Providers with Taxonomy: Endocrinology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Endocrinology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carlos Robert Hamilton 77030, TXEndocrinology1326041567
Health And Human Services Commission 78028, TXEndocrinology1588671481
Southwest Endocrine Consultants 79902, TXEndocrinology1205839594
Wilbur J Strader 79902, TXEndocrinology1740283043
Benito A Marranzini 79935, TXEndocrinology1083617328
Southeast Texas Medical Associates, Llp 77702, TXEndocrinology1922001312
Rajesh Atluri 76302, TXEndocrinology1265437107
Healthtexas dallas Diagnostic Association 75093, TXEndocrinology1245235886
Anjanette Tan 76132, TXEndocrinology1154326627
Meera Amar 76712, TXEndocrinology1689670184
Annie K Thomas 77380, TXEndocrinology1801892138
Healthtexas Provider Network dallas Diagnostic Association 75042, TXEndocrinology1255337275
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXEndocrinology1760488936
Vijayveer S Pamar 78229, TXEndocrinology1407853963
Kandaswamy Jayaraj Md Pa 77702, TXEndocrinology1043218514
Kandaswamy Jayaraj 77701, TXEndocrinology1447258850
Frederick E Rushford 77429, TXEndocrinology1366440265
Hector J Castro 76549, TXEndocrinology1932107141
Ebele Elizabeth Obialo 75010, TXEndocrinology1952300444
Lance A Sloan 75904, TXEndocrinology1588665228
Luis Jose Rodriguez 77054, TXEndocrinology1881695138
Elliott Russell Weidman 77054, TXEndocrinology1043211337
Steven Michael Petak 77030, TXEndocrinology1861493157
Jaime Oscar Cruz 78258, TXEndocrinology1396746442
Eric A Orzeck 77025, TXEndocrinology1356342406
Florina Sylvia Abaya Duazo 78520, TXEndocrinology1336141803
Texas Institute For Reproductive Medicine & Endocrinology Pa 77054, TXEndocrinology1023001971
Keith Davis Smith 77054, TXEndocrinology1932100286
Elias Stephan 77478, TXEndocrinology1811981996
Sheldon Rubenfeld 77030, TXEndocrinology1679567382
Monzer H Yazji Md & Associates Pa 78539, TXEndocrinology1073508545
Charles Douglas Crumpler 77802, TXEndocrinology1801881230
Kuldip Kumar Kaul 77058, TXEndocrinology1538154042
Angelita S. Ramos-gabatin 78229, TXEndocrinology1467448241
Arindam Bandyopadhyay 77479, TXEndocrinology1407843972
Igor Evan Matwijiw 75503, TXEndocrinology1114911369
Mohammed M. Bakdash 79407, TXEndocrinology1629066964
Guillermo A Pinzon 79902, TXEndocrinology1790774321
Jack Edward Lewi 78234, TXEndocrinology1720077811
Mark Kowalski Wallace 78234, TXEndocrinology1548250103
Lourdes B Concha 78550, TXEndocrinology1801886569
Firas Akhrass 78229, TXEndocrinology1487636205
Maureen K Koops 78229, TXEndocrinology1144204728
Rakesh Patel 77095, TXEndocrinology1386629699
Linda M Alexander 78550, TXEndocrinology1043295264
Maryam Zamanian 75246, TXEndocrinology1174508311
Forest Pike Newman 78234, TXEndocrinology1750366464
Jehanara Ahmed 77701, TXEndocrinology1770568495
Brian R Tulloch 77004, TXEndocrinology1679559207
Joel Steve Kneitz 77030, TXEndocrinology1356327498
Jacqueline Ellen Cohn 78404, TXEndocrinology1851378863
John Caras 76308, TXEndocrinology1639157837
Marcus Milo Cranston 78236, TXEndocrinology1669450870
Eric R Johnson 75051, TXEndocrinology1518937705
Jeannie Allyson Baquero 78212, TXEndocrinology1255301149
Clinics Of North Texas Llp 76302, TXEndocrinology1720067358
Kateryna Komarovskiy, Md, Pllc 77384, TXEndocrinology1366984288
The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 78758, TXEndocrinology1932186640
Tom Joseph Sauerwein 78236, TXEndocrinology1265410567
Egbert Miranda 78413, TXEndocrinology1093785230
Yugal Kishore Maheshwari 77703, TXEndocrinology1750366324
Luis R. Arce 75701, TXEndocrinology1053381418
Mrinalini Kulkarni 78701, TXEndocrinology1568434694
