Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jane Alano Cases 45750, OHEndocrinology1295730638
John E Brunner 43606, OHEndocrinology1245236793
Richard A Beham 43606, OHEndocrinology1568468023
Jyoti Chakravarty 43606, OHEndocrinology1740286236
Luis R Gerstenmaier 43606, OHEndocrinology1528064029
Michael A Derosa 44406, OHEndocrinology1770589194
Ian S Elliot 43623, OHEndocrinology1649277328
Paul Robert Glowienka 45431, OHEndocrinology1497753925
Ralph G Wieland 44026, OHEndocrinology1376545889
Francis M Collins 45255, OHEndocrinology1508858564
Maria T Rojeski 43614, OHEndocrinology1194719682
Luis A Llerena 44111, OHEndocrinology1639164148
Suman K Mishr 45806, OHEndocrinology1740276310
Heidi Buckingham 45402, OHEndocrinology1295722635
Pallavy Gopal Reddy 43016, OHEndocrinology1740277664
Toledo Clinic Incorporated 43623, OHEndocrinology1144217894
Romi Bhasin 43214, OHEndocrinology1588653711
Mortimer Dolman 43230, OHEndocrinology1760473680
Vikramjeet Kumar 44035, OHEndocrinology1841271269
Angela M Novy 44805, OHEndocrinology1487636791
Susan C Galbraith 45429, OHEndocrinology1770565335
Daryl Ann Cottrell 43214, OHEndocrinology1174507123
Allen L Cline 45342, OHEndocrinology1558346171
Jorge Calles-escandon 44109, OHEndocrinology1386629723
Diane Tallo 43214, OHEndocrinology1972580181
Samuel R Anderson 43214, OHEndocrinology1902883135
Richard Kevin Shewbridge 44256, OHEndocrinology1417935263
Kevin Gerard Wietecha 44708, OHEndocrinology1669450557
Angela C Bucci 43081, OHEndocrinology1730167289
Assem Houssein 43130, OHEndocrinology1700865722
James K Salem 44304, OHEndocrinology1134108764
Fadi Nabhan 43221, OHEndocrinology1225017304
Milagros Lopez-velez 44146, OHEndocrinology1588649719
Lakshmanrao Bhandaru 43613, OHEndocrinology1033196738
Anant Jeet 44053, OHEndocrinology1790759900
Marwan Hamaty 44195, OHEndocrinology1124095146
Frederic W Lafferty 44121, OHEndocrinology1932177359
Leann Olansky 44195, OHEndocrinology1881663698
Toni M King 44685, OHEndocrinology1275504672
Kevin S Miller 44685, OHEndocrinology1902877335
Michael D Morocco 44685, OHEndocrinology1801867403
Guillermo Manuel Guardia Gonzales 43606, OHEndocrinology1902866387
Dennis Paul Mong 76544, OHEndocrinology1255392791
Patricio R Aycinena 44195, OHEndocrinology1912960949
Miriam Delaney 44195, OHEndocrinology1730143470
Sirisha Donepudi 43302, OHEndocrinology1023073806
Ohio Valley Medical Center Inc 43950, OHEndocrinology1073578803
Kruti Munir Shah 44512, OHEndocrinology1891751780
Thomas M Koroscil 45402, OHEndocrinology1811953680
University Internal Medicine Associates, Inc. 45219, OHEndocrinology1588620850
Christian E. Nasr 44195, OHEndocrinology1760448906
Mariam D. Stevens 44195, OHEndocrinology1720045560
David P. Bradley 43203, OHEndocrinology1679531016
Blanchard Valley Medical Associates, Inc. 45840, OHEndocrinology1407814775
Christopher P Sullivan 44304, OHEndocrinology1477501476
Leroy L Schroeder 45840, OHEndocrinology1013965995
Nelson Barnett Watts 45236, OHEndocrinology1740238229
Harold Thomas Pretorius 45241, OHEndocrinology1760431159
Wilson Care, Llc 45365, OHEndocrinology1205886926
John N. Larrimer 43068, OHEndocrinology1073565354
David A Shewmon 44691, OHEndocrinology1295787406
Pushpa J Bathija 44718, OHEndocrinology1851344410
Charles E Smith 44718, OHEndocrinology1578516647
Trihealth Physician Practices, Llc 45255, OHEndocrinology1023062676
St. Rita's Medical Center 45801, OHEndocrinology1053365882
Dummi P Yathiraj 45014, OHEndocrinology1770531436
Mercedes Falciglia 45219, OHEndocrinology1912962861
Osu Internal Medicine, Llc 43202, OHEndocrinology1740231448
