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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Duane J Dyson NJEmergency Medicine1770585531
Jerry L Carter TNEmergency Medicine1508868381
Thomas Michael Stein PAEmergency Medicine1821090721
Lawrence Max Linett NCEmergency Medicine1124020912
Todd Wesley Christensen NVEmergency Medicine1982606687
Russell Patrick Clark NVEmergency Medicine1790787497
Clarence Michael Dunagan NVEmergency Medicine1972505675
Rick J. Sumrok PAEmergency Medicine1255333084
Jeremy Brent Hammel WAEmergency Medicine1962404798
Robert W Curran CAEmergency Medicine1063414753
Christian Lee Rank CAEmergency Medicine1669474235
Jennifer Sue Rozum NVEmergency Medicine1487656955
Wade Nolan Sears NVEmergency Medicine1912909482
Linda Sterry CAEmergency Medicine1629070198
Deborra Kim Zaiser PAEmergency Medicine1922000637
David N Donnell TXEmergency Medicine1659373314
Kenneth P Schultheis IAEmergency Medicine1609878206
Michael K Berry CAEmergency Medicine1861494569
Timothy John Fortuna VAEmergency Medicine1093717712
Mark Allen Cimino LAEmergency Medicine1740282490
David Mierzwiak OHEmergency Medicine1437151115
John Richard Henner NVEmergency Medicine1376545954
Andrew A. Aronson PAEmergency Medicine1720080302
Carol Dawson OHEmergency Medicine1417959016
Diana K Mccutcheon ALEmergency Medicine1760484380
Paul-thomas Tremoulet CAEmergency Medicine1528060100
Roger D Anderson OHEmergency Medicine1689676264
Michael Tatro OHEmergency Medicine1558363143
Donna M Eget PAEmergency Medicine1639171226
Kenneth Scott Hickey VAEmergency Medicine1356343941
Michael R Loewe LAEmergency Medicine1811999428
Dennis Charles Lemon NVEmergency Medicine1437151073
Jeffrey P Girkin MOEmergency Medicine1508868159
Lauri B Magee NMEmergency Medicine1053313601
David W Dickerson MOEmergency Medicine1992707558
John M Stover SCEmergency Medicine1942202411
James Moises LAEmergency Medicine1821090309
Diane E Pierce LAEmergency Medicine1376545855
Eric John Anderson NVEmergency Medicine1619979028
Jason Rogers VAEmergency Medicine1790787273
Ilmia B Choudhary PAEmergency Medicine1043212533
Heidi L. Brown ILEmergency Medicine1386646826
Steve L. Meeks ILEmergency Medicine1619979168
Roy E Seitz OHEmergency Medicine1255333670
Deborah Fletcher LAEmergency Medicine1699777011
Joseph A Farquhar LAEmergency Medicine1922000348
Fred S Willis LAEmergency Medicine1235131665
Kim-king Chan NJEmergency Medicine1750383188
Michael G Saad ILEmergency Medicine1831191261
Daniel Raymond Cappon NYEmergency Medicine1710989157
Alan J Sorkey LAEmergency Medicine1447252887
James Francis Gardner TXEmergency Medicine1912909326
Thomas Gable CAEmergency Medicine1558363903
Yogesh P Vajaria ILEmergency Medicine1093717449
Thomas J Mullin ILEmergency Medicine1053313403
Deepa S Macha MIEmergency Medicine1134121684
Tschangis Mehrpuyan ILEmergency Medicine1891797262
Liza M. Pilch ILEmergency Medicine1750383139
Amy Church NYEmergency Medicine1831191212
Darryl S. Schlegel ILEmergency Medicine1366444747
John W Reeves LAEmergency Medicine1396737540
Brian T Dillon LAEmergency Medicine1114919362
Paulalan E Genstler CAEmergency Medicine1699767848
Kevin J Corcoran NCEmergency Medicine1336141738
Michael W. Dailey NYEmergency Medicine1740282151
Robert L Henley MOEmergency Medicine1003818592
