Providers with Taxonomy: Diagnostic Radiology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Diagnostic Radiology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bernardo Jose Marques Diaz 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1013910231
Jose Agustin Nassar 00791, PRDiagnostic Radiology1417951013
Carlos Jose Nassar 00791, PRDiagnostic Radiology1922002559
Jose Raul Nassar 00791, PRDiagnostic Radiology1689678229
Yadira Vazquez Figuer 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1417952201
Alberto Manuel Colon-alvarado 00601, PRDiagnostic Radiology1144228594
Angel R Colon 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1720086069
Ana M Suarez Lozada 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1801894233
Jose A Rivera 00698, PRDiagnostic Radiology1417956954
William Javier Cruz 00929, PRDiagnostic Radiology1730189671
Jose A Maldonado Vargas 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1275533275
Virgen M Acosta Acosta 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1477555894
German Chaves 00717, PRDiagnostic Radiology1851393219
Liana R Medina 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1780678250
Maria M Vazquez Aponte 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1952395410
Delfin V Bernal 00960, PRDiagnostic Radiology1942294525
Robert Rivera 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1063406536
Francisco J Arraiza 00613, PRDiagnostic Radiology1447244942
Rene Dietrich Ormachea 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1639164585
Bernardo J Marques 00960, PRDiagnostic Radiology1558357301
Victor I Aponte 00960, PRDiagnostic Radiology1306833983
Ricardo De Jesus Gomez 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1780671891
Jose T. Medina-tollinche 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1316931892
Wanda Vega-torres 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1790773059
Carlos Balsalobre Alonso 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1225027733
Tomas Jimenez 00907, PRDiagnostic Radiology1184613499
Marga Cardona Duran 00907, PRDiagnostic Radiology1528057841
Luis A Rodriguez 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1871582072
Jose R Landron Guardiola 00907, PRDiagnostic Radiology1588653570
Javier J Perez 00738, PRDiagnostic Radiology1346223310
Antonio De Thomas-cabrera 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1255318986
Armando L Bonnet-mercier 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1881671519
Carlos R Mendez-bryan 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1447237128
Eloy Cintron-brunet 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1962489690
Rochelly Medina-soto 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1134106875
Carlos R Mendez-buso 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1861479503
Moises Orlando Acevedo Vazquez 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1184602716
Manuel Medina 00693, PRDiagnostic Radiology1205814761
Ricardo E Rivera 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1255301214
Luis E Bonnet-alemar 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1053398776
Yvelisse Gonzalez Segui 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1215911771
Maria M Silva-coll 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1215908033
Gladys Perez-kraft 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1831166594
Enrique A Sabater 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1619936085
Alvin A Almodovar 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1821067224
Edna M Ruiz Quijano 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1316902067
Silverio Perez 00736, PRDiagnostic Radiology1710943014
Lilliam M Diaz 00736, PRDiagnostic Radiology1053377523
Gaspar R Garcia 00736, PRDiagnostic Radiology1679523138
Mercedes E De Choudens 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1477504520
Juan F Cancio Acevedo 00907, PRDiagnostic Radiology1760432223
Carlos Alberto Anaya 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1689627028
Jorge Eduardo Martinez-llorens 00919, PRDiagnostic Radiology1558322313
Victor R Hernandez - Pillich 00735, PRDiagnostic Radiology1720049711
Francisco Gomez Goytia 00956, PRDiagnostic Radiology1407810849
Vivian T. Rivera 00968, PRDiagnostic Radiology1437104957
Algia M Ojeda 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1790720498
Jorge L Torres 00717, PRDiagnostic Radiology1528095676
Wanda Liz Rodriguez-galarza 00983, PRDiagnostic Radiology1891722351
Luis Alonso-dafauce 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1932137833
Joanne M Marin 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1003844986
Rogelio Munoz 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1780615286
Fernando Zalduondo 00968, PRDiagnostic Radiology1457383259
Wilfredo Navarro 00705, PRDiagnostic Radiology1275564718
Dennis E Perez 00692, PRDiagnostic Radiology1932131067
