Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dewey Boyer 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1811990948
Joseph Colosi 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1780687814
Michael G Kowalski 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1659374742
Christopher M Alinea 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1538162789
Lingappa Amernath 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1962405001
Andrew L Finley 13066, NYEmergency Medicine1396748414
Timothy A Mathis 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1790788867
Paul F Palumbo 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1083617146
Victor R Osinaga 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1013910181
Nicholas J Nehrbauer 13326, NYEmergency Medicine1881697936
Adirondack Medical Health Care Associates Pllc 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1336142389
Juan Fernando Acosta 10457, NYEmergency Medicine1316940968
Fouad S Boulos 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1366445652
James H Mills 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1972506269
Kent N Hall 12901, NYEmergency Medicine1851395354
White Plains Hospital Medical Center 10601, NYEmergency Medicine1447255153
Jill Christine Peterson 13601, NYEmergency Medicine1629074232
Shellie Lynn Asher 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1376540732
Lewis West Marshall 11432, NYEmergency Medicine1841297223
Mary L. Dunne 12601, NYEmergency Medicine1356348734
Lawrence M Moloff 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1508863861
Stephan J Rachfal 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1902803265
John R Skopek 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1265439533
William J Zehner 13088, NYEmergency Medicine1295732584
Lezli Ann Braswell 10461, NYEmergency Medicine1194722876
Richard J Steinmann 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1730186503
Karen E Murphy 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1194722033
Walter J Kantor 13210, NYEmergency Medicine1942207790
Michael Raffaele 10461, NYEmergency Medicine1407854524
Jonathan Tad Fogel 10462, NYEmergency Medicine1881692648
Mohamed M Ahmed 13069, NYEmergency Medicine1639178189
James R. Lundy 10024, NYEmergency Medicine1467451757
Augustine Yao Alifo 07042, NYEmergency Medicine1114926375
Ramon E. Rivera 10901, NYEmergency Medicine1841299005
John A Davies 12866, NYEmergency Medicine1205835220
Emmanuel H Saintjean 47303, NYEmergency Medicine1013916006
Joel Michael Bartfield 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1407856818
Ronald M. Reilly 04240, NYEmergency Medicine1194725465
Mark Andrew Melrose 10023, NYEmergency Medicine1861492985
Kenneth Weinberg 07666, NYEmergency Medicine1033119094
Subhash R Viswanathan 11753, NYEmergency Medicine1508866542
Alexander R Gapay 10940, NYEmergency Medicine1942201777
Rajan Gulati 10940, NYEmergency Medicine1275534000
Nooruddin Rahmatullah Tejani 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1396747135
John Dennis Broderick 12983, NYEmergency Medicine1588666424
Steven Davidson 11219, NYEmergency Medicine1376545020
Daniel Raymond Cappon 13367, NYEmergency Medicine1710989157
Michael W. Dailey 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1740282151
Deborah Lisa Funk-valois 13326, NYEmergency Medicine1265424394
Konstantinos Agoritsas 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1720070600
Bonnie Arquilla 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1295727170
Joseph Chirayil 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1023000916
Ian Desouza 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1659363448
Mert Erogul 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1437141231
Ernst Gustave 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1124010871
Aleksandr Gleyzer 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1417949165
Antonia C Quinn 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1316939077
Gerard Casey 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1194717868
Michael Hockstein 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1598757262
Rachel George 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1588656052
Sabah S Toma 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1558353946
Elma J Johnson 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1790777134
Theodore M Petkov 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1184616575
Jamil Ibrahim 11217, NYEmergency Medicine1245222587
Rebecca K Jeanmonod 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1033102256
Ambreen Khan 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1902899164
Jose E Jule 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1326031600
Nizar Kifaieh 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1235122524
Bradley Kaufman 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1396738555
Liliana Lofaso 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1780677864
Teresa A Sacco-bedosky 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1396738472
Jack Carleton 10941, NYEmergency Medicine1811980873
Stuart Stiles 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1750374518
Gregory S Johnston 10003, NYEmergency Medicine1457344137
Ugo Ezenkwele 11206, NYEmergency Medicine1750374427
Jessica Foltin 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1669465332
Maureen Gang 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1912990680
William Goldberg 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1912990698
Peter Grekin 10010, NYEmergency Medicine1821081506
Lillian Oshva 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1073506770
Nancy Kwon 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1437142130
Robert Hessler 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1538152202
Eric Legome 10011, NYEmergency Medicine1356334023
Jeffrey Manko 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1437142106
Richard Pretorius 14081, NYEmergency Medicine1013900505
Stephen Grayson 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1063405496
Michael S Jastremski 13346, NYEmergency Medicine1235123456
Mara A Mcerlean 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1164416327
Matthew James Miles 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1801880067
Hamilton Critical Care And Emergency Consultants Pc 13346, NYEmergency Medicine1922092154
Dennis Patrick Mckenna 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1275527350
Bryan J Venerus 13365, NYEmergency Medicine1285628321
Dan Michael Mayer 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1902890080
Joann L Frank 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1750375762
Laurence M Degelsmith 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1720072556
Malsuk Park 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1902890759
