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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lance T Wilson NMEmergency Medicine1750398707
Landon Vinson NMEmergency Medicine1922486075
Larry D Levy NMEmergency Medicine1124321765
Laura Goetzman NMEmergency Medicine1922573914
Lauren Ashley Bailey NMEmergency Medicine1295197556
Lauren A Buchanan NMEmergency Medicine1457489056
Lauri B Magee NMEmergency Medicine1053313601
Lawrence Goldstein NMEmergency Medicine1497894422
Lea Pazos Creekmur O'dell MOEmergency Medicine1407097827
Lesley A Barbour NMEmergency Medicine1265474332
Leticia R. Daconti NYEmergency Medicine1821417213
Linda J Hodes Villamar NMEmergency Medicine1235459678
Luke Robert Welle NMEmergency Medicine1679013445
Lydia Wallace NMEmergency Medicine1417344581
Magda Rodriguez NMEmergency Medicine1720094311
Marci C Gambarota PAEmergency Medicine1689610248
Margaret Greenwood-ericksen NMEmergency Medicine1699040048
Margaret F Heck NMEmergency Medicine1528013927
Mark A Epstein NMEmergency Medicine1699884924
Mark Hauswald NMEmergency Medicine1881600443
Mark E Hopkins NMEmergency Medicine1457430829
Mark J Sagarin NMEmergency Medicine1326053885
Mark C Sauerman NMEmergency Medicine1326059569
Markus L Hamm NMEmergency Medicine1730128430
Marque D Broussard NMEmergency Medicine1477592764
Marshall Saiz NMEmergency Medicine1558456715
Mary Frances Jones NMEmergency Medicine1700981891
Matthew Allen Frederick WAEmergency Medicine1144404526
Matthew Donald Gunderson NMEmergency Medicine1679983530
Matthew Ryan Nowka NMEmergency Medicine1912435926
Matthew D Poage NMEmergency Medicine1013969286
Matthew Tennison NMEmergency Medicine1073787867
Matthew Wilks NYEmergency Medicine1023122116
Meela Yoo HIEmergency Medicine1548377039
Melanie L Baldwin NMEmergency Medicine1356379598
Melissa Fleegler NMEmergency Medicine1053638692
Melissa H Kennedy NMEmergency Medicine1598959876
Michael Bauman NMEmergency Medicine1255470258
Michael D Brennand NMEmergency Medicine1013905140
Michael A Del Castillo-hegyi AREmergency Medicine1164712717
Michael Yc Hsu NMEmergency Medicine1255426425
Michael C Leo NMEmergency Medicine1497773766
Michael E Murphy NMEmergency Medicine1558456723
Michael Richards NMEmergency Medicine1649287616
Michael T Saiz NMEmergency Medicine1992808224
Michael Salisbury NMEmergency Medicine1497134506
Michael John Walta NMEmergency Medicine1770643272
Michael Edward Whiting NMEmergency Medicine1659337020
Michaela Sakumura Emergency Medicine1275953341
Miles J Nelson NMEmergency Medicine1841230927
Miryam Miller NMEmergency Medicine1699900126
Naomi Bancroft NMEmergency Medicine1063830842
Natasha S Kolb NMEmergency Medicine1972612208
Nedda Fariba Karimi Emergency Medicine1265895486
Nicholas Anthony Gonzalez Emergency Medicine1770947855
Nicholas Parchim NMEmergency Medicine1104280767
Niraj Ganjawala NMEmergency Medicine1346772001
Pamela V Cutler NMEmergency Medicine1790730455
Patrick J Connor NMEmergency Medicine1295821197
Patrick A Craddock NMEmergency Medicine1477518710
Patrick Terrence Fok NMEmergency Medicine1225443658
Patrick Elliott Harvey NMEmergency Medicine1285868927
Patrick Montoya NMEmergency Medicine1386738771
Paul Cheney NMEmergency Medicine1063428712
Paul Roth NMEmergency Medicine1619983202
Penny L. Spencer NMEmergency Medicine1659466811
Peter John Durso NMEmergency Medicine1932338563
