Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Narendranath A Reddy 91007, CAEndocrinology1598767717
Ardeshir Soroushyari 91356, CAEndocrinology1487658811
Atif Jameel Alaziz 91356, CAEndocrinology1396740627
Smita Gupta 95148, CAEndocrinology1740284249
Tarzana Endocrine & Medical Group 91356, CAEndocrinology1205831583
Mark L Geller 91356, CAEndocrinology1093710345
Chau Minh Le 91770, CAEndocrinology1235135633
Joel N/a Ringold 90505, CAEndocrinology1588660955
Ivan P Martinez 92807, CAEndocrinology1023014800
Jahangir Mahmoudi 95991, CAEndocrinology1669478491
Raymundo P Punzalan 93720, CAEndocrinology1194721373
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc 95403, CAEndocrinology1376540518
Philip Harold Frost 94118, CAEndocrinology1912905928
Jennifer Hone 93110, CAEndocrinology1104823954
Robert R Revers 93901, CAEndocrinology1598762718
Hsiang-shien Chen 91710, CAEndocrinology1962401489
Shanti Nilakantan 90815, CAEndocrinology1902805898
Mariola L Ficinski 90017, CAEndocrinology1659371367
Ivy-joan Erinma Madu 92868, CAEndocrinology1710988662
Suzanne Marie Chaves 92078, CAEndocrinology1851390058
Deborah K. Plante 95608, CAEndocrinology1831191980
Dyron J. Jue 95128, CAEndocrinology1760484240
Daniel Einhorn 92037, CAEndocrinology1275525776
Raymond I. Fink 91942, CAEndocrinology1164414652
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAEndocrinology1225021249
Diabetes And Endocrine Associates 91942, CAEndocrinology1881687960
Jeffrey Bodwin 92835, CAEndocrinology1932195476
Henry Jonathan Schwartz 95403, CAEndocrinology1649267261
Richard Fumitsugu Arakaki 85016, CAEndocrinology1093702656
Mitchell E Cohen 90067, CAEndocrinology1023002813
Shaunna Shortes 93631, CAEndocrinology1699760090
Sean P Nikravan 92663, CAEndocrinology1558357319
Healthcare Crossing Corporation 92563, CAEndocrinology1518953298
David Berger 90241, CAEndocrinology1881683944
Mohamad Khaldoun Alnabelsi 92270, CAEndocrinology1891786729
Joy Yee Jia Wu 94305, CAEndocrinology1619968351
Mark Mitsuyuki Moriwaki 95817, CAEndocrinology1295716090
Rambod Amani-yazdi M.d 91773, CAEndocrinology1811978364
Steven Griffen 95817, CAEndocrinology1053393835
James W Chu 93940, CAEndocrinology1710969266
Yolanta T Kruszynska 93901, CAEndocrinology1447232996
Kendal Lee Hamann 95403, CAEndocrinology1285615922
Allen B King 93901, CAEndocrinology1649253048
Allen B King A Medical Corporation 93901, CAEndocrinology1396727624
Sadiq Mandilawi 91750, CAEndocrinology1295716736
John Paul Mckenna 94535, CAEndocrinology1376531665
Robert Henry Noth 94598, CAEndocrinology1831172972
Gail A Wong 95655, CAEndocrinology1518941772
Arthur L.m. Swislocki 94553, CAEndocrinology1043294705
Michael Roy Koteles 94535, CAEndocrinology1093799959
Irene Tan Gaw Gonzalo 91007, CAEndocrinology1679558035
David M Kendall 92121, CAEndocrinology1013992353
Donald Westbie 95370, CAEndocrinology1912984436
Philip Barnett 90404, CAEndocrinology1154309045
Vivien Bonert 90048, CAEndocrinology1235117128
Glenn Braunstein 90048, CAEndocrinology1952389751
Robert Thomas Horvat 95301, CAEndocrinology1841279668
Bahar Aghighi 95062, CAEndocrinology1770562134
Edward R Weiss 91607, CAEndocrinology1720068877
Larry Levin 95062, CAEndocrinology1235119835
Sandra Lee Jassmann 91942, CAEndocrinology1376513168
Siddika E Karakas 95817, CAEndocrinology1386629970
Derald L Seid D O A Medical Corporation 94117, CAEndocrinology1760466577
Anthony Francis Firek 92404, CAEndocrinology1861462640
Thanh Duc Hoang 92134, CAEndocrinology1225009178
Alfred F Shwayhat 92134, CAEndocrinology1235100942
Pamela Prescott 95817, CAEndocrinology1205808334
