Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Krishna M Pinnamaneni 85282, AZEndocrinology1124022819
Steven M Herf 85383, AZEndocrinology1821097841
Hyun-suk Chong 85053, AZEndocrinology1558354100
Dineshkumar H Patel 85032, AZEndocrinology1396739785
Richard Fumitsugu Arakaki 85016, AZEndocrinology1093702656
Grace Zlaket Matta 85260, AZEndocrinology1679564512
Seema Ahluwalia 85224, AZEndocrinology1447231147
Atul P Lalani 85251, AZEndocrinology1447231774
Devendra G Wadwekar 85297, AZEndocrinology1174504534
Joan Frances Bailey 85004, AZEndocrinology1184615023
Rodolfo Argueta 85259, AZEndocrinology1275517369
Alexander Dominicus Zwart 85704, AZEndocrinology1225018856
Merilyn Goldschmid 85724, AZEndocrinology1730152489
Abdul-razzak Alamir 85260, AZEndocrinology1841263662
Amir Ephraim Harari 85260, AZEndocrinology1578537353
Robert Charles Biesbroeck 85206, AZEndocrinology1518933126
Gyan Brard 85206, AZEndocrinology1154397750
Shahzad Shadmany 85206, AZEndocrinology1285600783
Stephen Paul Thomson 85723, AZEndocrinology1316903891
Mohamad Horani 85226, AZEndocrinology1710944327
Julia Szilagyi Levai 85710, AZEndocrinology1417915265
Jonathan A Krakoff 85016, AZEndocrinology1255399648
Cristian E Sciutto 85003, AZEndocrinology1154370757
Joseph Khatchadourian 85206, AZEndocrinology1477501161
Karen M Box 86305, AZEndocrinology1386693992
Blanca Sylvia Vela 85012, AZEndocrinology1598710048
Jonathan R Insel 85715, AZEndocrinology1053350728
Mariali Garcia 85712, AZEndocrinology1821037573
Mitchell S Parker 85715, AZEndocrinology1225077902
Jeannie H Chen 85712, AZEndocrinology1790727790
William Clifford Duckworth 85012, AZEndocrinology1780628214
Raymond Frederick Graap 85712, AZEndocrinology1720024656
Peter David Reaven 85012, AZEndocrinology1316977721
Sathya G Jyothinagaram 85006, AZEndocrinology1538192703
David Alster 85704, AZEndocrinology1164457339
Jasjeet Kaur 85308, AZEndocrinology1417979907
Marshall Burton Block 85258, AZEndocrinology1578573101
Sreedevi Reddy 85013, AZEndocrinology1437169067
Rekha Kumari Agarwal 85381, AZEndocrinology1265443782
Elena V Plummer 85012, AZEndocrinology1164535951
Uwe Walter Folhmeister 86313, AZEndocrinology1871606715
Daniel Stephen Duick 85260, AZEndocrinology1215043195
Jayendra H Shah 85723, AZEndocrinology1528175072
Jayanthi Suppiah 85037, AZEndocrinology1982639498
Harry C Watters 85225, AZEndocrinology1316972656
Jordan A. Sennett 85306, AZEndocrinology1093736209
Chandana Mishra 85013, AZEndocrinology1174626667
Nora Barsony 85715, AZEndocrinology1376648568
Christian Meyer 85012, AZEndocrinology1801994348
David G Johnson 85724, AZEndocrinology1437258852
Lyuba Belitsky 85226, AZEndocrinology1205936143
Jerome H Targovnik 85012, AZEndocrinology1427138478
Manju D Schorr 85364, AZEndocrinology1972676344
Mara Okshteyn 85704, AZEndocrinology1982778643
Genene M Bekele 85254, AZEndocrinology1780733568
Murugasu Nagul 85006, AZEndocrinology1619091212
Philip Levy 85006, AZEndocrinology1700902053
Zoltan Vajo 85206, AZEndocrinology1255477055
Patricia Elise Gabriel 85364, AZEndocrinology1063570109
Sherman Mitchell Harman 85016, AZEndocrinology1538388046
Helen Y Kang 85053, AZEndocrinology1295945137
Dalal Alromaihi 85364, AZEndocrinology1750591863
Marie S Thearle 85016, AZEndocrinology1326249665
Momin Gabir 85308, AZEndocrinology1396944393
Laura Arlene Knecht 85004, AZEndocrinology1477752236
Vidhyalakshmi Kannan 85209, AZEndocrinology1275724452
Sami Nabil Nasrallah 85015, AZEndocrinology1255528600
Allison Marie Peckumn 85021, AZEndocrinology1023230778
