Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stephan M Yost 74464, OKEmergency Medicine1063497931
Danny Silver 72901, OKEmergency Medicine1972582260
Jerry C Childs 73034, OKEmergency Medicine1639137409
Rockey Talley 73130, OKEmergency Medicine1730128117
Kevin W. Hubbard 85259, OKEmergency Medicine1407890601
Brian Keith Rich 74501, OKEmergency Medicine1063436947
Chad P Edwards 74033, OKEmergency Medicine1790833481
Haitham Alsahli 48109, OKEmergency Medicine1801039219
Keith Kurt Fischborn 73102, OKEmergency Medicine1023334067
Amanda Sue River 96929, OKEmergency Medicine1538422431
Adam Jon Summers 79410, OKEmergency Medicine1437546728
Kevin Robert Norris Freels 32935, OKEmergency Medicine1346686573
Addison G Whetstone 75701, OKEmergency Medicine1427478452
Karunesh Singhal 73013, OKEmergency Medicine1811928351
Kristoffer Jon Bylow 65616, OKEmergency Medicine1174815955
Melissa Ann Harris 74868, OKEmergency Medicine1710339536
Landon Vinson 87106, OKEmergency Medicine1922486075
Matthew Schukar 48162, OKEmergency Medicine1417304940
Varun Iyer 77008, OKEmergency Medicine1467822213
James Nelson Mckeehen 74701, OKEmergency Medicine1831610930
Andrew White 72758, OKEmergency Medicine1063892529
Jeffrey Kent Holen 79934, OKEmergency Medicine1407805492
William Alexander Reid 74745, OKEmergency Medicine1912922279
Thomas Eugene Cashero 73601, OKEmergency Medicine1902868821
Kyle Matthew George 74701, OKEmergency Medicine1982199519
Antonio Chantill Capps 38301, OKEmergency Medicine1548559693
Michael F Cunningham 33853, OKEmergency Medicine1063859262
Michael Glen Cranford 74701, OKEmergency Medicine1528553153
Beth Melanie May 73401, OKEmergency Medicine1497743611
Abhilash Reddy Davlapur 77479, OKEmergency Medicine1942680913
Ess Of Salisaw, Llc 74955, OKEmergency Medicine1215431069
Caylon W. Haggard 99133, OKEmergency Medicine1902042765
Boris Derek Curwen 76401, OKEmergency Medicine1487940482
Shea Pelham Pielsticker 73099, OKEmergency Medicine1104355718
Matthew Wayne Smith 34689, OKEmergency Medicine1891155339
Jay Steven Scarborough 36502, OKEmergency Medicine1952836520
Andrew P Crow 66112, OKEmergency Medicine1124568498
Christopher David Stokes 74133, OKEmergency Medicine1982993507
Sean Larsen 86326, OKEmergency Medicine1548647472
Michael C Rommen 71201, OKEmergency Medicine1164865036
South Central Emergency Services Pc 74074, OKEmergency Medicine1558663724
Thomas R Todd 74012, OKEmergency Medicine1619919487
Midsouth Transitions Medical Group 75503, OKEmergency Medicine1790262681
Miranda Wood 74127, OKEmergency Medicine1699275982
Alicia Ruth Apple 80919, OKEmergency Medicine1730441783
Sravya Ennamuri 19010, OKEmergency Medicine1609262120
Jeffry A Zimmerman 23226, OKEmergency Medicine1013919505
Stormy Ray Walkup 74745, OKEmergency Medicine1710428958
John D Wells 81301, OKEmergency Medicine1255327417
Jesse Arthur 81506, OKEmergency Medicine1710407937
Michael D David 64804, OKEmergency Medicine1003814179
Alexander Torres 33331, OKEmergency Medicine1629310396
Ruby Hoang 97239, OKEmergency Medicine1770976623
Stacy Leann Curtis 74801, OKEmergency Medicine1962732610
Hillary Lareau 80909, OKEmergency Medicine1639617186
Zachary H Hansen 89148, OKEmergency Medicine1417453564
Community Hospital Llc 73159, OKEmergency Medicine1730366832
Cassandra Lynn Clay 32610, OKEmergency Medicine1841711504
