Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jason A Hughes 56267, MNEmergency Medicine1952396160
Deborah L Abney Lidahl 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1053386458
Lucy Palomino 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1992764047
Peter Tanghe 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1922075183
James S Bear 57201, MNEmergency Medicine1679543037
Edward K Feinstein 55426, MNEmergency Medicine1245293000
Christopher Ott 55436, MNEmergency Medicine1710940796
Hussein Warsame Egal 44903, MNEmergency Medicine1720046022
Linnea A Trageser 91942, MNEmergency Medicine1275563280
Gordon D Kaplan 57252, MNEmergency Medicine1588606735
Steven Allen Clark 55343, MNEmergency Medicine1801800032
Jaykrishna Darji 30041, MNEmergency Medicine1023020963
Randall J Rouse 55008, MNEmergency Medicine1467460055
Kerry B Ace 55102, MNEmergency Medicine1790862738
Deepika Kakani 55904, MNEmergency Medicine1710029483
Louis Eduardo Velasco 85132, MNEmergency Medicine1629102363
Christopher Terrence Wall 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1366626830
Jamie Heitzinger 96813, MNEmergency Medicine1134413735
Jennifer L. Bennett 55343, MNEmergency Medicine1538438171
Joseph D Verzwyvelt 54601, MNEmergency Medicine1801186127
Christine Gosen 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1295051464
Richard A Kvam 55904, MNEmergency Medicine1093767287
Shaun Kennedy 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1407110265
Rochelle Zarzar 55415, MNEmergency Medicine1710306857
Courtney Elm Anderson 55102, MNEmergency Medicine1790103471
Vishal Kaveesh Maharaj 55343, MNEmergency Medicine1689093676
Barrett P Wagner 55415, MNEmergency Medicine1720407612
Carly Anne Theiler 52242, MNEmergency Medicine1114284775
Matthew Moldan 55447, MNEmergency Medicine1750797551
Allison Ashley Kneeland 80220, MNEmergency Medicine1558780635
Jonathan Thornton 75246, MNEmergency Medicine1720494230
Abraham Campos 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1649684333
Jennifer White 19107, MNEmergency Medicine1194761965
Randolph B Lipscher 55102, MNEmergency Medicine1699708271
Elan Lindenbaum 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1699160481
Christopher Joseph Ford 53211, MNEmergency Medicine1902225287
Brian Mehus 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1386025609
Sheffey N Massey 54703, MNEmergency Medicine1609834365
Pedro Isaac Perez 56601, MNEmergency Medicine1851335855
Ryan Bourdon 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1194011148
Eric Dahl 54016, MNEmergency Medicine1497983266
Maria Finke 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1275928616
Theresa M Gunnarson 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1427026780
Howard K Mell 62246, MNEmergency Medicine1770557266
Kari Haley 54016, MNEmergency Medicine1316213598
Jacqueline Temple Kelly Hegarty 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1598179293
Eric William Ling 54017, MNEmergency Medicine1740509777
Joann Cecilia Keith Litkey 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1063488724
Bjorn Karl Peterson 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1477781235
Brian J Peterson 54016, MNEmergency Medicine1174762397
Martin E Richards 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1215989736
Nabil P. Salama 54017, MNEmergency Medicine1629055488
Daniel Jeffrey Sheets 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1336482488
Samuel John Stellpflug 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1235316605
Amy E. Stoesz 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1932469475
Joseph Walter 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1578875464
Benjamin Aaron Willenbring 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1407140403
Aaron Michael Burnett 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1861664153
Tammie J Haveman 54016, MNEmergency Medicine1144451139
Keith D Henry 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1417922089
Mark C Newman 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1932148665
Levon Thomas Ohaodha 48109, MNEmergency Medicine1700905213
Stephen C Stanfield 29203, MNEmergency Medicine1225009079
Ashley Marie Tekippe 55130, MNEmergency Medicine1811251507
