Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kevin B Gerold 21224, MDEmergency Medicine1326041518
Fabrice Czarnecki 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1497758056
Nikhil K. Mehta 21740, MDEmergency Medicine1992708515
Lars H. Reinhart 20650, MDEmergency Medicine1972509008
Trumer James Wagner 21704, MDEmergency Medicine1699772459
Bestpractices, Inc. 22042, MDEmergency Medicine1639177942
Christopher Kenneth Ciardiello 25401, MDEmergency Medicine1194723353
Leonard Anatoly Kazanov 21704, MDEmergency Medicine1124026323
Griffin L Davis 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1922006980
Ellen Dugan 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1457359440
Jonathan E Davis 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1154329027
Peter Auerbach 22042, MDEmergency Medicine1255339289
Jeffrey S Dubin 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1588662571
Kulleni Gebreyes 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1831197615
Johnnie Ford 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1699773424
Jennifer Gardner 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1356340186
Sunil I Madan 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1982603510
Michael Anthony Sauri 20850, MDEmergency Medicine1003815424
Ronna Mathias Monseau 21502, MDEmergency Medicine1386643898
Jeffrey N Love 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1386644102
Diane A Sauter 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1013917822
Robert C Linton 20010, MDEmergency Medicine1932109857
Sandip A Godambe 23507, MDEmergency Medicine1427058114
Eric O Aigbedion 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1669472072
Afolabi O.d. Akinpelu 20646, MDEmergency Medicine1225038649
Aaisya Ansari-lawal 20646, MDEmergency Medicine1326048752
Fernando Daniels 20646, MDEmergency Medicine1962402297
Gerald Apollon 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1558361980
Robert William Desverreaux 21401, MDEmergency Medicine1851391296
Patricia Melton 20646, MDEmergency Medicine1477553824
David Mark Posner 21042, MDEmergency Medicine1942200100
Sukhjit S Sidhu 21502, MDEmergency Medicine1124028394
Wilhelm Meriwether 20646, MDEmergency Medicine1881694172
Geoffrey G Mountvarner 20060, MDEmergency Medicine1316947617
Moustafa S Shamma 20706, MDEmergency Medicine1336149632
Michael W Barwick 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1588664593
Mangala H Pawar 20646, MDEmergency Medicine1922009794
Professional Emergency Physician Services, Llc 21550, MDEmergency Medicine1477554129
Bestpractices, Inc. 22191, MDEmergency Medicine1730180944
Southern Maryland Hospital, Inc 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1114928256
Linda Whitby 21037, MDEmergency Medicine1912999228
William E Northington 21287, MDEmergency Medicine1073508388
Bestpractices Of North Carolina, Inc. 28659, MDEmergency Medicine1225023286
Vijay Shri Kannan 20902, MDEmergency Medicine1942295621
William Alan May 21502, MDEmergency Medicine1053306746
Anil K Mahajan 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1245226604
Obafemi O Opesanmi 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1043206402
Scott A Kelso 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1275529638
Marc Leffer 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1184610545
Terry Jodrie 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1700872165
Manish K Gambhir 20850, MDEmergency Medicine1265428502
Robert Heckstall 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1174519417
Dwayne Thompson 20735, MDEmergency Medicine1386630614
Joseph S Crisanti 21842, MDEmergency Medicine1598752271
Johns Hopkins University 21287, MDEmergency Medicine1386631810
Thomas H Clark 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1699762708
E Gregory Marchand 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1083602585
Yorke Allen 22205, MDEmergency Medicine1043208382
Thomas D Fuchs 20190, MDEmergency Medicine1689662884
Stephen M Smith 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1285622522
Emergency Medicine Associates Pa Pc 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1134117393
Martin H Brown 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1730177999
Peter S Petropoulos 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1578551651
James C Buxbaum 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1699763664
Cameron C Cushing 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1942298880
Michael K Kerr 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1669460515