Russell Mahmudul Huq 75062, OKEmergency Medicine1336336205
George-thomas Martin Pugh 46202, OKEmergency Medicine1942735360
Thang V Truong 52242, OKEmergency Medicine1043691033
Bassam Aldeeb 78231, OKEmergency Medicine1376040758
John Thomas Gregg 73717, OKEmergency Medicine1184605917
Samson Adewale 35058, OKEmergency Medicine1346731635
Midland Emergency Management Pllc 79701, OKEmergency Medicine1801889993
Valley Emergency Physicians 78550, OKEmergency Medicine1699769513
Norstar Emergency Physicians 73071, OKEmergency Medicine1093709537
Oklahoma Em i Medical Services Pc 74017, OKEmergency Medicine1003271974
Berry E Winn Md Pllc 74401, OKEmergency Medicine1811987761
Nes Oklahoma, Inc. 74953, OKEmergency Medicine1871575068
Sound Physicians Emergency Medicine Of Arizona, Inc. 85621, OKEmergency Medicine1700328663
Nes Oklahoma, Inc. 74601, OKEmergency Medicine1528040722
Emergency Management Associates Pc 74133, OKEmergency Medicine1750360061
Heb Emergicare Pa 76022, OKEmergency Medicine1306812193
Baptist Healthcare Of Oklahoma 74344, OKEmergency Medicine1316915564
Arlington Emergency Medicine Assoc 76012, OKEmergency Medicine1891764361
Burbank Emergency Medical Group Inc 91505, OKEmergency Medicine1689636730
Comprehensive Emergency Solutions Sc 61603, OKEmergency Medicine1477515393
Norman Minor Emergency Of Nrh 73069, OKEmergency Medicine1891744785
Washita Emergency Physicians Llc 73075, OKEmergency Medicine1932159233
Hughes Emergency Physicians 74848, OKEmergency Medicine1578513495
North Carolina Inpatient Medicine Associates, Pllc 27804, OKEmergency Medicine1881646412
Georgia Inpatient Medicine Associates, Llc 30328, OKEmergency Medicine1558314112
Genesis Emergency Medicine Services Llc 74525, OKEmergency Medicine1669425682
Northeastern Health System 74464, OKEmergency Medicine1003865999
Emergency Specialist Physicians Medical Associates, Inc 90503, OKEmergency Medicine1518917913
Louisiana Em i Medical Services, P.a. 73505, OKEmergency Medicine1285688135
Wichita Emergency Physicians 74701, OKEmergency Medicine1184662983
Mednow Urgent Care Center Llc 74012, OKEmergency Medicine1073551529
Chandler Emergency Medical Group, Llc 85224, OKEmergency Medicine1104871961
Epmg Of Delaware, Pa 19973, OKEmergency Medicine1982633525
St John Physicians Inc 74104, OKEmergency Medicine1336194406
Mmc Emergency Physicians Medical Group, Inc 93454, OKEmergency Medicine1285670406
Emergency Physicians Of Midwest City, Llc 73110, OKEmergency Medicine1558386474
Enid Emergency Physicians, Llp 73701, OKEmergency Medicine1881611358
Bhc 74432, OKEmergency Medicine1356361232
Muscogee Creek Nation 74447, OKEmergency Medicine1013922624
Carnegie Tri county Municipal Hospital Management, Inc. 73015, OKEmergency Medicine1043323447
Innovative Health Services Llc 70458, OKEmergency Medicine1538275771
Nes Oklahoma Inc 73662, OKEmergency Medicine1093161754
Mary's Peak Emergency Physicians 97330, OKEmergency Medicine1194733360
Solutions On Staff, Llc 73942, OKEmergency Medicine1821556754
St Jude Emergency Medical Group Inc 92835, OKEmergency Medicine1720190804
Ibmc Er Physicians 73112, OKEmergency Medicine1295839280
Mountain Medical Enterprises, Pllc 40831, OKEmergency Medicine1093897290
Cypress Emergency Associates Pa 77429, OKEmergency Medicine1558446658
