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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sundeep Khosla MNEndocrinology1093793739
Lisa S. Chow MNEndocrinology1689652224
Diabetes & Metabolism Assoc Apmc Endocrinology1801874458
Michael S. Radin CTEndocrinology1982682563
William A. Petit CTEndocrinology1912985581
Charles F. Abboud MNEndocrinology1215915756
Diabetes & Metabolism Assoc Aanc LAEndocrinology1841278256
Tuan-huy Vu Tran LAEndocrinology1750369161
Michael L Humphrey PAEndocrinology1093793572
Mark R Wilford PAEndocrinology1174501654
Mystic Medical Group, Inc. Endocrinology1245218676
Angela C Bucci OHEndocrinology1730167289
George Vargas FLEndocrinology1124006606
Rose Crowley Christian VTEndocrinology1891773073
Ernesto Canalis CTEndocrinology1316925514
John Caras TXEndocrinology1639157837
Marcus Milo Cranston PAEndocrinology1669450870
Maria L Collazo MNEndocrinology1457339673
Carlos Felix Driggs NYEndocrinology1851379911
Jacqueline F Fabello-gamiao MIEndocrinology1144208232
William E. Dudley NHEndocrinology1316925415
Sanjay Goyal NYEndocrinology1164400156
Ishwar V Thakkar GAEndocrinology1033197140
Catherine A Rolih NCEndocrinology1215915335
David C. Plache NYEndocrinology1558340505
Assem Houssein OHEndocrinology1700865722
Geeta A Sangani NYEndocrinology1992784995
Robert A Rizza MNEndocrinology1942289947
Albert Giannone NYEndocrinology1407835424
Robert Thomas Horvat CAEndocrinology1841279668
Sharon Palushock PAEndocrinology1154300036
Philip Bukberg NYEndocrinology1164401055
Frank M Ramharrack FLEndocrinology1225017007
Marion Mc Mahon MNEndocrinology1073592556
Micahel Witkin NCEndocrinology1699754127
Wesley Fairfield MEEndocrinology1437138955
William F Young MNEndocrinology1457330946
Richard F Emslander MNEndocrinology1306825849
James K Salem OHEndocrinology1134108764
Christos Socrates Mantzoros MAEndocrinology1275512808
Youssef Khawaja CTEndocrinology1184603631
Brian Alan Swiglo MNEndocrinology1326027954
Sybil Meg Kramer MAEndocrinology1407835861
Bahar Aghighi CAEndocrinology1770562134
K S Nair MNEndocrinology1487633889
Sarah Khan NJEndocrinology1093794448
Catherine M Hegarty MAEndocrinology1295714657
Monika Khanna Shirodkar PAEndocrinology1497734602
Edward R Weiss CAEndocrinology1720068877
Gerald Charnogursky ILEndocrinology1023097102
Mary Ann Emanuele ILEndocrinology1902885080
Nicholas Emanuele ILEndocrinology1083693162
Irinel N Stanciu IDEndocrinology1720068760
F J Service MNEndocrinology1851371926
Ian D Hay MNEndocrinology1174503098
Jonathan Schlosser NYEndocrinology1902886815
Sumit Bhagra MNEndocrinology1982684817
Alan Peter Brun NJEndocrinology1558341495
Umasankari Sundaram NEEndocrinology1043290992
Charlottesville Endocrine Consultation & Treatment Services, Plc Endocrinology1962482745
Christopher G Zitnay NJEndocrinology1033199815
Elyse Wendy Glaser GAEndocrinology1295715027
Stephen F Hodgson MNEndocrinology1699755306
Treyce Sevel Knee MDEndocrinology1033199773
Larry Levin CAEndocrinology1235119835
Anthony Barbato ILEndocrinology1831179480
Alan T. Rauba MOEndocrinology1568442267
Jason L Gaglia MAEndocrinology1023098605
Southpark Community Hospital Endocrinology1275513798
Alexander Dominicus Zwart AZEndocrinology1225018856
Antonio D.s. Lopez CTEndocrinology1063492536
K. George Thampy MOEndocrinology1205816790
Rita Jain FLEndocrinology1275513731
Sleman A Khoury MIEndocrinology1578543849
Frank P Kennedy MNEndocrinology1457331654
Zewge Shiferaw-deribe NYEndocrinology1508846726
Ann Elizabeth Kearns MNEndocrinology1699745877
Eric R Johnson TXEndocrinology1518937705
Hallmark Health Medical Associates Inc Endocrinology1770563900
Egbert Miranda TXEndocrinology1093785230
Zarina Muzaffar ILEndocrinology1447220488
Marvin Mengel FLEndocrinology1427028455
Robert Michael Cuddihy MNEndocrinology1912977844
Jeannie Allyson Baquero TXEndocrinology1255301149
Lee Alice Goscin OKEndocrinology1154391084
Sandra Lee Jassmann CAEndocrinology1376513168
Siddika E Karakas CAEndocrinology1386629970
Fadi Nabhan OHEndocrinology1225017304
Marvin A Bishop KYEndocrinology1578533766
Derald L Seid D O A Medical Corporation CAEndocrinology1760466577
Mae Sheikh-ali FLEndocrinology1164405122
Ripudaman S Hundal DEEndocrinology1073591970
Andrew S Khouw OKEndocrinology1366429201
Chingleput Ranganathan OHEndocrinology1720063761
Milagros Lopez-velez OHEndocrinology1588649719
David W Harris OKEndocrinology1831176106
Upmc Altoona Regional Health Services, Inc Endocrinology1639158488
Pauline Camacho ILEndocrinology1730168816
Shubhi Sehgal WIEndocrinology1124006028
Franciscan Physician Network Endocrinology1316310535
Melissa Anne Morgan FLEndocrinology1821071903
Bridget Sinnott GAEndocrinology1215912399