Kim D Bowen OHEmergency Medicine1093717522
Thomas Forsyth PAEmergency Medicine1184626616
Sonia M Mininni ILEmergency Medicine1891797239
Valerie D Mckenna ILEmergency Medicine1003818550
Alexander Scott Berk FLEmergency Medicine1699777151
Robert M Johnston MOEmergency Medicine1982696928
Roy Brandhurst LAEmergency Medicine1083606040
Eustace L Edwards LAEmergency Medicine1336131309
William A Smith TNEmergency Medicine1972595189
Cleveland C Cleary INEmergency Medicine1598757676
Jay R Pemberton MOEmergency Medicine1700878907
Eugene Huang INEmergency Medicine1164414173
Terry Eugene Lienhop MOEmergency Medicine1194717223
Edward Paul LAEmergency Medicine1609868892
Pin Kwee Lam TXEmergency Medicine1972595007
Troy D Clouse INEmergency Medicine1750373833
Joseph Carnelius Mckenna OKEmergency Medicine1346232394
Ameet Deshmukh MOEmergency Medicine1720070923
Steven A Lorber MOEmergency Medicine1255323101
Paul L Kramer MOEmergency Medicine1407848351
Robert Lee Gear AZEmergency Medicine1659363513
Konstantinos Agoritsas NYEmergency Medicine1720070600
Bonnie Arquilla NYEmergency Medicine1295727170
Christopher M Mohler OHEmergency Medicine1619969508
Maureen Nelson OHEmergency Medicine1790777688
Ian Desouza NYEmergency Medicine1659363448
Bryan P Barrilleaux LAEmergency Medicine1821080615
Susan Newton OHEmergency Medicine1770575755
Charles R Whetstone MOEmergency Medicine1821080730
Kevin D Markowski OHEmergency Medicine1992797807
Christopher Doty NYEmergency Medicine1639161433
Mert Erogul NYEmergency Medicine1437141231
Liesl Curtis DCEmergency Medicine1598757320
John T. Bambara IAEmergency Medicine1578555314
Brendan R Furlong DCEmergency Medicine1932191780
Gopalasamy Durairaj TXEmergency Medicine1841282548
Ernst Gustave NYEmergency Medicine1124010871
Carl E. Bussmann MOEmergency Medicine1053303636
Paul Rega OHEmergency Medicine1912999731
Cathleen Clancy DCEmergency Medicine1558353375
Joshua M Mcconkey NCEmergency Medicine1508858333
Donald Kernan NHEmergency Medicine1740272517
Horacio Alberto Diaz TXEmergency Medicine1912999699
William D Galvin MOEmergency Medicine1235121914
Lisa A Plazzo NCEmergency Medicine1093707820
Donald J Steiner ILEmergency Medicine1255323028
Nicholas H Benson NCEmergency Medicine1609868389
Husam Ghusn TXEmergency Medicine1871585588
Daniel J Hoffman OHEmergency Medicine1669464376
Lisa Freeman TXEmergency Medicine1609868322
Daniel Perrault WIEmergency Medicine1790777423
Christopher Farnan NYEmergency Medicine1336131077
Andrew Michael Psyk TXEmergency Medicine1053303792
Aleksandr Gleyzer NYEmergency Medicine1417949165
Gerard Casey NYEmergency Medicine1194717868
Michael Hockstein NYEmergency Medicine1598757262
Calixto G Garcia NJEmergency Medicine1154313724
Wilma Geck NJEmergency Medicine1124010798
Glen E Vaughn OHEmergency Medicine1699767293
Peggy E Goodman NCEmergency Medicine1659363216
Gamal K Hanna NJEmergency Medicine1467444968
James E. Ferguson TXEmergency Medicine1750373304
Alan S Fierverker PAEmergency Medicine1568454031
Kirt Walker TXEmergency Medicine1386636850
James Patrick Weller TXEmergency Medicine1912999483
John Charles Nowak ILEmergency Medicine1306838933
Michael Henry Oster ILEmergency Medicine1356333991
Jose Manuel Garza TXEmergency Medicine1972595452
