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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles E. Tarbert SCEmergency Medicine1164421590
Jorge L Infante SCEmergency Medicine1437158870
Medexpress Urgent Care, Pc Monroeville Emergency Medicine1164421517
Our Lady Of The Resurrection Medical Center Emergency Medicine1306845763
Michelle Antonowicz NJEmergency Medicine1780683128
Kennen B Thompson KSEmergency Medicine1720087109
Peter Michael Intrieri PAEmergency Medicine1841299054
William Lewis Vanduzer PAEmergency Medicine1750380960
Cary Byron Clark TXEmergency Medicine1629077987
Mark A Boney NCEmergency Medicine1679572937
Rudolph Michael Kevak WVEmergency Medicine1932108206
Amy Cohagan OHEmergency Medicine1669471934
Emergency Medicine Group Of Encinitas, Inc CAEmergency Medicine1902805179
Heidi Leigh Nelson NVEmergency Medicine1609875871
George Clifford Nelson TXEmergency Medicine1972502144
Jeffery Ray Mcgee ILEmergency Medicine1417956665
Lisa Simonian PAEmergency Medicine1124027339
Javier Elias Cortinas TXEmergency Medicine1588663710
George Nelson Appenzeller SCEmergency Medicine1295734457
David Upham MIEmergency Medicine1336148493
Brian Larry Risavi PAEmergency Medicine1275532392
Kenneth Robert Patton OHEmergency Medicine1184623209
Kerwin T Farmer MIEmergency Medicine1942209010
Taryn D Papandria INEmergency Medicine1841299989
Guy Avolio PAEmergency Medicine1326047374
Anthony I Okafor NJEmergency Medicine1306845391
Augustine Yao Alifo OHEmergency Medicine1114926375
Bryan K. Stuchell WVEmergency Medicine1558360610
Vincent Edward Monseau WVEmergency Medicine1780683847
John A Nahre INEmergency Medicine1710986856
Mara S. Aloi PAEmergency Medicine1629077706
Charles R Holbrook MOEmergency Medicine1568461556
John A Davies NCEmergency Medicine1205835220
Jeffrey Lynn Arnold TXEmergency Medicine1740289800
John Christian Mccarter COEmergency Medicine1003815176
Jimmy Robert Klugh PAEmergency Medicine1912906082
Hillary P Seematter MOEmergency Medicine1053310052
Teresa Pamela Bridges OHEmergency Medicine1154320182
Ethan E Wagner INEmergency Medicine1386643310
Thomas Deskin MOEmergency Medicine1003815135
Olakunle Babatope Aina GAEmergency Medicine1912906041
Barbara L Perrone ALEmergency Medicine1932108065
Robin A. Fox INEmergency Medicine1881693893
Frank Charles Hoffman OREmergency Medicine1144229154
Max H Rudicel INEmergency Medicine1770582785
Krishna Doddi NCEmergency Medicine1851390868
Jan Roman Kornilow INEmergency Medicine1487653515
Brenda L Walther PAEmergency Medicine1538168513
Sean Fulton MOEmergency Medicine1639178668
David K Sheldon INEmergency Medicine1871592808
Patrick J Greenwood MOEmergency Medicine1679572606
Michael M Dickerson NCEmergency Medicine1073512059
John G. Stansbury WVEmergency Medicine1023017027
Michael J Reilly KSEmergency Medicine1053310904
Timothy Turner ILEmergency Medicine1831198712
Hildegard H Holman SCEmergency Medicine1548269442
Alexander William Schermer COEmergency Medicine1457351397
Brian D Evans CAEmergency Medicine1841290798
Robert Rosenbaum INEmergency Medicine1568461416
Bennett Townsend Shamsai MAEmergency Medicine1942209804
Raymond Gerard Piedmonte INEmergency Medicine1679572531
Craig A Schuman MOEmergency Medicine1225037179
Michael Grossman ALEmergency Medicine1245239102
Brett R Hailey MOEmergency Medicine1063411916
