Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nanette Blair 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1710980289
Eric Fajardo 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1265435739
Andrew Kaminski 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1982607453
Jay B Pennock 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1437152907
John Petersen 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1972506442
David Ramos 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1881697340
Elpidio Resendez 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1245233709
Rakesh Singh 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1053314518
James Stubblefield 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1598768053
Jenna A. Timm 94611, CAEmergency Medicine1174527881
John Whitney Morehouse 94611, CAEmergency Medicine1689678328
Jaafar Bermani 62201, CAEmergency Medicine1699779033
David P Wilson 96032, CAEmergency Medicine1801891130
Premier Health Partners 92869, CAEmergency Medicine1609231497
C Eric Lindborg 96555, CAEmergency Medicine1184629669
Joanne Berkowitz 95628, CAEmergency Medicine1861498388
Mark J Ault 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1114923570
Stuart Benjamin Campbell 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1306842588
John Joseph Gallo 95356, CAEmergency Medicine1003812751
Swope Medical Group Inc 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1972500593
Elizabeth Ashdown Muckerman 89410, CAEmergency Medicine1669479457
Angela Bell 95661, CAEmergency Medicine1578560389
Mark Boettger 96122, CAEmergency Medicine1811994569
Lynn Ellis Welling 91911, CAEmergency Medicine1649277302
Chris Burkhart 96122, CAEmergency Medicine1639176308
Charles Kaplove 96122, CAEmergency Medicine1114925898
Michael Patrick Sotak 95758, CAEmergency Medicine1932107646
Michael Corbin Schankerman 96150, CAEmergency Medicine1013914902
Jonathan Houpt 92663, CAEmergency Medicine1447258199
Thomas Joseph Jantos 96150, CAEmergency Medicine1639176415
Robert Rosenbloom 90232, CAEmergency Medicine1235137712
Warren Tilden Withers 89449, CAEmergency Medicine1396743878
John Gambol 92870, CAEmergency Medicine1255339826
Joseph Reese Nicolini 78332, CAEmergency Medicine1013915628
Mark Goldin 94611, CAEmergency Medicine1205834751
Gregory Nee 90232, CAEmergency Medicine1912905480
Kenneth Robinson 96122, CAEmergency Medicine1437157914
Jeffrey Davis 96122, CAEmergency Medicine1285632729
Raymond Lee Stillwell 96150, CAEmergency Medicine1427056845
Aaron Jeffrey Carter 93662, CAEmergency Medicine1457359671
William Macgregor Green 96150, CAEmergency Medicine1871591099
Clinton David Purvance 89449, CAEmergency Medicine1124026349
Lars Douglas Ensign 96150, CAEmergency Medicine1750389862
Robin Elizabeth Malone Cunnison 93111, CAEmergency Medicine1144228156
Ernest Woodhouse 92501, CAEmergency Medicine1083612824
Ben-hwa Hu 94531, CAEmergency Medicine1205835840
Steven Dale Leman 89449, CAEmergency Medicine1790784197
Adam Mandel 29414, CAEmergency Medicine1629077052
Emergency Medicine Group Of Encinitas, Inc 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1902805179
Heidi Leigh Nelson 89410, CAEmergency Medicine1609875871
Premier Health Partners 92395, CAEmergency Medicine1962867754
Brian D Evans 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1841290798
Dawn E Harris 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1235139189
Cara W Meinholz 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1306846266
Nikolas W Greenson 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1811997737
Bruce E Sarkin 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1477552396
Thomas G Zimmerman 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1295734127
Joseph C Britton 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1902805831
Vance J Van Tassell 95677, CAEmergency Medicine1417957341
Brent D Mcdermott 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1902806847
David E Hunter 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1831199785
David R Duncan 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1528068459
Randy W Stark 96793, CAEmergency Medicine1710987664
Richard C Kingsland 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1235139841
John W Love 92134, CAEmergency Medicine1093715617
Eric R Lovell 92121, CAEmergency Medicine1346240967
Ronald J Maccormick 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1699775213
Misty L Navarro 93901, CAEmergency Medicine1841290434
