Providers with Taxonomy: Diagnostic Radiology in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Diagnostic Radiology
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John Hallock Oldershaw 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1104829423
William Robert Courey 02721, MADiagnostic Radiology1083618359
Kevin J Callahan 01904, MADiagnostic Radiology1962406249
Jonas J Berman 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1215931597
Murray Dimant 02721, MADiagnostic Radiology1649272717
Scott D Abel 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1124020201
Matthew Shalvoy 02215, MADiagnostic Radiology1093163537
Navix Diagnostix, Inc. 02780, MADiagnostic Radiology1871598540
Tiron C.m. Pechet 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1548266653
Adena S Katz 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1417954520
Steven Alan Klein 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1982601860
Lawrence M. Casha 01841, MADiagnostic Radiology1043217862
Thomas D Shipp 02445, MADiagnostic Radiology1114925211
Beryl R Benacerraf 02445, MADiagnostic Radiology1518965623
Letitia Clark 20007, MADiagnostic Radiology1497753552
Ketan Patel 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1194722074
Urvi Fulwadhva 01805, MADiagnostic Radiology1326046970
John Reynolds Knorr 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1285631341
Stephen T Sweriduk 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1134126105
David S Titelbaum 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1225035264
David Chun Ming Yu 02301, MADiagnostic Radiology1376541045
Bryann Bromley 02445, MADiagnostic Radiology1104825959
Diagnostic Ultrasound Associates, Pc 02445, MADiagnostic Radiology1356340871
Calliope Fine 02445, MADiagnostic Radiology1225038607
Daniel D. Do-dai 02111, MADiagnostic Radiology1326049727
Stanley Foster 20007, MADiagnostic Radiology1861484610
Vera Stewart Franklin 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1316939028
Stacy E Smith 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1659364925
Andrew Polony 01960, MADiagnostic Radiology1316930423
Daryl Richard Parker 02048, MADiagnostic Radiology1366435760
Merric Landy 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1124012133
Wei Du 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1144214206
Howard Lowy 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1760476782
Michael Mastromatteo 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1023002045
Mark Girard 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1134113228
Nahid Rathore 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1528052529
Claudia Reynders 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1669466678
M. Christian Semine 01904, MADiagnostic Radiology1467446476
Courtney Neff 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1356335368
Daniel Gale 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1447244512
John Patti 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1003800897
Himanshu Gupta 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1669466538
Sanford Smoot 02420, MADiagnostic Radiology1720072697
Patrick Hanks 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1114911906
Peter Koch-weser 01904, MADiagnostic Radiology1881688729
Allan Hoffman 01970, MADiagnostic Radiology1689668410
Steven Erwin Seltzer 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1710972286
Robert Hannon 01844, MADiagnostic Radiology1467447730
Peter Cary 01844, MADiagnostic Radiology1487649760
Mark Elon Gale 01854, MADiagnostic Radiology1174518294
Oliver Henry Pomeroy 02467, MADiagnostic Radiology1295720100
Peter Michael Doubilet 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1972598811
Robyn Leah Birdwell 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1881689701
Russell Alan Blinder 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1477548394
Elvira V Lang 02446, MADiagnostic Radiology1699760496
Karl Benjamin Coyner 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1609861418
Janet Baer 02139, MADiagnostic Radiology1265427074
Robert Schall 01844, MADiagnostic Radiology1265427066
Arthur Lathrop Zerbey 01842, MADiagnostic Radiology1164417978
Michael Ruhoy 02120, MADiagnostic Radiology1538154364
Steven Wetzner 02120, MADiagnostic Radiology1316932148
Jerome Auerbach 02215, MADiagnostic Radiology1417942129
Piran Aliabadi 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1851386494
Peter Shimkin 06611, MADiagnostic Radiology1124013792
Linda M. Salzman 01841, MADiagnostic Radiology1073508685
James Chafey 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1497741045
Stephen A. Barrand 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1538155171
Peter Curatolo 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1043206592
Steven Defossez 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1952397408
Christian Ecker 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1770579229
Brian P. Murphy 01841, MADiagnostic Radiology1699761072
Christine M Denison 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1063408086
Jenifer Siegelman 06360, MADiagnostic Radiology1699761346
Gail Weingast 06360, MADiagnostic Radiology1851387526
Kathleen Walsh 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1457347247
Jeffrey S. Melamed 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1558357236
Herb Lustberg 06360, MADiagnostic Radiology1477549129
Jeffrey Rudikoff 06360, MADiagnostic Radiology1437145182
Donald Francis Romanelli 02138, MADiagnostic Radiology1033105754
Jessie Lynn Chai 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1871580571
Peter M. Reveno 02130, MADiagnostic Radiology1083601785
Stuart George Silverman 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1427045137
Bhanu Aluri-vallabhaneni 07503, MADiagnostic Radiology1881681476
Frank Yuppa 07503, MADiagnostic Radiology1912994484
Harold Longmaid 02186, MADiagnostic Radiology1124015615
James Francis Mastromatteo 02130, MADiagnostic Radiology1457348856
Edward Milman 07503, MADiagnostic Radiology1205823788
Robert Richter 02186, MADiagnostic Radiology1285621540
Stephen Kwon 07503, MADiagnostic Radiology1093702359
Max Meir Bermann 02130, MADiagnostic Radiology1346237443
Richard B Schwartz 02446, MADiagnostic Radiology1609864487
Longwood Mri Specialists Inc. 02446, MADiagnostic Radiology1942297759
Patricia Donahue 02186, MADiagnostic Radiology1750378212
Mark Lipsky 02186, MADiagnostic Radiology1538156021
Susannah Kay 01844, MADiagnostic Radiology1811982614
Eric S. Korenman 01201, MADiagnostic Radiology1104819630
Amir Arsalan Zamani 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1780679480
David M. Novick 01841, MADiagnostic Radiology1841285434
Wendy Jeanne Hanafee 33767, MADiagnostic Radiology1568459691
John M Braver 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1760470058
Ramin Khorasani 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1255329538
Edward H. Pien 20007, MADiagnostic Radiology1972591956
Gerald F Abbott 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1316935299