Valerie Diane Espinosa 78731, TXEndocrinology1649245697
Texas Diabetes And Endocrinology, P.a. 78731, TXEndocrinology1467427419
Luis Casaubon 78731, TXEndocrinology1447225495
Alexander H Tessnow 75390, TXEndocrinology1740255801
Thomas C. Blevins 78731, TXEndocrinology1114992088
Thomas George Oliver 79920, TXEndocrinology1376519983
Marcos A. Aquino 77504, TXEndocrinology1871561308
Bhaskar K. Roy 77024, TXEndocrinology1598734261
Michele T. Mcdermott 78758, TXEndocrinology1760451199
Paul B. Moore 78758, TXEndocrinology1114986999
Naim Mounif Maalouf 75390, TXEndocrinology1811956188
North Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology 75067, TXEndocrinology1609835925
Khashayar Sakhaee 75390, TXEndocrinology1730148057
Luis S Acosta 77090, TXEndocrinology1952361750
Gary W. Chune 76508, TXEndocrinology1184684169
Edward Wilson Nicklas 76508, TXEndocrinology1639138605
Sylvia A Kariampuzha 75701, TXEndocrinology1316911381
Howard J. Heller 75246, TXEndocrinology1538129424
Michelle Dawn Welch 78231, TXEndocrinology1891764957
Romel Navarro 77027, TXEndocrinology1053389718
Hope D Shipman 77079, TXEndocrinology1932170719
Kimberley A Bourne-arriaga 76310, TXEndocrinology1689648057
Village Medical Group 77024, TXEndocrinology1558332338
Jane Wray 78648, TXEndocrinology1588633499
Wendy Jessica Hawkins 77070, TXEndocrinology1104887033
Brian Nathan Tremaine 77077, TXEndocrinology1205897147
Dennis Paul Mong 76544, TXEndocrinology1255392791
Carlos A. Verdonk 76508, TXEndocrinology1649232125
Clarita V Odvina 75390, TXEndocrinology1710949854
Lucy C Kormeier 77063, TXEndocrinology1922062975
Luigi Fernando Meneghini 75390, TXEndocrinology1245295831
Ildiko Lingvay 75390, TXEndocrinology1447216916
Philip Raskin 75390, TXEndocrinology1528024098
William F Trigoso 78229, TXEndocrinology1952368706
Amna A Salhin 78229, TXEndocrinology1790741726
Jacob Vadakekalam 78229, TXEndocrinology1316904139
Michael John Mcphaul 75390, TXEndocrinology1730146168
Chhay H. Tay 77338, TXEndocrinology1962460741
Samuel Philip Marynick 75246, TXEndocrinology1801854187
Sherwyn L Schwartz 78229, TXEndocrinology1285692871
Ramon Garza 78258, TXEndocrinology1619925831
Anwar I. Moryan 76210, TXEndocrinology1275581738
Mouhammed Amir Habra 77030, TXEndocrinology1548219413
Merri Lou Pendergrass 75390, TXEndocrinology1376594846
Grace B Tucker 75020, TXEndocrinology1376595629
Audrey Bettina Miklius 75231, TXEndocrinology1689628257
Shamsher Kaur Lakhian 75093, TXEndocrinology1104879907
Nalini Ram 77030, TXEndocrinology1265485064
James F Dunn 76104, TXEndocrinology1518929918
Tmh Physician Organization 77030, TXEndocrinology1235183096
Emilia M Popa 75231, TXEndocrinology1952368045
Muhammad Ashfaque Arian 77598, TXEndocrinology1477507044
Medical Clinic Of North Texas, Pllc 75039, TXEndocrinology1538117742
Medical Clinic Of North Texas, Pllc 75023, TXEndocrinology1912955030
Mitchell Ian Sorsby 75093, TXEndocrinology1154375939
Brian J. Welch 75246, TXEndocrinology1386694966
Mark S Kipnes 78229, TXEndocrinology1376501965
Jerome S Fischer 78229, TXEndocrinology1083672679
Ramona Granda-rodriguez 78229, TXEndocrinology1669430815
Alok Mohan 75246, TXEndocrinology1841240355
Jennifer M Amaral Ramos 78414, TXEndocrinology1306806757
Amarillo Medical Specialists,llp 79106, TXEndocrinology1790743524
Larry A Whitfield 75020, TXEndocrinology1558311605
Manisha Chandalia 77521, TXEndocrinology1750347217
Heidi Chamberlain Shea 75093, TXEndocrinology1578517926
Endocrine Associates Of Dallas, P.a. 75231, TXEndocrinology1306890736
Pratima Vijay Kumar 78701, TXEndocrinology1972558658
Victor R Lavis 77030, TXEndocrinology1528014206
David Glenn Mcfadden 75390, TXEndocrinology1962458174