Terrence Thomas Fitzgerald 21212, MDEmergency Medicine1881683522
Darren S Lisse 20190, MDEmergency Medicine1235128927
Ellen L Smith 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1770572463
Christopher T Morrow 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1376532077
Joseph A Zurlo 20110, MDEmergency Medicine1285623983
Jennifer A Abele 22205, MDEmergency Medicine1073502779
David M Crane 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1982693685
Kerri H Suissa 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1417946112
Michael R Dinapoli 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1184613606
Darcie M Hammer 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1730178062
David Allen Foley 21851, MDEmergency Medicine1124017280
Richard J Ferraro 20190, MDEmergency Medicine1306836044
Don C Coleman 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1740270347
Lydia Haile 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1932199676
Timothy C Hsu 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1487644167
Christopher J Jillson 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1023008216
Julius Pham 21209, MDEmergency Medicine1447241492
James M. Nold 21014, MDEmergency Medicine1386635043
Jeremy H Graf 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1104817873
David M Kruse 20190, MDEmergency Medicine1598756272
Jonathan S Gorbach 20190, MDEmergency Medicine1881685568
William T Durkin 22302, MDEmergency Medicine1174514582
Kiyoung S Kim 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1932190196
Nancy Dee Briggs 22060, MDEmergency Medicine1497736623
Pratibha Joshi 24153, MDEmergency Medicine1114908357
Pedro J Zaiter 20060, MDEmergency Medicine1215918404
Elisabeth A Kerness 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1407837495
Humayun I Zeya 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1205817244
Meredith Scott Maclay 20110, MDEmergency Medicine1427039452
Irving V Westney 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1245211275
Seon H Lee 20190, MDEmergency Medicine1013998822
Woo J Kim 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1891776647
James R Rosenthal 20110, MDEmergency Medicine1083695852
Catherine C Smith 20110, MDEmergency Medicine1780665349
Corrine E Lahti 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1902887466
Bestpractices Of South Carolina, Pc 29902, MDEmergency Medicine1154302446
Leslie W Hardware 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1184606170
Katherine Anne Douglass 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1679555668
Nathan Francis Janusz 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1164404067
Susan W Owens 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1689656050
Ross S Switkes 20912, MDEmergency Medicine1952384265
James A Vafier 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1518940311
Drewry J White 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1396728036
Anne Marie T Lagoc 21201, MDEmergency Medicine1164405866
Cecile Geronimo Silvestre 20850, MDEmergency Medicine1306820774
Jeremy Brown 20814, MDEmergency Medicine1366426330
Richard T Logue 21218, MDEmergency Medicine1639153695
Michael B Williams 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1871577783
John P Sverha 22205, MDEmergency Medicine1770568180
Harold C Thomas 21061, MDEmergency Medicine1396721072
John Ryan Jones 20850, MDEmergency Medicine1144206855
Irfana Ali 20895, MDEmergency Medicine1386620078
Joshua L Heller 20876, MDEmergency Medicine1295711547
Bradley Le Blang Bunten 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1821074899
Bestpractices Of North Carolina Pc 27577, MDEmergency Medicine1770560591
Tzvi Robbins 20707, MDEmergency Medicine1679550446
Robert J Donovan 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1427035054
Drs Morres Gianelle Goertzen & Assoc Pa 21842, MDEmergency Medicine1467439752
Brian G Larocco 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1467430280
Dawn Adams 22060, MDEmergency Medicine1891773636
Margarita B Jovel 21223, MDEmergency Medicine1104804897
Stewart Craig Mccarver 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1467430165
Paula Fogel-trink 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1831177518
Joseph J Inzerillo 21842, MDEmergency Medicine1851379291
Geraldine F Goertzen 21601, MDEmergency Medicine1114905551
Fermin Barrueto 21201, MDEmergency Medicine1548248818
Terri H. Lunsford 20060, MDEmergency Medicine1215915418
Jeffrey T Greenwood 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1255310272