Amy Elizabeth Walsh 54017, MNEmergency Medicine1205063732
Casey Woster 55082, MNEmergency Medicine1285862045
Elizabeth Robinson 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1790170280
Radhika Ratnabalasuriar 80045, MNEmergency Medicine1962764647
Allen Keith Wesley 55106, MNEmergency Medicine1144276783
David James Warren 54017, MNEmergency Medicine1841587128
Daniel L Cox 54601, MNEmergency Medicine1417319112
Floyd D Howell 21237, MNEmergency Medicine1124253240
Andrew Lichtenheld 97239, MNEmergency Medicine1265866644
Carson R Harris 55425, MNEmergency Medicine1598730152
Richmond Castillo 60611, MNEmergency Medicine1811456015
Richard James Mcgeehan 55092, MNEmergency Medicine1437511193
Allison Knorzer 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1821449364
Enyioma Chukwuzurum Okechukwu 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1265883276
Sarah Baker 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1568813004
Daniel Joseph Mccabe 52242, MNEmergency Medicine1366888356
Lukas Gladstone 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1679937452
Oliver Garrison 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1780035279
Christopher Paul Mason 56073, MNEmergency Medicine1073838017
Jill Christine Oh Crosby 55454, MNEmergency Medicine1184067217
Amanda Jurvis 55454, MNEmergency Medicine1083063069
Priya Sury 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1700339280
Eric Y Chen 55379, MNEmergency Medicine1992167449
Robert George Deichert 98837, MNEmergency Medicine1598749335
Matt J Perala 31326, MNEmergency Medicine1720499007
Sunnah Doesken 56514, MNEmergency Medicine1316353188
Jacob Francis Lentz 90095, MNEmergency Medicine1730573635
Nicole Jean Battaglioli 40536, MNEmergency Medicine1295173730
Michael James Gerber 56258, MNEmergency Medicine1780877308
Callie Rae Becker 55454, MNEmergency Medicine1710229190
Aaron J Hanesworth 54601, MNEmergency Medicine1790780302
Anna Mariah Kirsch 30312, MNEmergency Medicine1467849570
Timothy A Olson 55362, MNEmergency Medicine1659388064
Callie Korliss Schnitker 54017, MNEmergency Medicine1295113249
Michael J. Walz 55455, MNEmergency Medicine1336117605
Benjamin D Mason 62901, MNEmergency Medicine1760764153
Kelly Robert Bergmann 55404, MNEmergency Medicine1790002129
Shawna Diann Bellew 29605, MNEmergency Medicine1033555792
Graeme Anthony Browne 55416, MNEmergency Medicine1376515213
Conrad Georg Hanstein 92084, MNEmergency Medicine1972544369
Paul Kennedy Perry 48183, MNEmergency Medicine1043448095
John M Billings 55426, MNEmergency Medicine1235495524
William G Heegaard 58103, MNEmergency Medicine1871537449
Raymond Watts 55082, MNEmergency Medicine1972533263
Ramnik Singh Dhaliwal 80218, MNEmergency Medicine1316238421
Jonathan S. Burns 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1154459105
Jon Heimler 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1770010712
Peter Anagnostopoulos 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1548214521
Justin Corcoran 53226, MNEmergency Medicine1174903645
Robert John Schmidt 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1275066698
Elise Heeringa Hart 55109, MNEmergency Medicine1811302201
Clayton Stanford Garthe 97701, MNEmergency Medicine1023541174
William G Tenbrink 21225, MNEmergency Medicine1710419403
Diliana Stoimenova 55407, MNEmergency Medicine1811424179
Jeremy J. Solberg 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1689644809
Michael Frederick Harrison 32224, MNEmergency Medicine1487915757
Paul Raymond Horvath 54703, MNEmergency Medicine1912029141
Susan Marie Cullinan 54703, MNEmergency Medicine1215995980
Jennifer L Derrick 56001, MNEmergency Medicine1700083680
Jean Dominique Morancy 33426, MNEmergency Medicine1811289572
Ashley Ann Anklam Anderson 56071, MNEmergency Medicine1063707461
Lindsey Phillipson-weiner 19096, MNEmergency Medicine1780150219
Alex J Beuning 54703, MNEmergency Medicine1295715860
Daniel Richard Dockham 56001, MNEmergency Medicine1932270758
Laura Ann Fisher 55912, MNEmergency Medicine1699088039
Taft Franklin 54601, MNEmergency Medicine1104266907
Sara Ann Schroeder Hevesi 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1013368414
Daniel Hyunchul Lee 55454, MNEmergency Medicine1396277836
Erik A Scharrer 56001, MNEmergency Medicine1245525484
