Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Johnsie Carol Grigg 32117, FLEmergency Medicine1932102159
Kendal Barton Stiles 34223, FLEmergency Medicine1518960772
William D Cubides 34286, FLEmergency Medicine1356344501
Gregory Wayne Betton 34748, FLEmergency Medicine1528061660
David Schenck 34223, FLEmergency Medicine1235132101
Martina Riley 33050, FLEmergency Medicine1629071501
William Williams 33774, FLEmergency Medicine1740283589
Robert V Mcjennett 33705, FLEmergency Medicine1922001742
Mary Mailloux 33309, FLEmergency Medicine1760485437
Brian Letts 97801, FLEmergency Medicine1174526313
David Letts 34231, FLEmergency Medicine1588667216
Harry W Lee 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1689677387
Bjorn Dimberg 32937, FLEmergency Medicine1417950809
Christopher Hill 32955, FLEmergency Medicine1699778910
Stuart Berk 32955, FLEmergency Medicine1982607388
David Harbour 32955, FLEmergency Medicine1851394217
Donald Mckee 32955, FLEmergency Medicine1205839578
Bernard Noble 32955, FLEmergency Medicine1821090143
Todd Smith 45638, FLEmergency Medicine1124020490
Claude J Mason 34239, FLEmergency Medicine1467455345
Philip Dolin 34239, FLEmergency Medicine1285637660
Timothy Adkins 32966, FLEmergency Medicine1295737575
Robert Bell 32935, FLEmergency Medicine1306848668
Hal London 31537, FLEmergency Medicine1619979812
Stanley Tenenbaum 33437, FLEmergency Medicine1629070800
Carlo Aj Oller 32308, FLEmergency Medicine1801890140
Luis Raul Maceira-rodriguez 32825, FLEmergency Medicine1831193770
Richard Bost 33401, FLEmergency Medicine1174527014
James S Shecter 33411, FLEmergency Medicine1962406892
Hien Dao 32547, FLEmergency Medicine1699779389
Peter H Obesso 34653, FLEmergency Medicine1770587347
James Lapkoff 28721, FLEmergency Medicine1306848502
Karl Joseph Horn 32207, FLEmergency Medicine1790041689
Currin Nichol 33334, FLEmergency Medicine1013919299
Barry M Gordon 34292, FLEmergency Medicine1437153368
Michael D White 33756, FLEmergency Medicine1841409992
Karen Chitty 33136, FLEmergency Medicine1740286251
Maciej Ferenc 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1467458596
Michael Mai 33150, FLEmergency Medicine1740286731
Leon Garner 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1881690923
Bernard Wendlin Steele 33063, FLEmergency Medicine1093711921
Neil Piwovar 33401, FLEmergency Medicine1316943202
Scott Kohl 33136, FLEmergency Medicine1386640282
Carlos Sanchez 33150, FLEmergency Medicine1902802713
Steven Robert Scott 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1659377463
David Roskein 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1134125933
Marc Plotkin 33150, FLEmergency Medicine1205832888
Nicholas W Price 33701, FLEmergency Medicine1285639898
Todd E Carlson 34114, FLEmergency Medicine1487651592
Huan Vu 32401, FLEmergency Medicine1164429874
Daniel Raymond Farrell 34429, FLEmergency Medicine1386642924
Jeffrey P Appel 32401, FLEmergency Medicine1417955956
Frederick B Epstein 32444, FLEmergency Medicine1760480206
Antony Friedman 33150, FLEmergency Medicine1043218407
James G Clark 33301, FLEmergency Medicine1093712556
Pamela Ann Mcgarvey 33040, FLEmergency Medicine1811994155
Matthew Howell 33607, FLEmergency Medicine1235137274
Thomas J Carpenter 33777, FLEmergency Medicine1952301699
Achyut Natvarial Gandhi 33619, FLEmergency Medicine1740288521
Ryan R Rees 32114, FLEmergency Medicine1558361428
Alexander Scott Berk 32209, FLEmergency Medicine1699777151
Sally A. Cooper 32548, FLEmergency Medicine1487646725
Raul Hernandez 42431, FLEmergency Medicine1093708331
Mark Edwards 32571, FLEmergency Medicine1386645554
Timothy P Nichols 32401, FLEmergency Medicine1720080229
Ahmad Esmailbegui 32955, FLEmergency Medicine1568464014
Julie Youngblood 32407, FLEmergency Medicine1184626715
Gregory Scott Smith 33756, FLEmergency Medicine1629062914
Alexander Valentine Hernandez 32542, FLEmergency Medicine1912991472
Juan C Abanses 33607, FLEmergency Medicine1699760678
Anandavalli Krishnamoorthy 33801, FLEmergency Medicine1205821287
Carlos Barberis 32211, FLEmergency Medicine1598750564
Mary Anne Buggia 34997, FLEmergency Medicine1710972534
Ismail Dania 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1255326070
Edward Roycraft 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1689669400
Robert Raybin 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1124013941
Ian Russinoff 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1477548295
Daniel E Silpa 34209, FLEmergency Medicine1053306753
Juan Sinisterra 33033, FLEmergency Medicine1396731824
Charles Alakija 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1689660292
Joel Holcombe 32303, FLEmergency Medicine1043205669
Robert Nisenbaum 33449, FLEmergency Medicine1144216664
Edward Hartwig 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1487640009
Jean Gordon 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1033105556
Dennis Robins Solomon 33556, FLEmergency Medicine1851387377
John D'angelo 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1801882337
David Bohorquez 33065, FLEmergency Medicine1437145992
Joseph M Soler 34209, FLEmergency Medicine1215923651
Lawrence Katt 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1699761098
Rita Lantner-tarrash 33065, FLEmergency Medicine1407842966
Samuel Chukwuma 33308, FLEmergency Medicine1669468153
Cynthia Cadet 33076, FLEmergency Medicine1083600571
Neal Abarbanell 33136, FLEmergency Medicine1659367142
Doreen Parkhurst 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1861488363
Abiodun Sosan 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1659367167
Jeffrey Barnes 33065, FLEmergency Medicine1174519557
David Fowler 33065, FLEmergency Medicine1619963097
Anthony Ard 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1700872108
Al Ventzek 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1255327656
Mylissa Graber 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1427044825
Frank H Gilberstadt 32204, FLEmergency Medicine1780670083
Donald Kamens 32204, FLEmergency Medicine1841286150
Jerry Brooks 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1629064886
William G Dietrich 32204, FLEmergency Medicine1952397036
Paul Rohart 33308, FLEmergency Medicine1598751745
Tean-su Tan 33308, FLEmergency Medicine1639165889
Scott Meyer 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1699761759
Benny Menendez 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1689660748
Robert Michael Huber 32514, FLEmergency Medicine1649266719
David Leon Pick 33327, FLEmergency Medicine1164418323