John Henry Krege INEndocrinology1538524491
Clinics Of North Texas Llp Endocrinology1720067358
Konrad C Kaltenborn AKEndocrinology1972589299
Susan Shapiro Braithwaite ILEndocrinology1093793937
Marisela Marisa Noorhasan NMEndocrinology1174593206
Geraldo A Saavedra PAEndocrinology1700861630
Michael Goldberg NYEndocrinology1902885486
Purvi P Parikh MOEndocrinology1346229838
Betty Villafuerte KYEndocrinology1528047362
Michael Louis Tachman INEndocrinology1770567075
Mihaela Cosma WAEndocrinology1215915103
Richard Longley INEndocrinology1629055967
Alan Kauppi VAEndocrinology1093799322
Lisa Wisniewski VAEndocrinology1336123660
Galichia Medical Group, P.a. Endocrinology1447238621
Medical Specialties Of Kansas, L.l.c. Endocrinology1427036086
Saint Vincent Physician Services Inc Endocrinology1013997329
Kateryna Komarovskiy, Md, Pllc TXEndocrinology1366984288
Alfred J Padilla CTEndocrinology1386623957
Dawn M Ayers INEndocrinology1306823513
Shmaila Ishaq FLEndocrinology1851375067
Misha Denham FLEndocrinology1689659096
Ambika Rao NVEndocrinology1962480590
Jane Ilene Schlecker NYEndocrinology1659356285
James Hellerman NYEndocrinology1164406799
Michael John Thomas NCEndocrinology1023098506
Lillian R Harstine KSEndocrinology1295714848
Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, Inc. OHEndocrinology1194705194
Gerald I Shulman CTEndocrinology1235112319
J Paul Lock MAEndocrinology1497738207
Silvana Yovanof PAEndocrinology1770561375
Paul D. Levinson RIEndocrinology1649254566
Nidhi Saini CAEndocrinology1386905974
Jocelyn A Myers SCEndocrinology1063498335
Sheri A Gillis-funderburk NJEndocrinology1922078195
Gunjan Y Gandhi MNEndocrinology1952387912
Joseph P Armenia NYEndocrinology1720067143
Genesis Health System IAEndocrinology1225018211
Anju Verma MDEndocrinology1396724696
Davita Medical Group Nevada (coats), Ltd. NVEndocrinology1487631917
Davita Medical Group Nevada (coats), Ltd. NVEndocrinology1235116716
Davita Medical Group Nevada (coats), Ltd. NVEndocrinology1245217694
Patrick J. Mccarthy OREndocrinology1902881006
Tabbsum Lodhi Malik NYEndocrinology1275513863
Mary L Kemick SCEndocrinology1235119793
Milicent Eva Young TXEndocrinology1265415269
Lakshmanrao Bhandaru OHEndocrinology1033196738
Mercy Management Of Southeastern Pennsylvania Endocrinology1548246127
James Louis Bernene CTEndocrinology1699759878
Alan P Farwell MAEndocrinology1699758151
Michael F Holick MAEndocrinology1346226206
Samara Pena MAEndocrinology1518941327
Elizabeth Helfer NJEndocrinology1891775979
Jennifer B Zander ILEndocrinology1982850020
Robert Lawrence Stanley AREndocrinology1114903879
Gregory N Henson AREndocrinology1437135191
Jack T Fendley AREndocrinology1821074592
Joseph Rand GAEndocrinology1013991314
Ruben J Pipek FLEndocrinology1952385981
Theodore Steven Roosevelt IDEndocrinology1699754697
Mercy Hospital &medical Center ILEndocrinology1215914791
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc Endocrinology1932186640
Renato Concepcion FLEndocrinology1962480715
Haitham Sabe Abu Lebdeh MNEndocrinology1942286802
Graham Thomas Mcmahon MAEndocrinology1275512477
Jill D Felder OHEndocrinology1801871587
Rameshkumar Raman ILEndocrinology1376521484
Tom Joseph Sauerwein PAEndocrinology1265410567
Yuichiro David Nakai CAEndocrinology1497739114
Lori Rae Roust MNEndocrinology1326023623
Joseph E Barrera CAEndocrinology1629054630
Steven A Smith MNEndocrinology1649240235
Ralph Schmeltz PAEndocrinology1053381640
Ronald K Mayfield SCEndocrinology1134199755
Victor Manuel Montori MNEndocrinology1275503823
Helen Karakelides MNEndocrinology1881664431
Anthony Francis Firek CAEndocrinology1861462640
Teck Kim Khoo IAEndocrinology1487624037
Michael Adler PAEndocrinology1568432136
Michael D Jensen MNEndocrinology1073583464
Alice A Angelo MAEndocrinology1881664217
Colville Medical Center Ps Endocrinology1265402689
Fong James Wong FLEndocrinology1073583498
James A Holt NCEndocrinology1083684385
Kelly R Flesner OKEndocrinology1073584306
Annapolis Endocrinology Associates Llc Endocrinology1558331074
Christian S Hanson OKEndocrinology1083684302
Tobie L Bresloff OKEndocrinology1467422790
Zachary A Kaye VAEndocrinology1548230907
Luis R. Arce TXEndocrinology1053381418
Daniel T Baran MAEndocrinology1841260221
Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders Institute Pllc Endocrinology1457322661
Pravin V Chandra Mehta NYEndocrinology1245201482
Maria Lydia Patacsil MNEndocrinology1205807310
Jayant Dey MSEndocrinology1740251941
William L Black MAEndocrinology1780655860
Joseph Gallo NYEndocrinology1720059975
Ivor Jackson FLEndocrinology1023089265


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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