Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jesus L Penabad 34667, FLEndocrinology1285637553
Lusiana Loman 34667, FLEndocrinology1972506244
Antonio Pinero-pilona 34667, FLEndocrinology1720082068
Talal Faris 34667, FLEndocrinology1598767634
Lee Nathaniel Metchick 32132, FLEndocrinology1407851801
Henry Jackson Baskin 32804, FLEndocrinology1871598128
James H Mersey 32159, FLEndocrinology1669477683
Olga Kaliebe 33607, FLEndocrinology1003810417
Chaitanya H Yajnik 32137, FLEndocrinology1548266182
Christopher Douglas Miller 33880, FLEndocrinology1356349880
Carlos Vidalon 33324, FLEndocrinology1760480156
Penny S Glickman 32751, FLEndocrinology1619975638
Carlos A Pacheco 32751, FLEndocrinology1104824127
Sanford Norman Plevin 34684, FLEndocrinology1336147362
Nanjappa Chandramohan 34471, FLEndocrinology1699772574
Sohail H Ali 32751, FLEndocrinology1235137167
Richard J Weiss 33912, FLEndocrinology1073511846
Nikhita Dhruv 32935, FLEndocrinology1710985593
Sergio R Mather 33912, FLEndocrinology1013915024
Rajesh Kantilal Desai 32935, FLEndocrinology1427057256
Aris Nicholas Jacob 33909, FLEndocrinology1093714966
Athanassios Drimoussis 33919, FLEndocrinology1346241254
Michel Susan Foster 34239, FLEndocrinology1194726570
Stanley Andrew Tan 33825, FLEndocrinology1396747721
Roger Wayne Turkington 34601, FLEndocrinology1700879376
Randall Paul Riche 32503, FLEndocrinology1821099516
William A Shapse 33484, FLEndocrinology1801880836
Arnold Vera 32117, FLEndocrinology1275527038
Josef J K Vesely 34471, FLEndocrinology1427043900
Martin Steven Cohen 33173, FLEndocrinology1184619777
Geoffrey Steven Gates 32224, FLEndocrinology1831186089
Thomas Patrick Fox 32224, FLEndocrinology1750378907
Richard Albert Weizenecker 32025, FLEndocrinology1316933245
Rajesh Garg 33136, FLEndocrinology1609863190
Rajiv Bhambri 32901, FLEndocrinology1376537373
Lucia Estella Gilling 33544, FLEndocrinology1174517247
Sumesh Chandra 33613, FLEndocrinology1477547602
Bruce J Rogers 32653, FLEndocrinology1528056678
Alejandro R Ayala 33136, FLEndocrinology1790776409
Carolina C Sarenas 32955, FLEndocrinology1205817434
Maha Zikra 32819, FLEndocrinology1366425654
Stefano Travaglini 32216, FLEndocrinology1811979925
Yuvraj K. Kumbkarni 33613, FLEndocrinology1720076177
Hossam Ibrahim 33713, FLEndocrinology1639168990
Adelina Cortes Flores 33952, FLEndocrinology1649253733
Steven P Halasz 33980, FLEndocrinology1851374755
Tania Paquin Lozano 33615, FLEndocrinology1477538890
Chang Lim Kim 33065, FLEndocrinology1710962105
Jozsef Szabo 32901, FLEndocrinology1598741183
David Robert Biezunski 32960, FLEndocrinology1265418743
David N Reinhard 33140, FLEndocrinology1144207515
George Vargas 33029, FLEndocrinology1124006606
Frank M Ramharrack 34471, FLEndocrinology1225017007
Marvin Mengel 32732, FLEndocrinology1427028455
Mae Sheikh-ali 32216, FLEndocrinology1164405122
Shmaila Ishaq 33308, FLEndocrinology1851375067
Misha Denham 33134, FLEndocrinology1689659096
Gunjan Y Gandhi 32209, FLEndocrinology1952387912
Joseph Rand 34239, FLEndocrinology1013991314
Ruben J Pipek 32940, FLEndocrinology1952385981
Melissa Anne Morgan 32223, FLEndocrinology1821071903
Fong James Wong 34471, FLEndocrinology1073583498
Ivor Jackson 33458, FLEndocrinology1023089265
Ann Karen Yoshihashi 32508, FLEndocrinology1447221262
Jeffrey Marshall Pollock 33324, FLEndocrinology1407828320
Thomas William Oates 33805, FLEndocrinology1508838210
Murray Jack Miller 33313, FLEndocrinology1013980093
