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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Christopher D. Berg ILEmergency Medicine1003816323
Jeff Kroll ILEmergency Medicine1134129521
Dan Magdziarz ILEmergency Medicine1689674079
Matthew Nitsche ILEmergency Medicine1043210446
John Leroy Brown CAEmergency Medicine1699775072
Martin I Herman TNEmergency Medicine1346240777
Donald T Ellis NCEmergency Medicine1326048760
Jampana Raju TNEmergency Medicine1962402305
Lloyd Earl Dodd TXEmergency Medicine1407856602
Anthony C Moretta TNEmergency Medicine1053311241
Bucyrus Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1073513164
David Paul Neckritz NJEmergency Medicine1770583809
Madhusudanarao Pasupuleti NJEmergency Medicine1740280874
Robert M Bourgeois LAEmergency Medicine1649270786
Nicole S Brunette INEmergency Medicine1003816059
David Whitaker CAEmergency Medicine1255331203
Randall J Cammenga INEmergency Medicine1154321107
Andrew S Pierce TNEmergency Medicine1093715203
Gerald Johnson Presbury TNEmergency Medicine1588664726
Anthony Macasaet ILEmergency Medicine1316947559
John A Patrizio VAEmergency Medicine1417957598
Derrick R Hamilton TNEmergency Medicine1730189945
Eric S Moon ILEmergency Medicine1942200027
David J. Bordo ILEmergency Medicine1184624298
Amardeep Singh ILEmergency Medicine1013917251
Keith Beck TXEmergency Medicine1740280999
Michael Slater ILEmergency Medicine1942200191
Il Y Yoo ILEmergency Medicine1104826254
Adena Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1578563623
E. Bradshaw Bunney ILEmergency Medicine1447250543
Serena M. Baqai ILEmergency Medicine1376543488
Mark Andrew Melrose NYEmergency Medicine1861492985
Narayanaswami Rangaswami TNEmergency Medicine1265432488
Robert Neal Rayder TNEmergency Medicine1700886926
Romeo Rojas-walsson TXEmergency Medicine1881694008
Richard Steves Vaughan TXEmergency Medicine1356341507
Gregg Summerville NJEmergency Medicine1982604922
Erik B Kulstad ILEmergency Medicine1518967751
Circleville Emergency Physicians Inc. OHEmergency Medicine1770583833
Raymond Paquette TXEmergency Medicine1942200019
Adam Ira Wasserman PAEmergency Medicine1841290962
Hamilton Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1992705933
Kenneth Weinberg NJEmergency Medicine1033119094
Carol Ann Rahter SCEmergency Medicine1538169586
Theresa Biedenbach TXEmergency Medicine1649270604
Fernando Orellana ILEmergency Medicine1548260623
Dean C Williams VAEmergency Medicine1457351546
Grady Emergency Physicians Inc. OHEmergency Medicine1477553584
Donald P Thibodaux LAEmergency Medicine1265432306
Mark Charles Netzel ILEmergency Medicine1144220112
Palos Emergency Medical Services, Ltd ILEmergency Medicine1811997885
Dawn M Detwiler Berger INEmergency Medicine1043210180
Steven B. Rosenbaum NJEmergency Medicine1689674723
Sharmeen Sultan NJEmergency Medicine1649270687
Subhash R Viswanathan NYEmergency Medicine1508866542
Jonathan Jui OREmergency Medicine1912907908
Bayview Emergency Associates, P.a. NJEmergency Medicine1467452466
Fred Paul Harchelroad Jr. PAEmergency Medicine1346240363
James A Odonnell TNEmergency Medicine1871593897
Daniel Myron Netluch INEmergency Medicine1518968544
Mark C. Menadue IAEmergency Medicine1265432264
Michael W Barwick MDEmergency Medicine1588664593
Gregory Starr TXEmergency Medicine1861492886
Sunil Vishwanath Kololgi VAEmergency Medicine1336149343
Robert J Lueken TXEmergency Medicine1649271677
