Providers with Taxonomy: Diagnostic Radiology in the state of Kansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Diagnostic Radiology
in the state of Kansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin Duane Brown 66160, KSDiagnostic Radiology1548264294
William Martin Chase 66209, KSDiagnostic Radiology1891799557
Susanne Marie Chow 66209, KSDiagnostic Radiology1164426797
Craig Matthew Bruner 66202, KSDiagnostic Radiology1710981469
William Henry Brooks 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1710981451
Howard Martin Cloogman 66061, KSDiagnostic Radiology1649274184
Jeffrey Ralph Conaway 66209, KSDiagnostic Radiology1063416477
Ira Lee Cox 64056, KSDiagnostic Radiology1104820513
Kelly Zach Hart 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1154326460
Gary Wayne Hinson 66160, KSDiagnostic Radiology1114922424
John Everett Scott 64063, KSDiagnostic Radiology1871598078
Robert George Schwegler 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1508861733
Wendell Pastorfide Doronio 66061, KSDiagnostic Radiology1336144203
Douglas Wayne Hughes 66701, KSDiagnostic Radiology1659376739
Charles Henley Medbery 66701, KSDiagnostic Radiology1528063609
James Robert Bergh 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1831194901
Leo Joseph Spittler 66048, KSDiagnostic Radiology1083619076
Overland Park Radiologists, Pa 66701, KSDiagnostic Radiology1255336251
Willie Bob Davis 66061, KSDiagnostic Radiology1659376952
John Frederick Eurich 64063, KSDiagnostic Radiology1316942667
Rick Stephen Moritz 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1891790002
Sarah Logan Sherard 66061, KSDiagnostic Radiology1154326304
United Imaging Consultants, Llc 66202, KSDiagnostic Radiology1588669766
Claudia A Lawn 67211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1225034614
Eddy Lucas 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1205832698
Akash C. Joshi 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1013913490
Arti Gupta 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1770589152
Daniel C Davis 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1417953407
Jeffrey L. Borders 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1346248721
Scott L Rossow 66002, KSDiagnostic Radiology1679571061
John H. Mcmillan 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1245238443
John H Lohnes 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1265431886
Laura C Knight 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1609875228
Deborah A Desilet Dobbs 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1407855026
Kamran M Ali 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1952300576
Richard A Ahlstrand 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1679572200
David Brake 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1386643914
Charles W Mcguire 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1366441982
Jin Tze Wu 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1356340988
Daniel F Housholder 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1063411692
Lisa S May 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1790784205
John D Knudtson 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1306845821
Donald C White 67337, KSDiagnostic Radiology1396745386
Harish K Panicker 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1639161847
Gregory J Welle 66503, KSDiagnostic Radiology1477546745
Richard J Kueker 67420, KSDiagnostic Radiology1134115215
Kenneth Alfieri 64056, KSDiagnostic Radiology1821087255
Matthew Caterine 64056, KSDiagnostic Radiology1821087263
Richard Cronemeyer 66202, KSDiagnostic Radiology1356330427
Dennis M Wilcox 66209, KSDiagnostic Radiology1770564148
Thomas J Flynn 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1952383655
Larry C Graham 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1023090503
Paul J Hutsey 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1154303642
Herbert I Kadison 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1235111725
Lawrence J Slutsky 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1245212752
Timothy C Benning 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1053393199
Sean Christopher Keenan 66502, KSDiagnostic Radiology1932190436
Stephen D Clark 66061, KSDiagnostic Radiology1881676286
Robert A Schmaltz 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1861475048
Darren K Orme 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1558343046
Suryakumar Reddy 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1508849787
Mark H Fritze 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1871575357
Eric D Kater 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1942282439
