Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Lester Fruiterman 12206, NYEndocrinology1609879709
Nadeem Aslam 13210, NYEndocrinology1811990179
Jill Marie Abelseth 12206, NYEndocrinology1720080039
John Vito Capotorto 10306, NYEndocrinology1962406306
Jyoti Bhattarai 13210, NYEndocrinology1174528426
E. Kenneth Freiberg 11222, NYEndocrinology1871598169
Martin Greenfield 11042, NYEndocrinology1205831443
Gabriel Spergel 11218, NYEndocrinology1851396451
Dennis Gage 10021, NYEndocrinology1023014776
David Norman Mann 11215, NYEndocrinology1497752067
Adam Law 14850, NYEndocrinology1023014974
Robert Lindsay 10993, NYEndocrinology1679570063
Jay Garson Watsky 12206, NYEndocrinology1972500247
Gregg Francis Gerety 12206, NYEndocrinology1881691152
Samer Subhi Eldeiry 12206, NYEndocrinology1326045691
Michael Walker 12206, NYEndocrinology1659378842
Robert Steven Busch 12206, NYEndocrinology1457358715
Gary Bakst 12206, NYEndocrinology1275530537
Sharon Tietgens 12206, NYEndocrinology1518964881
Mark Yocono 12206, NYEndocrinology1427055797
Rilee Chowlera 10459, NYEndocrinology1548267735
Anil K. Saxena 11210, NYEndocrinology1841297504
Jeffrey H Gordon 11542, NYEndocrinology1932106861
Gary Phillips 10566, NYEndocrinology1700884277
Elliot James Rayfield 10128, NYEndocrinology1265431746
Gillian Katz 10016, NYEndocrinology1386643625
Sanjiv V Kinkhabwala 10016, NYEndocrinology1154320067
Marvin M Lipman 10583, NYEndocrinology1790785178
Joshua Tannenbaum 10028, NYEndocrinology1649270836
Kolo Nicholas Ediale 12701, NYEndocrinology1780684738
Maria Tulpan 10016, NYEndocrinology1598766560
Jessie Ayleen Block-galarza 12208, NYEndocrinology1255332573
Gerald Minkowitz 11219, NYEndocrinology1396747861
Paul Joseph Davis 12208, NYEndocrinology1992707319
James Desemone 12308, NYEndocrinology1063414472
Mary Ellen Ehlers 12208, NYEndocrinology1508858796
Barry Jay Schuval 11021, NYEndocrinology1861484065
John Hennessy 14760, NYEndocrinology1780676676
George Feinbaum 11222, NYEndocrinology1134111586
Gunnar H Anderson 13413, NYEndocrinology1417949819
Rachel L. Hopkins 13214, NYEndocrinology1336132695
Edward W Colt 10025, NYEndocrinology1326031428
Lynn R Allen 10019, NYEndocrinology1003809146
Blandine B Laferrere 10025, NYEndocrinology1942293899
Matthew Conrad Leinung 12208, NYEndocrinology1730172495
Mary Koeppe Luidens 12208, NYEndocrinology1891788451
Lawrence David Rosman 11375, NYEndocrinology1063405652
Sandra T Foo 10019, NYEndocrinology1891788808
Anne Denise Neirynck 14850, NYEndocrinology1538151162
Carmen E Pal 10019, NYEndocrinology1942293774
Hortencia Cecilia Garcia 10461, NYEndocrinology1700887072
Marvin A Leder 11375, NYEndocrinology1194717967
Kristen Hull 10941, NYEndocrinology1831183227
Jonathan Manuel Perez Castro 12518, NYEndocrinology1093709479
Mary Ann Banerji 11203, NYEndocrinology1790779957
Long Island Diabetes & Endocrinology Associates, Llp 11702, NYEndocrinology1962496968
Paul Laurence Margulies 11030, NYEndocrinology1407840168
Alan J Kluger 11021, NYEndocrinology1952395683
Samy I. Mcfarlane 11203, NYEndocrinology1902890528
Ramanujapuram Ramanujan M.d. 13903, NYEndocrinology1265426761
Vincent Calamia 10312, NYEndocrinology1275527798
Ramanujapuram A P Ramanujan 13903, NYEndocrinology1558356089
Shahed Quyyumi 10301, NYEndocrinology1487649885
Michelle Cecelia Jardine 11790, NYEndocrinology1497740781
Neil David Cohen 10301, NYEndocrinology1750376059
Nathaniel Winer 11203, NYEndocrinology1245225598
Jeffrey Rothman 10301, NYEndocrinology1811982812