Shabeena Shaik 85297, AZEndocrinology1821276544
Kevin Choong Ji Yuen 85013, AZEndocrinology1528249661
Cho Long Elizabeth Kim 85210, AZEndocrinology1467680165
Ronnie C William 85714, AZEndocrinology1639319049
Roopashree Prabhushankar 85210, AZEndocrinology1831402429
Yasmin Akhunji 85053, AZEndocrinology1790918738
Shubh Preet Kaur 85712, AZEndocrinology1194974519
Heather Linnea Saran 85260, AZEndocrinology1245596444
Vijayaratna Chockalingam 85006, AZEndocrinology1225299332
Maja Davidson 85053, AZEndocrinology1841555901
Steven Lee Brown 84041, AZEndocrinology1649615873
Srividya Ariyan 85381, AZEndocrinology1740483619
Naga Nalini Tirumalasetty 85225, AZEndocrinology1003168840
Stewart Hamilton 85367, AZEndocrinology1609287317
Divya R Pati 85712, AZEndocrinology1780029090
Rashi Agarwal 85381, AZEndocrinology1336394956
Fida Sawalha 85258, AZEndocrinology1750545422
Janet L Funk 85724, AZEndocrinology1881254688
Lory Ellen Baraz 85032, AZEndocrinology1790780393
Yanal Masannat 85364, AZEndocrinology1053543009
Adnan Ajmal 85013, AZEndocrinology1245494046
Kajalben Buddhdev 85013, AZEndocrinology1942565908
Monica C Rodriguez 85013, AZEndocrinology1568451839
Suzi Kochar 85395, AZEndocrinology1528387834
Muhammad Jawad Sethi 85715, AZEndocrinology1275762130
Maria S. Posadas 85712, AZEndocrinology1457362113
Chioma N Iweha 85381, AZEndocrinology1356321392
Ronald Cirullo 85085, AZEndocrinology1699753525
Abdullah Hanna-moussa 85381, AZEndocrinology1194735456
Karen Louise Herbst 85714, AZEndocrinology1114977840
Diane M Gronski 85308, AZEndocrinology1689624629
Garineh Ovanessoff 85013, AZEndocrinology1669625851
Richa Bhattarai 85006, AZEndocrinology1407298458
Kristin L Hanson 85297, AZEndocrinology1659379378
Gina Marie Mathew 85209, AZEndocrinology1366731358
Leonid Vydro 85306, AZEndocrinology1902148380
Ahmad Al Maradni 85006, AZEndocrinology1588194112
Ghada Mohamed Sami Ahmed K Elshimy 30912, AZEndocrinology1629453428
Kristina B. Blohm 85255, AZEndocrinology1750339214
Dorota E Pucyk 85741, AZEndocrinology1235275785
Pasquale J Palumbo 85259, AZEndocrinology1700869088
Bithika Marie Thompson 85259, AZEndocrinology1518127190
Elena Anna O. De Filippis 85259, AZEndocrinology1649451006
Krupa B Doshi 85259, AZEndocrinology1386837789
Curtiss B Cook 85259, AZEndocrinology1093705204
Sydney A Westphal 85259, AZEndocrinology1083651830
Michael D Whitaker 85259, AZEndocrinology1295717692
Lori Rae Roust 85259, AZEndocrinology1326023623
Ana Rivas Mejia 65807, AZEndocrinology1275898017
Sara Ashlyn Penquite 85714, AZEndocrinology1528591682
Margie Faye Hoke 85260, AZEndocrinology1841899887
Ming Li 85012, AZEndocrinology1508096470
Sandra I Rubio 86326, AZEndocrinology1225131014
Andrea Ferenczi 85260, AZEndocrinology1700836582
Kari Lee Edling 85050, AZEndocrinology1295987089
James Atkinson Deer 85016, AZEndocrinology1952538027
Anna Romulda Boron 85016, AZEndocrinology1548445182
Joel R.l. Ehrenkranz 85712, AZEndocrinology1528261955
Advanced Endocrinology And Metabolism, P.c. 85032, AZEndocrinology1922264779
Alpha omega Endocrinology Diabetes &metabolism Center, Pc. 85254, AZEndocrinology1326238288
Alsham Endocrinology 85226, AZEndocrinology1558597302
Arizona Center For Oral Health Pllc 85250, AZEndocrinology1427522788
Arizona Community Physicians Pc 85711, AZEndocrinology1205871076
Arizona Diabetes And Endocrinology, Plc 85297, AZEndocrinology1215360003
Arizona Endocrinology & Diabetes Clinic Inc 85308, AZEndocrinology1346758653
