Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Larry G Farmer 28791, SCEmergency Medicine1699778670
Thomas H Lacy 28791, SCEmergency Medicine1639172042
Charles W Henrichs 28791, SCEmergency Medicine1841293255
Jeffrey M Goller 29401, SCEmergency Medicine1447252622
Henry Millwood 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1962406769
Thomas J Martel 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1679577035
Michael Adkins 29488, SCEmergency Medicine1811992209
Christopher Davis 29520, SCEmergency Medicine1053316943
Andre T. Creese 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1689670135
Thomas O. Brewer 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1922004498
Erik Dehlinger 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1073519542
Bryon K. Frost 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1841296324
Hiram B Brooks 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1295731438
Thomas Nathaniel Howard 29585, SCEmergency Medicine1609872803
Leroy R. Schlesselman 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1063418127
Peter D. Hyman 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1508862681
James D. Lamm 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1255337358
Peter J Zavell 29501, SCEmergency Medicine1154327229
Paul M. Alexander 29536, SCEmergency Medicine1023014891
Samuel William Polen 29020, SCEmergency Medicine1194721076
Harry Galloway 28462, SCEmergency Medicine1316943293
James D. Lee 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1629074695
Matthew J Desalvo 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1942206826
Mark E. Belt 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1245236702
Thomas G. Lewis 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1568469674
Mark Carroll 29574, SCEmergency Medicine1073510954
Jarratt D Lark 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1538166459
John Charles 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1457359044
David E Heape 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1265439954
John T. Molnar 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1740288554
Timothy B Beatty 29488, SCEmergency Medicine1639178064
Charles E. Tarbert 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1164421590
Hildegard H Holman 29488, SCEmergency Medicine1548269442
Jeffry W Misko 29464, SCEmergency Medicine1982603809
Carol Ann Rahter 29440, SCEmergency Medicine1538169586
William Sherrod 28422, SCEmergency Medicine1275531006
Eric S Weinstein 29169, SCEmergency Medicine1194724633
Michael A Beasley 29440, SCEmergency Medicine1477554830
Scott B Burns 29440, SCEmergency Medicine1508867698
Lamberto Paragas 29440, SCEmergency Medicine1194727057
John M Stover 29440, SCEmergency Medicine1942202411
Daniel Francis Noltkamper 29204, SCEmergency Medicine1942292115
Christian Montagano 29609, SCEmergency Medicine1780685040
Janice L Hart 29572, SCEmergency Medicine1568464469
Eric Stewart Brittain 29406, SCEmergency Medicine1497740476
Michael Bauerschmidt 29464, SCEmergency Medicine1326034729
Thomas Patrick Martin 29466, SCEmergency Medicine1811982960
Francis Ancrum Clarkson 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1639168180
David S. Brancati 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1871582247
Erik D Oberg 78234, SCEmergency Medicine1538140223
Strand Physician Specialists, Pa 29574, SCEmergency Medicine1023090859
Atul Mohan Gupta 29910, SCEmergency Medicine1427030212
Sarah Emily Fabiano 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1972585438
Thomas Andrew Pollehn 29425, SCEmergency Medicine1578546883
Christina L Bourne 29425, SCEmergency Medicine1932183373
William Louis Cauthen 29505, SCEmergency Medicine1174507578
Kenneth Scott Burns 29505, SCEmergency Medicine1851375257
Manuel Antonio Fonseca 29505, SCEmergency Medicine1790769396
Edwin Laverne Gandy 29505, SCEmergency Medicine1871577478
Michele Gibbs Phipps 29505, SCEmergency Medicine1902880503
Robert W Rhame 29102, SCEmergency Medicine1225014004
George Anthony Gaspar 29406, SCEmergency Medicine1952388118
Narendra C Patel 29020, SCEmergency Medicine1750369518
Steven Roy Burkholz 22030, SCEmergency Medicine1710965520
Steven Bruce Macaruso 29209, SCEmergency Medicine1710965587
Cindy Sue Dieringer 29020, SCEmergency Medicine1164400958
Quoc V Nguyen 29020, SCEmergency Medicine1043298789
Pamela Sue Grim 29907, SCEmergency Medicine1194704155
Harold Dick Cross 29906, SCEmergency Medicine1285613596
Saeed U. Rehman 29902, SCEmergency Medicine1013996396
Bruce H. Lobitz 29223, SCEmergency Medicine1780663914
Cecil T. Mcelveen 29902, SCEmergency Medicine1861471989
William Francis Finn 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1497735518
Kevin John Gregg 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1013997824
Paul Andrews Sansbury 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1902886609
James K. Palma 29205, SCEmergency Medicine1700866357
Francis S Hane 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1952381592
Robert E Swetnam 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1710967187
Stuart T Adams 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1457331811
Donald L Troub 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1154301521
Dennis A Wheeler 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1780664151
Charles Henry Wile 29223, SCEmergency Medicine1578533741
Stephen S Outten 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1710957832
Charles W Outz 29401, SCEmergency Medicine1962472084
Mark R Zulkey 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1902876014
Foy Douglas Connell 29520, SCEmergency Medicine1831176668
G Thomas Norris 29020, SCEmergency Medicine1790763563
Ronald P Hargrave 29466, SCEmergency Medicine1952381469
Jeffrey S. Leshman 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1568442168
Robert Michael Hellams 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1285614479
Thomas H Maskell 29615, SCEmergency Medicine1609856988
Paul Joseph Vandekoppel 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1487145298
Theresa Domers 29301, SCEmergency Medicine1831160191
Chloe P Brewington 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1740250174
William Henry Hill 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1770553000
Christian W Jansen 29902, SCEmergency Medicine1245201144
Michael D Wade 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1417928193
Thomas P Cook 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1598736282
Joseph W Pawlik 29420, SCEmergency Medicine1669443560
Vincent J Lloyd 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1811968654
Ronnie S Fuerst 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1609847375
Troy W Privette 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1154392827
Gary D Hals 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1780655456
