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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Diagnostic Radiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shawn D Grant KYDiagnostic Radiology1043214497
James H Brown NJDiagnostic Radiology1689678039
James T. Smith WVDiagnostic Radiology1598769952
Bayonne Imaging Associates, Llc. NJDiagnostic Radiology1417951880
Robert Smith WADiagnostic Radiology1003810581
Eric D. Alpert NCDiagnostic Radiology1053315465
Anthony Kenneth Trevino TXDiagnostic Radiology1649274069
Penbay X ray Associates, Pa Diagnostic Radiology1750385126
Mark F Fisher NDDiagnostic Radiology1528062924
Rod I. Belkin WADiagnostic Radiology1063416469
X ray Diagnostic Center PRDiagnostic Radiology1326042797
Shannon Clinic TXDiagnostic Radiology1770587149
Gary B Sahlstrom WADiagnostic Radiology1902800311
Jeffrey Ralph Conaway KSDiagnostic Radiology1063416477
Ira Lee Cox KSDiagnostic Radiology1104820513
Brent Ellis Cully MODiagnostic Radiology1114921533
Anthony L Alcantara MIDiagnostic Radiology1194720532
Gerald T Powers OHDiagnostic Radiology1740285162
Gilbert Hawkins Maulsby OHDiagnostic Radiology1669477980
Bill Nikolaos Moskos TXDiagnostic Radiology1881699262
Thomas Richey ALDiagnostic Radiology1780689166
Joel P Cook WIDiagnostic Radiology1912902271
Richard Free Cooper MIDiagnostic Radiology1083619340
Lawrence Roy Bigongiari ARDiagnostic Radiology1932104304
Arthur Hamilton Mccain GADiagnostic Radiology1326043688
David Stuart Muff TXDiagnostic Radiology1578568960
Richard James Rolfes OHDiagnostic Radiology1477558872
Angela Marie Fanizza-orphanos OHDiagnostic Radiology1962407379
David E Jensen IADiagnostic Radiology1427053891
Lee M Lefler TNDiagnostic Radiology1902801384
Adam K Olmsted OHDiagnostic Radiology1790780013
Susie H Kim-maulsby OHDiagnostic Radiology1720083041
David Lee Harshfield ARDiagnostic Radiology1265437503
Wayne S Chilcote MTDiagnostic Radiology1508861840
Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists, Pc PADiagnostic Radiology1609871912
Kelly Zach Hart KSDiagnostic Radiology1154326460
Gary Wayne Hinson KSDiagnostic Radiology1114922424
Wahid Girgis NJDiagnostic Radiology1073518205
Richard Randall Ozmun TXDiagnostic Radiology1518962745
Nicole Glynn NJDiagnostic Radiology1235134479
Pritinder Thind NJDiagnostic Radiology1467457614
George Williams NJDiagnostic Radiology1891790044
Samuel Salen CADiagnostic Radiology1629073804
Renaissance Radiology Medical Group, Inc. CADiagnostic Radiology1952306136
Edward Barnwell Black NCDiagnostic Radiology1003811209
Waldo Miguel Martinez TXDiagnostic Radiology1144225459
William Moowan Chae MIDiagnostic Radiology1871598185
Gurmeet Dhillon OHDiagnostic Radiology1386649598
Rajiv Biswal NJDiagnostic Radiology1679578801
Gerald L Ellison NCDiagnostic Radiology1194720482
Ronald Arthur Alberico NYDiagnostic Radiology1366447567
Daniel Robert Alzheimer WYDiagnostic Radiology1235134438
John Everett Scott MODiagnostic Radiology1871598078
Daniel W Thompson ALDiagnostic Radiology1942205141
Deanna Facundus Karl LADiagnostic Radiology1245235340
Renaissance Radiology Medical Group, Inc. CADiagnostic Radiology1437154697
Lacey Diagnostic Imaging, Llc. NJDiagnostic Radiology1245235407
Donald Jullian Stallard KSDiagnostic Radiology1316942576
Arthur Jerry Satterlee LADiagnostic Radiology1013912278
Thompson Mack Dietz LADiagnostic Radiology1083619241
Robert George Schwegler KSDiagnostic Radiology1508861733
David D Vanderkin ILDiagnostic Radiology1962407197
Manoj Parikh NJDiagnostic Radiology1972508125
Robert S Naftel ALDiagnostic Radiology1649275819
