Providers with Taxonomy: Emergency Medicine in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Emergency Medicine
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gary Thomas Barnes 37403, TNEmergency Medicine1538162433
Joanne Blow 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1629071972
Jericho P Borja 37922, TNEmergency Medicine1457355349
Theodore Thompson 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1144224783
William Robert Gailmard 38501, TNEmergency Medicine1124022884
Daniel Wayne Ross 37601, TNEmergency Medicine1538163506
Richard Gary Clark 38556, TNEmergency Medicine1962406793
Charise Bowman Johns 37862, TNEmergency Medicine1255335618
John W Minchey 38501, TNEmergency Medicine1457355828
Clare L Mccarthy 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1144225590
Robert Gordon Roy 37030, TNEmergency Medicine1912902495
Robert Plinke 38583, TNEmergency Medicine1730186446
Circle Of Life Obstetrics And Family Care, Pllc 37841, TNEmergency Medicine1619974581
Amanullah Siddiqi 37708, TNEmergency Medicine1780682906
Dennis Howard Duck 37861, TNEmergency Medicine1134127343
David N Benado 19464, TNEmergency Medicine1386644292
Pediatric Emergency Specialists, Pc 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1760482434
John G Knepper 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1447250915
Mindy K Longjohn 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1609876176
Tracy F Barrett 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1841290004
Teresa L Fritts 38672, TNEmergency Medicine1295735454
Martin I Herman 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1346240777
Jampana Raju 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1962402305
Andrew S Pierce 37604, TNEmergency Medicine1093715203
Gerald Johnson Presbury 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1588664726
Derrick R Hamilton 38068, TNEmergency Medicine1730189945
Narayanaswami Rangaswami 38107, TNEmergency Medicine1265432488
Robert Neal Rayder 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1700886926
James A Odonnell 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1871593897
Joseph S Fahhoum 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1265433213
Gilbert E Herren 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1316948375
Ashwini K Jha 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1861493835
John K Eshun 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1659372613
Ravi K Madasu 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1538160536
Shahram Rahimi-saber 38017, TNEmergency Medicine1376544379
Amal Y Rustom 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1831190834
Tripp A Dargie 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1396746269
Timothy E Long 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1235130097
Bonnie F Randolph 38119, TNEmergency Medicine1497756258
Cary D Hardison 37303, TNEmergency Medicine1174524938
Cassandra D Howard 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1124029970
Aleshia Lynn-ann Lunsford 37916, TNEmergency Medicine1285633925
Harold A Sloas 37232, TNEmergency Medicine1457351165
Barry G Gilmore 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1437159126
Amy L Hertz 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1649270919
Mary P Mcginty 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1881694255
Timothy J Oconnor 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1962402982
David F Piper 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1679573984
Joseph V Pollack 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1528068962
Tasha J Ford 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1205836566
Richard A Nelson 38127, TNEmergency Medicine1336149558
William R Hanna 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1093715682
Sweetwater Hospital Er Physician Group 37874, TNEmergency Medicine1083613905
Noel M Delos Santos 38105, TNEmergency Medicine1275533580
Robert E Turner 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1417958216
Tony L Wright 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1689675399
Sarah E Sterner 37403, TNEmergency Medicine1275534588
Perisco A Wofford 38116, TNEmergency Medicine1922000918
Albert L Bean 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1538160601
Roy M Dement 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1861493959
Randy G Mccomb 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1255333233
Amos Raymond 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1275535254