Rafael Antonio Vaquer 00917, PRDiagnostic Radiology1043244502
Carmen J Negron 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1821013335
Rafael M Rivera Gonzalez 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1790701704
Rafael Diaz Gautier 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1689693285
Ana Ines Gonzalez 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1144249095
Samuel Garau Diaz 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1891709317
Rayda Nanette Hernandez-guasch 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1396753208
Lidia I Reyes Nieves 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1437161361
Maria Cristina Del Rosario 00917, PRDiagnostic Radiology1750495560
Jorge Arzola Colon 00919, PRDiagnostic Radiology1871514646
Roberto J Sein 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1053337063
Julio R. Rojo Gaztambide 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1285655225
Pablo F Morales Carrasquillo 00646, PRDiagnostic Radiology1710911680
Heidy M Rodriguez Hernandez 00912, PRDiagnostic Radiology1760402747
Jose O Fumero 00780, PRDiagnostic Radiology1144245432
Guillermo J Aguilo-ramos 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1033227590
Roberto E Davila-alvarado 00920, PRDiagnostic Radiology1912018821
Carla Maria Blanco 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1134231327
Wilma Rodriguez Mojica 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1033211289
Elena Alvarez Westwood 00919, PRDiagnostic Radiology1740383082
Sandra Camacho-otero 00919, PRDiagnostic Radiology1437252483
Carmen Rosa Alvarez-villar 00907, PRDiagnostic Radiology1427153931
Jose L. Valderrabano 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1083719124
Pedro E Diaz Ortiz 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1124124466
Sonia Dones Rodriguez 00985, PRDiagnostic Radiology1932208782
Edgar Colon Negron 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1912006503
Johara Morales 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1346349917
Carmen S Caban Espinosa 00985, PRDiagnostic Radiology1457450207
Zulma Hernandez Munoz 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1720188279
Irma Nydia Colon 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1104919273
Manuel R. Perez-gonzalez 00909, PRDiagnostic Radiology1376637165
Miguel Angel Echevarria Rodriguez 00728, PRDiagnostic Radiology1447345376
Javier E. Oliver 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1972692853
Jorge J. Perez Bras 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1760565543
Ricardo Castro 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1184707960
Pedro N Farinacci Morales 00715, PRDiagnostic Radiology1588748826
Edda C. Quintero 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1396821831
Saul Cordero-calero 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1275619157
Frances J. Aulet-morales 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1073683975
Jesus A. Romero Perez 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1619087004
Eduardo Acosta Pumarejo 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1730277328
Horacio Rafael Colon Esteva 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1558470187
Elsie Cintron Nadal 00912, PRDiagnostic Radiology1639270887
Francisco C. Vargas Soto 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1316020191
Zoraida E Estela Jove 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1184712770
Jeannine M Badillo Rivera 00757, PRDiagnostic Radiology1649376997
Jose G Gandara 00680, PRDiagnostic Radiology1700966553
Sandra A Arroyo Ferrer 00682, PRDiagnostic Radiology1396825139
Juan A Torres Torres 00985, PRDiagnostic Radiology1255402871
Nancy Carolina Devesa Mendez 00725, PRDiagnostic Radiology1588736169
Nelson Felipe Matos Ruiz 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1346312931
German Lopez 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1427116318
Jacobo Ramos 00685, PRDiagnostic Radiology1679632111
Wanda I Benitez Lopez 00682, PRDiagnostic Radiology1447316393
Frank Kolodziej 00917, PRDiagnostic Radiology1265589345
Ana R Rodriguez 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1508916057
Ofelio Rosado 00956, PRDiagnostic Radiology1235289455
Luis Humerto Melendez-morales 00909, PRDiagnostic Radiology1548311517
Liana E Lopez Davila 00917, PRDiagnostic Radiology1316099864
Angela Mendez De Guzman 00966, PRDiagnostic Radiology1699820605
Pedro Reyes Nieves 00917, PRDiagnostic Radiology1407901994
Jennifer Rodriguez-ferrer 00683, PRDiagnostic Radiology1477691798
Enrique Agustin Padro 00983, PRDiagnostic Radiology1891833240
Nancy Dolores Mendez 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1366582371
Manuel R Espinosa Mccloskey 00785, PRDiagnostic Radiology1679615074
Josue Vazquez 00791, PRDiagnostic Radiology1275676678
Carmina Hernandez 00901, PRDiagnostic Radiology1720123219
