Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Juiming Ho 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1326029695
Eric Brown 91741, NCEmergency Medicine1619954633
Brian M. Duncan 27103, NCEmergency Medicine1750365342
Dale Allan Danneker 18103, NCEmergency Medicine1255310660
Christopher Diorio 28226, NCEmergency Medicine1619956109
Kirsten M. Gross 28215, NCEmergency Medicine1194705053
George A. Melone 80045, NCEmergency Medicine1780659573
Joanne Elizabeth Lapetina 23225, NCEmergency Medicine1598723983
Marylu Basala Kataja 28791, NCEmergency Medicine1720036924
Piedmont Community Physicians Pc 27012, NCEmergency Medicine1982661690
Jonathan G Austin 28646, NCEmergency Medicine1154370807
Tom Ashar 80045, NCEmergency Medicine1205888187
Elizabeth A Lacy 81003, NCEmergency Medicine1134170772
Roberts H.a. Smith 27705, NCEmergency Medicine1679536064
Lisa Ann Flora 80701, NCEmergency Medicine1821059718
Paul C Weeke 28791, NCEmergency Medicine1952346520
Thomas Robert Vajen 28713, NCEmergency Medicine1194755207
Philip Strauss 20814, NCEmergency Medicine1952347296
Lesley B Browder 27804, NCEmergency Medicine1932143930
Brian Hunt 66044, NCEmergency Medicine1164440319
Ryan Philip Lamb 27607, NCEmergency Medicine1184658544
Michael S Gonzalez 28422, NCEmergency Medicine1235210469
Michael J. White 32055, NCEmergency Medicine1437252657
Colleen C Miller 27607, NCEmergency Medicine1033218193
Edward C Jauch 28801, NCEmergency Medicine1679643845
Daniel Jason Martinie 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1043317126
Steven E Clutter 43050, NCEmergency Medicine1992845895
Steven Philip Dewees 27892, NCEmergency Medicine1164580775
Karen Frush 94305, NCEmergency Medicine1386707156
Melissa A Piotrowski 30303, NCEmergency Medicine1699984401
Sarah Marie Edwards 28203, NCEmergency Medicine1821278409
Deborah Marinca Huang 30912, NCEmergency Medicine1730356775
Jonathan C. Wendell 21061, NCEmergency Medicine1336357185
Sarah Rebecca Orlousky 43215, NCEmergency Medicine1932326725
Rusty J Lee 28025, NCEmergency Medicine1669633277
Karl Herbert Kletzing 24301, NCEmergency Medicine1598982753
Justin Mark Atkins 47403, NCEmergency Medicine1932363108
Thomas D. Morel 70121, NCEmergency Medicine1083812531
Richard D. Mccormick 30046, NCEmergency Medicine1598082141
Neil Petree Rifenbark 90502, NCEmergency Medicine1700191285
Traci Marlene Little 27215, NCEmergency Medicine1437424868
Sopagna Kheang 32803, NCEmergency Medicine1548526007
Fabiana Ortiz-figueroa 78229, NCEmergency Medicine1871854745
Jason N Butler 66442, NCEmergency Medicine1023350899
Aaron Schmitt 75503, NCEmergency Medicine1306283171
Michael Stengel 17522, NCEmergency Medicine1023437654
Jamie Leigh Wright 70808, NCEmergency Medicine1497168421
Stephen Lee Powell 28602, NCEmergency Medicine1265842892
Stephanie Kaszycki Stemple 28025, NCEmergency Medicine1801214432
Katherine Bakewell 53792, NCEmergency Medicine1871989541
Christopher Foster 28801, NCEmergency Medicine1114314515
Theresa Elizabeth Tassey 21202, NCEmergency Medicine1629416672
John Taylor Collins 28054, NCEmergency Medicine1922487925
Alison Charruf Ruch 30501, NCEmergency Medicine1689052169
Cameron Scott Sherrill 35401, NCEmergency Medicine1982015954
Carla Williams 24014, NCEmergency Medicine1386980357
Juan David Montoya 78109, NCEmergency Medicine1215374160
Mathias W Allen 35801, NCEmergency Medicine1396002549
Thomas Freemason Krajewski 70121, NCEmergency Medicine1346621513
Shannon Marie Matthews 27610, NCEmergency Medicine1427494152
Shaun R Patterson 07601, NCEmergency Medicine1821410671
Emily Rose Strittmatter 19001, NCEmergency Medicine1235594805
Claudia J Gibbons 27404, NCEmergency Medicine1033629183
Karen O'neill Casey 28712, NCEmergency Medicine1639334469
Highlands cashiers Physician Services, Inc. 28741, NCEmergency Medicine1851685051
Cathleen Bury 44195, NCEmergency Medicine1497173033
Kimberly Dong-lee 20110, NCEmergency Medicine1164840583
Lindsey Layden 27401, NCEmergency Medicine1346758075
