Providers with Taxonomy: Diagnostic Radiology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Diagnostic Radiology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lowell B. Barek 11530, NYDiagnostic Radiology1568465714
Metropolitan Diagnostic Imaging, Pc 11530, NYDiagnostic Radiology1982607198
Narrows Mri And Diagnostic Radiology, Pc 11209, NYDiagnostic Radiology1427051689
Queens Medical Imaging, Pc 11375, NYDiagnostic Radiology1023011285
Gramercy Mri And Diagnostic Radiology, Pc 10010, NYDiagnostic Radiology1437152683
Arif Qureshi 14437, NYDiagnostic Radiology1841293693
Ronald Steven Adler 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1932102753
Theodore Rafael 10595, NYDiagnostic Radiology1740283233
Robert Diamond 11747, NYDiagnostic Radiology1407859861
Stephen Hershowitz 11747, NYDiagnostic Radiology1619970084
Richard J Katz 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1376546630
Steven A Albert 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1639172943
Douglas R Decorato 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1588667877
Donald Fagelman 11706, NYDiagnostic Radiology1669476446
Aspan Singh Ohson 10005, NYDiagnostic Radiology1689678559
Richard G Sherry 13601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1538163985
Peter M. Goldsmith 10003, NYDiagnostic Radiology1326044678
James W Brady 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1710983010
Andre Khoury-yacoub 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1386640498
Richard Lipset 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1114923224
John S Train 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1326044439
Alan R Melton 11757, NYDiagnostic Radiology1588660591
Nina Soberman 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1972509073
Marie Ferrante Gade 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1396741153
Jon Peter Tilley 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1154327914
Steven Herman 14263, NYDiagnostic Radiology1518963305
Matthew K Kwiatek 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1730185547
Jose Botet 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1043216716
Charles M. Elkin 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1952307621
Rosalyn Kutcher 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1073519807
Ghanshyam M Bhatt 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1821094566
Rand Stack 10710, NYDiagnostic Radiology1861498537
Jean Marie Torrisi 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1396742789
Steven Walter Medwid 10532, NYDiagnostic Radiology1447257514
Jeffrey Mark Kaplan 11961, NYDiagnostic Radiology1679570741
Stephen J Fischer 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1326045204
Brian Block 14092, NYDiagnostic Radiology1528066214
Mahesh Kinkhabwala 12550, NYDiagnostic Radiology1134127822
Donna L. Kessinger 11746, NYDiagnostic Radiology1649277427
Robert J Ashenburg 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1407854979
John J Cucinotta 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1790783272
Patricia A Kelly 11757, NYDiagnostic Radiology1255339743
John Della Badia 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1396743829
Leticia Aponte 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1851399257
Gerald A Black 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1356349724
William N Cohen 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1508864976
Mark W Franklin 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1861490237
Thomas G Green 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1689672057
Sheldon P Feit 11530, NYDiagnostic Radiology1497753867
Walter E Bottizer 10580, NYDiagnostic Radiology1477551851
Alan L Bernstein 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1538167820
Stephen Laufgraben 14263, NYDiagnostic Radiology1093713430
Sami Faddoul 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1700884145
Bonnie L Litvack 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1619975059
Andrew J Derogatis 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1871591222
Marjorie Rosenblatt 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1205834652
Robert Nathan Perelman 10466, NYDiagnostic Radiology1457359804
George Saul 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1215935408
Paul Thomas Khoury 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1528066701
Healthcare Radiology And Diagnostic Systems Pllc 10466, NYDiagnostic Radiology1508864570
Ronald Schwinger 11530, NYDiagnostic Radiology1508864513
Farid Abdo 10466, NYDiagnostic Radiology1659379626
Michael H. Swirsky 10601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1417955725
