiology1700884137
Gary D Schweiger IADiagnostic Radiology1164420592
James Hiken KYDiagnostic Radiology1609874031
Laura S Hemann IADiagnostic Radiology1427056852
Young K Hong OHDiagnostic Radiology1790783132
Stewart Hoertz KYDiagnostic Radiology1609874049
Timothy Farley FLDiagnostic Radiology1972501310
Richard L Kundel IADiagnostic Radiology1194723536
Stephen Laufgraben NYDiagnostic Radiology1093713430
Sami Faddoul NYDiagnostic Radiology1700884145
Bonnie L Litvack NYDiagnostic Radiology1619975059
Gregory Walton KYDiagnostic Radiology1700884152
Alberto Manuel Colon-alvarado PRDiagnostic Radiology1144228594
Andrew J Derogatis NYDiagnostic Radiology1871591222
Marjorie Rosenblatt NYDiagnostic Radiology1205834652
Brian C Randall IADiagnostic Radiology1659379006
Gregg David Schubach PADiagnostic Radiology1558369900
Robert Nathan Perelman NYDiagnostic Radiology1457359804
Anthony Pascal Garritano FLDiagnostic Radiology1437157773
Nicholas P Manuel LADiagnostic Radiology1871591123
David Olian NJDiagnostic Radiology1205834561
Michael Dale Allen LADiagnostic Radiology1487652707
Stephen D Rice LADiagnostic Radiology1144228495
Theodore Lee KYDiagnostic Radiology1043218308
Michael Ian Rothman PADiagnostic Radiology1952309213
Mark Baum NJDiagnostic Radiology1689672941
Gregg A Wells OHDiagnostic Radiology1700884004
Greater Washington Radiologists, Inc. Diagnostic Radiology1932107257
Darren M. Davenport IADiagnostic Radiology1003814344
Angel R Colon PRDiagnostic Radiology1720086069
Paul Clay Larson LADiagnostic Radiology1093713323
Michelle Kirshen PADiagnostic Radiology1417955782
John Beel PADiagnostic Radiology1831197193
Carl Digiorgio PADiagnostic Radiology1477551737
William Downer PADiagnostic Radiology1194723452
Helen Winer-muram INDiagnostic Radiology1255339537
Magdi Girgis FLDiagnostic Radiology1942208228
Norman T Gensolin FLDiagnostic Radiology1851399133
Thomas D Shipp MADiagnostic Radiology1114925211
Natasha Eshbaugh WIDiagnostic Radiology1285632547
George Saul NYDiagnostic Radiology1215935408
Jeffrey Hilger PADiagnostic Radiology1801894175
Douglas D Child UTDiagnostic Radiology1659379923
Glenn M Hammer IADiagnostic Radiology1508864786
Gary J. Chappel FLDiagnostic Radiology1316945595
John A Vento CTDiagnostic Radiology1316945587
Joel David Neuman PADiagnostic Radiology1164420436
Philip Wildenhain PADiagnostic Radiology1679571947
Denise Fog NJDiagnostic Radiology1548268733
Stephen Barnes OHDiagnostic Radiology1629076815
Gary Anthony Militana TNDiagnostic Radiology1346248556
Terry Patrick Ginthner NCDiagnostic Radiology1548268709
James F Zimmer FLDiagnostic Radiology1700884988
Mountain West Radiology, Inc. UTDiagnostic Radiology1487652608
Kevin T. Bufalino NJDiagnostic Radiology1518965748
Elizabeth Abraham FLDiagnostic Radiology1962400192
Paul Thomas Khoury NYDiagnostic Radiology1528066701
Robert Ray Cartwright NVDiagnostic Radiology1770581936
Sandra H. Pupa MSDiagnostic Radiology1558369645
Beryl R Benacerraf MADiagnostic Radiology1518965623
Rolf Peter Gobien NCDiagnostic Radiology1265430425
Clinton X ray Associates, Pa NCDiagnostic Radiology1174521330
Eric Allan Gerson NVDiagnostic Radiology1528066792
Laurie Susan Seltzer NVDiagnostic Radiology1578561650
Ashwin C Kesaria OHDiagnostic Radiology1801894910
John A Curtis NJDiagnostic Radiology1881692911
Joshua S. Brodkin NJDiagnostic Radiology1598763625
Dennis Lin NJDiagnostic Radiology1417955576
Healthcare Radiology And Diagnostic Systems Pllc NYDiagnostic Radiology1508864570
Ronald Schwinger NYDiagnostic Radiology1508864513
Mark S Dannenbaum NJDiagnostic Radiology1336147354
Richard S Makuch MODiagnostic Radiology1497753446
Farid Abdo NYDiagnostic Radiology1659379626
Carol J Darrah VADiagnostic Radiology1609874619
Letitia Clark DCDiagnostic Radiology1497753552
John Gerard Bitwinski IDDiagnostic Radiology1124026539
Jeffrey Scott Job IDDiagnostic Radiology1669479341
Blake C. Mortenson UTDiagnostic Radiology1427056860
Ketan Patel MADiagnostic Radiology1194722074
Glenn Allen Hofer CADiagnostic Radiology1629075718
James J Steidler CADiagnostic Radiology1003813460
Vartan Michael Malian CADiagnostic Radiology1639177322
Huu-ninh Vien Dao CADiagnostic Radiology1093712119
