Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ervin Anthony 34223, GAEmergency Medicine1114920253
David Schenck 34223, GAEmergency Medicine1235132101
Hal London 31537, GAEmergency Medicine1619979812
Ronald Beaudreau 30904, GAEmergency Medicine1356345136
Geraldine Omeara 30904, GAEmergency Medicine1942204730
Sal J Wambsgans 30904, GAEmergency Medicine1770587560
Thomas Harding Smith 30904, GAEmergency Medicine1386648079
Douglas Arlan Olson 30342, GAEmergency Medicine1689678377
John Russell Fleming 29150, GAEmergency Medicine1366448771
Ryan Stuart Shear 30303, GAEmergency Medicine1043504277
Otis A Plunk 30328, GAEmergency Medicine1104824069
James J Lee 31525, GAEmergency Medicine1033118880
Ivy Lee Shuman 30907, GAEmergency Medicine1881693380
Nicholas Anthony Paul Martyak 30909, GAEmergency Medicine1316946817
Robert Alexander Mazur 31406, GAEmergency Medicine1649279951
Jeffery Ray Mcgee 30281, GAEmergency Medicine1417956665
Olakunle Babatope Aina 31907, GAEmergency Medicine1912906041
Barbara L Perrone 36854, GAEmergency Medicine1932108065
Casey Newman Locarnini 30338, GAEmergency Medicine1154321594
John N Jewell 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1417958265
Nick Edward Colovos 30313, GAEmergency Medicine1780684282
Michael Joseph Bell 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1265430078
Steven Alan Durocher 30666, GAEmergency Medicine1962402461
Abayomi G Oshinowo 30286, GAEmergency Medicine1417956467
Jay K Pershad 20010, GAEmergency Medicine1801896220
Sarah E Sterner 37403, GAEmergency Medicine1275534588
Chad T Marley 31314, GAEmergency Medicine1952393274
Mona Batra 30240, GAEmergency Medicine1053304634
Howard Nelson Zaleznak 30068, GAEmergency Medicine1255324992
Dale Mcgregor 31768, GAEmergency Medicine1255323564
Margaret Alisa Davis 30501, GAEmergency Medicine1811989411
Rakesh Rasiklal Shah 30062, GAEmergency Medicine1063414522
Iftekhar A. Awan 30907, GAEmergency Medicine1114912268
Reginald Nesbitt 30901, GAEmergency Medicine1184619363
Ecs Of Virginia, Inc. 23847, GAEmergency Medicine1821083874
Nes Of Florida Inc 32605, GAEmergency Medicine1063407070
Sterling Emergency Services Of Virginia Inc 23901, GAEmergency Medicine1649265604
Sterling Emergency Physicians Of West Boca Pa 33428, GAEmergency Medicine1285629246
Sterling Emergency Physicians Of Hialeah Pa 33013, GAEmergency Medicine1801881867
Sterling Emergency Physicians Of Palmetto Pa 33016, GAEmergency Medicine1700871761
Sterling Emergency Physicians Of Parkway, Pa 33169, GAEmergency Medicine1982699948
Alfred Lee Woodard 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1194710830
Arasi Thangavelu 31602, GAEmergency Medicine1548255177
Southwestern Emergency Physicians Pc 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1356336986
Andrew George Misulia 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1023003654
Christopher Andrew Ham 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1265428890
Gopala Krishna Derebail 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1194710723
Sucheta Gupta Garg 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1336134964
Elmera V Dejarme 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1174519722
William E Chandler 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1669468179
Michael Jerome Heyer 31791, GAEmergency Medicine1497741813
James Elvin Owen 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1891781282
Mark Anthony Gay 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1417943804
Jack M Pomerantz 70808, GAEmergency Medicine1407842214
Addison X Agbemadzo 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1295721975
Tae Won Kim 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1447247754
Mark Wittman 90212, GAEmergency Medicine1295723708
George U Amah 30080, GAEmergency Medicine1528055241
Nalinikrishna Kumar Doniparthi 30004, GAEmergency Medicine1710973094
Jacqueline Akua Owusu 31901, GAEmergency Medicine1023182748
Ross Evan Greenberg 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1801884077
Kevin T. Cleary 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1669460861
Jay Alan Erdman 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1700874864
James D. Sloderbeck 30309, GAEmergency Medicine1285622381