Robert Maynard Cohen 45219, OHEndocrinology1962467902
Abid Yaqub 45069, OHEndocrinology1275598666
Jaspreet Kaur Chahal 41011, OHEndocrinology1114989886
Shailendra B Patel 45219, OHEndocrinology1861444713
Internal Medicine Associates, Inc. 45342, OHEndocrinology1043265457
Joann C Findlay 45409, OHEndocrinology1306891973
Sophia B Meis 43214, OHEndocrinology1568418408
Vina Bajaj 45230, OHEndocrinology1306892260
Partners Physician Group 44685, OHEndocrinology1467490961
Korina Shulemovich 44106, OHEndocrinology1942240148
Charles M Katz 43221, OHEndocrinology1164465001
Ravi S Dhawale 43214, OHEndocrinology1023051299
Arvind Y Krishna 44718, OHEndocrinology1275579542
Specialty Medicine Care, Llc 45431, OHEndocrinology1043246630
Riverside Mercy Hospital 43623, OHEndocrinology1639105208
Adnan H Tahir-fadlallah 44144, OHEndocrinology1316977663
Padma Mangu 45069, OHEndocrinology1548200959
M Husain Jawadi 45504, OHEndocrinology1972532703
Shubhangi G Shidham 43219, OHEndocrinology1699722140
Partners Physician Group 44302, OHEndocrinology1841239274
American Health Network Of Ohio, Llc 43231, OHEndocrinology1699706879
Ann C Beers 41011, OHEndocrinology1760439954
Linda M. Hermiller 41011, OHEndocrinology1932142734
Thomas A Murphy 44109, OHEndocrinology1790719672
Michael C Maeder 45209, OHEndocrinology1730114588
Pretorius And Robles M.d.'s 45241, OHEndocrinology1619901840
Diabetes & Endocrinology Associates Of Stark County Incorporated 44718, OHEndocrinology1003841669
Judy K Lee 45601, OHEndocrinology1285652503
Ajay Sood 44106, OHEndocrinology1912927591
Deepak Sarwal 45429, OHEndocrinology1235159559
Jennifer Taeko Rittenberry 43016, OHEndocrinology1699797688
Maria Cecilia Lansang 44195, OHEndocrinology1235153008
Jennifer Anne Sipos 43210, OHEndocrinology1033124813
Samuel Cataland 43210, OHEndocrinology1902813108
Rebecca D Jackson 43210, OHEndocrinology1669489803
Dara P. Schuster 43210, OHEndocrinology1093722803
Richard T Kloos 43210, OHEndocrinology1275540031
Kwame Osei 43210, OHEndocrinology1912914029
Manuel Tzagournis 43210, OHEndocrinology1437166253
Cara M Harris 43210, OHEndocrinology1568470482
Central Ohio Endocrinology 43213, OHEndocrinology1720097587
Elizabeth Diakoff Essig 43210, OHEndocrinology1548279656
Dana Vucinich 16101, OHEndocrinology1356351290
Adrian Michael Schnall 44121, OHEndocrinology1376556654
Diabetes And Endocrine Center Of Cleveland Inc 44122, OHEndocrinology1396858601
David Clark Aron 44106, OHEndocrinology1699889931
Toby Judith Briskin 44146, OHEndocrinology1245345172
Richard J Koletsky 44122, OHEndocrinology1396851747
James H Rudick 44718, OHEndocrinology1417062928
Rodney Edmund Stone 45409, OHEndocrinology1649386764
Charles Faiman 44195, OHEndocrinology1013023720
Carlos Crisologo Jimenez 43950, OHEndocrinology1902838857
Zuhayr T. Madhun M.d., Inc. 44130, OHEndocrinology1740204387
Rajaram J Karne 43219, OHEndocrinology1740296375
Westshore Primary Care Assoc Inc 44145, OHEndocrinology1356458327
Jimmy Alele 45801, OHEndocrinology1447368311
Nancy Mcbride Md Robert Riley Md Inc 44126, OHEndocrinology1346352994
Delorise Brown 44112, OHEndocrinology1023129079
David A Westbrock 45431, OHEndocrinology1801907803
Northeast Ohio Endocrinology 44708, OHEndocrinology1255434494
Trihealth G Llc 45212, OHEndocrinology1336242726
Suzanne Michelle Harold 44708, OHEndocrinology1538263215
Byron J Hoogwerf 44195, OHEndocrinology1386749489
Angelo A Licata 44195, OHEndocrinology1225134760
Charles Jonathan Glueck 45207, OHEndocrinology1275630667
Lakewood Hospital Association 44107, OHEndocrinology1205933512
Blanchard Valley Medical Practice Llc 45840, OHEndocrinology1962501627