Marya Gendzielewski 13203, NYEndocrinology1457347924
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. 11103, NYEndocrinology1871589200
Norman Barry Turowsky 11756, NYEndocrinology1720074057
Ajay Chaudhuri 14209, NYEndocrinology1386631851
Paresh Dandona 14209, NYEndocrinology1144217621
Marshall Philip Primack 10023, NYEndocrinology1407843352
Richard Hoffman 10301, NYEndocrinology1124013347
Priya D Mohanty 14221, NYEndocrinology1194712695
Agnieszka Gliwa 11222, NYEndocrinology1487649919
Agustin Busta 10003, NYEndocrinology1447248786
John A Ostuni 11520, NYEndocrinology1811985153
Olayinka O Wilhelm 13790, NYEndocrinology1134117138
Aida H Saliby 10003, NYEndocrinology1053300905
Leonid Poretsky 10003, NYEndocrinology1962491811
Booth Medical Associates Pc 11355, NYEndocrinology1912996703
Alina Gouller 10003, NYEndocrinology1679563811
Sonia A Talwar 11803, NYEndocrinology1689655946
Endocrinology,diabetes&metabolism,ny,pc 11803, NYEndocrinology1124009485
New Century Medical Assoc Pllc 12601, NYEndocrinology1124009535
Laily Mahoozi 10941, NYEndocrinology1700868940
Padma Lal 13202, NYEndocrinology1316929433
Terry F. Seltzer 10016, NYEndocrinology1790767242
Emilia P Liao 10022, NYEndocrinology1639167968
Amar Lal Purohit 10021, NYEndocrinology1962492215
Anita Chaudhuri 14301, NYEndocrinology1720069735
Christine Agnes Alexander-decker 12866, NYEndocrinology1134117237
Meyer Halberstam 10461, NYEndocrinology1225026511
North Country Orthopaedic Group Pc 13601, NYEndocrinology1568445344
Claudia B Fish 13601, NYEndocrinology1043293665
Howard E. Huey 10038, NYEndocrinology1619951175
Joseph Michael Tibaldi 11365, NYEndocrinology1972588564
Daniel Lorber 11365, NYEndocrinology1780669887
Christine Resta 11219, NYEndocrinology1134104854
Genevieve Lama 10509, NYEndocrinology1558348904
Robert S Bernstein 10019, NYEndocrinology1467439430
Michael S. Radin 11530, NYEndocrinology1982682563
Carlos Felix Driggs 10461, NYEndocrinology1851379911
Sanjay Goyal 11510, NYEndocrinology1164400156
David C. Plache 14221, NYEndocrinology1558340505
Geeta A Sangani 13205, NYEndocrinology1992784995
Albert Giannone 11552, NYEndocrinology1407835424
Philip Bukberg 10003, NYEndocrinology1164401055
Jonathan Schlosser 10901, NYEndocrinology1902886815
Zewge Shiferaw-deribe 11236, NYEndocrinology1508846726
Michael Goldberg 10595, NYEndocrinology1902885486
Jane Ilene Schlecker 11229, NYEndocrinology1659356285
James Hellerman 10591, NYEndocrinology1164406799
Joseph P Armenia 14127, NYEndocrinology1720067143
Tabbsum Lodhi Malik 10941, NYEndocrinology1275513863
Pravin V Chandra Mehta 14301, NYEndocrinology1245201482
Joseph Gallo 11203, NYEndocrinology1720059975
Marcia F Kalin 10021, NYEndocrinology1366413304
Michelle Anne Baron 11203, NYEndocrinology1861463812
Robert M Tuttle 10021, NYEndocrinology1356312854
Brian Keith Golden 10994, NYEndocrinology1558334102
James R Hess 11042, NYEndocrinology1124092747
Domenic P Aiello 13413, NYEndocrinology1679547111
Randy Stein 10604, NYEndocrinology1710951314
Harvey L Benovitz 10023, NYEndocrinology1780658385
Kamini Shreedhar 10994, NYEndocrinology1073587325
Alan Dresner 10994, NYEndocrinology1316911654
Yigal Aharon 11021, NYEndocrinology1598739393
Nadem Jamil Sayegh 10463, NYEndocrinology1255306973
Nyhmcq Adult Ambulatory Services 11355, NYEndocrinology1598730889
Carlos Arevalo 11373, NYEndocrinology1063487908
Daniel P Hoffman 12603, NYEndocrinology1538135397
Rory Steven Breidbart 11021, NYEndocrinology1285600973
Susan H Wasserman 11021, NYEndocrinology1073589438