Sam Austin Bores 78234, NCEmergency Medicine1831509157
Ashley Fox 27157, NCEmergency Medicine1306227673
Brian Edward Snyder 29203, NCEmergency Medicine1548649627
Pedro Cardama 27401, NCEmergency Medicine1740600378
Gabriela Ursin 28791, NCEmergency Medicine1194771063
Bryon Callahan 77008, NCEmergency Medicine1659717734
Christian Holland Simpson 29203, NCEmergency Medicine1821478322
Mission Community Anesthesiology Specialists Llc 28801, NCEmergency Medicine1194295550
Ling-chun Lu 77478, NCEmergency Medicine1083051569
Chrystan Skefos 77030, NCEmergency Medicine1538485784
Pedro Isaac Perez 56601, NCEmergency Medicine1851335855
Rex Hospital Inc 27518, NCEmergency Medicine1033148622
Steven G Williamson 28602, NCEmergency Medicine1154364644
David Albert Johnson 28203, NCEmergency Medicine1609100247
Robert J. Bryant 28792, NCEmergency Medicine1124104559
Sara Elizabeth Kirby 32803, NCEmergency Medicine1437386174
Alexander Eskandari 30322, NCEmergency Medicine1932562220
John Christopher Binford 06510, NCEmergency Medicine1497013734
Brian Donnan Baxter 33760, NCEmergency Medicine1649210204
Robert James Denton 27607, NCEmergency Medicine1386691350
Erin E. Noste 92103, NCEmergency Medicine1871732214
Johanna Elizabeth Kreafle 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1194189886
Emily Jane Shrosbree 27401, NCEmergency Medicine1801380720
Susan Shafer 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1144570623
Kyle Roedersheimer 28054, NCEmergency Medicine1093177453
Natacha Lauren Jean-louis 28210, NCEmergency Medicine1205198975
Bradley Charles Bernard 32501, NCEmergency Medicine1518166263
Cory Michael Hines 28001, NCEmergency Medicine1285028373
Jessica Killmeier Zimmerman 27710, NCEmergency Medicine1326437153
Heather Marie Volkamer 20010, NCEmergency Medicine1720406176
Matthew St. Marie 27599, NCEmergency Medicine1689235764
Genevieve Schult Krajewski 70121, NCEmergency Medicine1245593797
Unc Physicians Network Llc 27560, NCEmergency Medicine1477089613
Matthew Riester 27292, NCEmergency Medicine1144616673
Fawzia Salahuddin 24333, NCEmergency Medicine1679513980
Troy Michael Mitchell 23847, NCEmergency Medicine1073543328
Ralph Stegemoller 33019, NCEmergency Medicine1225042799
Stephen Shaheen 27710, NCEmergency Medicine1437491628
Henry Lawson Huggins 28602, NCEmergency Medicine1366485856
Russell Trigonis 46202, NCEmergency Medicine1881057107
Lorykay W Wheeler 28602, NCEmergency Medicine1861441271
Carol Roeder 14210, NCEmergency Medicine1366515330
Bradley Henningsgaard 27710, NCEmergency Medicine1669877387
Paul Jerome Weiland 27330, NCEmergency Medicine1013931013
Julian Flores 33324, NCEmergency Medicine1134574544
Andrew E Sheep 89138, NCEmergency Medicine1013073089
Charles C Scott 72205, NCEmergency Medicine1992906143
Cameron Phillips 27263, NCEmergency Medicine1144759960
Aaron Michael Schott 27514, NCEmergency Medicine1164842324
Jerome Siringan Cephas 76180, NCEmergency Medicine1609255728
Adam David Langenbrunner 28025, NCEmergency Medicine1063693026
Zachary Parrish Smith 27157, NCEmergency Medicine1306340062
Pamela C Sullivan 92647, NCEmergency Medicine1326191107
Meredith Ann Camp Binford 28791, NCEmergency Medicine1487008827
Jennifer M. Baker 43701, NCEmergency Medicine1437106176
Tamika Cherron Bush 77070, NCEmergency Medicine1407060585
Warren Maurice Perry 30322, NCEmergency Medicine1063850006
Airron Lamar Richardson 53051, NCEmergency Medicine1881869451
Samantha Sue Sellers 28501, NCEmergency Medicine1306476759
Chanel Elizabeth Fischetti 06320, NCEmergency Medicine1275928830
Elizabeth Eden Casner 81650, NCEmergency Medicine1003945924
Jude D Kotsko 23454, NCEmergency Medicine1134330723
Kewei Zhang 02302, NCEmergency Medicine1225492184
Robert A Brownstein 27607, NCEmergency Medicine1942309190
John M Billings 55426, NCEmergency Medicine1235495524
Catherine Anne Gogela Carlson 27103, NCEmergency Medicine1558517565
Ted Graham 77802, NCEmergency Medicine1093756249
