Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tiffany Beckman 55404, MNEndocrinology1174528939
Lawrence Neil Mulmed 55404, MNEndocrinology1245226562
Susan D Atamian 56303, MNEndocrinology1669462065
Christopher Kim Balkany 56301, MNEndocrinology1659361053
Katherine E Pillote 56303, MNEndocrinology1235129644
Mark D Holm 56303, MNEndocrinology1831189240
Bruce E. Henson 55805, MNEndocrinology1265423255
C Rowan Debold 55416, MNEndocrinology1366426108
Lisa H Fish 55415, MNEndocrinology1700861788
Michael D. Brennan 55905, MNEndocrinology1306822382
Paul C Carpenter 55905, MNEndocrinology1629054424
Richard M Bergenstal 55416, MNEndocrinology1669459061
Roger L Nelson 55905, MNEndocrinology1366429656
Angela Ngo 55416, MNEndocrinology1487631537
Rebecca Moxness 55416, MNEndocrinology1972580090
Terence Wingert 55416, MNEndocrinology1730166653
Lisa S. Chow 55455, MNEndocrinology1689652224
Charles F. Abboud 55905, MNEndocrinology1215915756
Robert A Rizza 55905, MNEndocrinology1942289947
Stephen F Hodgson 55905, MNEndocrinology1699755306
Robert Michael Cuddihy 55416, MNEndocrinology1912977844
Helen Karakelides 55905, MNEndocrinology1881664431
Maria Lydia Patacsil 56308, MNEndocrinology1205807310
Rebecca S Bahn 55905, MNEndocrinology1326019936
Byron L Riggs 55905, MNEndocrinology1275507808
John T Chow 55435, MNEndocrinology1851365985
James A Levine 55905, MNEndocrinology1679547541
Charles T Grant 55454, MNEndocrinology1720053051
Gregory T Mucha 55454, MNEndocrinology1215902119
Luciano I Kolodny 55125, MNEndocrinology1881653772
Gemma C Lim 56303, MNEndocrinology1497726749
Thomas William Laedtke 55435, MNEndocrinology1679532022
James J Wiberg 55102, MNEndocrinology1154382927
Puneet S Arora 55101, MNEndocrinology1164484960
Kathryn Lorcher Pyzdrowski 55411, MNEndocrinology1164486346
Anne-marie Lee 55313, MNEndocrinology1396794475
Columbia Park Medical Group, Pa 55432, MNEndocrinology1932150117
Robert J. Sjoberg 55805, MNEndocrinology1427009893
Christopher T Kodl 55130, MNEndocrinology1174580336
Minnesota Center For Obesity, Metabolism & Endocrinology, Pa 55123, MNEndocrinology1164477709
Ayesha Ebrahim 55123, MNEndocrinology1831144609
Crispin Semakula 55415, MNEndocrinology1538107214
Thomas R Smith 55125, MNEndocrinology1598706038
Farha Khan 55433, MNEndocrinology1730121765
John Peter Bantle 55455, MNEndocrinology1851336101
David D Stuart 55415, MNEndocrinology1720024409
Michael Francis Slag 55805, MNEndocrinology1568408813
Twyla J Asp 56701, MNEndocrinology1356377386
Lynn Burmeister 55455, MNEndocrinology1295761385
Adaeze Igwebuike 55904, MNEndocrinology1518998186
Christina Lynne Helterbrand 55805, MNEndocrinology1639110356
Joseph Michael Gonzalez-campoy 55123, MNEndocrinology1720033640
Sidney Amos Jones 55318, MNEndocrinology1508806811
Molly Jo Carlson 55416, MNEndocrinology1932149176
Bernhard Josef Hering 55455, MNEndocrinology1649203944
Catherine Beattie Niewoehner 55417, MNEndocrinology1508885724
Brian Joseph Neil 55417, MNEndocrinology1083636617
Sindhu M. Devani 56303, MNEndocrinology1891703005
Angeliki Georgopoulos 55417, MNEndocrinology1306858303
Monica C Stiles 55432, MNEndocrinology1437265444
Thomas J Moraghan 56401, MNEndocrinology1568489003
Jonathan W Godsall 56073, MNEndocrinology1972537306
Nacide Ercan-fang 55417, MNEndocrinology1376651786
Frank Quentin Nuttall 55417, MNEndocrinology1114037835
Elizabeth G. C. Haglind 55905, MNEndocrinology1720186042
Endocrine & Diabetes Associates, P.a. 55404, MNEndocrinology1538254289