Paul Walker OHEmergency Medicine1154313641
Amanda Parker Nylund TXEmergency Medicine1053303511
Talat Y Hmoud NJEmergency Medicine1295727758
Rachel George NYEmergency Medicine1588656052
Rajesh S Kothari NJEmergency Medicine1659363174
Oren N Hirsch CAEmergency Medicine1871585349
Joseph R Lofaro NJEmergency Medicine1841282381
Walter Wesley Howard VAEmergency Medicine1144212697
Lee Leak NJEmergency Medicine1396737763
Richard Kevin Roach CAEmergency Medicine1508858978
Sabah S Toma NYEmergency Medicine1558353946
Ehsan Qadir KYEmergency Medicine1114919404
Theodore M Petkov NYEmergency Medicine1184616575
Charles Farley Mason AREmergency Medicine1346232774
Sally A. Cooper FLEmergency Medicine1487646725
Joseph Gregory Bauer IAEmergency Medicine1700878048
Rebecca K Jeanmonod NYEmergency Medicine1033102256
Ambreen Khan NYEmergency Medicine1902899164
Warren C Keene IDEmergency Medicine1861485161
Douglas P Dero IDEmergency Medicine1760475081
Donald John Jeanmonod PAEmergency Medicine1801889027
David R. Deitz PAEmergency Medicine1225021553
Raul Hernandez KYEmergency Medicine1093708331
Felixberto G. Mamaril PAEmergency Medicine1043203391
Daniel Joseph Sullivan WIEmergency Medicine1336132612
Jose E Jule NYEmergency Medicine1326031600
Nizar Kifaieh NYEmergency Medicine1235122524
David R Barnes IDEmergency Medicine1558354852
Matthew A. Glenn PAEmergency Medicine1801889126
Mark W. Borke WYEmergency Medicine1225021496
Bradley Kaufman NYEmergency Medicine1396738555
Marlin R. Bauhard NEEmergency Medicine1386637551
George Nick Guzzardo LAEmergency Medicine1760474084
David R. Bakken IAEmergency Medicine1821081944
Roland R Tindle MIEmergency Medicine1053304105
Liliana Lofaso NYEmergency Medicine1780677864
Teresa A Sacco-bedosky NYEmergency Medicine1396738472
Donald Rae Simmons TXEmergency Medicine1578556601
Kenneth Sullivan WIEmergency Medicine1902899917
Christopher K Jenkins WAEmergency Medicine1962495994
Greg Smart AREmergency Medicine1073506010
David M. Silvis PAEmergency Medicine1265425193
Thomas Gordon Allen TXEmergency Medicine1164415121
Paul Franklin Paschall IDEmergency Medicine1689667651
Asok Kumar Sinha OHEmergency Medicine1386637379
Neal David Tishman OHEmergency Medicine1912990706
Gunvor E Weirick-sacks VAEmergency Medicine1841283660
Uduak Akan-etuk VAEmergency Medicine1992798714
Joseph Alan Dinkins UTEmergency Medicine1578556304
Stuart Stiles NYEmergency Medicine1750374518
Timothy E. Brelje IAEmergency Medicine1144213836
Elizabeth Borock WAEmergency Medicine1841283512
Ugo Ezenkwele NYEmergency Medicine1750374427
William Goldberg NYEmergency Medicine1912990698
Peter Grekin NYEmergency Medicine1821081506
Lillian Oshva NYEmergency Medicine1073506770
Nancy Kwon NYEmergency Medicine1437142130
Robert Hessler NYEmergency Medicine1538152202
Eric Legome NYEmergency Medicine1356334023
Emilio A Lafont-perez PREmergency Medicine1386637072
Gary D. Anderson WIEmergency Medicine1447243175
Pravene A Nath NYEmergency Medicine1891788527
Lalitha Krishnan NJEmergency Medicine1538152293
Mona Batra GAEmergency Medicine1053304634
Howard Nelson Zaleznak GAEmergency Medicine1255324992
John Francis Havlick INEmergency Medicine1780677351


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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