Bryan Mc Iver 33612, FLEndocrinology1316911738
Todd David Brodie 34102, FLEndocrinology1003880170
Brendan Christopher O'malley 33613, FLEndocrinology1689641748
Edwin N Lee 32819, FLEndocrinology1083683106
Aleksandra Kraeher 33458, FLEndocrinology1790744910
Gerald Miceli 32763, FLEndocrinology1396705570
Gulnaz Mirza 33472, FLEndocrinology1215904354
Julie Elizabeth Hallanger Johnson 33612, FLEndocrinology1417921677
Vanessa Rodriguez 33446, FLEndocrinology1427017441
Rubens Sievert 33073, FLEndocrinology1639148547
Malgorzata Beckman 33331, FLEndocrinology1487627360
Arshag Dertad Mooradian 32209, FLEndocrinology1154382430
Robert E Aden 33176, FLEndocrinology1457312829
Robert Leonard Lavine 32034, FLEndocrinology1770544355
David Lynn Vesely 33612, FLEndocrinology1235191842
Jose M Cabral 33331, FLEndocrinology1457314817
Luis F Samos 33125, FLEndocrinology1548224066
Raquel N Faradji 33136, FLEndocrinology1447214960
Neil F Goodman 33176, FLEndocrinology1356305783
Bresta Y Miranda-palma 33136, FLEndocrinology1467417204
Marianne Madiedo 33136, FLEndocrinology1255396818
Camillo Ricordi 33136, FLEndocrinology1467417014
Ronald B Goldberg 33136, FLEndocrinology1528023710
Jay S Skyler 33136, FLEndocrinology1437114691
Luz M Prieto-sanchez 32301, FLEndocrinology1558327403
Lawrence M Fishman 33136, FLEndocrinology1902862501
Jennifer B Marks 33136, FLEndocrinology1306802780
Hernan R Baquerizo 33133, FLEndocrinology1053378893
Emad Naem 32207, FLEndocrinology1851357859
Judith Duga 33071, FLEndocrinology1194782144
Mark A Lupo 34239, FLEndocrinology1528025319
Marcos M Chertman 33125, FLEndocrinology1003865262
Roger Harrison Bower 32114, FLEndocrinology1699724807
Philip Salvatore Rasulo 34205, FLEndocrinology1427007699
Joe M Chehade 32209, FLEndocrinology1124078076
Mark D Borchelt 34952, FLEndocrinology1194776286
Donald H. Park 33744, FLEndocrinology1265484026
John I Jones 32605, FLEndocrinology1114970381
Manuel C Sainz De La Pena 33607, FLEndocrinology1194775817
Ralph C Goodman 32550, FLEndocrinology1497718795
Anil Prasad Shrestha 32080, FLEndocrinology1902869837
Vishnu N. Behari 32504, FLEndocrinology1447202874
Mary Beeson 33756, FLEndocrinology1427015510
Arvind Rama Parbhoo 33713, FLEndocrinology1669433660
Melvyn W Kramer 33472, FLEndocrinology1306803846
Pamela Lynn Ojha 32907, FLEndocrinology1730137282
Alexander Lurie 33140, FLEndocrinology1821055963
Kenneth B Shephard 33183, FLEndocrinology1568411262
Jose R. Antunes 34237, FLEndocrinology1720032253
John Brooke Tourtelot 33756, FLEndocrinology1174577159
Ziad M Mamish 32504, FLEndocrinology1598710428
Thomas Thomas 33410, FLEndocrinology1164477329
Catherine M. Edwards 32610, FLEndocrinology1811942980
Muhammad H. Farooqi 34695, FLEndocrinology1639126642
Brenda M. Acosta Ashby 33166, FLEndocrinology1366480386
Maribel Montoya 34787, FLEndocrinology1477591451
Ghosn A Issa 32504, FLEndocrinology1215975198
Jaime Steinsapir 33401, FLEndocrinology1396784344
Stanley Chad Harvey 34994, FLEndocrinology1720027345
Manuel A. Pardo 33907, FLEndocrinology1376583294
Ramon A Urdaneta 34761, FLEndocrinology1871533687
Vineeth Mohan 33331, FLEndocrinology1023059730
Jacqueline Velay Ferreira 33136, FLEndocrinology1255372991
Arelis Margarita Madera 33952, FLEndocrinology1487697272
Samuel E Crockett 32804, FLEndocrinology1679517171
Andrew S Martin 32804, FLEndocrinology1497799886
Dmitry A. Grebenev 33770, FLEndocrinology1528003043