Steven R Andree 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1700886496
Mary Anne Fuchs 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1790785301
Philip C Mathis 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1942200399
Richard J Pfeiffer 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1538169990
Ronald N Rothenberg 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1487654844
Michael David Cawdery 93701, CAEmergency Medicine1295735538
Steven J Portouw 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1659371995
Wynne Y Myint 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1558361907
Kelly L Kriwanek Rappleye 93636, CAEmergency Medicine1346240520
John Leroy Brown 92335, CAEmergency Medicine1699775072
David Whitaker 92335, CAEmergency Medicine1255331203
Lori Danielle Winston 93291, CAEmergency Medicine1083615082
Alan M Spira 90211, CAEmergency Medicine1194726075
Margaret T Marshall 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1639170475
Joshua B Rogers 89410, CAEmergency Medicine1053312710
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 92801, CAEmergency Medicine1477554012
Thomas C Lee 95945, CAEmergency Medicine1104827757
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 92708, CAEmergency Medicine1528069176
George R Baehr 92118, CAEmergency Medicine1083615512
Susan Elizabeth Mckim 92037, CAEmergency Medicine1003817578
Davita Medical Group Talbert California, P.c. 90815, CAEmergency Medicine1144221631
David Michael Ulick 91109, CAEmergency Medicine1023019460
William B Kenney 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1356342547
Khan G Ha 92121, CAEmergency Medicine1184625212
Emergency Care Dynamics Inc 92118, CAEmergency Medicine1710989793
Mark J Tamsen 92110, CAEmergency Medicine1346241452
Jack J Springer 91942, CAEmergency Medicine1104828284
Timothy L Cannis 92110, CAEmergency Medicine1659373652
Emi Misao Latham 92134, CAEmergency Medicine1871594903
Amy Elizabeth Smookler 92270, CAEmergency Medicine1316948441
Julian George Lis 92103, CAEmergency Medicine1932100062
John A Bodnar 92118, CAEmergency Medicine1912909938
Charles E Whitney 92118, CAEmergency Medicine1679575765
Janet Jones Meyer 92118, CAEmergency Medicine1649272519
Richard F Prince 92110, CAEmergency Medicine1740282672
Louis David Orosz 91910, CAEmergency Medicine1194727024
Mark Vernon Olcott 92037, CAEmergency Medicine1669474417
Robert W Curran 92110, CAEmergency Medicine1063414753
Christian Lee Rank 92708, CAEmergency Medicine1669474235
Linda Sterry 90017, CAEmergency Medicine1629070198
Darin S Garner 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1275535874
Michael K Berry 92243, CAEmergency Medicine1861494569
Paul-thomas Tremoulet 92024, CAEmergency Medicine1528060100
Farough Owiesy 92879, CAEmergency Medicine1568464048
Thomas Gable 93309, CAEmergency Medicine1558363903
Paulalan E Genstler 93923, CAEmergency Medicine1699767848
Zwi Steindler 92604, CAEmergency Medicine1184616153
Oren N Hirsch 91356, CAEmergency Medicine1871585349
Richard Kevin Roach 92055, CAEmergency Medicine1508858978
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CAEmergency Medicine1063405074
Pravene A Nath 94305, CAEmergency Medicine1891788527
John Tully 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1356335772
Judd L. Glasser 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1700870912
Frank L. Mannix 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1619961828
Michael H. Alaynick 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1073507174
Robert William Hampton 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1447244462
James Scott Fishkin 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1518951565
Ramone Aukim Toliver 94535, CAEmergency Medicine1487648531
Penny Heather Ablin 95370, CAEmergency Medicine1861486813
Fred Einesman 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1487648259
Laurance Jason Friedman 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1225022098
Dorothy W. Brown 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1710971643
Randall G. Browning 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1629062559
Richard P. Burruss 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1447244389
David Barcay 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1891789764
John Bibb 90272, CAEmergency Medicine1528052495
Kenneth Corre 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1487648358
Linda Louise Lawrence 94535, CAEmergency Medicine1619961430