Jon Carter MOEmergency Medicine1922007889
Steven W Bills OHEmergency Medicine1740289602
William Greenwood NCEmergency Medicine1447259361
Dawn E Harris CAEmergency Medicine1235139189
Cara W Meinholz CAEmergency Medicine1306846266
James M Gillard AZEmergency Medicine1730189655
Nikolas W Greenson CAEmergency Medicine1811997737
Laurie A Herrera AZEmergency Medicine1992705818
Jeffry W Misko SCEmergency Medicine1982603809
Bruce E Sarkin CAEmergency Medicine1477552396
Thomas G Zimmerman CAEmergency Medicine1295734127
Joseph C Britton CAEmergency Medicine1902805831
David A Boswell AZEmergency Medicine1699775528
Vance J Van Tassell CAEmergency Medicine1417957341
Kenneth E Brandis AZEmergency Medicine1396745238
Douglas S Campbell AZEmergency Medicine1023018967
Stacy Brodrick AZEmergency Medicine1013917954
Brent D Mcdermott CAEmergency Medicine1902806847
David E Hunter CAEmergency Medicine1831199785
Madison William Patrick HIEmergency Medicine1871592733
Emergency Physicians Of Delaware County, P.c. INEmergency Medicine1417956384
David Ralph Ferrell WVEmergency Medicine1376542290
Manoj Gupta NCEmergency Medicine1801895735
David R Duncan CAEmergency Medicine1528068459
Riemke M Brakema AZEmergency Medicine1497755326
Jonathan Neil Shenk INEmergency Medicine1164422002
Randall L Bennett AZEmergency Medicine1962402800
Randy W Stark CAEmergency Medicine1710987664
George S Kim INEmergency Medicine1528068475
Stephen E Spencer PAEmergency Medicine1992705800
Eddie J. Markul ILEmergency Medicine1972503886
David N Benado PAEmergency Medicine1386644292
Joan Dimopoulos AZEmergency Medicine1659371573
Pamela J Franz PAEmergency Medicine1194725010
Raquel L Gibly AZEmergency Medicine1912907833
Richard Arthur Buzard PAEmergency Medicine1306846118
Aubrey M Masilela NCEmergency Medicine1932109741
Thomas Michael Simonian PAEmergency Medicine1609876333
Carlos C Huerta AZEmergency Medicine1124028873
William B Ignatoff AZEmergency Medicine1942200696
Glen R Kartchner AZEmergency Medicine1396745048
Robert J Kingston AZEmergency Medicine1841290590
Alan J Levene AZEmergency Medicine1730189481
Lori E Levine AZEmergency Medicine1558361204
Russell J Madsen AZEmergency Medicine1457351108
Randall P Mason AZEmergency Medicine1366442014
Herbert A Mcreynolds AZEmergency Medicine1710987466
Nicole M. Colucci ILEmergency Medicine1295735017
Eric F. Reichman TXEmergency Medicine1659371474
Jeffrey N Love DCEmergency Medicine1386644102
Craig S. Thalacker OREmergency Medicine1558361378
Marc R. Spiller ILEmergency Medicine1093715815
John M Kelsch NCEmergency Medicine1134129984
Julie Kae Rich PAEmergency Medicine1124028980
Roy E Monsour Md Professional Corporation Emergency Medicine1366442139
Julia M Brown AZEmergency Medicine1851391684
Pamela M Eaton MIEmergency Medicine1114927944
Robert Duran AZEmergency Medicine1023018850
Diane A Sauter DCEmergency Medicine1013917822
Jane M Mcconnell NCEmergency Medicine1609876317
Scott Anthony Marinelli NCEmergency Medicine1144220856
Frank J Benes PAEmergency Medicine1851391569
Alex H Amanat MOEmergency Medicine1306846027
Jennifer Lucy Avegno LAEmergency Medicine1326048174
Frederick P Romano PAEmergency Medicine1912907775
Marc J Finder PAEmergency Medicine1487654265
David Rosenberg DCEmergency Medicine1831199561
Robert C Linton DCEmergency Medicine1932109857
Rao Kilaru OHEmergency Medicine1700886546