Annapoorna Arunachalam 33461, FLEndocrinology1083659148
Abdul Ghani 33542, FLEndocrinology1699711341
Suhail A Masudi 33414, FLEndocrinology1649206525
Kent Wehmeier 32209, FLEndocrinology1104853811
Sonia M Jimenez-victores 33012, FLEndocrinology1548299498
Maggie Rosadomartinez 32822, FLEndocrinology1437189479
Silvina Levis-dusseau 33136, FLEndocrinology1891725933
Jorge Jacobi 33133, FLEndocrinology1922038074
Ana M Alvarez-jacinto 33013, FLEndocrinology1588696207
Colleen R Digman 32607, FLEndocrinology1760438535
David R. Leonard 33756, FLEndocrinology1932148228
Ambreen Qureshi 33544, FLEndocrinology1164460788
Jose M Mandry 34761, FLEndocrinology1386674794
Tracie Jean Leonhardt 33771, FLEndocrinology1588601751
Wilfred M Victorina 32137, FLEndocrinology1083660351
Fidel H Henriquez 33026, FLEndocrinology1891738720
Teresita C De Lara 33952, FLEndocrinology1891725677
Robert C. Brickner 33744, FLEndocrinology1700818606
Bernard A Roos 33136, FLEndocrinology1962434944
Ervin Szoke 32935, FLEndocrinology1467485946
Lee D Goldberg 33140, FLEndocrinology1851325278
Rodolfo Alejandro 33136, FLEndocrinology1356368328
Maria Del Pilar Solano 33136, FLEndocrinology1508883570
Maha F Ansara 32746, FLEndocrinology1295754356
Senan Sultan 32204, FLEndocrinology1366461543
Luis A Guerrero 33156, FLEndocrinology1649290768
Howard Lilienfeld 33612, FLEndocrinology1568483162
Gwen Pearlman 33434, FLEndocrinology1871515338
Kort Christopher Knudson 33401, FLEndocrinology1982627907
Alberto Fernandez 33324, FLEndocrinology1437173952
Suzanne L Quinn 32610, FLEndocrinology1295759652
David S Mordes 34997, FLEndocrinology1376557496
Numa Jose Tamayo 33952, FLEndocrinology1881618080
Sheila R Gupta 32174, FLEndocrinology1487668463
William Kaye 33401, FLEndocrinology1003820002
Barry Horowitz 33401, FLEndocrinology1437163003
Shital Patel 33437, FLEndocrinology1942214572
Gary Pepper 33458, FLEndocrinology1881608545
Jay M Sosenko 33136, FLEndocrinology1598772683
Roland M Lajoie 33713, FLEndocrinology1285641357
Amir Manzoor 32405, FLEndocrinology1801804117
Robert V Coleman 34747, FLEndocrinology1487663928
Robert V Farese 33612, FLEndocrinology1013926849
Cristina B Mata 33137, FLEndocrinology1952311490
Arunabha Ganguly 33612, FLEndocrinology1336159169
Wendy C Huhn 32803, FLEndocrinology1720099070
Robert B Constant 32803, FLEndocrinology1124039458
Paul Stephen Jellinger 33021, FLEndocrinology1811900665
Stephen Bruce Novak 33021, FLEndocrinology1972516680
Sam Lerman 33021, FLEndocrinology1932112661
Laura S Rainer 34292, FLEndocrinology1568575710
Peter W Stacpoole 32610, FLEndocrinology1558474478
Celeste Hart 32301, FLEndocrinology1932212263
Renanit Elkayam Barron 33458, FLEndocrinology1760408215
Saji Koshy 33613, FLEndocrinology1982623286
Ernesto Bernal-mizrachi 33136, FLEndocrinology1801812110
Monique Lenore Manganelli 33308, FLEndocrinology1659487536
Victor Manuel Luna 34134, FLEndocrinology1275566945
Prabhat K Tandon 34491, FLEndocrinology1245265941
Robert L Dubin 34285, FLEndocrinology1417970138
Edna Scheindling-tokayer 33431, FLEndocrinology1184638710
Michael J Clare-salzler 32610, FLEndocrinology1982636346
Leonard Thaler 33180, FLEndocrinology1538187166
Elton Timothy Shapiro 33180, FLEndocrinology1275551442
Kenneth Cusi 32610, FLEndocrinology1770690752
Sindhu Sony Jacob 34711, FLEndocrinology1265540827


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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