Peter Himmel NMEmergency Medicine1922077346
Peter Nagy NYEmergency Medicine1568404556
Philip J Froman NMEmergency Medicine1679732150
Philip Seidenberg NMEmergency Medicine1952366700
Rachael Leah Horner NMEmergency Medicine1508200551
Rachel Delan Munn NMEmergency Medicine1578954202
Rachel Tuuri NMEmergency Medicine1679669964
Radim Soucek NMEmergency Medicine1598105082
Randall Dean Lahr NMEmergency Medicine1942521463
Randall T Myers NMEmergency Medicine1285890269
Ratchnee France UTEmergency Medicine1225030042
Rebecca Jean Blatt CTEmergency Medicine1255530838
Rebecca K Fastle TXEmergency Medicine1366402471
Rene A Maderafont NMEmergency Medicine1740374131
Risa A Garcia NMEmergency Medicine1912360264
Robert Alunday NMEmergency Medicine1073776720
Robert C. Henry NMEmergency Medicine1164642492
Robert G Mcatee AZEmergency Medicine1255770889
Robert C Mcdevitt NMEmergency Medicine1255348678
Robert E Sapien CAEmergency Medicine1245246842
Robert G Timmons NMEmergency Medicine1518051903
Robyn Hitchcock IDEmergency Medicine1003038803
Ronald A Liss NMEmergency Medicine1780793018
Sang O Shin NMEmergency Medicine1649226440
Sanjay K Kholwadwala NMEmergency Medicine1497700330
Sara Bush AZEmergency Medicine1104192293
Sarah Morgan-edwards NMEmergency Medicine1073652061
Sarah Cham Sante NMEmergency Medicine1588042907
Scott Andrew Forman NMEmergency Medicine1164644100
Sean Patrick O'brien WAEmergency Medicine1598109662
Sharon Lee Atencio NMEmergency Medicine1457886772
Sierra Maeann Zimmer NMEmergency Medicine1841886447
Stephanie Garcia MIEmergency Medicine1558625129
Stephanie C Gardner NMEmergency Medicine1063447274
Stephen H Horton NMEmergency Medicine1508826066
Stephen L Pilon NMEmergency Medicine1417902610
Stephen A Wolfe NMEmergency Medicine1760436554
Steven Mclaughlin NMEmergency Medicine1659386126
Steven Weiss NMEmergency Medicine1770673618
Susan Elizabeth Harte IAEmergency Medicine1508913146
Sylvia Gonzales Alden NMEmergency Medicine1295001527
Tamal Roy NMEmergency Medicine1295199479
Tamara Marie Green NJEmergency Medicine1194724476
Tammy Baillio Jones NYEmergency Medicine1548434905
Tatsuya Norii NMEmergency Medicine1063791945
Ted Lee NMEmergency Medicine1134514383
Teresa L Hanlon NVEmergency Medicine1164623039
Teresa M Mazur FLEmergency Medicine1013002864
Terrence M Callahan NMEmergency Medicine1104870468
Thomas John Betjeman NMEmergency Medicine1164841565
Thomas Scott Pannke WYEmergency Medicine1396779716
Thomas Prendergast NMEmergency Medicine1295759108
Thomas Carson Wright NMEmergency Medicine1255727855
Tiffany Peterson AKEmergency Medicine1205102316
Timothy Bajema NMEmergency Medicine1851485247
Timothy Huerena NMEmergency Medicine1073047692
Todd Dettmer NMEmergency Medicine1750589727
Tony B Salazar NMEmergency Medicine1053583021
Trenton C Wray NMEmergency Medicine1730405663
Trish G Mura NMEmergency Medicine1376599753
Tyler Keller NMEmergency Medicine1912325226
Valerie Merl NMEmergency Medicine1477647865
Victor J Rodrigues NMEmergency Medicine1619007689
Virginia Elizabeth Harvey PAEmergency Medicine1174757934
Wendy Ann Hanna OHEmergency Medicine1457610651
Whitney Barrett NMEmergency Medicine1174781199
Willard Michael Garrett NMEmergency Medicine1205875044
William Boehm NMEmergency Medicine1588670293
William D Ellis NMEmergency Medicine1790050128
William Davis Mcintyre NMEmergency Medicine1306010871