Arkangel Endocrinology & Diabetes, Pllc 85016, AZEndocrinology1770146466
Az Endocrine Institute, Pc 85224, AZEndocrinology1578583951
Chandler Endocrinology, Llc 85224, AZEndocrinology1245492719
Cristian E. Sciutto, Md Plc 85003, AZEndocrinology1831415991
Dcoa Physician Associates Pa 85338, AZEndocrinology1790956464
Desert Endocrinology Llc 85004, AZEndocrinology1760870919
Desert Mercy Diabetes And Thyroid Center Pllc 85018, AZEndocrinology1447546023
Desert Sky Endocrinology Associates Plc 85209, AZEndocrinology1073966487
Dhew Ind Hlth Sv Hlth Svs & Mntl Hlth Adm 85256, AZEndocrinology1679628531
Diabetes America Az Llc 85224, AZEndocrinology1992966998
Diabetes Relief Phoenix West, Pllc 85374, AZEndocrinology1306484381
District Medical Group, Inc 85008, AZEndocrinology1992038004
East Valley Diabetes & Endocrinology Plc 85297, AZEndocrinology1871887828
East Valley Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Pc 85258, AZEndocrinology1477674257
Edlc, Llc 85255, AZEndocrinology1154804243
Einfectionmd, Llc 85016, AZEndocrinology1417437526
Endocrinology Assoc 85013, AZEndocrinology1154348886
Endocrinology Associates P A Dtd 85260, AZEndocrinology1740294420
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Longevity Center Of Arizona Plc 85255, AZEndocrinology1285849034
Endocrinology, Diabetes, And Thyroid Center Of Arizona Pllc 85308, AZEndocrinology1003005893
Geriatric Specialties Of Arizona Pc 85015, AZEndocrinology1225023377
Healthy Living Diabetes And Endocrinology Plc 85225, AZEndocrinology1689157166
John C. Lincoln Llc 85020, AZEndocrinology1194839217
Jules Place, Llc 85711, AZEndocrinology1760001275
Julia S Levai Md Pc 85710, AZEndocrinology1164775524
Mara Okshteyn, Md, Llc 87505, AZEndocrinology1376786160
Midtown Endocrine Associates Pc 85004, AZEndocrinology1972896918
Mojave Diabetes And Endocrinology 86442, AZEndocrinology1568674661
Nps Physicians Pittsburgh, Llc 15224, AZEndocrinology1679137517
Phoenix Diabetes And Endocrinology, Llc 85050, AZEndocrinology1265756977
Phoenix Endocrinology Clinic Ltd 85006, AZEndocrinology1871772079
Phoenix Medical Group, P.c. 85381, AZEndocrinology1316952971
Restore Vitality Center 85033, AZEndocrinology1447767181
Samuel T Figueroa M D Plc 85395, AZEndocrinology1881644904
Sdms, P.c. 85282, AZEndocrinology1215109715
Sonoran Endocrinology Llc 85297, AZEndocrinology1144804030
Southwest Endocrinology Associates Pllc 85364, AZEndocrinology1891981668
Southwest Parathyroid Center Pllc 85258, AZEndocrinology1649868407
Sura Sharqe Endocrinology, Inc 85308, AZEndocrinology1497829659
Syoufi Endocrinology 85260, AZEndocrinology1811257710
The Healing Staff, Inc 85715, AZEndocrinology1407141823
Thomas H Schimke Md Plc 85022, AZEndocrinology1326267238
Tucson Endocrine Associates Pllc 85704, AZEndocrinology1083766828
Valley Endocrine Associates, P.c. 85206, AZEndocrinology1316010978
West Valley Endocrinology Llc 85037, AZEndocrinology1770659120
West Valley Endocrinology, Diabetes And Metabolism Center Llc 85395, AZEndocrinology1245758051
Samer R Hafi 98029, AZEndocrinology1144486945
Massiell German 84112, AZEndocrinology1508215757
Haitham Sabe Abu Lebdeh 55905, AZEndocrinology1942286802
Rebecca Marie Simon 48202, AZEndocrinology1609119478
Aoife M Egan 55905, AZEndocrinology1588895254
Ana Mrkaic 89102, AZEndocrinology1568854651
Gisell Yuriana Gonzalez Rios 32804, AZEndocrinology1760871511
Libu Varughese 45714, AZEndocrinology1053750331


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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