Raymond E Kohne TNDiagnostic Radiology1366447542
Edgar S Underwood ALDiagnostic Radiology1528063716
Myron P. Schneider CADiagnostic Radiology1023013125
Kenneth Kelley Tidwell ARDiagnostic Radiology1942205802
Wendell Pastorfide Doronio KSDiagnostic Radiology1336144203
Douglas Wayne Hughes KSDiagnostic Radiology1659376739
Oliver Preston Copeland TXDiagnostic Radiology1679578769
Thaddeus Lamar Teaford LADiagnostic Radiology1689679615
Richard E Person ARDiagnostic Radiology1063417004
Brenda B Bell ALDiagnostic Radiology1760487730
Renaissance Radiology Medical Group, Inc. CADiagnostic Radiology1932104908
Marquette Radiology Associates Llc ILDiagnostic Radiology1427053552
Visionary Imaging Llc MODiagnostic Radiology1700881851
Jersey Shore Radiology Associates, P.a. NJDiagnostic Radiology1528063674
John Harrigan NJDiagnostic Radiology1902801053
Mitchell Karmel NYDiagnostic Radiology1992700058
Richard L Ellis WIDiagnostic Radiology1447255500
Leonard Zawodniak NJDiagnostic Radiology1144225202
Ralph Maurice Weaver TXDiagnostic Radiology1598760662
Charles Henley Medbery KSDiagnostic Radiology1528063609
Lakes Region Imaging Llc MODiagnostic Radiology1548265697
Jin-shone Leo TXDiagnostic Radiology1689679748
Michael Unterman NJDiagnostic Radiology1033114194
Judson Horace Snow TXDiagnostic Radiology1366447427
James Robert Bergh KSDiagnostic Radiology1831194901
Mark Ansley PADiagnostic Radiology1821093907
Associated Radiologists, Inc. WVDiagnostic Radiology1649275728
Leo Joseph Spittler MODiagnostic Radiology1083619076
Richard H Tupler LADiagnostic Radiology1487659496
Gregery Kienzle WADiagnostic Radiology1518962505
Jason Stoane WADiagnostic Radiology1780689778
Overland Park Radiologists, Pa KSDiagnostic Radiology1255336251
Steven David Yellin LADiagnostic Radiology1447255450
Phillip Brackin PADiagnostic Radiology1386649267
Daniel G. Fontanez LADiagnostic Radiology1821093717
Pradeep Amesur OHDiagnostic Radiology1154326049
John W Patrick GADiagnostic Radiology1124023023
Roberto Molina Martinez NVDiagnostic Radiology1346245362
Jaime Santiago Tuazon LADiagnostic Radiology1881699809
Michael Jay Smith ARDiagnostic Radiology1932104973
William Robert Green ARDiagnostic Radiology1831194877
John Gamble MODiagnostic Radiology1174528111
Robert James Quinilty LADiagnostic Radiology1073518908
John Steigner LADiagnostic Radiology1710982657
Rafael L. Figueroa LADiagnostic Radiology1568467462
Bradley Scott Shore LADiagnostic Radiology1427053347
David E Hoover OHDiagnostic Radiology1669477428
Medical Imaging Associates Of Mexico Mo MODiagnostic Radiology1487659140
Navix Diagnostix, Inc. Diagnostic Radiology1871598540
Clifford Yang CTDiagnostic Radiology1295730976
Kyoung Soo Bae MIDiagnostic Radiology1033114848
Robert Hugh Posteraro TXDiagnostic Radiology1437154127
Lionel L Gorbaty MIDiagnostic Radiology1932104643
Adnan R Habbal MIDiagnostic Radiology1194720805
John Bocker NJDiagnostic Radiology1659376499
Eileen Krieg NJDiagnostic Radiology1639174485
Scott Cranston Porter TXDiagnostic Radiology1134124894
Logan Park Imaging Llc ILDiagnostic Radiology1205831971
Anne Louise Walker LADiagnostic Radiology1568467231
James E Denier MIDiagnostic Radiology1780689497
James Francis Murphy TXDiagnostic Radiology1215932934
Peter B Gusmer NCDiagnostic Radiology1740285469
William Lee Lemon TXDiagnostic Radiology1558366245
Ajay Dalal CTDiagnostic Radiology1093710782
Todd Randall Samuels TXDiagnostic Radiology1316942014
Abner S Gershon CTDiagnostic Radiology1114922812
Jay M Scherr TXDiagnostic Radiology1669477360
Louis Denegre CTDiagnostic Radiology1508861220
Denise Elaine Duff NCDiagnostic Radiology1467457184