William James Odonnell NMEmergency Medicine1538692298
William M Roethel MIEmergency Medicine1669433017
William Daniel Tandberg NMEmergency Medicine1578572731
Wood Lewis NMEmergency Medicine1821005885
Yijuan Sun NMEmergency Medicine1205857448
Brianna Iversen Patman UTEmergency Medicine1609076553
Charles L Rahn TNEmergency Medicine1497818819
Sanjeev Ahuja NYEmergency Medicine1770762015
Besim Hoxha Emergency Medicine1528402302
Eugene R Osborn TXEmergency Medicine1609831239
Johnathon Allen Berry SDEmergency Medicine1801091806
Matthew Gorman Stine TXEmergency Medicine1871770164
Michael Kyle Dempsey AREmergency Medicine1760693667
Carl Vinsett AREmergency Medicine1285929463
Kristoffer Jon Bylow MOEmergency Medicine1174815955
Oblendo Almendras Cuento NCEmergency Medicine1669498770
Shane Austin Melton AREmergency Medicine1134249212
Russell Hospital Corporation ALEmergency Medicine1306980412
Nes Tennessee Inc Emergency Medicine1881191039
Healogics Specialty Physicians Of Alabama, Llc Emergency Medicine1992189443
Michele Goldhagen ALEmergency Medicine1225102833
Shirley Lazenby ALEmergency Medicine1598839037
Emergency Group Of Rapides Llc Emergency Medicine1649249962
Parker's Lane Emergency Physicians Llc Emergency Medicine1356393169
Advanced Urgent Medical Care, Inc. Emergency Medicine1093885535
Virginia Em 1 Medical Services, Pc Emergency Medicine1407976947
Deepak & Meenu, Llc LAEmergency Medicine1578843199
Longleaf Pines Emergency Physicians, Llc Emergency Medicine1124452834
Evangeline Clinical Services, Inc. Emergency Medicine1235510280
Sahara Emergency Physicians, Llc Emergency Medicine1902277155
Valient Emergency Physicians, Llc Emergency Medicine1992176903
Alexandria Ep, Llc Emergency Medicine1396304499
Christus Health Central Louisiana Emergency Medicine1417494758
Acs Primary Care Physicians Louisiana Pc Emergency Medicine1306889092
Er Medical Services, Inc. Emergency Medicine1942232442
Southern Emergency Consultants, Llc Emergency Medicine1508947300
Bestpractices, Inc Emergency Medicine1013092469
River Oaks Emergency Group, Llc Emergency Medicine1407448186
Adam Parker Martin VAEmergency Medicine1114293107
Alexander Rostam Kheradi MDEmergency Medicine1417215799
Ana S Fuentes VAEmergency Medicine1750425146
Angela Rene Adams LAEmergency Medicine1356652895
Angela Degraaf MIEmergency Medicine1205363660
Austin Windsor Reynolds VAEmergency Medicine1003130675
Autumn C Graham OHEmergency Medicine1578567012
Azra Abida Ashraf PAEmergency Medicine1134393986
Benjamin Andrew Kitt MNEmergency Medicine1750776530
Brent William Arnold OHEmergency Medicine1164816633
Brian Curtis Adams LAEmergency Medicine1396006995
Brian Matthew Krieger ILEmergency Medicine1508006735
Cameron C Cushing VAEmergency Medicine1942298880
Cameron Kaehler Olderog VAEmergency Medicine1588869580
Charles Gayle Norwood LAEmergency Medicine1962457945
Christopher Sendi VAEmergency Medicine1295714475
Corrine E Lahti VAEmergency Medicine1902887466
Daisi Jisoon Choi VAEmergency Medicine1659639086
Dane Jason Mitteness MIEmergency Medicine1538573613
Daniel Conway VAEmergency Medicine1851551329
Daniel Sayre Gabbay DCEmergency Medicine1457341943
Dave Daigle LAEmergency Medicine1033382973
David Charash VAEmergency Medicine1275540841
David J. Odland MNEmergency Medicine1497728836
Deepak Sharma LAEmergency Medicine1952383028


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