Wesley L. Leigh 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1417945593
Robert J. Halpern 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1912995085
Michael Kevin Collins 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1386633238
Sherri Lynn Barton 30189, GAEmergency Medicine1699764183
Christopher Jung 30066, GAEmergency Medicine1144219635
Warren Falo 30066, GAEmergency Medicine1598754087
Rodger W Chapman 30067, GAEmergency Medicine1134118623
Dorland Brown 30144, GAEmergency Medicine1003805342
Sharon D Walsh 30339, GAEmergency Medicine1558350801
David S. Brancati 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1871582247
Carey L. Christiansen Ford 31324, GAEmergency Medicine1013906130
Manishkumar Rajanikant Joshi 31707, GAEmergency Medicine1427047422
Ismael G Montes Md Pc 31419, GAEmergency Medicine1477543130
Ismael Garcia Montes 31419, GAEmergency Medicine1861482523
Joseph Alonzo Ramsey 30215, GAEmergency Medicine1619968724
Island Emergency Medical Services, P.c. 11572, GAEmergency Medicine1639160385
Nes Arkansas, Inc. 71730, GAEmergency Medicine1184615551
James C Eutzler 31601, GAEmergency Medicine1801887161
Nes Arkansas, Inc. 72956, GAEmergency Medicine1497736508
Abigail Carmen Colbert 31314, GAEmergency Medicine1548241243
Nes Tennessee, Inc. 37160, GAEmergency Medicine1427039858
Port Emergency Medical Services, P.c. 11777, GAEmergency Medicine1912988395
Nes Rhode Island, Inc. 02904, GAEmergency Medicine1730160151
Nes Georgia, Inc. 31539, GAEmergency Medicine1144201559
Nes Indiana, Inc. 46947, GAEmergency Medicine1265413686
Nes Medical Services Of New York Pc 11561, GAEmergency Medicine1538141791
Hisham H Goreish 35121, GAEmergency Medicine1013999291
Nes Medical Services Of New York Pc 11220, GAEmergency Medicine1417939687
Nes Ohio, Inc. 43326, GAEmergency Medicine1841272028
Nes Oklahoma, Inc. 74953, GAEmergency Medicine1871575068
Ronald B. Atchley 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1669454724
Mark Eugene Sutter 30308, GAEmergency Medicine1033191002
Patricia H. Burgess 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1619959467
John R. Butler 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1033191804
Clayton W. Dunford 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1750363438
Carolann Eisenhart 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1265414940
Timothy J. Garrett 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1043292725
Morgan Wood 30577, GAEmergency Medicine1053393892
Oscar T. Cassity 30620, GAEmergency Medicine1386626059
Marcus Cromer 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1417939182
Kurt R. Horst 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1740262435
Andrew K. Barnett 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1629050422
Kevin D. Toon 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1053393637
John Krowicki 30577, GAEmergency Medicine1619959103
Aimee T. Martin 30602, GAEmergency Medicine1447232012
Dirk C. Schrader 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1770565343
Todd D. Bell 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1518949916
Christopher R. Bostdorff 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1366425613
Eric M. Kardon 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1366425720
Jeffrey A. Moore 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1154304384
Eric F. Sewell 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1386627529
Victor M. Camacho 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1366430555
Carmen Anthony Julian 30076, GAEmergency Medicine1447249636
Daniel Joseph Green 31545, GAEmergency Medicine1336130111
Nes Medical Services Of Northern Connecticut, P.c. 06260, GAEmergency Medicine1447231865
Nicole Middlebrook 30260, GAEmergency Medicine1568987600
Raymond A Brovont 31314, GAEmergency Medicine1477542876
Jonathan M Cook 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1467443713
Whitaker National Corporation 41230, GAEmergency Medicine1528049541
Whitaker National Corporation 41240, GAEmergency Medicine1407846835
Nes Oklahoma, Inc. 74601, GAEmergency Medicine1528040722
Dennis Dukes 30577, GAEmergency Medicine1144203290
Guillermo Joaquin Pierluisi 30912, GAEmergency Medicine1750365672
Tracy Elizabeth Wimbush 30281, GAEmergency Medicine1780669739