Kim R Schutterle 56031, MNEmergency Medicine1003027087
Evan Small 54601, MNEmergency Medicine1316202476
Vernon D Smith 85259, MNEmergency Medicine1730166737
Timothy Snelson 56031, MNEmergency Medicine1912162256
Shannon Tomfohrde 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1871942771
Philip Zorn 55066, MNEmergency Medicine1447600556
Bradly Robert Williams 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1184683245
Sandy Kay Clayton 52101, MNEmergency Medicine1578827465
Jennifer J Hess 37232, MNEmergency Medicine1154309953
Brian N Bartlett 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1790973782
Robert Bosse 43081, MNEmergency Medicine1114974995
Martin Fedko 53548, MNEmergency Medicine1134351430
Elizabeth Claire Fogelson 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1568726099
Trinh Nam Ho 73109, MNEmergency Medicine1609154848
Shelby Hopp 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1255862603
Clinton James Masterson 96150, MNEmergency Medicine1407067168
Ralph Edwin Powell 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1902064314
Betzalel Reich 02215, MNEmergency Medicine1336460344
Jessica C Schoen 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1417243783
Daniel J Scholz 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1386085926
Diana M Shewmaker 55905, MNEmergency Medicine1245672401
Tim Bongartz 37232, MNEmergency Medicine1356461024
Derick David Jones 55912, MNEmergency Medicine1730568759
Emily Jo Woods 55912, MNEmergency Medicine1952833378
Jessica A Boland 55407, MNEmergency Medicine1437593548
Wendy R Woster 56001, MNEmergency Medicine1487966370
Ryan Austin 57105, MNEmergency Medicine1336521251
Jason L Moore 55102, MNEmergency Medicine1720049109
Mitchell N Palmer 55336, MNEmergency Medicine1568439743
Jurgen Gernot Runschke 49686, MNEmergency Medicine1134166473
St. Luke's Hospital Of Duluth 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1023062791
Amery B Robinson 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1215136627
Scott E Wolff 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1386694347
Lisa Roazen 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1497957625
Matthew Spanier 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1225425432
Patrick Hughes 02215, MNEmergency Medicine1558755504
Todd Jacob Struckman 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1316175565
Leslie Adrian 55805, MNEmergency Medicine1437509874
Shawn Elizabeth-bott Brown 49503, MNEmergency Medicine1184911703
Benjamin D Knutson 56001, MNEmergency Medicine1114248192
Luke Carl Helland 55981, MNEmergency Medicine1457617193
Susan M Scanlon 55082, MNEmergency Medicine1538134473
Rachelle M Beste 32224, MNEmergency Medicine1902169154
Kristin C Bergstrom 93463, MNEmergency Medicine1679568711
Linsey G Erickson 55455, MNEmergency Medicine1710274667
Kavita Prasad 55904, MNEmergency Medicine1275655573
Elizabeth Roeber 58102, MNEmergency Medicine1457791352
Bradford Wankhede Langenfeld 55744, MNEmergency Medicine1811350093
Jon D Fuerstenberg 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1093782187
Andrew H Bauer 55435, MNEmergency Medicine1023116860
Christopher M Callahan 55447, MNEmergency Medicine1417937491
Nathan Patrick Anderson 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1568429645
Bradley L Barth 55082, MNEmergency Medicine1912946138
Brittany J Brindle 56073, MNEmergency Medicine1780024695
Emily S Binstadt 55101, MNEmergency Medicine1194781047
Matthew Bogan 54001, MNEmergency Medicine1689088387
Louis Scott Cook Shinneman 98004, MNEmergency Medicine1790951960
Ford C Erickson 55454, MNEmergency Medicine1508964388
Kimberly S Glynn 55124, MNEmergency Medicine1528090891
Kevin Torkelson 58104, MNEmergency Medicine1003298548
Stephen John Jameson 56303, MNEmergency Medicine1174598825
Alexander John Gerbig 98004, MNEmergency Medicine1669635264
Jon Tilburt 85259, MNEmergency Medicine1184655839
Amy Taylor 50401, MNEmergency Medicine1598930539
Sanford Medical Center Fargo 58102, MNEmergency Medicine1184917924
Lien Hong Ly 98506, MNEmergency Medicine1023458783
Terrance E Donnal 53716, MNEmergency Medicine1497771570


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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