Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Matthey T Harris 30501, GAEndocrinology1043213176
Robert Dennis Steed 30328, GAEndocrinology1417954314
David Gereald Robertson 30318, GAEndocrinology1659378560
Norman Spencer Welch 30318, GAEndocrinology1265439178
Paul C Davidson 30318, GAEndocrinology1114924925
Bruce Welsh Bode 30318, GAEndocrinology1841297751
Natasha Bita Khazai 30303, GAEndocrinology1114927670
Scott D. Isaacs 30342, GAEndocrinology1700886785
Muhammad Houri 72901, GAEndocrinology1154310423
Seymour J Rosenbloom 30060, GAEndocrinology1265422505
Eric William Friedrich 31520, GAEndocrinology1396736625
Jason Andrew Berner 30143, GAEndocrinology1144201781
Sol Jacobs 30322, GAEndocrinology1689665200
John Chip Hamilton Reed 30076, GAEndocrinology1194706531
Dianne C Roland 30736, GAEndocrinology1740279462
Elyse Wendy Glaser 30062, GAEndocrinology1295715027
Bridget Sinnott 30912, GAEndocrinology1215912399
Harini Jalagani 30120, GAEndocrinology1336111558
Y Khalid Siddiq 30106, GAEndocrinology1023085081
Garry Lewis August 31901, GAEndocrinology1659331668
Richard Dale Childress 38119, GAEndocrinology1578538070
Alan Jay Cohen 38119, GAEndocrinology1245203371
Ali Abbas Rizvi 29203, GAEndocrinology1033186754
Yssa Saaddine 30344, GAEndocrinology1063476810
David Ziemer 30303, GAEndocrinology1700834330
Atlanta Diabetes Associates 30318, GAEndocrinology1366492282
Mary W Chen 30901, GAEndocrinology1447203252
Victoria Cecilia Musey 30308, GAEndocrinology1780642942
Andrew Sanders 30809, GAEndocrinology1538112347
Nitin N. Mayur, Md D/b/a Wellstar Medical Specialists 30060, GAEndocrinology1982650511
David H Jacobson 30033, GAEndocrinology1487600748
Darwin L Brown 30033, GAEndocrinology1992751259
Jay B. Mepani 30033, GAEndocrinology1174570378
Moses Cone Medical Services, Inc. 27401, GAEndocrinology1427095249
Larry M Kohse 31201, GAEndocrinology1972545267
James A Stoever 31405, GAEndocrinology1679515894
Patrick Bowen 30322, GAEndocrinology1073549994
Peter Martin Thule 30033, GAEndocrinology1164458428
William Virgil Brown 30033, GAEndocrinology1841228665
Robert James Pollet 30033, GAEndocrinology1902835523
Maryann N Mugo 30178, GAEndocrinology1235173485
Kaveh Ehsanipoor 31404, GAEndocrinology1821037706
Spartanburg Medical Center 29303, GAEndocrinology1033150875
Andrea Elizabeth Gatchair-rose 31210, GAEndocrinology1659305662
Christina Michelle Kile 31707, GAEndocrinology1326072851
Vijayasudha Gunna 30005, GAEndocrinology1285652784
Thomas C Jones 31210, GAEndocrinology1740208966
Lawrence S. Phillips 30322, GAEndocrinology1073532354
Ann P Ward 30178, GAEndocrinology1932121282
Cooperative Healthcare Services, Inc. 31525, GAEndocrinology1417979402
Thomas M Flood 30342, GAEndocrinology1003839101
Mark Stuart Nanes 30033, GAEndocrinology1649294406
Angel Rafael Garcia 31201, GAEndocrinology1528076759
Mary K Rhee 30303, GAEndocrinology1205844990
Roberto Pacifici 30322, GAEndocrinology1861400509
Vin Tangpricha 30322, GAEndocrinology1790793404
Sumathi Srivatsa 30322, GAEndocrinology1770591471
William A Bornstein 30322, GAEndocrinology1629086418
Thomas R Ziegler 30322, GAEndocrinology1710995444
Lonny Evan Horowitz 30189, GAEndocrinology1568475515
Tallapragada Shankar 30281, GAEndocrinology1619980810
Darin Erik Olson 30033, GAEndocrinology1043324700
Peter Wyman Wilson 30329, GAEndocrinology1770698029
Mary Ellen Therese Sweeney 30033, GAEndocrinology1053426551
Joseph Clifton Wood 30905, GAEndocrinology1720193360
Sabreena M Basu 30322, GAEndocrinology1790793586
Sabrina M-y Rene 30265, GAEndocrinology1710906607
Joshua I Barzilay 30084, GAEndocrinology1215045232
Anthony L. Mulloy 30912, GAEndocrinology1588773592
Edward Chin 30912, GAEndocrinology1861502536