Claude F Varner 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1053313049
Laura A Tavernier 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1932101953
Ray Walther 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1194727073
William D Wilcox 38133, TNEmergency Medicine1013919851
Don Frankel 38120, TNEmergency Medicine1982606844
Jerry L Carter 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1508868381
Francis J. Fenaughty Md, P.c. 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1437141538
William A Smith 38138, TNEmergency Medicine1972595189
Pediatric Sedation Specialists, Pc 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1881686814
Toni H Tubb 38104, TNEmergency Medicine1609878693
Wayne E Moore 37208, TNEmergency Medicine1821081472
Donald H Polk 38485, TNEmergency Medicine1497747778
Clyde M Brown 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1063414902
David B Cauley 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1629079702
Edward R Davis 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1346242203
Lawrence B Gross 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1780686642
Joseph A Mixon 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1881695997
Thomas M Carr 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1376544452
William E Burch 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1518969468
David A Mcmillan 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1396747259
William H Rittenberry 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1942201058
John Morris Stallings 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1326040494
Johnathan J Tupper 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1538161559
Qhg Of Hattiesburg Inc 39402, TNEmergency Medicine1326032400
Jeffrey J Revill 38401, TNEmergency Medicine1679567523
Deann M Bullock Watkins 37208, TNEmergency Medicine1437144656
Richard Eugene Neubert 37604, TNEmergency Medicine1487649273
Geoffrey Lee Singer 35125, TNEmergency Medicine1023004553
Kirksville Clinic Corp 63501, TNEmergency Medicine1538155817
Caren Sue Johnson 88203, TNEmergency Medicine1215924857
Randy Estacion Florendo 37172, TNEmergency Medicine1235124207
Susan Watts Jeansonne 37660, TNEmergency Medicine1114913365
Amit Patel 37916, TNEmergency Medicine1407844111
William G Byrd 38115, TNEmergency Medicine1831184068
Jason A. Logan 74136, TNEmergency Medicine1245220144
Candie M Richardson 37404, TNEmergency Medicine1467442111
Volunteer Medical Group, P.c. 38501, TNEmergency Medicine1801886999
Nes Tennessee, Inc. 37160, TNEmergency Medicine1427039858
David G Florence 37355, TNEmergency Medicine1881676856
William A. James 38253, TNEmergency Medicine1063494508
John Jason James 37172, TNEmergency Medicine1073594099
Stephen Karim Lutzak 37067, TNEmergency Medicine1497738462
Amber Allen Barry 37172, TNEmergency Medicine1124003504
Geoffrey D Lifferth 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1922084102
William R Little 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1487630687
Charles S Ruark 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1275519472
Cynthia Denise Cross 38132, TNEmergency Medicine1417933276
John C Flynn 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1821074725
David W Lawhorn 37172, TNEmergency Medicine1558347450
John S Barbee 62863, TNEmergency Medicine1326025560
George Carpenter 37205, TNEmergency Medicine1487632857
Suresh Kari 38128, TNEmergency Medicine1205814274
Marc Alan Darst 28277, TNEmergency Medicine1144208158
Eric Christopher Bruno 37129, TNEmergency Medicine1619956539
Thomas Phillip Norsworthy 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1790764223
William L. Mcguire 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1164401618
Joe M. Harris 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1760461222
Michael Blaine Houchin 38363, TNEmergency Medicine1740269117
David A Daniels 38401, TNEmergency Medicine1215916838
Jackie L. Taylor 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1710966130
Stephen Edward Johnston 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1396724746
David Franklin James 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1649259003
Michael Allen Revelle 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1295714558
Michael Dean Ralston 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1538148887
Jim C Craig 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1073592325
David S. Goldberg 37027, TNEmergency Medicine1407836356
David Ludwell Lanier 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1649250598