Thomas D Cox 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1871575274
Ernest John Madarang 66103, KSDiagnostic Radiology1083690978
Charles J. Kifer 66220, KSDiagnostic Radiology1932187556
Bertrand Laurent Gallet 66210, KSDiagnostic Radiology1629053152
Chad M Ruble 66210, KSDiagnostic Radiology1114906245
James C Degner 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1376526327
Ralph Warren Richardson 66210, KSDiagnostic Radiology1720059991
Assadollah Zainali 67901, KSDiagnostic Radiology1902877921
Joyce A Oster 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1952372989
Michael Brian Robertson 66061, KSDiagnostic Radiology1497728422
Donald C White Md Pa 67337, KSDiagnostic Radiology1508831983
James G Fitzsimmons 66213, KSDiagnostic Radiology1891762589
Mr Imaging Center Llc 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1891762449
Belinda Sun 64111, KSDiagnostic Radiology1487621066
St Joseph Mri Llc 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1205803855
Mark Redick 66205, KSDiagnostic Radiology1063489631
Thomas Waddell 66213, KSDiagnostic Radiology1740257286
Ellen M Yetter 66213, KSDiagnostic Radiology1902873441
David F Hazuka 66202, KSDiagnostic Radiology1225005549
Mark Lavin 64056, KSDiagnostic Radiology1821065160
Douglas Nelson 66160, KSDiagnostic Radiology1912974114
Dipak Shah 64056, KSDiagnostic Radiology1699742809
Gerald Staab 64111, KSDiagnostic Radiology1053388264
Robert Thompson 66112, KSDiagnostic Radiology1194792275
Robert Gibbs 67357, KSDiagnostic Radiology1861460875
Glen Shurtz 67202, KSDiagnostic Radiology1558339317
Norman Pay 67226, KSDiagnostic Radiology1558339325
Neil Bhargava 64132, KSDiagnostic Radiology1376511766
William R Allen 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1063481158
Dwayne L Deturk 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1598734204
Stephen Kunz 64056, KSDiagnostic Radiology1821067422
Jeffery L Sparacino 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1740240548
Arnold R Cabrera 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1760450126
Pamela B Davis 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1508834862
William B Garlow 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1447229158
Melissa Bartel 67156, KSDiagnostic Radiology1407827439
Kansas Imaging Consultants, Pa 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1841267663
Peter M Peer 67337, KSDiagnostic Radiology1669431748
David E Marcus 77030, KSDiagnostic Radiology1952378069
Stacy Stevens 66213, KSDiagnostic Radiology1407823461
Area Radiological Consultants Pa 67104, KSDiagnostic Radiology1215997002
John L Coyner 67104, KSDiagnostic Radiology1760442545
United Radiology Group, Chartered 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1477513224
Gary L Wilson 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1174584551
Walnut Valley Imaging Pa 67156, KSDiagnostic Radiology1083675227
Regional Imaging, Llc 66210, KSDiagnostic Radiology1992768683
Bradley Joseph Mcilnay 66109, KSDiagnostic Radiology1558325282
Heart Views Llc 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1174587398
Line Diagnostics Inc 67211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1376507590
Line Medical Inc 67068, KSDiagnostic Radiology1124083308
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center Of Kansas Lp 66606, KSDiagnostic Radiology1922066810
James P Anthony 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1639127665
Alliance Radiology, Pa 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1467400663
Douglas L Best 66213, KSDiagnostic Radiology1659321438
Frank H Yackovich 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1518917368
Herman David Clifton 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1205887676
William Donald Walklett 67846, KSDiagnostic Radiology1578514279
Hilary Zarnow 67042, KSDiagnostic Radiology1841242120
Pauline R Sleder 66160, KSDiagnostic Radiology1043262272
Campus Garden Imaging Pa 67846, KSDiagnostic Radiology1184676629
Todd Steven Oberzan 66044, KSDiagnostic Radiology1619920329
James E Peterson 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1932160397
Richard L Johnson 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1659332005
Ray E House 67401, KSDiagnostic Radiology1831150275
James Brull 67601, KSDiagnostic Radiology1457313413
Christopher P Sheldon 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1841248200
Neil Rosenquist 67156, KSDiagnostic Radiology1760443915
Dean Wesley Hughes 73701, KSDiagnostic Radiology1891741583
Joseph Caresio 64068, KSDiagnostic Radiology1043266117
Soen Boen Liong 67846, KSDiagnostic Radiology1396792750
Joseph J Goetz 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1376583401
Patrick M O'toole 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1083656102