Conellia Ha 11570, NYDiagnostic Radiology1245238278
Rona Fine 10466, NYDiagnostic Radiology1316945371
Leonard A. Wald 10549, NYDiagnostic Radiology1285631762
Ramon Tenreiro 12524, NYDiagnostic Radiology1265430920
Nadrendrakumar Patel 12533, NYDiagnostic Radiology1023016599
Philip Amatulle 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1144227331
Bruce Roger Gendron 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1548268071
Jeffrey Scott Chess 11223, NYDiagnostic Radiology1073511929
Joseph Izzo 10457, NYDiagnostic Radiology1760480586
Joel Canter 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1942209630
Ronald H Sacks 13815, NYDiagnostic Radiology1265431993
Stuart A Groskin 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1730188384
E Mark Levinsohn 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1649279290
Richard M Rozanski 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1467451013
James W Sherwood 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1093714644
Guido M Scatorchia 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1639178288
Albert V. Messina 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1689673147
John Melnick 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1477552933
Marc E. Liebeskind 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1811996382
Shabnam A Fidvi 10591, NYDiagnostic Radiology1477552065
Stephen P Montgomery 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1780683201
Stuart J Singer 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1699774125
Carol Ann Jackson-gibson 14221, NYDiagnostic Radiology1164421442
Alan Barry Greenfield 11757, NYDiagnostic Radiology1548269848
David T Thompson 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1427057769
Ashok Nigam 14221, NYDiagnostic Radiology1912906256
Vinod Nigam 14221, NYDiagnostic Radiology1376542753
Jacob I Hentel 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1851390785
Shashidhar Reddy 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1942200803
William Zev Goldstein 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1396745253
Javier L Beltran 10038, NYDiagnostic Radiology1962402727
John Anthony Bonavita 10016, NYDiagnostic Radiology1841290418
Mario Diblasio 11234, NYDiagnostic Radiology1851391460
Richard Rafal 11234, NYDiagnostic Radiology1164422689
Howard Heimowitz 11791, NYDiagnostic Radiology1669472130
Bruce Steger 11234, NYDiagnostic Radiology1073513511
Paul Bonheim 11788, NYDiagnostic Radiology1235139775
Frimmit L Forman 11234, NYDiagnostic Radiology1902806425
Michelle Audrey Multz 11772, NYDiagnostic Radiology1316947724
Jeffrey Warhit 11788, NYDiagnostic Radiology1740280155
David M Rosenthal 11234, NYDiagnostic Radiology1710987169
Ronald Bernhard Jacob Glass 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1447250899
Rona Joan Keller 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1508866955
Melissa Sapan 11757, NYDiagnostic Radiology1487654885
Stuart Katz 11788, NYDiagnostic Radiology1194725564
Robert Lookstein 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1164422531
David Levine Lerner 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1568462802
Bradley Neil Delman 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1306846738
Moshe Saul Fuksbrumer 11201, NYDiagnostic Radiology1386644714
John Michael Reiser 14127, NYDiagnostic Radiology1790785137
Zeva Weingarten Herman 10022, NYDiagnostic Radiology1770583122
Dean F Melville 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1578563748
Thomas Paul Naidich 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1073513354
Charles L. Cooper 11374, NYDiagnostic Radiology1205836590
Charles J. Demarco 11374, NYDiagnostic Radiology1285634576
Jatinder Singh 11703, NYDiagnostic Radiology1902806292
Barbara Moriarty 11042, NYDiagnostic Radiology1982604278
Eric Stephen Postal 11768, NYDiagnostic Radiology1790785087
Elizabeth Schultz 11788, NYDiagnostic Radiology1518967801
William Louie Simpson 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1285634451
Michael Sacher 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1609876911
Jeffrey Lieberman 14127, NYDiagnostic Radiology1932109253
Peter M Som 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1487654703
Dana R Rausch 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1578563870
Laura Grace Beitia 10029, NYDiagnostic Radiology1841290905
Sridhar Vatti 11215, NYDiagnostic Radiology1982604112
David M Flannagan 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1821098039
David C Wang 13057, NYDiagnostic Radiology1275533416
Mark Kwalbrun 13601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1811997042