Carlos M. Isales 30912, GAEndocrinology1740390061
Imran Syed 30009, GAEndocrinology1518079136
Amatu Rabbi 30342, GAEndocrinology1619079878
Victor E Silverman 30342, GAEndocrinology1831201052
Max E Stachura 30912, GAEndocrinology1568564839
Guillermo E Umpierrez 30303, GAEndocrinology1174626063
Olivia F Mulligan 30078, GAEndocrinology1184728255
Grattan Crowe Woodson 30319, GAEndocrinology1700981834
Judson Gregory Black 30328, GAEndocrinology1558468728
Michael S. Vavrik 30117, GAEndocrinology1003915158
Gregg M Koval 30342, GAEndocrinology1659472363
Robert William Harper 30909, GAEndocrinology1659462919
Jennifer E Lawrence 31602, GAEndocrinology1396827457
Douglas Granville Gresham 31406, GAEndocrinology1629155676
Cobb Medical Associates, Llc 30080, GAEndocrinology1831277987
Mercer Medicine, Llc 31201, GAEndocrinology1053481036
Mary Lu Thompson 30907, GAEndocrinology1306949284
Valdosta Family Medicine Associates, P.c. 31602, GAEndocrinology1114003779
Imad Mohamad El-kebbi 30309, GAEndocrinology1295847366
David B Arkin 30046, GAEndocrinology1891865937
Adeniyi O Odugbesan 30046, GAEndocrinology1528175601
David Anthony Shore 30046, GAEndocrinology1619065067
Peter H. Lu 30046, GAEndocrinology1891883104
Aparna Reddy Mahakala 30046, GAEndocrinology1568550903
Ketan G Goswami 30046, GAEndocrinology1518055854
Cory Rafe White 29607, GAEndocrinology1700973765
Jennifer R. Pedersen 30809, GAEndocrinology1073606661
Denise Ann Morris 31501, GAEndocrinology1104999226
Margaret Stoakes Tuten 31520, GAEndocrinology1174696934
Shenon E Badre 31520, GAEndocrinology1407929276
John Mcdowell Wolff 30327, GAEndocrinology1528134335
Joseph W Dehaven 31406, GAEndocrinology1326106857
Mppg, Inc. 31404, GAEndocrinology1962561811
The Veranda, Pc 31707, GAEndocrinology1841350063
Ankle & Foot Associates, Llc 31501, GAEndocrinology1356492599
Hmc Physician Billing Llc 30742, GAEndocrinology1467504167
Karen Curtis Phillips 30322, GAEndocrinology1275686990
Miguel Munoz 30076, GAEndocrinology1770629230
Steven Bruce Leichter 31904, GAEndocrinology1548302201
Sheryl Vernon Thacker 30308, GAEndocrinology1053454389
Harry Kent Delcher 30328, GAEndocrinology1225164692
Larry M Kohse Md Llc 31217, GAEndocrinology1750408746
Madhukar Sadashivrao Bandisode 30909, GAEndocrinology1861510380
Sona P Amin 30062, GAEndocrinology1700958394
David Y Gaitonde 30905, GAEndocrinology1902964638
Sayed Mohd Aamir 30078, GAEndocrinology1083745863
Kelly Natasha Wood 30214, GAEndocrinology1710043492
Ian C. Herskowitz 30901, GAEndocrinology1295880680
Elsie M Allen 30303, GAEndocrinology1831232396
Peter Frandsen Vandyck 30607, GAEndocrinology1669537197
Presbyterian Regional Healthcare Laboratory Services Llc 28204, GAEndocrinology1043433634
Internal Medicine & Endocrine Associates Of Augusta,p.c. 30901, GAEndocrinology1215153614
Meredith F Thompson 30318, GAEndocrinology1831319730
Joseph A Johnson 30318, GAEndocrinology1013137934
Patricia L Richardson 30318, GAEndocrinology1629298443
Rachel Peter Puttnam 30236, GAEndocrinology1194931378
Athens Diabetes And Endocrinology 30607, GAEndocrinology1487865952
North Georgia Diabetes And Endocrinology 30041, GAEndocrinology1043414196
Ziad Hinedi 02078, GAEndocrinology1841481942
Eastside Endocrine, Pc 30078, GAEndocrinology1811184245
Thomas C Jones, M.d., P.c. 31210, GAEndocrinology1366624199
Barry Russell Johns 31210, GAEndocrinology1659555134
Stephen Frederick Brandt 30322, GAEndocrinology1104001767
Nuttha Ungnapatanin 72904, GAEndocrinology1467610758
Francisco Javier Pasquel 30303, GAEndocrinology1417117003
Benjamin Adam Dennis 31904, GAEndocrinology1417119173
Priyathama Vellanki 30303, GAEndocrinology1134382153
Reshma Vinod Patel 30309, GAEndocrinology1760693519
Diabetes And Endocrinology Center, Inc 30009, GAEndocrinology1558552265