Ronald J Bick 01702, MADiagnostic Radiology1023006939
Robert J Wolf 48912, MADiagnostic Radiology1003805904
Edward J Farmlett 03246, MADiagnostic Radiology1427047695
Daniel M Schwartz 01655, MADiagnostic Radiology1104815240
Barry Michael Lamont 02132, MADiagnostic Radiology1285623280
Craig Korbin 06260, MADiagnostic Radiology1982694774
Katherine Nimkin 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1639169444
Jami R Rubens 02462, MADiagnostic Radiology1821088675
Attleboro Radiology Partnership, Llc. 02703, MADiagnostic Radiology1871583690
Deborah Ann Hall 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1083604813
Peter Florin Hahn 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1801886429
Joseph Frank Simeone 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1679563225
Catherine S Giess 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1730179375
Kitt Shaffer 02118, MADiagnostic Radiology1457341133
Kemal Tuncali 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1811987506
Raul Nirmal Uppot 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1285624833
Francine Lee Jacobson 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1124018890
Sara M. Durfee 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1366432973
Pamela Jean Dipiro 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1730179110
Xuan-mai T Nguyen 20912, MADiagnostic Radiology1407846900
Sjirk J Westra 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1952391211
Edwin Lincoln Palmer 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1962492231
Babak Raissi 02721, MADiagnostic Radiology1841280369
Charles Roger Williams 02601, MADiagnostic Radiology1053301572
Daniel Berman 01453, MADiagnostic Radiology1457341794
Siew Koon Teoh 02138, MADiagnostic Radiology1740270057
William James Marasco 02673, MADiagnostic Radiology1588654891
Sandra P Rincon 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1215927447
Michael Austin Blake 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1871583039
Arthur Conrad Waltman 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1619967924
Miriam Antoinette Bredella 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1861482028
Daniel Ira Rosenthal 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1750371936
Susan V Kattapuram 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1013907294
Robert Harding Dann 01301, MADiagnostic Radiology1831189026
Laura V. Romo 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1114917275
Zulmarie Roig 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1508856626
Pamela Whitney Schaefer 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1659362788
Michael H Lev 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1962492033
Mary E. Cunnane 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1831189901
Norbert J Liebsch 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1801887948
Edward F. Hurwitz 01440, MADiagnostic Radiology1942291018
Hugh D Curtin 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1861482929
Paul A. Caruso 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1619968658
Ralph Weissleder 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1417948498
Debra A Gervais 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1558352450
Steven Lee Dawson 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1366433179
Randheer Shailam 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1558352278
Daniel Benjamin Kopans 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1902897614
James David Rabinov 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1548251267
Joshua West Stuhlfaut 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1972594695
Laura Louise Avery 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1356332944
Salvatore A Deluca 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1992796536
William Ewing Palmer 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1891786430
Pallavi Sagar 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1356332902
Joanne Omalley Shepard 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1083605638
Jack Wittenberg 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1245221894
John Timothy Lysack 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1255322897
Douglas L Teich 02215, MADiagnostic Radiology1205827789
Christine L Petersen 01606, MADiagnostic Radiology1578554044
Keith Jay Dreyer 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1962493478
Michael E Zalis 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1295726727
Hugue A Ouellette 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1376534818
Robert Arthur Novelline 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1639160922
John Wen-yueh Chen 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1376534552
Martin Pablo Torriani 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1164413365
Bruce Gardner Stewart 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1487645669
Kathleen Ann Mccarthy 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1669453858
Victorine Vining Muse 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1598746786
Dianne Georgian-smith 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1134100043
Janet K. Baum 01550, MADiagnostic Radiology1053392944
Robert Young-ill Yoon 01301, MADiagnostic Radiology1457332397
Mary Jane O'neill 01915, MADiagnostic Radiology1043291875
Jeffrey Brian Mendel 02465, MADiagnostic Radiology1326029166
Ali R Niakosari 01841, MADiagnostic Radiology1750362331
Michael Duhaney 07470, MADiagnostic Radiology1144201831
Bruce Kenneth Bertrand 01608, MADiagnostic Radiology1215918891
Ralph Wheeler 07470, MADiagnostic Radiology1194706895
Theresa Claire Mcloud 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1750362372
George Littleton Cushing 02138, MADiagnostic Radiology1952382475
Burt D Pina 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1427039874
Neil Specht 06606, MADiagnostic Radiology1861473498
Shashi Chaddha 06606, MADiagnostic Radiology1063493682
Steven Festa 07470, MADiagnostic Radiology1467433813
Jong Hwan Yun 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1760464051
James Arthur Scott 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1780665091
Kenneth R Kaplan 02703, MADiagnostic Radiology1801877162
John Wilinsky 01002, MADiagnostic Radiology1710968078
Justin John Campbell 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1568444891
Helen L Chisholm 02601, MADiagnostic Radiology1740261023
Bethany Ann Richman 02130, MADiagnostic Radiology1023099322
Carol B Benson 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1588646657
Amy Fan-yee Juliano 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1508848615
Amy Elizabeth Lecomte 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1679555809
Bharti Khurana 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1093797235
Stephen Wilmot Miller 02114, MADiagnostic Radiology1265414304
Eren D Yeh 02115, MADiagnostic Radiology1427030501
General Health Services, Inc. 01845, MADiagnostic Radiology1275515140


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