Christopher Nathan Johnson 84604, NCEmergency Medicine1013177328
The Carolinas Emergency Group, Pllc 28334, NCEmergency Medicine1477508836
Amy Fuller 27889, NCEmergency Medicine1366898710
Margaret M Bowen 27320, NCEmergency Medicine1083781207
Kathryn Heather Cox 24541, NCEmergency Medicine1841533817
Serena Famatta York 28791, NCEmergency Medicine1336150952
Samantha Anne Molony 29715, NCEmergency Medicine1265056386
Christopher Allen Gardner 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1558892604
Derek Kelly Coburn 28207, NCEmergency Medicine1861851784
Aaron Goshinska 27704, NCEmergency Medicine1710419387
Daniel Krebs 39581, NCEmergency Medicine1669904058
Austin Thomas Costa 28054, NCEmergency Medicine1487185542
Ashley Lynn Kinkaid 96813, NCEmergency Medicine1891015178
Jerrid Pippin 30501, NCEmergency Medicine1477811370
Francisco Javier Andrade 85719, NCEmergency Medicine1306377247
Samuel Grossman 81003, NCEmergency Medicine1518499177
Wun Chi Augustin 28659, NCEmergency Medicine1174687834
David Weitzman 29582, NCEmergency Medicine1376776781
Sarah Katherine Jane Wendel 80045, NCEmergency Medicine1285165696
Sean Murray 62703, NCEmergency Medicine1851822431
Francis Joseph Falbo 24171, NCEmergency Medicine1255309878
Johannah Kathryn Merrill 01841, NCEmergency Medicine1386098093
David E Rollins 28779, NCEmergency Medicine1184816035
Alexis Eccleston 28546, NCEmergency Medicine1073043196
Vein Specialists Of North Carolina, Pa 28405, NCEmergency Medicine1124225057
Shawna Foley 37920, NCEmergency Medicine1265964035
Cdt Healthcare 27344, NCEmergency Medicine1700397304
David Weitzman Md Pc 29582, NCEmergency Medicine1104393214
Meghan Bridget Williams 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1477815447
Christopher James Lundberg 28374, NCEmergency Medicine1689021362
Andrew T. Pickens 06511, NCEmergency Medicine1235350513
Kathryn Rodriguez Lupez 02215, NCEmergency Medicine1073967196
Katrina Lynn Destree 54311, NCEmergency Medicine1295021079
Ronald C Landry 23454, NCEmergency Medicine1235121526
Michael Scott Jaffe 28721, NCEmergency Medicine1366494379
Christina Ashley Zauner 28112, NCEmergency Medicine1972965754
The Presbyterian Hospital 28204, NCEmergency Medicine1316555469
Stephen Lozier 33901, NCEmergency Medicine1174968473
Mary Funke 27215, NCEmergency Medicine1063944718
Celia B Entwistle 28025, NCEmergency Medicine1407806110
William Mark Walters 30528, NCEmergency Medicine1659396950
Jillian Montoya 78234, NCEmergency Medicine1689084915
Heston Channing Lamar 27713, NCEmergency Medicine1023013869
Thamotharampillai Sivaraj 33033, NCEmergency Medicine1922155357
Mark Robert Keller 27203, NCEmergency Medicine1295789535
Lisa K. Burke 28215, NCEmergency Medicine1689762809
Andrew O Pylant 27103, NCEmergency Medicine1245275619
Virginia M Stewart 23507, NCEmergency Medicine1245490051
Michael Graham Halsey 27284, NCEmergency Medicine1306284773
Michael Merrill 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1013208933
Theresa M Terlecki 28144, NCEmergency Medicine1801989389
Mark Hampton Harris 28621, NCEmergency Medicine1134189517
Elizabeth C Dunbar 28211, NCEmergency Medicine1699727594
Katherine Alexandra Battisti 48602, NCEmergency Medicine1427318724
Russell Howard Greenfield 28204, NCEmergency Medicine1669482386
Anna Alicia Garza 78237, NCEmergency Medicine1609302330
Samantha L Furia 27909, NCEmergency Medicine1407057508
Kuldip Kainth 27834, NCEmergency Medicine1811306186
Krelin Naidu 30046, NCEmergency Medicine1265881445
Kathleen Marie Mcmanus 27713, NCEmergency Medicine1851589287
Terry Curtis Fultz 37814, NCEmergency Medicine1285155531
Kristen Michele Palomba 48085, NCEmergency Medicine1255866463
Steven Allan Smith 28054, NCEmergency Medicine1952388746
Jennifer Christine Parks 27103, NCEmergency Medicine1689683179
Matthew Brian Hall 75103, NCEmergency Medicine1194136812


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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