Glenn R Hornstein 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1245219260
William C Todd 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1023097953
Nuzhat Handoo 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1518946565
James T Little 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1033198031
M Cristina Caldito Lazostefanini 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1730168733
Emergency Service Associates Pa 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1558340562
Robert K Klug 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1538148549
Donald A Mullen 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1356320360
Pamela J Zorn 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1861471781
Karen A Mull 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1154300168
Karen J Lefrak 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1972582989
Henry J Farkas 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1881673895
Laura Stone Ellis 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1568441582
Clark H Willis 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1700865623
Mark Edward Meany 25401, MDEmergency Medicine1366421935
Peter F Liu 22205, MDEmergency Medicine1407835853
Julie Deaun Graves 20722, MDEmergency Medicine1093794265
Tricia J Thompson 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1780664813
Kathleen A Devine 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1326027434
Carolyn M Apple 21620, MDEmergency Medicine1306825419
Walter David Gianelle 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1124007232
Carl Bianco 21817, MDEmergency Medicine1619956737
Ashok K Subramanian 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1316926439
Michael P Murphy 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1770562894
David A Hexter 21225, MDEmergency Medicine1104805233
Michele Y Delpier 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1811977754
Thomas George Friedrich 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1265412035
Lamont Charles Smith 21201, MDEmergency Medicine1205816899
Robert F Larkin 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1780664102
Patricia A Dillen 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1487624359
Lisa M Marx 21620, MDEmergency Medicine1952371627
Delmar Emergency Specialists Pa 21921, MDEmergency Medicine1851361224
Kevin A Mccabe 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1235109760
Kim M Forman 20889, MDEmergency Medicine1609847706
Napoleon Bustamante Magpantay 20874, MDEmergency Medicine1295706828
Todd Muller 22042, MDEmergency Medicine1871564484
Vicki Ellis 21740, MDEmergency Medicine1407828486
Nathan Watkins 20007, MDEmergency Medicine1750353751
Elizabeth K Koval 21801, MDEmergency Medicine1215900691
Andrew H Fitzkee 19901, MDEmergency Medicine1578536850
Michael Paul Szczepanski 22060, MDEmergency Medicine1013980937
Scott Theodore Burger 21286, MDEmergency Medicine1700850039
Mark A. Lottes 21224, MDEmergency Medicine1447224654
Doreen Hung Mar 22046, MDEmergency Medicine1528032737
Mohammad R Malik 21157, MDEmergency Medicine1598739518
Carole D Levy 20832, MDEmergency Medicine1881668804
David Siegel 20110, MDEmergency Medicine1912971920
Kathleen P Kelly 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1851365878
Perry R Weisman 21122, MDEmergency Medicine1518932268
David A Paul 21044, MDEmergency Medicine1417922923
Jamil Daoud Bayram 21287, MDEmergency Medicine1174599310
Andrea M Priest 22205, MDEmergency Medicine1407823362
Michael Douglas Perline 21044, MDEmergency Medicine1326015082
Daniel James Walters 21224, MDEmergency Medicine1609843424
Marie C Jackson 21223, MDEmergency Medicine1871561845
Kevin C Campbell 22205, MDEmergency Medicine1104894815
Marita N Broome 20879, MDEmergency Medicine1194793455
Gladys Helena Lopez 21229, MDEmergency Medicine1336117589
Joan S Naidorf 22304, MDEmergency Medicine1245208495
Kerry Alexander Powell 24014, MDEmergency Medicine1427027838
Lesley Aisha Stephens Hanes 21229, MDEmergency Medicine1811956808
Carl Timothy Bessent 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1780643890
Kerry R Heemann 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1851350961
Gail P Cunningham 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1316906316
Osler Drive Emergency Physcians Associates, P.a. 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1568421659
Neal R Frankel 21204, MDEmergency Medicine1578522520


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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