Green Country Emergency Physicians Group Of Owasso Pllc 74055, OKEmergency Medicine1720165830
Swallowtail Emergency Physicians 74127, OKEmergency Medicine1558431577
Green Country Emergency Physicians Group Of Tulsa Pllc 74104, OKEmergency Medicine1972698553
Oklahoma Em 1 Medical Services, P.c. 74701, OKEmergency Medicine1275607251
Jane Phillips Memorial Medical Center Inc 74006, OKEmergency Medicine1518092832
Northeastern Health System 74464, OKEmergency Medicine1457574170
Prague Healthcare Alliance Inc 74864, OKEmergency Medicine1013133420
Pioneer Plains Emergency Physicians 73942, OKEmergency Medicine1326266750
Mccurtain Memorial Medical Management, Inc. 74745, OKEmergency Medicine1184838203
Mccurtain Memorial Medical Management, Inc. 74745, OKEmergency Medicine1992919013
Family Med Llc 73533, OKEmergency Medicine1396959482
Animas Emergency Physicians, Llc 81301, OKEmergency Medicine1891901963
Stroud Regional Medical Center Llc 74079, OKEmergency Medicine1548471568
Bryan Emergency Group Llc 74701, OKEmergency Medicine1326234972
Emergency Medicine Physicians Of Tulsa County Pllc 74136, OKEmergency Medicine1003098773
Unity Emergency Physicians, Llp 74804, OKEmergency Medicine1841473873
Purcell Municipal Hospital 73080, OKEmergency Medicine1407034226
Blackhawk Mangum, Llc 73554, OKEmergency Medicine1093986937
Er Physician Group 73801, OKEmergency Medicine1154593044
Ouachita Emergency Physicians 74745, OKEmergency Medicine1649443573
Capitol City Emergency Staffing Pa 78660, OKEmergency Medicine1134394307
Appalachian Medical Services Llc 37331, OKEmergency Medicine1770750341
Arlington Emergency Medicine Associates 76017, OKEmergency Medicine1154584993
Conway Hospital Emergency Professional Services 29526, OKEmergency Medicine1487844510
Tulsa Micro Hospital, Llc 74132, OKEmergency Medicine1487172623
Hospital Care Consultants Of Marion, Llc 62959, OKEmergency Medicine1609304427
Kay County Oklahoma Hospital Company, Llc 74601, OKEmergency Medicine1407075161
Memorial Medical Group Emergency Physicians Llc 73401, OKEmergency Medicine1346449766
Land Run Emergency Physicians 73701, OKEmergency Medicine1215183355
Guymon Emergency Medicine Pllc 73942, OKEmergency Medicine1316196496
Purcell Emergency Pllc 73080, OKEmergency Medicine1992954689
Watsonville Emergency Medical Group 95076, OKEmergency Medicine1154571404
South Arlington Emergency Medicine Associates Pllc 76017, OKEmergency Medicine1184875650
Lawton Ems Services, Inc. 73505, OKEmergency Medicine1770728412
Harris County Emergency Services 77032, OKEmergency Medicine1538301072
Eufaula Medicine Pllc 74432, OKEmergency Medicine1316180664
Gr Group 74133, OKEmergency Medicine1205061454
Cmbs Billing Llc 74127, OKEmergency Medicine1669709200
Chickasha Hospitalist Services Pllc 73018, OKEmergency Medicine1063749729
Magnum Health Care, Inc. 74055, OKEmergency Medicine1114257508
Fastcare Medical Clinic Of Edmond 73013, OKEmergency Medicine1225368350
Pottawatomie Emergency Physicians Llc 74804, OKEmergency Medicine1629392972
Oklahoma Em 1 Medical Services,p.c. 74804, OKEmergency Medicine1639493315
Acute Care Billing Ok Llc 74848, OKEmergency Medicine1053638130
Innovative Health Services Llc 70458, OKEmergency Medicine1780998963
West Sixth Emergency Physicians 74074, OKEmergency Medicine1609180553
Triton Emergency Medicine 73160, OKEmergency Medicine1912209446