Kevin J Sheridan 55101, MNEndocrinology1326134214
Charles John Billington 55417, MNEndocrinology1235225160
Laura Tan Lafave 55416, MNEndocrinology1750463030
James Bruce Redmon 55455, MNEndocrinology1285719021
Maria Luiza Caramori 55455, MNEndocrinology1750460044
Elizabeth Rachel Seaquist 55455, MNEndocrinology1144390089
Lindsey Samuel Pearson 55434, MNEndocrinology1386725968
Shalamar D Sibley 55455, MNEndocrinology1154403103
Mark P Stesin Md Pa 55422, MNEndocrinology1225187255
Kathryn O'day 55433, MNEndocrinology1104976778
Lawrence D Schuster 55410, MNEndocrinology1861547382
Dr.samir Farah Md,pc 58701, MNEndocrinology1720112139
Mark Philip Stesin 55422, MNEndocrinology1750430823
Kalpana Muthusamy 55904, MNEndocrinology1407051931
Vitaliano Sicilia 55905, MNEndocrinology1740471903
Dionysia Kalogeropoulou 55130, MNEndocrinology1679765762
Angela Ionela Radulescu 55455, MNEndocrinology1689866626
Chhavi Chadha 55454, MNEndocrinology1952593451
David Michael Tridgell 55416, MNEndocrinology1144401720
Jennie Honloi Law 55905, MNEndocrinology1386821049
Galina Smushkin 55905, MNEndocrinology1952563272
Michael Charles Tressler 55303, MNEndocrinology1255595526
Nahi Kiblawi 55805, MNEndocrinology1760646202
Rami M. Almokayyad 50010, MNEndocrinology1194929786
Tasma Harindhanavudhi 55455, MNEndocrinology1528277100
Takako Araki 55455, MNEndocrinology1689834392
Jennifer Frances Iverson 55416, MNEndocrinology1811164460
Kidmealem Lulseged Zekarias 55455, MNEndocrinology1346430782
Columba Alphonsus Gorman 55902, MNEndocrinology1821245960
Ana Elena Espinosa De Ycaza 55905, MNEndocrinology1417108028
Bhuma Srinivasan 55904, MNEndocrinology1972739878
Robert H Nelson 55905, MNEndocrinology1013143569
Ameer Ali Khowaja 55415, MNEndocrinology1366672701
Anu Sharma 55905, MNEndocrinology1245545748
Danae Anastasia Delivanis 55905, MNEndocrinology1427349059
Anne Elizabeth Bantle 55455, MNEndocrinology1477795441
Jacklyn Mae Ellickson 55130, MNEndocrinology1538395496
Sarah Bou Malham 55404, MNEndocrinology1720392590
Glenn Matfin 55416, MNEndocrinology1013021914
Enrico Ocampo 56178, MNEndocrinology1174501159
Nour Mohammed Sabha 56073, MNEndocrinology1912349143
Gregory Damberg 55416, MNEndocrinology1205819745
Sarang Patel 55130, MNEndocrinology1174865570
Anders L Carlson 55130, MNEndocrinology1720254725
Steven A Smith 55905, MNEndocrinology1649240235
Ryan Lyerla 55435, MNEndocrinology1477968097
Shaban Nazarian 55318, MNEndocrinology1831381854
Susanne U Trost 55455, MNEndocrinology1376622613
Akuffo Quarde 56601, MNEndocrinology1295132751
Rupendra Dev Thaku Shrestha 55416, MNEndocrinology1194993774
Irfaan Ahmed Abid 55415, MNEndocrinology1538692835
John Schempf 55435, MNEndocrinology1659758308
Jutarat Sangtian 55130, MNEndocrinology1568844587
Abel Alfonso 56001, MNEndocrinology1174617740
Rekha R Magar 55303, MNEndocrinology1255756383
Jennifer Clark 55905, MNEndocrinology1952765505
Maheswaran Dhanasekaran 55905, MNEndocrinology1316478688
Prerna Dogra 55905, MNEndocrinology1487046488
Lucinda Gruber 55905, MNEndocrinology1558777177
Andres Fidel Henriquez 55905, MNEndocrinology1629429261
Jacob Daniel Kohlenberg 55905, MNEndocrinology1306225990
Arvind Il Maheshwari 55905, MNEndocrinology1659767903
Mayuri Mudgal 55905, MNEndocrinology1073039632
Sri Harsha Tella 55905, MNEndocrinology1649534975
Andrew Welch 55905, MNEndocrinology1811423510
Catherine Danli Zhang 55905, MNEndocrinology1033573456
Mario Carlos Rivera 58103, MNEndocrinology1841670445