Richard Alan Sachson 75231, TXEndocrinology1801843800
Stephen Louis Aronoff 75231, TXEndocrinology1538106844
Steven H Fehrenkamp Md Pa 78745, TXEndocrinology1740228717
Charlie Chih Lee Chang 77598, TXEndocrinology1417996109
Nelson W Lum 79413, TXEndocrinology1902845449
Heriberto Alfredo Tejeda 78411, TXEndocrinology1396785887
Tamis Marie Bright 79905, TXEndocrinology1871533372
Zain Gulzar 78501, TXEndocrinology1467494112
Salomon Banarer 75230, TXEndocrinology1841232444
Yomna T Monla 77030, TXEndocrinology1376585851
Galo A Rodarte 79902, TXEndocrinology1376585489
William Burton Fears 75116, TXEndocrinology1154364537
Julio Rosenstock 75230, TXEndocrinology1831133529
Ana Gabriela Ruiz Allison 77055, TXEndocrinology1861436073
Vani Duvuuri 75082, TXEndocrinology1124063714
Jasbir Dhawan 75035, TXEndocrinology1063458230
Shrinivas S. Habbu 76021, TXEndocrinology1740216894
Darren Wayne Lackan 76132, TXEndocrinology1053347534
Surekha Perlman 75093, TXEndocrinology1053349027
Henry M Prost 76034, TXEndocrinology1841229812
Henry M. Prost, M.d., P.a. 76051, TXEndocrinology1659300549
Qing Jia 75042, TXEndocrinology1609805506
Andrew Robert Zinn 75390, TXEndocrinology1457381923
Del Rio Texas Heart Institute & Diabetes Center Pa 78840, TXEndocrinology1558391730
Priscilla Arlene Hollander 75246, TXEndocrinology1417988098
North Texas Endocrine Center, P.a. 75231, TXEndocrinology1659301380
Frederick A White 79601, TXEndocrinology1033141684
Azhar Afaq 76104, TXEndocrinology1518906569
Steven George Dorfman 75231, TXEndocrinology1679520589
Shahla Nader-eftekhari 77030, TXEndocrinology1962433995
Maxwell Prosper Kwaku 75701, TXEndocrinology1083641534
Steven Harry Fehrenkamp 78704, TXEndocrinology1376582718
Susan T Wingo 79106, TXEndocrinology1457397697
East Texas Medical Center Healthcare Associates 75701, TXEndocrinology1124062484
Sonika Gupta 78229, TXEndocrinology1437105715
Jaweed Akhter 77701, TXEndocrinology1427002823
Paul K Piper 77382, TXEndocrinology1760412035
Harold Werner 79106, TXEndocrinology1467484667
David B Wilson 76104, TXEndocrinology1922030832
Lakshmi Priya Kasirajan 77030, TXEndocrinology1871526830
Peter Edward Bressler 75231, TXEndocrinology1932133329
Jaime Abraham Davidson 75230, TXEndocrinology1053345447
Katherine Nicholas Jacob 75013, TXEndocrinology1497780571
Kathleen Hands 78258, TXEndocrinology1174558159
Jonathan D Leffert 75231, TXEndocrinology1891720785
Jeffrey Perlman 79761, TXEndocrinology1225063209
Vidhya Subramanian 77494, TXEndocrinology1295752004
Perry Earl Bickel 75390, TXEndocrinology1285651737
Philip R Orlander 77030, TXEndocrinology1356369615
Owen Bryan Holland 77555, TXEndocrinology1982622148
Carlos E Menendez 78240, TXEndocrinology1346268513
Joseph Leslie Milburn 75061, TXEndocrinology1326066457
Fred F Ciarochi 75137, TXEndocrinology1023038973
Amelita Lourdes Patricio Basa 77074, TXEndocrinology1598786691
Abdulrahman Albustamy 78539, TXEndocrinology1386665545
Howard J Heller Md Pa 75204, TXEndocrinology1891718011
Lawrence Edward Mallette 77074, TXEndocrinology1891719647
Homer J Lemar 79920, TXEndocrinology1326052846
Maya B Bledsoe 78759, TXEndocrinology1194730242
Kelly L Wirfel 77401, TXEndocrinology1659387561
Devjit Tripathy 78207, TXEndocrinology1841207172
Marco Marcelli 77030, TXEndocrinology1710994074
William Robert Sheldon 75093, TXEndocrinology1386651180
Shikha Bharaktiya 77074, TXEndocrinology1467460139
Robert G. Pyle 75801, TXEndocrinology1821007253
Rachel Rusinko 78229, TXEndocrinology1346259728
Thomas Phillip Earthman 77006, TXEndocrinology1235148230
Bhaskar Vourganti 76504, TXEndocrinology1760491724


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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