Akram Girgis 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1881680049
Lynn E Taylor 32837, FLEmergency Medicine1073509246
Luis C Diaz 34973, FLEmergency Medicine1083600092
Michael Estep 33064, FLEmergency Medicine1750377685
Mark Lieberman 33065, FLEmergency Medicine1780670588
David Gilchrist 33316, FLEmergency Medicine1962498774
Victor C. Young 32817, FLEmergency Medicine1205822087
John Esin 33323, FLEmergency Medicine1215923966
Lee Benaroch 33067, FLEmergency Medicine1609863257
Horacio Reinoso 34972, FLEmergency Medicine1740277300
Evan D Goldstein 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1467449033
Joni G Leterman 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1851388466
David M Shevitz 33431, FLEmergency Medicine1548257058
Charles J Havel 33936, FLEmergency Medicine1558358143
Salvatore G Miceli 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1750378360
Aryeh J Pessah 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1841287356
Gail R Kwal 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1558358069
Terry B Cohen 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1568459915
Victoria Siddens Draper 34452, FLEmergency Medicine1407843923
Jamie A Alvarez 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1013904457
Gretchen Kay Lipke 32224, FLEmergency Medicine1083601231
Michael Gordon Maxwell 32216, FLEmergency Medicine1205823267
Ademola Adewale 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1326035221
Bradford J Bowls 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1366439275
Dale S Birenbaum 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1689661597
Miguel A Acevedo 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1639166531
Maria T Cejas 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1326035197
Alkesh P Brahmbhatt 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1952398877
Yeong S Chon 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1245227016
Renee M Cleveland 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1093702870
Kahang L Chan 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1891782686
Sean Sheung-fu Choi 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1619964400
Mark K. Caraker 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1184611949
Leonardo Cisneros 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1770570558
Ernesto Cortes-belen 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1588651376
Paul C Deponte 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1558358341
David A Leeman 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1215925045
Adam B Bernstein 33486, FLEmergency Medicine1114915949
James L. Helmers 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1609864230
Timothy J Huschke 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1982692521
Todd M Husty 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1063400612
Shakuntala S Janwadkar 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1942298591
Rodney C Kang 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1629066279
Wayne S Friestad 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1619965373
Vidor E Friedman 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1437147121
Gerard E Job 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1386632933
Samuel Guzman-martinez 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1497743009
Brent F Gardner 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1487642187
David A Goldman 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1043208754
Mark S Kruger 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1578551081
Paul W King 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1619965134
Carl S Werne 33525, FLEmergency Medicine1508852351
Chukwuma M Okoroji 32308, FLEmergency Medicine1356335178
Ravindra R Patel 33614, FLEmergency Medicine1427044064
Michael Demasi 34952, FLEmergency Medicine1306832530
Maureen A. Bell 33021, FLEmergency Medicine1902893829
Jonathan Michael Adelberg 34957, FLEmergency Medicine1225024417
Vanessa I Diaz-cruz 34741, FLEmergency Medicine1336136167
Audrey T. Bowen 32827, FLEmergency Medicine1922095835
John Halpern 33177, FLEmergency Medicine1881680288
Angela Garcia Oakley 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1982692687
Vicki K Friend 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1639167398
Jorge J Lopez-ferrer 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1285622712
John K Lapp 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1265420798
Walter Macedo 33805, FLEmergency Medicine1154319689
Mitchell D Maulfair 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1225026768
Santiago Mesorana 34474, FLEmergency Medicine1427046978
Brian A Nobie 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1518955095
Marc Santambrosio 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1013905454
Erez Schwarzbard 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1083602429
Joseph John Flagge 33150, FLEmergency Medicine1760470116
Christopher J Millard 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1790773257
William Randall Poole 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1972591386
Cliff B Reeber 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1891783213
Jaime A Reyes 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1972591303
Cheryl S Reynolds 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1033107461
Patricia Nichols 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1396733861
Lisa M O'grady 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1306834882
Ketan Pandya 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1245228733
Kirsa F Perez 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1285622696
Vanessa C Peluso 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1043208531
Ernest Page 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1831187228
Maritza R Rodriguez 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1326036765
Terese A Roth 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1871581215
Jose A Rubero 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1679561013
Steven Nazario 32751, FLEmergency Medicine1891783361
Tirso Negron 34761, FLEmergency Medicine1881682359
David D Sarkarati 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1467440800
Regan A Schwartz 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1366430704
Jose Ramirez 32803, FLEmergency Medicine1285622605


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