Vida M. Reklaitis 30342, GAEmergency Medicine1023093887
Penny Lynn Charrance 30705, GAEmergency Medicine1336124072
Martin G Mondry 36535, GAEmergency Medicine1881670552
Brent D. Chavis 72956, GAEmergency Medicine1356327878
Darrell C. Sandel 11572, GAEmergency Medicine1740266774
Stephen J. Kraus 30342, GAEmergency Medicine1427035203
Roy Goldblatt 30014, GAEmergency Medicine1720064595
Kimberly A. Hall-moore 30263, GAEmergency Medicine1225014038
Troy E. Johnson 30014, GAEmergency Medicine1285611053
Robert W. Warren 30014, GAEmergency Medicine1689651465
David L. Hatmaker 30014, GAEmergency Medicine1578540340
Steven J Rector 30535, GAEmergency Medicine1831176981
Robert Michael Cargile 30143, GAEmergency Medicine1346227410
Marc Anthony Chetta 30523, GAEmergency Medicine1528045655
Elijah Lightfoot 30901, GAEmergency Medicine1679551451
Mark C. Stillman 11572, GAEmergency Medicine1063490811
William C. Chisholm 31539, GAEmergency Medicine1114905742
Leroy Winfield 31539, GAEmergency Medicine1114905734
Obayode Ayewa 31405, GAEmergency Medicine1346228962
Quoc V Nguyen 29020, GAEmergency Medicine1043298789
Rick A Brewer 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1194703538
William Alexander Dix 30622, GAEmergency Medicine1669450953
Brandon Hicks 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1104804491
Brian L Berman 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1306824693
Gary A. Lowther 41240, GAEmergency Medicine1477532414
Jack Harari 33428, GAEmergency Medicine1902885866
Neal A Priest 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1992784805
Gonzalo Villalobos 30501, GAEmergency Medicine1881673796
Willard C. Arnold 41240, GAEmergency Medicine1134108855
James Shanni 30606, GAEmergency Medicine1518946235
Arturo Taladriz 30236, GAEmergency Medicine1609855337
David Marquis 33428, GAEmergency Medicine1679552400
Thomas B. Styer 41240, GAEmergency Medicine1326027103
William H. Smith-mensah 41649, GAEmergency Medicine1144209925
Hunter Brown 33428, GAEmergency Medicine1285613067
David A. Dias 72957, GAEmergency Medicine1164401832
Brandon H. Anderson 31539, GAEmergency Medicine1063491637
Vijay K. Mahathre 31539, GAEmergency Medicine1528047016
Rotimi B. Samuel 31701, GAEmergency Medicine1427037910
Emmanuel A. Opanuga 31539, GAEmergency Medicine1205815875
Jennifer Wares 30602, GAEmergency Medicine1346229622
Robert E. Canter 11561, GAEmergency Medicine1013996354
Eugene Conti 33027, GAEmergency Medicine1386623569
Juan Haydar 33013, GAEmergency Medicine1497734636
Ghulam Jafferi 33013, GAEmergency Medicine1396724431
Ramez Taher 71730, GAEmergency Medicine1730169863
Pelayo Torres 33013, GAEmergency Medicine1043299118
Lorenz Spengler 33013, GAEmergency Medicine1043299159
Nina Buff 33013, GAEmergency Medicine1366422420
Pravinbhai G Patel 23901, GAEmergency Medicine1447230248
Micah Jordan Roy 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1356321350
Darlene Marie Myles 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1831179621
Paul Andrews Sansbury 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1902886609
Daniel Martinez Urtarte 33136, GAEmergency Medicine1316927080
Lane Eric Fresh 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1417927542
Steven James Currier 30905, GAEmergency Medicine1437129541
Lawrence Chen 33016, GAEmergency Medicine1760452957
Gobind S Singh 30144, GAEmergency Medicine1770560559
Anthony Thomas Gunter 30236, GAEmergency Medicine1639156490
Victoria Lynn Meredith 31602, GAEmergency Medicine1538143987
Heritage Physician Services, Llc 31909, GAEmergency Medicine1003321969
Steven Allan Smith 28054, GAEmergency Medicine1952388746
Louis A Dinatti 30161, GAEmergency Medicine1952385254
Cecil G Pinholster 30601, GAEmergency Medicine1063490415
Jameelah Gater 31024, GAEmergency Medicine1851370126
Christopher W Ratchford 30528, GAEmergency Medicine1154309763
Amy Salness Hubert 30114, GAEmergency Medicine1417927740
William Henry Hill 29303, GAEmergency Medicine1770553000
John Gerard Mcmanus 30912, GAEmergency Medicine1164493987
Mark Huntley 29307, GAEmergency Medicine1760453211
Vincent Robert Seiwert 31038, GAEmergency Medicine1366413700
Dianna L. Dowdy 46947, GAEmergency Medicine1093787228


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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