Providence Er Services, Llc 29204, OKEmergency Medicine1194028019
Medicine Wheel Inc 73450, OKEmergency Medicine1598054330
Three Forks Emergency Physicians 74401, OKEmergency Medicine1659646172
Faster Care, Llc 73162, OKEmergency Medicine1174892533
Mercy Hospital El Reno, Inc 73036, OKEmergency Medicine1083910442
Mercy Hospital Tishomingo, Inc 73460, OKEmergency Medicine1972809002
Obhg Oklahoma, P.c. 74104, OKEmergency Medicine1043595374
Mednow Urgent Care Center Llc 74132, OKEmergency Medicine1467715300
Cah Acquisition Company 9 Llc 73663, OKEmergency Medicine1356604987
Clinton Hmpn, Llc 73601, OKEmergency Medicine1881940583
Blackwell Hmpn, Llc 74631, OKEmergency Medicine1700132404
Marshall County Hmpn, Llc 73446, OKEmergency Medicine1790032621
Medicine Wheel Inc 74729, OKEmergency Medicine1285978007
Medicine Wheel Inc 74729, OKEmergency Medicine1477899532
Brianne C Waggoner Do Pc 48043, OKEmergency Medicine1083059562
Purcell Municipal Hospital 73080, OKEmergency Medicine1306282348
Sang H. Lee, D.o., P.c. 73008, OKEmergency Medicine1215369384
Helping Healing Happen Pllc 73072, OKEmergency Medicine1861826307
Thomas W. Britt D.o., P.c. 74006, OKEmergency Medicine1407277288
E merge Physicians Pllc 78130, OKEmergency Medicine1144649252
Concord Medical Group Of Texas Pllc 76424, OKEmergency Medicine1750790762
Oklahoma Ess Llc 73542, OKEmergency Medicine1285033282
Hhs Medical Services Pc 74017, OKEmergency Medicine1265839195
Gpn New Iberia Llc 70563, OKEmergency Medicine1255718813
Gpn Marksville Llc 71351, OKEmergency Medicine1720465388
Benjamin J Doerr Do Pc 48043, OKEmergency Medicine1487032504
Oklahoma Emergency Physician Partners Pllc 74631, OKEmergency Medicine1699019562
Oklahoma Emergency Physician Partners Pllc 73601, OKEmergency Medicine1124362926
Oklahoma Emergency Physician Partners Pllc 74361, OKEmergency Medicine1902140718
Oklahoma Emergency Physician Partners Pllc 74868, OKEmergency Medicine1538403340
Oklahoma Emergency Physician Partners Pllc 73110, OKEmergency Medicine1528302338
Gpn Oakdale Llc 71463, OKEmergency Medicine1437525367
Woven Emergency Physicians, Llc 74745, OKEmergency Medicine1942671243
Istishfa Pllc 73013, OKEmergency Medicine1164894499
Mcclain Emergency Group, Llc 73080, OKEmergency Medicine1649648478
Michael Kalcich Emergency Medical Services Corporation 73072, OKEmergency Medicine1396146932
Medexpress Urgent Care, Pc Oklahoma 73505, OKEmergency Medicine1033517248
Medexpress Urgent Care, Pc Oklahoma 74114, OKEmergency Medicine1710371448
Medexpress Urgent Care, Pc Oklahoma 74055, OKEmergency Medicine1255719472
Au Medical Associates Emergency Medicine Billing Services, Llc 30912, OKEmergency Medicine1982089777
Woven Emergency Physicians, Llc 73075, OKEmergency Medicine1457711731
Kansas Medical Center, Llc 67002, OKEmergency Medicine1801007786
Healthcare Stat Of Anadarko Inc 73005, OKEmergency Medicine1811359607
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma Ou Physicians Tulsa 74135, OKEmergency Medicine1477905610
Marianne Bacharach, Md, Pllc 73118, OKEmergency Medicine1477002277
Sound Physicians Emergency Medicine Of Michigan, Pllc 49707, OKEmergency Medicine1568913473
Medstop Clinic 75604, OKEmergency Medicine1083150973


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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