Haitham Sabe Abu Lebdeh 55905, MNEndocrinology1942286802
Irina Bancos 55905, MNEndocrinology1659552412
Juan Pablo Brito Campana 55905, MNEndocrinology1003064288
Maria R Castro 55905, MNEndocrinology1598741589
Alice Yoonju Chang 55905, MNEndocrinology1174717110
Bart L Clarke 55905, MNEndocrinology1346226321
Maria L Collazo-clavell 55905, MNEndocrinology1457339673
Caroline Jane Von Bormann 55905, MNEndocrinology1790949626
Diana S Dean 55905, MNEndocrinology1679547939
Matthew T Drake 55905, MNEndocrinology1790871713
Aoife M Egan 55905, MNEndocrinology1588895254
Dana Erickson 55905, MNEndocrinology1609849751
Vahab Fatourechi 55905, MNEndocrinology1356327746
Hossein Gharib 55905, MNEndocrinology1265419501
Laura Greenlund 55905, MNEndocrinology1851701205
Daniel L Hurley 55905, MNEndocrinology1427034222
Michael D Jensen 55905, MNEndocrinology1073583464
Ann Elizabeth Kearns 55905, MNEndocrinology1699745877
Frank P Kennedy 55905, MNEndocrinology1457331654
Kurt A Kennel 55905, MNEndocrinology1881670867
Sundeep Khosla 55905, MNEndocrinology1093793739
Yogish C Kudva 55905, MNEndocrinology1073586137
Seema Kumar 55905, MNEndocrinology1417929894
Rozalina G Mccoy 55905, MNEndocrinology1598941254
Marion Mc Mahon 55905, MNEndocrinology1073592556
Victor Manuel Montori 55905, MNEndocrinology1275503823
John C Morris 55905, MNEndocrinology1962489070
Manpreet Singh Mundi 55905, MNEndocrinology1639359987
K S Nair 55905, MNEndocrinology1487633889
Neena Natt 55905, MNEndocrinology1154391951
Todd B Nippoldt 55905, MNEndocrinology1134106438
Mabel M Ryder 55905, MNEndocrinology1083781215
Jad Georges Sfeir 55905, MNEndocrinology1104189323
Meera Shah 55905, MNEndocrinology1316181787
Pankaj Shah 55905, MNEndocrinology1659476588
A J Vinaya Simha 55905, MNEndocrinology1740259241
Marius N Stan 55905, MNEndocrinology1679547103
Peter J Tebben 55905, MNEndocrinology1922085414
Robert D Tiegs 55905, MNEndocrinology1750368171
Adrian Vella 55905, MNEndocrinology1104890607
Robert A Wermers 55905, MNEndocrinology1952374407
William F Young 55905, MNEndocrinology1457330946
Joshua Kannankeril 55416, MNEndocrinology1841684149
Lori Rae Roust 85259, MNEndocrinology1326023623
Sakine Ozyurt 56001, MNEndocrinology1194147165
Sumit Bhagra 55912, MNEndocrinology1982684817
Harold H Katz 55102, MNEndocrinology1447211859
Maria Batool 55433, MNEndocrinology1235453044
Buvana Manickam 55402, MNEndocrinology1609060466
Brian Alan Swiglo 55102, MNEndocrinology1326027954
Anne Marie Rosenberg 55435, MNEndocrinology1003866369
Christopher Thomas Martin 55415, MNEndocrinology1679849962
St. Luke's Hospital Of Duluth 55805, MNEndocrinology1093769796
Derrick L. Aipoalani 55805, MNEndocrinology1588708044
Darin Ruanpeng 55805, MNEndocrinology1528472628
Heenam Goel 56303, MNEndocrinology1396128526
Ian D Hay 55905, MNEndocrinology1174503098
Christopher M Adams 55905, MNEndocrinology1346207719
Christopher Mark Schoonover 55102, MNEndocrinology1497804496
Munir Abid 55102, MNEndocrinology1215996954
Nisha Acharya 55102, MNEndocrinology1508022963
Luke E Benedict 55102, MNEndocrinology1972557908
Victor Alan Corbett 55102, MNEndocrinology1578526315
Sofronio Cruz Ramirez 55416, MNEndocrinology1063671220
Mohammed Nmn Ahmed 55433, MNEndocrinology1538697818
Omar Mohamed El Kawkgi 55905, MNEndocrinology1184009631
Dingfeng Li 55905, MNEndocrinology1578943841


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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