Jonathan Glen Ownby 30318, GAEndocrinology1780887877
Monica Giles 30322, GAEndocrinology1679738595
Esther Y Lee 30308, GAEndocrinology1518176007
Staci K Wise 30318, GAEndocrinology1902026800
Ismary Ojeda Decastro 31404, GAEndocrinology1962697730
Spartanburg Medical Center 29303, GAEndocrinology1215912225
Aysha Inankur 30701, GAEndocrinology1831311190
Emory Medical Care Foundation Inc 30303, GAEndocrinology1659537165
Diabetes And Endocrine Specialists Llc 30120, GAEndocrinology1568610772
Roza Elena Clempus 30236, GAEndocrinology1326298605
Sadeka Shahani 30060, GAEndocrinology1366681751
Jeehea Sonya Haw 30303, GAEndocrinology1902049976
Progressive Medical Center, Pc 30338, GAEndocrinology1649413238
University Endocrine & Internal Medicine Inc 30901, GAEndocrinology1679716765
Carlos Cossio Md Pc 30606, GAEndocrinology1396079737
Liberty Bell Group Inc 30309, GAEndocrinology1629390836
Georgia Mountain Endocrinology Corporation 30114, GAEndocrinology1508188558
University Health Care Physicians Llc 30901, GAEndocrinology1568786192
Northeast Healthcare Associates, Llc 08861, GAEndocrinology1265758742
University Health Care Physicians Llc 30901, GAEndocrinology1790006856
Garry L. August M.d., P.c 31901, GAEndocrinology1154622181
Latinos Unidos De Columbus Ga Inc 31904, GAEndocrinology1861797136
Wellstar Medical Group, Llc 30060, GAEndocrinology1629374681
Alice Azzalin 30033, GAEndocrinology1619296746
Orthopedic Associates Of The Lowcountry, Llc 29926, GAEndocrinology1528292638
Deanna Henderson 30328, GAEndocrinology1033405360
Jian Liang Pang 30265, GAEndocrinology1558637058
Jeremy R Anthony 30606, GAEndocrinology1487882056
Anuradha Guthikonda 30214, GAEndocrinology1609197318
Abby Tubman Abisogun 31406, GAEndocrinology1891088985
Maliha Iqbal Jumani 31904, GAEndocrinology1093023830
Ribal Al Aridi 29203, GAEndocrinology1881826832
Joyce George 31520, GAEndocrinology1669768842
Endocrinology And Diabetes Of Georgia, P.c 30005, GAEndocrinology1932468287
Olivia F Mulligan, Md, Pc 30078, GAEndocrinology1902157423
Jack H Blalock Jr, Md, Pc 31904, GAEndocrinology1295073070
Yssa Saad Dine M D P C 30344, GAEndocrinology1093114662
Wellstar Medical Group, Llc 30060, GAEndocrinology1790189983
Middle Georgia Diabetes Endocrinology Wellness Center, Llc 31088, GAEndocrinology1205231636
Wellstar Medical Group, Llc 30062, GAEndocrinology1669752911
Mlt Weight Loss Llc 30907, GAEndocrinology1215318605
Maria Carolina Cunha Pinheiro Machado 29841, GAEndocrinology1619100302
Csilla Nemeth 30308, GAEndocrinology1447621537
Elizabeth Huddleston Burgess 30033, GAEndocrinology1538196076
Wellstar Medical Group, Llc 30106, GAEndocrinology1457766339
Brookwood Specialty Care Endocrinology, Llc 35209, GAEndocrinology1154761310
Orthopedic Associates Of The Lowcountry, Llc 29910, GAEndocrinology1285065326
Sara Caitlin Markley Webster 30322, GAEndocrinology1699018325
Senior Medical Systems, Llc 30178, GAEndocrinology1427493709
David Antonio Reyes Umpierrez 30308, GAEndocrinology1437411592
Sravanthi Sanivarapu 30265, GAEndocrinology1760889737
Georgia Davis 30303, GAEndocrinology1972869899
Keisha Bonhomme 30606, GAEndocrinology1366887861
Ashly Elizabeth Joseph 30281, GAEndocrinology1063659696
Umg Endocrinology Llc 30901, GAEndocrinology1639501505
Fariha Salman 38119, GAEndocrinology1629331079
Muhammad Badshah 17325, GAEndocrinology1295195261
Everette Joseph Walton 29303, GAEndocrinology1821079435
Houston Physician Specialists, Llc 31093, GAEndocrinology1548708704
Houston Physician Specialists, Llc 31093, GAEndocrinology1992238935
Shreya Pujara 30342, GAEndocrinology1154611192


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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