Hocking Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1558362582
Madison Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1720089766
Robert G Powell VAEmergency Medicine1386644300
Lima Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1558361584
Kimberly Ann Hennon PAEmergency Medicine1548260573
Mark Joseph Henzes PAEmergency Medicine1457351488
Joseph S Fahhoum TNEmergency Medicine1265433213
Gilbert E Herren TNEmergency Medicine1316948375
Ashwini K Jha TNEmergency Medicine1861493835
Emergency Associates Of The Ironbound, P.a. NJEmergency Medicine1316948300
Michael Francis Todd INEmergency Medicine1194726141
John K Eshun TNEmergency Medicine1659372613
Carle C Kalsi TNEmergency Medicine1215938287
Ravi K Madasu TNEmergency Medicine1538160536
Shahram Rahimi-saber TNEmergency Medicine1376544379
Marysville Emergency Physicians Inc. OHEmergency Medicine1649271594
Aimee Heis KYEmergency Medicine1609877554
Emergency Associates Of Kearny, P.a. NJEmergency Medicine1013918002
Lori Danielle Winston CAEmergency Medicine1083615082
Emergency Associates Of The North Ward, P.a. NJEmergency Medicine1235130238
Amal Y Rustom TNEmergency Medicine1831190834
Essex Emergency Associates, P.a. NJEmergency Medicine1083615090
Charles D Magnant VAEmergency Medicine1831190800
Claudia H Daly NCEmergency Medicine1467453449
Tripp A Dargie TNEmergency Medicine1396746269
Spfld Urb Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1679574552
Christopher Dean Caggiano KYEmergency Medicine1447251376
James Lynn Combs KYEmergency Medicine1982605812
Luis Federico Matta LAEmergency Medicine1003817941
Jonathan Carl Landis PAEmergency Medicine1215938162
Brett Jason Nile TXEmergency Medicine1154322014
Ppe keystone, P.c. PAEmergency Medicine1003817933
Laroy Francis Kendall KYEmergency Medicine1649271503
Mercy Emergency Physicians Inc OHEmergency Medicine1942201819
Charles L Gerwick KSEmergency Medicine1245231158
Scott A Hollrah KSEmergency Medicine1750382578
Kenneth E Mccolley VAEmergency Medicine1003817966
Richard R Gill VAEmergency Medicine1003817974
Alan M Spira CAEmergency Medicine1194726075
Micheal Ginder MNEmergency Medicine1992706709
John N Jewell SCEmergency Medicine1417958265
Jeff Hugus OHEmergency Medicine1588665327
John F. X. Young MIEmergency Medicine1922009778
Timothy E Long TNEmergency Medicine1235130097
Bonnie F Randolph TNEmergency Medicine1497756258
Margaret T Marshall CAEmergency Medicine1639170475
Cary D Hardison TNEmergency Medicine1174524938
David Lindstrom OHEmergency Medicine1770584526
Cassandra D Howard TNEmergency Medicine1124029970
Swapan Dubey TXEmergency Medicine1497756175
Harlow D Schmidt KSEmergency Medicine1679574354
Malcolm Machauer TXEmergency Medicine1114928892
Thomas R Kreamer KSEmergency Medicine1831190511
Michael David Arnett INEmergency Medicine1225039910
William Sherrod NCEmergency Medicine1275531006
Aleshia Lynn-ann Lunsford TNEmergency Medicine1285633925
David Locke Glenn NCEmergency Medicine1114926557
James D Behra AZEmergency Medicine1629078555
Andrea E Herbert AZEmergency Medicine1457351371
Kristen Anne Belanger KYEmergency Medicine1366443376
Steven Pike AZEmergency Medicine1215937719
Jody Gerard NYEmergency Medicine1144229006
Henry J Platt TXEmergency Medicine1316948003
Steven J Portouw CAEmergency Medicine1659371995
Sumner Community Club IAEmergency Medicine1780684548
Paulina A Kuchinic ILEmergency Medicine1467452607
Stephen Oswald Bernardon KYEmergency Medicine1831190750