Charles W Horner 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1215970736
Kansas City Imaging Center, Llc 66109, KSDiagnostic Radiology1518900992
Frederick Sauter Neuer 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1215972856
Jack Walter Snarr 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1720023369
Encompass Medical Group, Pa 66214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1063457299
Glendon Gale Cox 66160, KSDiagnostic Radiology1205872934
Radmila Radovanov 67152, KSDiagnostic Radiology1205872678
Ronald Joseph Reeb 66606, KSDiagnostic Radiology1861428393
Thomas E Mais 66606, KSDiagnostic Radiology1790711240
John Duncan Gay 66606, KSDiagnostic Radiology1821025412
Joseph R Miranda 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1568499358
Bruce C Elson 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1396772083
Philip Loren Duniven 66622, KSDiagnostic Radiology1326075037
Stephen M Knecht 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1538196241
James Paul Werner 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1710914304
Kimberly A Taylor 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1396772703
Steven L Taylor 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1558398966
Morton County Hospital 67950, KSDiagnostic Radiology1689601007
James K Fisher 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1306875752
Phillip D Barrett 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1952331589
Russell Clay Harvey 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1992735542
Johannes Heyns 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1720014095
Benjamin A. Franklin 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1780611350
Dennis Craig Petterson 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1588693980
Curtis P Schworm 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1871536045
Mark Greenberg 66622, KSDiagnostic Radiology1447293345
Kenneth Koontz 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1689613093
David A Simms 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1548297955
Timothy Edward Allen 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1720017064
Marlin J Fugate 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1275569535
Russell Edward Greene 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1588693832
Patrick James Landes 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1104855501
Kyle A Miller 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1497784896
James Wilson Owen 66604, KSDiagnostic Radiology1275562639
Devamurugan Chandramohan 66213, KSDiagnostic Radiology1235166620
Matthew James Sigley 64108, KSDiagnostic Radiology1952347270
Carl W Fieser 67801, KSDiagnostic Radiology1316990849
Kipp Allen Vancamp 66226, KSDiagnostic Radiology1164460655
Jeremy J Jagoda 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1689607301
Mindano U Beltran 67950, KSDiagnostic Radiology1003849217
Aaron Michael Lewis 66202, KSDiagnostic Radiology1447285465
Milton R Wolf 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1679598197
Theodore L Kitowski 66508, KSDiagnostic Radiology1871519223
Andrew Harmon 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1396762746
Harvey Thalblum 66211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1376560052
Jafar Amini 66048, KSDiagnostic Radiology1558380386
Timothy M Gronlie 67214, KSDiagnostic Radiology1720007404
Mary E Macnaughton 64068, KSDiagnostic Radiology1306866025
Larry Nussbaum 64068, KSDiagnostic Radiology1316967417
Timothy G Raveill 64068, KSDiagnostic Radiology1760402861
Michael E Brun 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1568482669
Michael J Gaughan 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1063432169
William Martin Reed 66206, KSDiagnostic Radiology1639193519
Timothy Joseph Mihalovich 64114, KSDiagnostic Radiology1497779961
Barry A Gubin 66211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1912921347
Graham K Lee 66211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1821012253
Thomas P Sweeney 66211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1922012574
Jay I Rozen 66211, KSDiagnostic Radiology1467466029
Steven Mclain Lemons 66160, KSDiagnostic Radiology1053327114
Barbara Krueger 67357, KSDiagnostic Radiology1295741387
Michelle Renee Calvert 67218, KSDiagnostic Radiology1255340741
Philip Zongker 67208, KSDiagnostic Radiology1861401952
Jeffrey A Hicklin 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1083729222
Robert E Moffat 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1447365630
Richard D Miller 66204, KSDiagnostic Radiology1164537346


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