Scott C Buckingham 13210, NYDiagnostic Radiology1104826312
Carmel Donovan 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1902806946
Kim Hwang 14850, NYDiagnostic Radiology1235130279
William Carroll 14850, NYDiagnostic Radiology1588665533
Marc Jouandet 12603, NYDiagnostic Radiology1730180787
Daphne Roitberg 10065, NYDiagnostic Radiology1114928116
Jessica Berkowitz 10901, NYDiagnostic Radiology1912908732
Steven Mark Ostrow 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1316948177
Alan Kantor 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1932100781
Catherine Mason 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1700887569
Arash Gohari 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1134120983
Michael H Siegel 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1770584559
Philip Beuchert 11795, NYDiagnostic Radiology1467452995
Alan Berlly 11234, NYDiagnostic Radiology1437159845
Joseph Fakhry 10528, NYDiagnostic Radiology1679572895
Allen Rothpearl 11040, NYDiagnostic Radiology1619977030
Sheela R Sonalkar 07018, NYDiagnostic Radiology1770583361
Raisa Katz 10549, NYDiagnostic Radiology1649271495
Dale W Sponaugle 14103, NYDiagnostic Radiology1023018462
Ron Mark 11729, NYDiagnostic Radiology1013917301
Victor D Gaines 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1649279340
Benjamin Seckler 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1821097445
Joseph C Antonio 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1922007632
Russell Karp 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1255330379
Donald C Lien 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1952300964
Michael Bromley 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1780683615
Emil Shih 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1851391700
Richard J Friedland 12601, NYDiagnostic Radiology1376543231
Peter Roumanas 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1518969351
Philip Karver 11020, NYDiagnostic Radiology1982606711
Fred Pezzulli 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1073515821
William Louie 10021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1336141183
Beverly A Spirt 13421, NYDiagnostic Radiology1831191220
Ralph Stevens 13421, NYDiagnostic Radiology1003818410
Jai Hyuk Choi 11355, NYDiagnostic Radiology1528050762
Lucille Patricia Taverna 11572, NYDiagnostic Radiology1235131764
Sudha Challa 10305, NYDiagnostic Radiology1386646727
Maria Corsaro 11554, NYDiagnostic Radiology1831181064
Lawrence Calabrese 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1548252646
Marcus Allen 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1891787909
Carl P. Guarino 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1588656698
Alan Foster 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1942292974
Mark H Usow 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1649262817
Joseph G.p. Ang 13203, NYDiagnostic Radiology1669464756
Steven P Smith 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1730171851
David A Ellis 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1952393175
Lee M Ratner 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1578555694
Wilfred Carey 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1235121336
Philip J. Fraccola 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1699767707
Martin L Banson 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1851383020
Stephen A Hughes 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1396737565
Nicola Petitti 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1669464830
Andrew C Warheit 12208, NYDiagnostic Radiology1982696167
Eric Cantos 11021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1174515019
Shirley Bow 11021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1619969565
Raphael J Alcuri 13501, NYDiagnostic Radiology1184616039
Roger Bowers 13501, NYDiagnostic Radiology1427040385
Maurice L Oehlsen 13501, NYDiagnostic Radiology1053303917
Louis J Talarico 13501, NYDiagnostic Radiology1194717058
Donald Haswell 13203, NYDiagnostic Radiology1730171711
Gary D Leavitt 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1053303040
Susan H Leeson 13203, NYDiagnostic Radiology1730171737
Steven R Lindemann 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1265424261
Bernard N Raasch 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1508858408
John P Teixeira 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1124010038
Nicholas C Trasolini 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1487646394
John H Van Slyke 13088, NYDiagnostic Radiology1811989726
Barry Shpizner 11021, NYDiagnostic Radiology1902898844


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