Paul R. Dong CADiagnostic Radiology1447257589
Julie Wong CADiagnostic Radiology1528066164
Jonathan Breslau CADiagnostic Radiology1942208699
Patrick Vogel CADiagnostic Radiology1992702195
Susan W Sompayrac CADiagnostic Radiology1255338695
Dylan James Witt CADiagnostic Radiology1316945058
John F Delavega CADiagnostic Radiology1326045212
Calvin Wang CADiagnostic Radiology1326045451
David Franklin Winfield CADiagnostic Radiology1407853252
Christopher Uwe Jones CADiagnostic Radiology1801893961
Nicole Carbo CADiagnostic Radiology1902803059
Bahram Varjavand CADiagnostic Radiology1134126501
Joseph Nicholas Agnesi PADiagnostic Radiology1760489827
Scott A Carbajal LADiagnostic Radiology1841298262
Allen R Bond KYDiagnostic Radiology1235137704
Miyuki I Murphy CADiagnostic Radiology1598762585
Andrew Messina FLDiagnostic Radiology1285631689
Arnold B. Honick IADiagnostic Radiology1770581316
Scott L Rossow KSDiagnostic Radiology1679571061
Frank R Hellinger FLDiagnostic Radiology1790782860
Eugene Long GADiagnostic Radiology1073511192
David E Bajayo FLDiagnostic Radiology1679571210
Anton Serafini FLDiagnostic Radiology1831196658
David J Bodne GADiagnostic Radiology1316944697
Peter Kanistros OHDiagnostic Radiology1386641454
Michael H. Swirsky NYDiagnostic Radiology1417955725
Conellia Ha NYDiagnostic Radiology1245238278
Francis J Fernandez FLDiagnostic Radiology1952308702
Alberto Mansilla FLDiagnostic Radiology1720085525
Gregory Paul Fairchok FLDiagnostic Radiology1093712473
Robert A Wahlbrink OHDiagnostic Radiology1457359754
Meenor Sagar FLDiagnostic Radiology1578560223
Susan Smith FLDiagnostic Radiology1649278128
Frans Van Dijk FLDiagnostic Radiology1881691616
Robert Hawkins Vanfleet FLDiagnostic Radiology1851398143
Ana M Suarez Lozada PRDiagnostic Radiology1801894233
Rona Fine NYDiagnostic Radiology1316945371
Leonard A. Wald NYDiagnostic Radiology1285631762
Thomas J Green FLDiagnostic Radiology1942207709
Caroline Millar CADiagnostic Radiology1841297298
Allegheny Radiology Associates, Ltd PADiagnostic Radiology1841297876
Anthony J Minotti OHDiagnostic Radiology1477551810
Charles Michael Mead ALDiagnostic Radiology1205833761
Ramon Tenreiro NYDiagnostic Radiology1265430920
Western Neurological Associates Inc UTDiagnostic Radiology1083611966
Jeannete G Greer NJDiagnostic Radiology1932106127
Roger S Yang NJDiagnostic Radiology1376540831
Kenneth Edgar PADiagnostic Radiology1649278904
Radiology Affiliates Of Central New Jersey, Pc Diagnostic Radiology1811994791
Bryan Lee Kaufman FLDiagnostic Radiology1881691764
George Thomas Bolton CADiagnostic Radiology1568469708
Gioia Jo Riccio CTDiagnostic Radiology1336146802
Robert D. Russo CTDiagnostic Radiology1114924693
William B Abbott GADiagnostic Radiology1760489744
David J Ingle MODiagnostic Radiology1700884491
Jeffrey Friedland TXDiagnostic Radiology1083691877
Judith Wolfstein OKDiagnostic Radiology1013914456
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc Diagnostic Radiology1013915255
Elite Imaging, Llc Diagnostic Radiology1942208319
Nadrendrakumar Patel NYDiagnostic Radiology1023016599
Urvi Fulwadhva MADiagnostic Radiology1326046970
Excel Medical Imaging Pl FLDiagnostic Radiology1700884244
John H. Mcmillan KSDiagnostic Radiology1245238443
Christopher Nicholas Simopoulos CADiagnostic Radiology1609873066
John Reynolds Knorr MADiagnostic Radiology1285631341
Stephen T Sweriduk MADiagnostic Radiology1134126105
David S Titelbaum OHDiagnostic Radiology1225035264
David Chun Ming Yu MADiagnostic Radiology1376541045
Ramesh Avva FLDiagnostic Radiology1174521587
John D Howard SCDiagnostic Radiology1558368902
Edward W. Kouri GADiagnostic Radiology1497753628
Wayne Rodney Boyd CADiagnostic Radiology1871591727
Paul R Smith LADiagnostic Radiology1962400218
Frontera Colon & Suarez Radiologos Psc PRDiagnostic Radiology1598763658
Philip Amatulle NYDiagnostic Radiology1144227331
Bruce Roger Gendron NYDiagnostic Radiology1548268071
Willard George Hession NCDiagnostic Radiology1750388211
Fred Anthony Scialabba NCDiagnostic Radiology1760489330
Steven Todd Crawford NCDiagnostic Radiology1578560934


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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