Radwan Saadallah Hallaba 29420, SCEmergency Medicine1447221346
Patrick S Hunt 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1265403026
David T Ford 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1528039385
William H Richardson 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1831160506
Jeter P Taylor 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1124099890
Terrance P Mchugh 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1598736340
William C Gerard 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1326019191
Eric A Brown 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1962473736
Allison L Harvey 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1316918188
Mark Huntley 29307, SCEmergency Medicine1760453211
Kenya Hanspard 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1932170305
Richard G Byrd 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1396717617
Jean Kohn 29550, SCEmergency Medicine1457323339
Brian E Rothemich 29303, SCEmergency Medicine1134191141
Joseph S Myslinski 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1962474734
James C Balvich 29944, SCEmergency Medicine1427020163
James I Raymond 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1285607689
Stephen Fitzgerald Ridley 29220, SCEmergency Medicine1508839630
Abraham Areephanthu 29550, SCEmergency Medicine1548235757
Helene Gerrald 29575, SCEmergency Medicine1568438448
Patrick Michael Johannes 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1457328924
James William Woodham 29512, SCEmergency Medicine1033186572
Brian Lecher 29154, SCEmergency Medicine1265400246
Michael Steven Taplits 29512, SCEmergency Medicine1417925470
Paul D Osborne 23606, SCEmergency Medicine1063480465
Hyperbaric Physician Services Llc 23606, SCEmergency Medicine1689642027
Greg E Cromer 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1366410490
Jason T Garrison 23606, SCEmergency Medicine1902875081
Charlton Scott Mcnair 29732, SCEmergency Medicine1255390191
William Russell Jennings 29203, SCEmergency Medicine1508825035
David K. Wright 29464, SCEmergency Medicine1346200581
Aqil Ebun Surka 29307, SCEmergency Medicine1477529741
John G Robinson 29646, SCEmergency Medicine1104886118
Bill R Chiles 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1255309746
Michael D Scott 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1386613065
Robert Bernard Moorehead 29520, SCEmergency Medicine1619942976
John Everett Worthington 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1407825565
Mark Garber 29566, SCEmergency Medicine1427020270
John Benjamin Crumpler 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1093788796
Miles D Mcguff 29672, SCEmergency Medicine1194793661
Sean F O'meara 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1326012469
Steven T Hayes 29169, SCEmergency Medicine1407822398
Michele A Scott 29501, SCEmergency Medicine1003888769
James M Alexander 29615, SCEmergency Medicine1124099270
Lynn M.s. Owens 29615, SCEmergency Medicine1457321747
Hyperbaric Physician Services Llc 23502, SCEmergency Medicine1295703627
Jennifer Babette Abrams 29045, SCEmergency Medicine1104899210
Terry Lee Macmath 29118, SCEmergency Medicine1285605386
William Henry Jackson 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1528032208
Mark Phillip Mercier 29220, SCEmergency Medicine1548220296
Elaine B Baxley 29078, SCEmergency Medicine1831150226
Reginald L Parker 29223, SCEmergency Medicine1790746709
Scott T Rouse 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1811958580
Matthew Tolbert Logan 29646, SCEmergency Medicine1902868078
James E. Britenburg 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1801858881
Randall Owen Garriott 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1609838606
Jeffrey A. Hohn 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1942262993
Renee A. Monaghan 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1255393070
Thomas C. Kickham 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1669434437
James O. Stumpff 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1548222326
Phyllis E Shelton 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1679535348
Michael L. Tillirson 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1649232398
Stace E Horine 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1891757597
Prasun H Mehta 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1851354286
Cornell K Yager 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1245293844
John Wallace Davies 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1740243351
Margaret K Chally 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1497718910
Mark E Helms 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1679536106
John M. Grier 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1346203890
Yusuf Michael Saleeby 29576, SCEmergency Medicine1558324053
David A Circle 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1427011931
David M Poorbaugh 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1760445365
Jesse T Felder 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1124081534
Frank J Ferlisi 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1013970433
Bradley P. Swenson 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1467415711
Paul C Flanders 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1861455123
Lawson B. Freeman 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1477516771
David Scott Turner 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1154384410
Samuel H Wiest 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1982667259
Rex A Henderson 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1457314726
Scott A Ramming 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1962465237
George S Bryan 29405, SCEmergency Medicine1962465161
Vernon B Stewart 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1881657088
Jason D Hunt 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1912960030
Jo Ann Sousa 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1760445837
Jack E Colker 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1902869993
Nelson P Davis 28734, SCEmergency Medicine1972566826
Guy Beyer Kahler 29020, SCEmergency Medicine1376506154
Kevin J Mewborn 29605, SCEmergency Medicine1669435327
Sherry L Hill 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1760445431
Jeanette C. Kinsey 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1518921105
Thomas Berner 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1851354583
Anthony W. Rekito 29621, SCEmergency Medicine1336103910
Frances L Eizember 28801, SCEmergency Medicine1922062223
Anthony L Bostick 29506, SCEmergency Medicine1477517977
Isom Lowman 29706, SCEmergency Medicine1124082367
Vicente J Hill 28734, SCEmergency Medicine1578527636


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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