Horizon Medical Group, P.c. 10924, NYEndocrinology1063488179
Enzo A Ragucci 10994, NYEndocrinology1205803640
Pietra Dale Greenberg 10468, NYEndocrinology1558338756
Seth G Friedman 11021, NYEndocrinology1053389916
Adina E Schneider 11021, NYEndocrinology1831167790
Stanley Newhouse 11229, NYEndocrinology1265400048
Jack Cukierman 14226, NYEndocrinology1114995388
Shahid Haque 14226, NYEndocrinology1114996279
John Francis Aloia 11501, NYEndocrinology1043289960
Rochelle L Chaiken 10804, NYEndocrinology1710956495
Mageda Bishara Mikhail 11501, NYEndocrinology1497724025
Jesse C. Krakauer 10940, NYEndocrinology1073582417
Westchester Medical Group, P.c. 10577, NYEndocrinology1881653822
North Shore Diabetes And Endocrine Assoc 11042, NYEndocrinology1497714877
Salini Kumar 11554, NYEndocrinology1306805759
Kenneth Howell Hupart 11554, NYEndocrinology1356300701
Nelly T Loo 10013, NYEndocrinology1548229818
Ronda Bloom 11042, NYEndocrinology1447210703
Isaac Sachmechi 11042, NYEndocrinology1750340121
Memorial Endocrine Group 10065, NYEndocrinology1558332023
Lisel M Hope 11203, NYEndocrinology1508835711
Andrew J Martorella 10065, NYEndocrinology1639140437
Lawrence Ezra Shapiro 11501, NYEndocrinology1144299777
Health Quest Medical Practice, Pc 12538, NYEndocrinology1629588868
Crystal Run Healthcare Physicians Llp 10941, NYEndocrinology1952376410
Richard Pinsker 11418, NYEndocrinology1104886159
Russell Dambra 11042, NYEndocrinology1154381929
Kenneth Weiser 10604, NYEndocrinology1104886589
Maria M Ariton 10304, NYEndocrinology1750341145
Zorayda Pretto 10605, NYEndocrinology1053371484
Bonnie M Wolf-greenwald 10601, NYEndocrinology1104886530
Pushplata Siroya 11215, NYEndocrinology1962462390
Rudabah Hasan 10801, NYEndocrinology1427019520
Edward L. Socolow 10536, NYEndocrinology1225099211
Marina Movshovich 11215, NYEndocrinology1013979558
Edmund Giegerich 11215, NYEndocrinology1427010966
The Endocrine Group 12206, NYEndocrinology1962464800
Prohealth Care Associates Llp 11042, NYEndocrinology1275596280
Troy Endocrinology Pllc 12180, NYEndocrinology1639132475
Herman B Giddings 11208, NYEndocrinology1063475820
Prashant V. Nadkarni 13214, NYEndocrinology1861455750
D.k. Shah Md, P.c. 12401, NYEndocrinology1508820309
Glennell Renford Smith 14213, NYEndocrinology1518922137
Beth Israel Medical Center 10003, NYEndocrinology1861457202
Adrienne Fleckman 10003, NYEndocrinology1033174263
James Alexander Fagin 10021, NYEndocrinology1932164886
Joseph M Hughes 13326, NYEndocrinology1316903230
Amy E Freeth 13326, NYEndocrinology1508822420
William F Streck 13326, NYEndocrinology1518924422
Zachary Freedman 14607, NYEndocrinology1912964651
Edgar M Mendizabal 11530, NYEndocrinology1669439212
Stephen R Hammes 14642, NYEndocrinology1942267331
Robert Bingham 14626, NYEndocrinology1376501494
Cindy R Kaufman 11530, NYEndocrinology1861459919
Yaron Tomer 10029, NYEndocrinology1982662334
Slr Fpp University Medical Practice Associates 10025, NYEndocrinology1639127913
Irene P Rozmus 14224, NYEndocrinology1154379675
Ozzie Orbach 11425, NYEndocrinology1720036247
Laura M Calvi 14642, NYEndocrinology1780633826
Joseph Terrana 11767, NYEndocrinology1598714354
Ann S Klein 14224, NYEndocrinology1053360578
Saka Armide Kazeem 11216, NYEndocrinology1922057397
Sound Endocrinology Pllc 11790, NYEndocrinology1417907718
William T Cave 14642, NYEndocrinology1356390728
Park Slope Medicine, P.c. 11215, NYEndocrinology1770534984


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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