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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jeffrey A Giese NCEmergency Medicine1568465540
Mary Mailloux FLEmergency Medicine1760485437
Phoenix Emergency Medicine Of Broward Llc FLEmergency Medicine1992708887
Keith Lafferty NJEmergency Medicine1821091653
Michael S Brown MOEmergency Medicine1720081508
Gonzalo Gonzalez FLEmergency Medicine1730182700
Larry G Farmer NCEmergency Medicine1699778670
James L Deline MOEmergency Medicine1821091810
Brian Letts FLEmergency Medicine1174526313
Lingappa Amernath NYEmergency Medicine1962405001
Miguel A Culasso LAEmergency Medicine1255334314
Nicholas J Nehrbauer NYEmergency Medicine1881697936
Gary Thomas Barnes TNEmergency Medicine1538162433
Micah D Hale AZEmergency Medicine1972506616
Thomas C Conder TXEmergency Medicine1699778332
Michael Francis Minogue NCEmergency Medicine1477556116
Nanette Blair CAEmergency Medicine1710980289
Eric Fajardo CAEmergency Medicine1265435739
Andrew Kaminski CAEmergency Medicine1982607453
John Petersen CAEmergency Medicine1972506442
David Ramos CAEmergency Medicine1881697340
Elpidio Resendez CAEmergency Medicine1245233709
Rakesh Singh CAEmergency Medicine1053314518
James Stubblefield CAEmergency Medicine1598768053
Karen J. Stacey-erwin OHEmergency Medicine1811990310
David Letts FLEmergency Medicine1588667216
Norman S Nielson UTEmergency Medicine1558364125
Fabrice Czarnecki MDEmergency Medicine1497758056
Perry E Bassett TXEmergency Medicine1245233857
Harry W Lee FLEmergency Medicine1689677387
Todd Larry Shover IAEmergency Medicine1558364240
Karen L Blakeman MOEmergency Medicine1306849948
Gary L Moorman OHEmergency Medicine1528061231
Tamara S Chance IAEmergency Medicine1427051135
Jeffrey Michael Wright IAEmergency Medicine1770586463
Grayson County Hospital Foundation Inc KYEmergency Medicine1437152923
Brian K. Barstad WAEmergency Medicine1871596346
David Warren Buller TXEmergency Medicine1285637843
Juan Fernando Acosta NYEmergency Medicine1316940968
Scott Alan Gallagher COEmergency Medicine1043213580
Todd Brian Taylor AZEmergency Medicine1255334785
Thomas H Lacy NCEmergency Medicine1639172042
Bjorn Dimberg FLEmergency Medicine1417950809
Christopher Hill FLEmergency Medicine1699778910
Charles W Henrichs NCEmergency Medicine1841293255
Wuesthoff Emergency Physicians Pa FLEmergency Medicine1831192244
Stuart Berk FLEmergency Medicine1982607388
Thunder Bay Emergency Physicians Pc MIEmergency Medicine1174526594
Andrzej Dmowski FLEmergency Medicine1518960996
Thang Dinh Hoang TXEmergency Medicine1932101268
David Harbour FLEmergency Medicine1851394217
Elizabeth Ann Droege INEmergency Medicine1851394290
Jill R Kane PAEmergency Medicine1124021431
Fouad S Boulos NYEmergency Medicine1366445652
James H Mills NYEmergency Medicine1972506269
Donald Mckee FLEmergency Medicine1205839578
Robert L Hunter OHEmergency Medicine1114920485
Joanne Blow TNEmergency Medicine1629071972
Bernard Noble FLEmergency Medicine1821090143
Todd Smith OHEmergency Medicine1124020490
David Williams FLEmergency Medicine1760484034
Legatus Emergency Services Llc ILEmergency Medicine1588666804
Emergency Medical Care Llc MOEmergency Medicine1619979929
Legatus Emergency Services ILEmergency Medicine1235131558
Anthony J Sorrentino FLEmergency Medicine1407858723
Matthew C. Tinney TNEmergency Medicine1225031537