Lawrence G Tatum 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1194719955
John A. Bushong 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1235123050
William A. Hinrichs 92009, CAEmergency Medicine1053305870
Todd W. Zaayer 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1184618738
Cary R. Mells 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1801880455
Neil R. Joebchen 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1447244090
Jennifer Kiss Avila 92101, CAEmergency Medicine1437143088
Stephen Karas 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1376537928
Catherine V Perry 22701, CAEmergency Medicine1629062252
David Michael Frankle 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1013901644
Susan Belinda Gardner 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1922092550
Scott Braunstein 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1427042050
Pacific Redwood Medical Group Inc 95482, CAEmergency Medicine1033103676
W. Byron Mitchell 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1023003449
Robert K. Patel 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1750376174
Christopher Scharenbrock 94535, CAEmergency Medicine1912992462
Timothy Nickolas Taylor 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1871588335
Gregory Scott Brewster 90266, CAEmergency Medicine1639164007
Reid F. Conant 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1255326351
John Clarke Hankey 92352, CAEmergency Medicine1154316297
Keith Joseph Yablonicky 90033, CAEmergency Medicine1861487969
Rachel Claire Pearl 94114, CAEmergency Medicine1316932346
Jeffrey D. Hoefle 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1306831334
Joseph Moza 92243, CAEmergency Medicine1356336127
Michael H. Forman 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1992790661
Steven M. Gabriel 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1780679464
Gene Ma 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1568457240
Henry F. Showah 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1043205784
Thomas H. Webster 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1952396699
Juan Carlos Zorrilla 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1861487506
Tonianne French 91910, CAEmergency Medicine1770578411
Thomas D Sprinkle 94558, CAEmergency Medicine1881680312
Tuan D. Nguyen 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1083600449
Eric Clyde Mcdonald 92134, CAEmergency Medicine1558357913
Neil J. Tomaneng 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1992791149
Edward S. Rotunda 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1083600126
Anthony Loffredo 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1073509238
James Loftus 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1780670943
Diku Mandavia 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1841286002
Wendy W Lin 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1558357723
Sujal Mandavia 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1992791164
Gregory Hallert 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1801882071
Dan Katz 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1922094101
Wendy Denham 90048, CAEmergency Medicine1184610164
David A. Tanen 92056, CAEmergency Medicine1396731436
John A. Siefert 91910, CAEmergency Medicine1124014162
Edward Lothar Fieg 45433, CAEmergency Medicine1609862523
Paul Edward Gourley 95903, CAEmergency Medicine1124015474
Agnela T Isaias 93455, CAEmergency Medicine1790772572
Apostolos Anthony Lekkos 91405, CAEmergency Medicine1508854225
Chad Michael Baasen 91910, CAEmergency Medicine1134117955
James Davidson 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1629065438
Teresa Ann Bonzani 94535, CAEmergency Medicine1194713925
John D Uphold 90640, CAEmergency Medicine1124016837
Mark Wittman 90212, CAEmergency Medicine1295723708
Jeffrey Scott Overcash 91911, CAEmergency Medicine1104814680
Christine Duranceau 92253, CAEmergency Medicine1750379970
Marcus Christopher 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1922096908
Kadeer M. Halimi 94538, CAEmergency Medicine1912995952
Daniel Douglas Smith 78205, CAEmergency Medicine1255320834
Cynthia Billmeyer Clark 94903, CAEmergency Medicine1144219767
Corinne R Mcleary 94115, CAEmergency Medicine1093704603
Kurt Hoyt Kunzel 94903, CAEmergency Medicine1073502696
Golden Gate Urgent Care, Inc 94110, CAEmergency Medicine1952390577


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