George P. Knox 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1740250661
Michael Prescott Seaman 37752, TNEmergency Medicine1336119320
Suresh Thota 38237, TNEmergency Medicine1962480368
John R Pinkston 37066, TNEmergency Medicine1194701391
William Arthur Willis 38301, TNEmergency Medicine1518946946
Jerome Howell 38501, TNEmergency Medicine1164400511
Gary R Schwartz 37232, TNEmergency Medicine1518938794
Charles Hinton 37221, TNEmergency Medicine1801868559
Stephen Lockard Snyder 42134, TNEmergency Medicine1639142995
Anjali Singh 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1548233760
Christopher C. Rone 37160, TNEmergency Medicine1376516385
Rosa L. Stone 37211, TNEmergency Medicine1912970740
Tochukwu C. Ikejiani 37129, TNEmergency Medicine1295709897
Sanford H. Herman 37040, TNEmergency Medicine1619941200
Pedro L. Galvez 37160, TNEmergency Medicine1396719829
Northeast Tennessee Emergency Physicians Pc 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1467427138
Benjamin Altman 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1619942380
Constantino Diaz Miranda 37821, TNEmergency Medicine1093782963
Eric R Telfer 38024, TNEmergency Medicine1730156423
Keith Regen Hill 38563, TNEmergency Medicine1619945292
Terrence Wesley Leveck 37762, TNEmergency Medicine1255300182
Disha Saharia 38103, TNEmergency Medicine1346219292
James Eric Escue 38017, TNEmergency Medicine1821067513
Jennifer L. St. Croix 38002, TNEmergency Medicine1528027489
Mark Edward Wert 37388, TNEmergency Medicine1467411553
Kieth R. Schleifer 37160, TNEmergency Medicine1891754313
Frederick J Ergen 37917, TNEmergency Medicine1518927466
Karen L Harsh 37814, TNEmergency Medicine1205809522
Julia G Arana 37922, TNEmergency Medicine1831166792
Karen L Oldham 37087, TNEmergency Medicine1639140585
Kenneth E Turner 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1396710620
David Louis Sincavage 37027, TNEmergency Medicine1528036191
Thomas M Lang 24273, TNEmergency Medicine1114995354
Frank B Calhoun 37415, TNEmergency Medicine1326012683
Omar Louis Hamada 37027, TNEmergency Medicine1750358131
Devon D. Smith 37813, TNEmergency Medicine1952370587
Diana Novakovic Kessler 37412, TNEmergency Medicine1295701795
Tingting Barry 37388, TNEmergency Medicine1487028445
Ronald L Williams 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1659331288
John M Woodard 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1568422194
Curtis K Drumwright 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1205896834
Thomas A Kitts 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1023078656
Joe Pat Caldwell 37207, TNEmergency Medicine1275594053
Robert Roth 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1427010297
Frank Murabito 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1720040512
Leslie Lenning 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1609838499
Roderick Bahner 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1417919218
Bruce N Gibbon 37620, TNEmergency Medicine1730141698
Mark Greaves 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1649232430
Janet Loch-donahue 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1851353627
James Michael Lynch 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1366404147
David D. Buckman 37040, TNEmergency Medicine1598727380
Jeff Greenlee 37076, TNEmergency Medicine1497718712
Bruce D Boggs 37615, TNEmergency Medicine1053375386
Jasbir S Dhillon 37172, TNEmergency Medicine1831156140
Carlos Shammas 38132, TNEmergency Medicine1811954134
Rose C Ellen 38132, TNEmergency Medicine1215994595
Benjamin Wayne D'ooge 37762, TNEmergency Medicine1225096217
Sterling Emergency Services Of The Midwest, Inc 37091, TNEmergency Medicine1700844297
Jay Drennen Crim 37064, TNEmergency Medicine1588622732
Lisa J Mahan 38122, TNEmergency Medicine1508824285
Ethelyn D Johnson 38132, TNEmergency Medicine1649238320
Somerville Emergency Services, Llc 38068, TNEmergency Medicine1356309843
Trent Wright Marcus 38054, TNEmergency Medicine1831147461
Emcare Physician Providers, Inc. 37814, TNEmergency Medicine1598714826
Wolf Chase Emergency Physicians 38133, TNEmergency Medicine1730137159
Tennessee Em i Medical Services, Pc 38133, TNEmergency Medicine1386692754
Hooman Oktaei 38118, TNEmergency Medicine1194773762
Park Avenue Emergency Physicians 38119, TNEmergency Medicine1841248440
Waynesboro Emergency Services Ii, Llc 38485, TNEmergency Medicine1013965516
Lrh Emergency Physicians 37814, TNEmergency Medicine1639127160


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