Sweeny Hospital District TXEmergency Medicine1023011657
Thomas R Laird MOEmergency Medicine1508869181
Appleton Emergency Services S C WIEmergency Medicine1588666853
Botsford General Hospital MIEmergency Medicine1609311794
Claude J Mason FLEmergency Medicine1467455345
Nikhil K. Mehta NMEmergency Medicine1992708515
Jay B Pennock CAEmergency Medicine1437152907
Philip Dolin FLEmergency Medicine1285637660
Central Iowa Healthcare Emergency Medicine1952304222
Olatunji R Akintilo WIEmergency Medicine1760485007
Tariq Rahman Mallick IAEmergency Medicine1760485478
Judson F Omans WIEmergency Medicine1356343636
Timothy Adkins FLEmergency Medicine1295737575
Carondelet Emergency Physicians Inc MOEmergency Medicine1558363838
Stat Care Pc Emergency Medicine1013919372
Khalid B Ali WIEmergency Medicine1770585010
Robert Bell FLEmergency Medicine1306848668
Newaygo County General Hospital Association MIEmergency Medicine1629070982
Richard Krubel FLEmergency Medicine1619979853
Grand River Emergency Medical Group Plc MIEmergency Medicine1114929353
Hal London FLEmergency Medicine1619979812
Ryan Scott Bakke IAEmergency Medicine1225030406
Stanley Tenenbaum FLEmergency Medicine1629070800
Lloyd Long INEmergency Medicine1093717258
Wuesthoff Emergency Physicians melbourne Pa FLEmergency Medicine1508868886
Stat Care Emergency Medicine1043212392
Joseph C Martinez COEmergency Medicine1336141449
Gail L Bundow ALEmergency Medicine1881696128
Todd C Phillips WIEmergency Medicine1538161773
Statcare Pc Emergency Medicine1255333498
Joseph Stevens Ayers COEmergency Medicine1912909136
Catherine Bernard COEmergency Medicine1972505170
Leonard Alexander Lowe COEmergency Medicine1164424354
Franklin Medical Group, Pc Emergency Medicine1780686964
Jeffrey M Goller SCEmergency Medicine1447252622
Carlo Aj Oller FLEmergency Medicine1801890140
Cfvhs Ed Physicians NCEmergency Medicine1215931589
Patrick Edwin Clemons TXEmergency Medicine1801890827
Daniel W Ross TNEmergency Medicine1538163506
Jericho P Borja TNEmergency Medicine1457355349
Brent J Whitley FLEmergency Medicine1609870682
Terri Schmidt OREmergency Medicine1811991722
Martin G Fortier ILEmergency Medicine1023012077
Steven L Lepsky OHEmergency Medicine1124022066
Luis Raul Maceira-rodriguez FLEmergency Medicine1831193770
Steven A Pottschmidt OHEmergency Medicine1912901745
John E Braden FLEmergency Medicine1811991656
Charles T Allred KSEmergency Medicine1083618839
Portage Health Inc MIEmergency Medicine1215931068
James Richard Kirkpatrick AZEmergency Medicine1669476412
Ronald Beaudreau GAEmergency Medicine1356345136
Geraldine Omeara GAEmergency Medicine1942204730
Sal J Wambsgans GAEmergency Medicine1770587560
Richard B Ismach OREmergency Medicine1780688556
Jeffrey Alan Gastorf OKEmergency Medicine1275537953
Richard Bost FLEmergency Medicine1174527014
Timothy F Billups OHEmergency Medicine1982608808
James S Shecter FLEmergency Medicine1962406892
Dominick R Catalano OHEmergency Medicine1386648210
North Ridge Emergency Physicians, Pa FLEmergency Medicine1205830163
Thomas E Rench OHEmergency Medicine1952305781
Thomas Harding Smith GAEmergency Medicine1386648079
Hien Dao FLEmergency Medicine1699779389
Marlon A Florida ALEmergency Medicine1730183435
Galen Kiser ALEmergency Medicine1063416766
Dianna G Osborn ALEmergency Medicine1194729806
Paul A Southall ALEmergency Medicine1902800618