Jerry Ray Balentine 10457, NYEmergency Medicine1376537050
Harry A Davis 12932, NYEmergency Medicine1972597516
Carol Ann Killian 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1841285335
Eugene Spagnuolo 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1679568141
Robert Marcus 10598, NYEmergency Medicine1710972104
Michael Lucchesi 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1609861012
Rajesh Gupta 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1902891393
Evan Mahl 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1740275056
Seth Manoach 10065, NYEmergency Medicine1255326567
Jessica Stetz 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1114912300
Kareen Thompson-holcomb 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1659366748
David Zuckerberg 10595, NYEmergency Medicine1801881081
Stephan Rinnert 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1083609267
Richard Sinert 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1912992108
Thomas B Perera 10467, NYEmergency Medicine1750376919
Peter Peacock 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1821083098
Mark Spektor 11219, NYEmergency Medicine1366437550
Rajesh Mittal 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1750376760
Ami Dave 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1255326336
Behdad Jamshahi 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1073508156
Richard Joseph Pryor 12054, NYEmergency Medicine1881689867
Curt Dill 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1720073802
Stephen Menlove 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1548255623
Peter Eliot Gordon 11201, NYEmergency Medicine1154316230
Mark Khilnani 27705, NYEmergency Medicine1992790950
Lorenzo Paladino 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1477548329
Sigrid Wolfram 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1699760553
Shahriar Zehtabchi 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1124013081
Ashraf Salem 11234, NYEmergency Medicine1710972674
Eunhae Park 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1174518922
Jonathan Wassermann 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1760477418
Georges R Ramalanjaona 10453, NYEmergency Medicine1104811785
Sage Wiener 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1417943002
Mark Silverberg 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1518953108
Adam Rubin 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1992791586
Marc D Haber 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1053307587
Maysoon Naman 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1851387104
Howard Stanley Snyder 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1699761866
Carl S Werne 33525, NYEmergency Medicine1508852351
Lorraine G Thibodeau 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1083600852
Vincent P Verdile 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1023004835
Wayne R Triner 12208, NYEmergency Medicine1225024011
Mitchell Fischer 10549, NYEmergency Medicine1487640157
Bruce S Ushkow 12180, NYEmergency Medicine1013903806
Safa Naman 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1952398513
Stephen Gomez 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1528055183
Mitchell Feldman 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1770570947
Robert Rothberg 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1538156435
Steven Issley 11201, NYEmergency Medicine1215925029
David Eng 11215, NYEmergency Medicine1790162303
Michael M Kyi 10591, NYEmergency Medicine1003804337
Pamela J Murphy 10941, NYEmergency Medicine1801884051
Juan P Gonzalez 11710, NYEmergency Medicine1104814292
Paul Gregory Alagna 12801, NYEmergency Medicine1790773885
Richard Chmielewski 13413, NYEmergency Medicine1396734794
Chalene Corinaldi 10941, NYEmergency Medicine1285623603
Michael Paul David Dibella 14220, NYEmergency Medicine1760471072
Robert Hoffman 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1346239449
Maria Raven 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1780673871
Susan Hirsch 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1710976808
Rama Bhaskara Rao 10065, NYEmergency Medicine1720077803
Michael Shannon Hennessey 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1497745434
Ethan Wiener 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1184614968
Roger Holt 11203, NYEmergency Medicine1902896244
Alex F Manini 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1659361962
Sassan Naderi 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1811987936
Joy Harrison 11771, NYEmergency Medicine1366432486
New York University 10016, NYEmergency Medicine1306837398
Island Emergency Medical Services, P.c. 11572, NYEmergency Medicine1639160385
Irais Leon 13790, NYEmergency Medicine1528059219
Daniel J Egan 10019, NYEmergency Medicine1962493585
Eitan Dickman 11219, NYEmergency Medicine1225029861
Nabeel Alhussein 13642, NYEmergency Medicine1235110099
Gary R Wakeman 12866, NYEmergency Medicine1891776696
Robert Reynolds 13856, NYEmergency Medicine1760463483
Philip Chafe 13601, NYEmergency Medicine1114908720
David Henry Adler 14642, NYEmergency Medicine1477534923
Port Emergency Medical Services, P.c. 11777, NYEmergency Medicine1912988395
Mervin L. Griffin 11206, NYEmergency Medicine1487636726
Harold Runnels 10941, NYEmergency Medicine1548242811
Nes Medical Services Of New York Pc 11561, NYEmergency Medicine1538141791
Nes Medical Services Of New York Pc 11220, NYEmergency Medicine1417939687
Sergey Sorin 12785, NYEmergency Medicine1962484121
Julie Bing Zhao 10065, NYEmergency Medicine1629480504
Gregory Charles Difrancesco 14048, NYEmergency Medicine1215919857
Patti Lynn Purpura 14905, NYEmergency Medicine1619950805
Andrew Jerome Kosmowski 13602, NYEmergency Medicine1629051727
Jean-francois Hibbert 12742, NYEmergency Medicine1134102213
Mark Su 11030, NYEmergency Medicine1740263698
Amy Schwartzman 14626, NYEmergency Medicine1215910062
John Radford 15857, NYEmergency Medicine1114900909
Robert M Derr 14222, NYEmergency Medicine1306829825
Melissa M Desantis 14221, NYEmergency Medicine1891778338
Cupid C Gascon 13126, NYEmergency Medicine1144204488
Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Care Associates 14092, NYEmergency Medicine1821072281
Emogene H Bedrosian 14722, NYEmergency Medicine1780668442
Bradford W Buege 14787, NYEmergency Medicine1083698658
Colleen Elizabeth Kelley 12180, NYEmergency Medicine1427032119
Brahim Ardolic 10305, NYEmergency Medicine1669457990
Vincent Broillet 10305, NYEmergency Medicine1811972177
Yusra Farooqui 10305, NYEmergency Medicine1770568040
Carlos Holden 11229, NYEmergency Medicine1356326573
Boris Khodorkovsky 10305, NYEmergency Medicine1558346676
Eric M. Maniago 10305, NYEmergency Medicine1528043643


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