Lars F Berglund 95817, CAEndocrinology1417929696
Thomas T Aoki 95817, CAEndocrinology1730151655
Omar Mtaweh Murad 94534, CAEndocrinology1598738015
Cary M Manoogian 91101, CAEndocrinology1306819271
Bonnie S Kimmel 94597, CAEndocrinology1508830944
Anan Adnan Faidi 95202, CAEndocrinology1609840479
Hugh Shang Nasr 92262, CAEndocrinology1073588737
University Of California Sfgh Medical Group 94110, CAEndocrinology1265407381
George E. Dailey 92037, CAEndocrinology1841266343
Craig Olsen 90720, CAEndocrinology1477529758
Mahmood Reza Kazemi 94583, CAEndocrinology1104892264
Steffan Thayer Havas 90503, CAEndocrinology1841266707
David Allen Chappell 94954, CAEndocrinology1598732463
Jeffrey Scott Mason 91750, CAEndocrinology1255308912
Shilpa Harish Jain 94304, CAEndocrinology1851369847
Lawrence Martin Crapo 95128, CAEndocrinology1174592075
Alvaro Daniel Davila 95128, CAEndocrinology1144299926
Kimvir S Dhillon 92653, CAEndocrinology1083673248
Minou P. Tran 90241, CAEndocrinology1538137054
Deborah Kaye Murray 95687, CAEndocrinology1962476895
Grace S Eng 94608, CAEndocrinology1871552679
Daniel Allen Nadeau 92663, CAEndocrinology1215902226
Daryoosh Valamanesh 91767, CAEndocrinology1205804671
Radha Thiruvengadam Reddy 91730, CAEndocrinology1780652073
Jaiwant K Rangi 95630, CAEndocrinology1902878978
Christopher W. Marx 92037, CAEndocrinology1811958929
Sam Pourbabak 92630, CAEndocrinology1043271018
Associated Internal Medicine Med Grp Inc 94609, CAEndocrinology1215998935
Lauren Eun-jung Choi 90806, CAEndocrinology1699736132
Richard S Cherlin 95032, CAEndocrinology1922060219
Chaparral Medical Group Inc 91767, CAEndocrinology1114989241
Chaparral Medical Group Inc 91767, CAEndocrinology1982666541
Yan Leung 92618, CAEndocrinology1992768576
Chaparral Medical Group Inc 91711, CAEndocrinology1376506956
Leena Singh 95926, CAEndocrinology1033172689
Eli Ipp 90502, CAEndocrinology1134182629
Peter M Sklarin 94025, CAEndocrinology1760446496
Kenneth A. Woeber 94143, CAEndocrinology1992769335
Dianne Budd 94102, CAEndocrinology1457315723
Robert J. Rushakoff 94143, CAEndocrinology1336103480
Mark S. Anderson 94143, CAEndocrinology1013971001
Jean Ohannes Partamian 91325, CAEndocrinology1598720351
Zarmen Israelian 91205, CAEndocrinology1417911314
Oliver Lim Ong 91205, CAEndocrinology1811951734
Jeffrey A Punim 92647, CAEndocrinology1962467258
Universal Primary Care 91205, CAEndocrinology1598720641
James D Rooke 95209, CAEndocrinology1578529426
Jacqueline G Parthemore 92161, CAEndocrinology1366408569
Amy L Teresi 92660, CAEndocrinology1265498703
Nirali Patel 95355, CAEndocrinology1841256948
Nicholas Thanh Tran 92683, CAEndocrinology1265498349
Celina Hetnal 95355, CAEndocrinology1831156389
Christopher J Hupfeld 92056, CAEndocrinology1568429165
Cathy Lee Doria-medina 90503, CAEndocrinology1982661591
Chienying Liu 94143, CAEndocrinology1649237975
Martin F Pricco 95355, CAEndocrinology1881651222
Ira D. Goldfine 94143, CAEndocrinology1508823675
Angela M Leung 90073, CAEndocrinology1982662946
Haleh G Bassiri 93940, CAEndocrinology1356309041
Karl Yoder Hostetler 92103, CAEndocrinology1477501450
Surendra J Sood 95355, CAEndocrinology1336197300
Brian Peter First 92117, CAEndocrinology1770531816
David Lewis Geffner 90402, CAEndocrinology1376592345
Usc Internal Medicine, Inc. 90033, CAEndocrinology1356390009
Sunder Mudaliar 92161, CAEndocrinology1750330346
Lawrence Gerald Krugman 92311, CAEndocrinology1033169453
Stanford Hospital And Clinics 94305, CAEndocrinology1932158318
Cheng-yang Christian Tuan 94110, CAEndocrinology1891746129
Peter P. Koenig, M.d., Incorporated 91403, CAEndocrinology1063462521