Paul T Chandler 45249, OHEndocrinology1285734228
Amir H Hamrahian 44195, OHEndocrinology1033219340
John N. Larrimer, M.d., Llc 43068, OHEndocrinology1558456798
Marco Rosario Corallo 44609, OHEndocrinology1568550549
Robert S Zimmerman 44195, OHEndocrinology1689764706
Jennifer A Wojtowicz 44236, OHEndocrinology1508956830
Mario Skugor 44195, OHEndocrinology1386734622
Timothy C Williams 45255, OHEndocrinology1538246103
Robert Scott Brenner 44122, OHEndocrinology1992875124
Edith T. De Los Santos 43219, OHEndocrinology1215018155
Steven Doyce Robbins 44514, OHEndocrinology1942389598
Daniel B Mendlovic 44122, OHEndocrinology1427121599
Jay S Morrow 44122, OHEndocrinology1457424525
Dina I Serhal 44195, OHEndocrinology1467528745
Sangeeta R Kashyap 44195, OHEndocrinology1679633622
Leslie K Hoffman 43214, OHEndocrinology1891858312
Adi E Mehta 44195, OHEndocrinology1679620330
Harris Chaim Taylor 44106, OHEndocrinology1477601631
John Patrick Sheehan 44145, OHEndocrinology1831249978
Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians Specialty Services Llc 43214, OHEndocrinology1104972330
Jeff B Romig 44685, OHEndocrinology1235279159
Lekshmi Thankam Nair 43203, OHEndocrinology1700928173
Cheryle Webb 45229, OHEndocrinology1891839197
Trihealth G., Llc 45231, OHEndocrinology1356479687
Trihealth G., Llc 45230, OHEndocrinology1972631273
Trihealth G., Llc 45040, OHEndocrinology1972631679
Veronica Alicia Jean-pierre 44410, OHEndocrinology1497885933
Trihealth G., Llc 45069, OHEndocrinology1518097906
Trihealth G., Llc 45238, OHEndocrinology1134259526
Kavita Nyalakonda 44195, OHEndocrinology1437276250
Brown Medical Center, Inc. 44112, OHEndocrinology1619095049
Trihealth G., Llc 45236, OHEndocrinology1063540763
Marco R. Corallo, D.o., Llc 44609, OHEndocrinology1770624058
Fumie Jill Nishiyama 45238, OHEndocrinology1518012459
Trihealth G Llc 45220, OHEndocrinology1295862944
Aileen Heras-herzig 41011, OHEndocrinology1962545525
Guy Mulligan 44195, OHEndocrinology1740309962
Rachel Pascual Espiritu 44304, OHEndocrinology1982724639
Ahmad Firas Sabbagh 44870, OHEndocrinology1528180825
Constantine N Kroustos 43214, OHEndocrinology1750404984
John E Paes 43081, OHEndocrinology1912122334
Jewish Hospital Of Cincinnati, Inc. 45229, OHEndocrinology1104043439
Daniela Ciltea 44302, OHEndocrinology1518186360
Kevin L. Borst 44107, OHEndocrinology1982818506
Bhaskar Gundabolu 43606, OHEndocrinology1346458767
Manjinder Kaur 44236, OHEndocrinology1487865309
University Primary Care Practices Inc 44145, OHEndocrinology1376754887
Ahmad Al-shoha 44304, OHEndocrinology1588865075
Mary Vouyiouklis Kellis 44195, OHEndocrinology1942405790
Shumei Meng 43203, OHEndocrinology1114124088
Kara P Fine 43606, OHEndocrinology1720286644
Diabetes And Endocrinology Center Of Ohio Llc 43016, OHEndocrinology1831397470
Omar Zmeili 44304, OHEndocrinology1083812101
Mvhe Inc 45402, OHEndocrinology1760681712
Kyaw Soe 43203, OHEndocrinology1457543886
Kevin Matthew Pantalone 44195, OHEndocrinology1922293547
Omar Akhtar 45236, OHEndocrinology1902093081
Melissa Li-ng 44195, OHEndocrinology1881882470
Ankur Gupta 45402, OHEndocrinology1639367162
Laure Sayyed Kassem 44106, OHEndocrinology1982892394
Nancy M Mcbride 44053, OHEndocrinology1285815324
North Coast Institute Of Diabetes And Endocrinology, Inc. 44145, OHEndocrinology1427239383
Deepak Sarwal, Md, Llc 45429, OHEndocrinology1417130337
Vinni Makin 44195, OHEndocrinology1427233675
Medcentral Professional Foundation, Llc 44903, OHEndocrinology1841476942


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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