David Leon Bracken KYEmergency Medicine1164423174
Anthony France KYEmergency Medicine1679574511
John Ganim KYEmergency Medicine1932100872
Marleen Cousins Johnson KYEmergency Medicine1407857386
Rachel J Lehmkuhl KYEmergency Medicine1215938188
Michael Mcclurg KYEmergency Medicine1215938113
Harold A Sloas TNEmergency Medicine1457351165
Peter B Brown AZEmergency Medicine1396745121
Adolfo Alejandro Aldape TXEmergency Medicine1598765091
Thomas J Carpenter MNEmergency Medicine1952301699
Dennis Paul Hanlon PAEmergency Medicine1700886728
Nick Edward Colovos GAEmergency Medicine1780684282
Premier Health Partners CAEmergency Medicine1962867754
Valerie A Davis ALEmergency Medicine1861492308
Ballinger Memorial Hospital District TXEmergency Medicine1225038938
Emmanuel H Saintjean INEmergency Medicine1013916006
Bevin Clayton MIEmergency Medicine1013916071
Kurt M Nellhaus WVEmergency Medicine1508866633
David S Schillinger PAEmergency Medicine1417957218
Jeanette Galicinao Tolentino NVEmergency Medicine1194725358
Richard A Schmitt NCEmergency Medicine1487653291
Glen H Brookshire INEmergency Medicine1487654521
Camilla R Forsythe TNEmergency Medicine1356341044
Barry G Gilmore TNEmergency Medicine1437159126
Amy L Hertz TNEmergency Medicine1649270919
Mary P Mcginty TNEmergency Medicine1881694255
Timothy J Oconnor TNEmergency Medicine1962402982
David F Piper TNEmergency Medicine1679573984
Joseph V Pollack TNEmergency Medicine1528068962
Michelle R Bache INEmergency Medicine1548260672
Mark James Bolton OHEmergency Medicine1790785152
Sukhjit S Sidhu MDEmergency Medicine1124028394
Tasha J Ford TNEmergency Medicine1205836566
Paul Charles Peterson NCEmergency Medicine1902805518
Edward E Bates TXEmergency Medicine1639179013
Aaisya Ansari-lawal MDEmergency Medicine1326048752
Abby C. Von Heimburg ILEmergency Medicine1801895545
Larry Bernard Lipscomb TXEmergency Medicine1013917988
Robert Thomas Vanhook AREmergency Medicine1184625105
Memorial Hospital ILEmergency Medicine1851390132
Tamara Katy DCEmergency Medicine1497754774
Robert William Desverreaux MDEmergency Medicine1851391296
Jill Murphey COEmergency Medicine1962403782
Joel Nelson INEmergency Medicine1851390504
Moustafa S Shamma MDEmergency Medicine1336149632
Seth Louis Toback NCEmergency Medicine1740289131
Kenneth C. Hanson WIEmergency Medicine1295734135
Ramon E. Rivera NYEmergency Medicine1841299005
Judith M Knoll TXEmergency Medicine1861491862
Lindiwee-yaa Randall-hayes INEmergency Medicine1770582777
Walter Jacquemin MIEmergency Medicine1447259783
Kevin P Connelly VAEmergency Medicine1144220435
Maryjane Scott OHEmergency Medicine1316946908
Jerry V. Lambert PAEmergency Medicine1700887635
John Carl White WIEmergency Medicine1275533176
Margaret A Brummer INEmergency Medicine1619977659
Achyut Natvarial Gandhi FLEmergency Medicine1740288521
Apiwat Ford ILEmergency Medicine1053319822
Richard K Smith OHEmergency Medicine1700886041
Michael R Gartner KSEmergency Medicine1205835469
Albert Eugene Charron PAEmergency Medicine1437158409
George Chiampas ILEmergency Medicine1538169636
Richard A Nelson TNEmergency Medicine1336149558
Ryan R Rees FLEmergency Medicine1558361428
Michael J Smith ILEmergency Medicine1861491599
Steve Vulich ILEmergency Medicine1922008242
Timothy S Harton AREmergency Medicine1215937537
John M. Bailitz ILEmergency Medicine1710988654


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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