Peter P. Koenig 91403, CAEndocrinology1316997877
Linda Membreno 94040, CAEndocrinology1740231919
Michael Frank Richman 90025, CAEndocrinology1972554806
Todd Kaye 94040, CAEndocrinology1295787646
Lynn Bennion 94040, CAEndocrinology1235181728
Nancy C. Greep 90505, CAEndocrinology1447203096
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CAEndocrinology1235182569
Linda T. Wang M.d., Inc 90720, CAEndocrinology1679531842
Caremore Medical Group Inc 90703, CAEndocrinology1760435705
Center For Cholesterol Management 90025, CAEndocrinology1649220328
Kathy Kook-hee Joo 92591, CAEndocrinology1457318347
Bill Liang Jou 92592, CAEndocrinology1285699967
Vinh Ngo 94103, CAEndocrinology1528017167
Cynthia Williams 90505, CAEndocrinology1265485049
Deborah Elaine Sellmeyer 94305, CAEndocrinology1225095755
Khalid S Hasan 91321, CAEndocrinology1417919085
Uc Regents 92868, CAEndocrinology1619925153
Prasad Anjaneya Jeereddi 91767, CAEndocrinology1821058470
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CAEndocrinology1417915760
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CAEndocrinology1356394175
Chaparral Medical Group, Inc. 91767, CAEndocrinology1437111028
Diana M. Antoniucci 94109, CAEndocrinology1164486676
Stephen M Damiani 92307, CAEndocrinology1609820950
Ammar Qoubaitary 94583, CAEndocrinology1851346977
Ali Reza Moattari 92660, CAEndocrinology1265487581
Jean L Chan 92121, CAEndocrinology1538115720
Tik L Tjoa 91769, CAEndocrinology1811943186
Gia Novell-kimura 91105, CAEndocrinology1558317834
Martha Nolte Kennedy 94143, CAEndocrinology1982651022
Andrew R Hoffman 94304, CAEndocrinology1619924685
Visalia Medical Clinic, Inc. 93291, CAEndocrinology1780631432
Yi Brenda Shue 94117, CAEndocrinology1396792610
John Muir Physician Network 94597, CAEndocrinology1417994419
Karen E. Earle 94143, CAEndocrinology1801833678
Michael Kurt Laidlaw 95677, CAEndocrinology1376580241
Central California Faculty Medical Group, Inc. 93721, CAEndocrinology1992742852
Stefan Bughi 90033, CAEndocrinology1134166671
Charles M. Holzner 90240, CAEndocrinology1861439465
Thomas Michael Dougherty 90638, CAEndocrinology1699712232
Brian Escala Chavez 92630, CAEndocrinology1215974969
Pawan Kumar 93274, CAEndocrinology1972541829
Dwight Charles Evans 92357, CAEndocrinology1760420509
Michael K Laidlaw Md, Inc. 95677, CAEndocrinology1053350900
Nirmal Kumar Banskota 91006, CAEndocrinology1083654404
Elisabeth Ryzen 94304, CAEndocrinology1992745707
Jannet Ton-ming Huang 92606, CAEndocrinology1497796049
Rubina Aqeel Md Inc 91786, CAEndocrinology1902847726
Yehuda Handelsman 91356, CAEndocrinology1063453769
Linda Ann Glaser 90404, CAEndocrinology1518900976
Yaroslav A Gofnung 91607, CAEndocrinology1740224021
Rochelle Villanueva 95370, CAEndocrinology1932143062
George Y Chao 95355, CAEndocrinology1548204506
Dorothea Elisabeth Spambalg 91101, CAEndocrinology1568406809
Jorge H. Mestman 90033, CAEndocrinology1427093053
Monterey Endocrine And Diabetes Institute, Inc 93940, CAEndocrinology1326083569
David C. Klonoff 94010, CAEndocrinology1306882949
Michael S. German 94143, CAEndocrinology1588600878
Ruchi Mathur 90033, CAEndocrinology1184650749
Vikram Vadilal Kamdar 90033, CAEndocrinology1629004148
Ronald H Chochinov 93003, CAEndocrinology1730116930
8920 Medical Associates, Inc. 90211, CAEndocrinology1437186798
Narmeen Adnan Nabil 91325, CAEndocrinology1518994433
Michael W Lin 91776, CAEndocrinology1285661819
Michael K Lai 93454, CAEndocrinology1750318127


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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