Janet Smereck DCEmergency Medicine1376543124
David M Perry PAEmergency Medicine1285634030
Steven M Evans PAEmergency Medicine1336149186
Richard Mclaughlin PAEmergency Medicine1972503738
Edward P. Sloan ILEmergency Medicine1881694644
Michelle R Laflamme NCEmergency Medicine1073513834
Alan P Hassel AZEmergency Medicine1659371482
Richard C Kingsland CAEmergency Medicine1235139841
John W Love CAEmergency Medicine1093715617
Justin James Eggleston PAEmergency Medicine1790785319
Christopher T Johnson AZEmergency Medicine1366442907
David J Lane AZEmergency Medicine1538169172
Edward G Lane AZEmergency Medicine1700886348
James H Mclaughlin AZEmergency Medicine1700886355
Omar Mendoza AZEmergency Medicine1619977261
Ronald J Maccormick CAEmergency Medicine1699775213
Misty L Navarro CAEmergency Medicine1841290434
Steven J Mcintyre WIEmergency Medicine1306846894
Gregory Madsen IAEmergency Medicine1760482251
Frank A Reiser AZEmergency Medicine1750381257
Cyril Walsh WIEmergency Medicine1194725879
Brad Sandleback WIEmergency Medicine1902806698
Steven R Andree CAEmergency Medicine1700886496
Sandip A Godambe VAEmergency Medicine1427058114
Ankur Ashok Doshi PAEmergency Medicine1659371359
Briar Ertz-berger OREmergency Medicine1508866203
Marco Cordero ILEmergency Medicine1902806664
Kerrilene E Sinapi CTEmergency Medicine1437159043
Mary Anne Fuchs CAEmergency Medicine1790785301
Duncan C Sauer AZEmergency Medicine1740280247
Farshad M Shirazi AZEmergency Medicine1467452961
Fredelito B Tiu AZEmergency Medicine1346240843
Noah M Tolby AZEmergency Medicine1427058924
Pediatric Emergency Specialists, Pc TNEmergency Medicine1760482434
Albert C Song ILEmergency Medicine1083614762
Tina G Rosenbaum DCEmergency Medicine1609876382
Allegheny Specialty Practice Network Emergency Medicine1295735827
Bryan T Curd KYEmergency Medicine1275533804
David Michael Chuirazzi PAEmergency Medicine1881694461
Erica R Meyer WIEmergency Medicine1770583353
Patricia C Skinner PAEmergency Medicine1356341028
Gerardo Jose Pineiro TXEmergency Medicine1700886470
Philip Mark Cacchione PAEmergency Medicine1063412732
Tam Van Thai ILEmergency Medicine1972503563
Lawrence General Hospital MAEmergency Medicine1750381281
Sandesh K Singh NVEmergency Medicine1073513529
John Reed NCEmergency Medicine1669472122
Robert P. Rifenburg ILEmergency Medicine1013917574
John G Knepper TNEmergency Medicine1447250915
Mindy K Longjohn TNEmergency Medicine1609876176
Suraiya I Alvi ILEmergency Medicine1003816588
Harlan E Bogie ILEmergency Medicine1174523658
Robert Gene Bass TXEmergency Medicine1477553857
Richard Paul Diilio PAEmergency Medicine1093715559
Joel Michael Bartfield NYEmergency Medicine1407856818
Afolabi O.d. Akinpelu MDEmergency Medicine1225038649
Patricia Panelli ILEmergency Medicine1528068970
James Edward Lewis INEmergency Medicine1174523492
Andrew Zwolski ILEmergency Medicine1891795126
Mark S Stensland VAEmergency Medicine1528068855
Fernando Daniels MDEmergency Medicine1962402297
Gregg Goldberg ILEmergency Medicine1396745717
Philip C Mathis CAEmergency Medicine1942200399
Stephen D Boren ILEmergency Medicine1184624546
Richard J Pfeiffer CAEmergency Medicine1538169990
Claude Sadovsky ILEmergency Medicine1356341713
Surander Singhal ILEmergency Medicine1609876069


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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