Timothy W Ryschon COEmergency Medicine1730183526
Henry Millwood SCEmergency Medicine1962406769
Douglas Arlan Olson GAEmergency Medicine1689678377
Jenna A. Timm CAEmergency Medicine1174527881
David A Berkenbile ILEmergency Medicine1851395578
Ashton Hudson KYEmergency Medicine1922002682
Brenden M Wetherton KYEmergency Medicine1528062189
Peter H Obesso FLEmergency Medicine1770587347
Douglas J Mckimm OHEmergency Medicine1265436869
Kenneth Arnold OHEmergency Medicine1619971231
Michael Bain OHEmergency Medicine1225032840
Brandon Zane Horowitz OREmergency Medicine1720082357
Howard Bialick OHEmergency Medicine1609870237
Gregory Boldt OHEmergency Medicine1386648913
Theodore Thompson TNEmergency Medicine1144224783
Matthew Birkle OHEmergency Medicine1427052075
Donald W Payne KYEmergency Medicine1497759047
Walter E Bounds LAEmergency Medicine1447254198
John C. Beyer PAEmergency Medicine1811991482
Ted Altenau OHEmergency Medicine1104820711
Karen M Schleehauf SDEmergency Medicine1346244332
James Lapkoff NCEmergency Medicine1306848502
Karl Joseph Horn FLEmergency Medicine1790041689
Amjad I Mufti INEmergency Medicine1700888914
Currin Nichol FLEmergency Medicine1013919299
Harold Thomas WAEmergency Medicine1639173339
Julie L Pugh OHEmergency Medicine1225032063
Richard A. Capito WVEmergency Medicine1407858772
Barry M Gordon OHEmergency Medicine1437153368
Victoria De Guzman Fernando NMEmergency Medicine1073517686
Frank L Prasnal OHEmergency Medicine1356345292
Jeffrey Brent COEmergency Medicine1558365114
Kim Peter Scherschel INEmergency Medicine1720082597
Grace Allawirdi TXEmergency Medicine1245694090
Larry Ray Hunefeld INEmergency Medicine1902800824
Richard Gary Clark TNEmergency Medicine1962406793
William Robert Gailmard TNEmergency Medicine1124022884
Heather K Isom MOEmergency Medicine1063416949
Joseph Leonard Monahan IAEmergency Medicine1609870260
Ann-elizabeth Georgianne Jarris WAEmergency Medicine1154325751
Scott D Brunk WIEmergency Medicine1497759062
John J Pershing WIEmergency Medicine1871597104
John A Zernia WIEmergency Medicine1124022728
Julie S Zink WIEmergency Medicine1669476263
Robert S Zink WIEmergency Medicine1730183336
Josel V Mijares INEmergency Medicine1992707103
Michael Shane Scott MSEmergency Medicine1275535551
Keith T Huff INEmergency Medicine1073517744
John Bret Bruder OHEmergency Medicine1205830759
Robert Augustus Lowe OREmergency Medicine1427052166
John Whitney Morehouse CAEmergency Medicine1689678328
Gregory Russell Balko COEmergency Medicine1932103405
Robert Allen Grober OHEmergency Medicine1093719585
Herman L Ferrell ILEmergency Medicine1437153921
Erik K Olson KYEmergency Medicine1861496366
Kent N Hall NYEmergency Medicine1851395354
Geoffrey A Martin KYEmergency Medicine1962406470
Dwight Ernst Helmrich OHEmergency Medicine1366446874
Jeffrey D Disney OREmergency Medicine1306840822
Karlan J Downing TXEmergency Medicine1932103454
Joseph Edward Williamson NCEmergency Medicine1295739712
Christopher Francis Richards OREmergency Medicine1528062056
Christopher J. Carlisle SDEmergency Medicine1114921640
James H. Bryan OREmergency Medicine1083618524
Autumn C Graham OHEmergency Medicine1578567012
Gary S Huber OHEmergency Medicine1437153871
John R Deliduka WAEmergency Medicine1588668925


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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