Carmen Maria Perez-diaz 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1225163785
Ramiro Milan Garces 00733, PRDiagnostic Radiology1801928247
Victor A Berdecia Perez 00733, PRDiagnostic Radiology1710019153
Ivonne L Ojeda Boscana 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1588782437
Desiree M Quinones Maymi 00717, PRDiagnostic Radiology1063562346
Javier Andres Nazario Larrieu 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1427196385
Rosalinda Gonzalez - Taull 00929, PRDiagnostic Radiology1598803538
Carmen Mercedes Villanueva 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1841340429
Maria T Melendez Torres 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1801917620
Daniel Del Prado 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1508989831
Wilma E Sostre-gonzalez 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1962625095
Francisco Loubriel-mendez 00725, PRDiagnostic Radiology1790902765
Roberto L Gonzalez-sala 00725, PRDiagnostic Radiology1093932071
Vilma N Olivieri-beauchamp 00929, PRDiagnostic Radiology1801016399
Cesar F Cortes-cardona 00936, PRDiagnostic Radiology1801017074
David Morales-orta 00925, PRDiagnostic Radiology1083828040
Lorraine Vazquez 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1265646855
Angel L Torres-rivera 00682, PRDiagnostic Radiology1720289879
Juan F. Amador 00912, PRDiagnostic Radiology1811191182
Uriel Camacho 00783, PRDiagnostic Radiology1861696478
Fernando J Lopez 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1871799478
Jose E Rivera Rodriguez 00605, PRDiagnostic Radiology1942406343
Amarilys Maldonado 00725, PRDiagnostic Radiology1235339367
Elan Colen 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1497955975
Elizabeth Trullenque-martinez 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1609067974
Miguel Angel Roman 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1548451487
Myriam Zahydee Bermudez 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1457545956
Gabriel Rivera Velazquez 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1346436847
Larissa Amelia Peguero Alemany 00909, PRDiagnostic Radiology1073701769
Edward Craig Mcburney 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1518147628
Luis Ernesto Garcia - Irizarry 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1376711234
Tomas D Jimenez Chafey 00907, PRDiagnostic Radiology1619145018
Jorge Gago Pinero 00921, PRDiagnostic Radiology1467628230
Jomarie Cortes-santos 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1356505903
Victor Luis Perez Labiosa 00909, PRDiagnostic Radiology1538324405
Gerson E. Alvarez 00734, PRDiagnostic Radiology1821253840
Dalila Nieves-cruz 00730, PRDiagnostic Radiology1174703375
Rafael Andres Vicens Rodriguez 00961, PRDiagnostic Radiology1265697114
Daniel Mendez 00725, PRDiagnostic Radiology1003008517
Allan Saunders-malave 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1912129693
Ana Maria Gomez 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1821253428
Jesus Daniel Velez Velez 00725, PRDiagnostic Radiology1447458500
Eduardo J Gonzalez Pons 00674, PRDiagnostic Radiology1316133978
Jose Antonio Pacheco Suarez 00909, PRDiagnostic Radiology1457538159
Ernesto J. Ayala-cruz 00910, PRDiagnostic Radiology1134352941
Jose Antonio Berllingeri 00979, PRDiagnostic Radiology1407175383
Miguel Gabriel Echevarria 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1174839179
Francisco Antonio Viejo Rullan 00966, PRDiagnostic Radiology1174892525
Jose Agustin Lara Del Rio 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1891937314
Reinaldo Jose Fornaris Paravisini 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1629383609
Angel J. Lopez-garib 00683, PRDiagnostic Radiology1730312521
Eduardo J Labat Alvarez 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1831340926
Yania M Lopez-alvarez 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1962734624
Alejandro Lopez Araujo 00927, PRDiagnostic Radiology1063794428
Leonardo I Valentin 00969, PRDiagnostic Radiology1962728162
Carlos I Llorens-marin 15224, PRDiagnostic Radiology1871875260
Mario Javier Polo Asenjo 00935, PRDiagnostic Radiology1902037880
Pedro Luis Gonzalez Torres 00926, PRDiagnostic Radiology1770733479
Gretchen Quinones Barbosa 00911, PRDiagnostic Radiology1659502771
Myrna L. Diaz 00602, PRDiagnostic Radiology1154390748
Gladimiro Davila Martinez 00771, PRDiagnostic Radiology1902846496
Carlos Guardiola Betancourt 00918, PRDiagnostic Radiology1669527487
Kenneth Badillo Cecilia 00791, PRDiagnostic Radiology1144412115
Elsio Rafael Negron-rubio 00660, PRDiagnostic Radiology1578967469
Samuel O Padua Perez 00959, PRDiagnostic Radiology1962735688
Juan M. Ramos Gonzalez 00780, PRDiagnostic Radiology1700021136
Francisco Alberto Santiago De Jesus 77030, PRDiagnostic Radiology1235578980
Ivonne Marquez Valencia 00912, PRDiagnostic Radiology1053457630


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