Anita Boorman CADiagnostic Radiology1720083447
John L Green NCDiagnostic Radiology1073518700
Robert D. Thomas TNDiagnostic Radiology1104821990
Willie Bob Davis KSDiagnostic Radiology1659376952
Christopher Eugene Rickman TNDiagnostic Radiology1497759898
Donald Thomas Nicell FLDiagnostic Radiology1689679631
Donald W Farmer FLDiagnostic Radiology1073518882
Elin Angeid-backman WADiagnostic Radiology1942204417
Richard T Falter NCDiagnostic Radiology1295730430
Richard E. Roux NCDiagnostic Radiology1215932983
David R Fisher NCDiagnostic Radiology1700881521
Jeffrey M Kotzan NCDiagnostic Radiology1730184904
Leroy Roberts NCDiagnostic Radiology1073518254
Thomas G Loflin ALDiagnostic Radiology1083619159
William D Varnell ALDiagnostic Radiology1902801095
Gregory Bruce Snyder MNDiagnostic Radiology1295730349
University Of Connecticut Health Center CTDiagnostic Radiology1720083769
Thomas J Meakem NCDiagnostic Radiology1639174808
Theodore D Baker ALDiagnostic Radiology1508861287
Marc J Chitty ALDiagnostic Radiology1538164678
Timothy A Frye ALDiagnostic Radiology1619972759
Donald Shane Kelly ALDiagnostic Radiology1417952185
Jeffrey K Nicholson ALDiagnostic Radiology1659376721
Ricardo Bracer ALDiagnostic Radiology1043215239
Davor A Luketic ALDiagnostic Radiology1700881984
Anne B Deatkine ALDiagnostic Radiology1154326353
Margaret Bazarnic PADiagnostic Radiology1801890322
Edward C. Fallon PADiagnostic Radiology1245234764
Richard J. Gregor PADiagnostic Radiology1770588121
Gina A Mcrae ALDiagnostic Radiology1235134305
Christopher F Lawrence LADiagnostic Radiology1851396725
Richard G Sherry NYDiagnostic Radiology1538163985
Michael B Parsa KSDiagnostic Radiology1932104163
John Frederick Eurich MODiagnostic Radiology1316942667
Barbara Elaine Taylor INDiagnostic Radiology1770588006
Rick Stephen Moritz KSDiagnostic Radiology1891790002
Sarah Logan Sherard KSDiagnostic Radiology1154326304
Lawrence G Wayburn NMDiagnostic Radiology1891790192
Albert Seow KYDiagnostic Radiology1326042763
David Cheyney CADiagnostic Radiology1194720334
Calvin W Herring ALDiagnostic Radiology1720083967
Harry M Rice KYDiagnostic Radiology1437153889
Lawrence George Manco FLDiagnostic Radiology1275522997
Hartwig P Jander ALDiagnostic Radiology1346245545
Irwin R Maier CADiagnostic Radiology1275538431
Kevin Samuel Hughes KSDiagnostic Radiology1124023841
Paul A. Aiello CTDiagnostic Radiology1366447302
Richard P. Chepey TXDiagnostic Radiology1629073887
Kenneth R. Cook TXDiagnostic Radiology1881699601
James Clifton Johnson NCDiagnostic Radiology1376548222
Frederick Mast Dula NCDiagnostic Radiology1104821412
Joel Hassien MODiagnostic Radiology1588669527
Leonard B Resnikoff NJDiagnostic Radiology1861496200
Rajendrakumar Desai TXDiagnostic Radiology1932104874
Shella Farooki SCDiagnostic Radiology1750386975
United Imaging Consultants, Llc KSDiagnostic Radiology1588669766
David Leonard Hunter MODiagnostic Radiology1164426565
Solano Diagnostics Partners, A Calif Limited Partnership Diagnostic Radiology1952826539
Maurice Miller OHDiagnostic Radiology1295730083
Jeffrey John Ralston NCDiagnostic Radiology1275538449
Stephen Jory Pomeranz OHDiagnostic Radiology1285639690
Ole Sami Aassar SCDiagnostic Radiology1053315499
Deborah G. Agisim SCDiagnostic Radiology1154325553
Vittorio Paolo Antonacci SCDiagnostic Radiology1902800329
Ross Joseph Bellavia SCDiagnostic Radiology1174527592
Andrew J. Beloni SCDiagnostic Radiology1932104122
Christina Marie Chaconas FLDiagnostic Radiology1891790093


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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