Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Alaska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Alaska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Fenton Tyree 99506, AKFamily Medicine1225031768
Kathrine Hardy 99508, AKFamily Medicine1225032915
Scott C Deberard 99507, AKFamily Medicine1194729731
John M Nolte 99507, AKFamily Medicine1689678211
Miriam R Nolte 99507, AKFamily Medicine1023012655
Teresa K Johnson 99603, AKFamily Medicine1932104098
Eric A. Nimmo 99654, AKFamily Medicine1538167952
Michael Edward Merrick 99611, AKFamily Medicine1326048414
David Kent Zetterman 99701, AKFamily Medicine1245239524
Debra Brushafer 99835, AKFamily Medicine1215939871
Marguerite Mcintosh 99669, AKFamily Medicine1598757312
Paul D Sanders 99669, AKFamily Medicine1316939135
Thomas Samuel Nighswander 99508, AKFamily Medicine1821080888
Raymond Edgar Andreassen 99737, AKFamily Medicine1972597185
Sandra C Denton 99503, AKFamily Medicine1295729234
Matthew Ward Raymond 99701, AKFamily Medicine1093709032
Terri Lee Elliott 99611, AKFamily Medicine1316932031
Kathryn Lynn Price 99901, AKFamily Medicine1154315109
Kenneth Jerome Boomgaard 99506, AKFamily Medicine1427047034
Floyd Elterman 99701, AKFamily Medicine1669461018
Aaron Wernham 99701, AKFamily Medicine1659360626
Donna Rose Galbreath 99508, AKFamily Medicine1073502043
Gerald L Springer 99709, AKFamily Medicine1841281847
Heather Mcneal Jones 99577, AKFamily Medicine1518958396
Elizabeth Kohn 99654, AKFamily Medicine1518948165
Leif Thompson 99701, AKFamily Medicine1780667105
Juliana Christine Montooth 99576, AKFamily Medicine1760465181
David Jeffrey Powers 99576, AKFamily Medicine1962485276
Scott A Walker 99559, AKFamily Medicine1760472203
Rebekah Grace Briscoe 99506, AKFamily Medicine1861481210
Robert Greg Patterson 99702, AKFamily Medicine1578545109
Michael Jacob Nasenbeny 99508, AKFamily Medicine1578974119
Arnold N.m.i. Loera 99576, AKFamily Medicine1225012628
Kerrick Louis Stout 99576, AKFamily Medicine1710961172
Gladys Bailon 99669, AKFamily Medicine1467436071
Peter Owen Hansen 99611, AKFamily Medicine1972587590
Kevin Joseph Nolan 99615, AKFamily Medicine1386629541
Daniel James Oconnell 99576, AKFamily Medicine1407831217
Catherine Jeanne Hyndman 99576, AKFamily Medicine1336124155
Ellen Lorraine Kemper 99925, AKFamily Medicine1457337115
Kenneth Jewell Norris 99508, AKFamily Medicine1841276102
John A Baciocco 99835, AKFamily Medicine1124005731
Mitchell F Horan 99576, AKFamily Medicine1952388449
Virginia M Avilahaskell 99701, AKFamily Medicine1982681151
Catherine Mary Buley 99801, AKFamily Medicine1700863339
Brian G Accola 99701, AKFamily Medicine1447236823
William Murray Buttner 99508, AKFamily Medicine1003893132
Kristel Wyn Rush 99574, AKFamily Medicine1164408126
Joseph T Bell 99654, AKFamily Medicine1447230917
Charles Michael Roesel 99835, AKFamily Medicine1124003389
David Matthew Head 99762, AKFamily Medicine1689644288
Ray Don Kelley 99654, AKFamily Medicine1780654137
Robert James Bosveld 99508, AKFamily Medicine1568433647
Alden Lynn Weg 99703, AKFamily Medicine1366413346
Thomas Joseph Elton 99577, AKFamily Medicine1356313266
Sai-ling Liu 99762, AKFamily Medicine1598737397
John Clyde Cates 99508, AKFamily Medicine1558333146
Deborah Christine Flint Daniel 99762, AKFamily Medicine1487626016
Karen Frances O'neill 99762, AKFamily Medicine1295707826
Stephen Darrell Daniel 99762, AKFamily Medicine1588636070
Paul Victor Zimmer 99615, AKFamily Medicine1265405906
Randall C Schick 99619, AKFamily Medicine1932172509
Mary Owenga Gwayi-chore 99508, AKFamily Medicine1487628061
Kenneth Robert Moll 99508, AKFamily Medicine1326012337
Donald Ives 99701, AKFamily Medicine1356316699
Katherine L Kolb 99508, AKFamily Medicine1306813373
Gonzalo Araoz Fraser 99669, AKFamily Medicine1710946702
Linda Olson Bergum 99752, AKFamily Medicine1295795342
Corrine Leistikow 99701, AKFamily Medicine1417922774
Gina Pender 99701, AKFamily Medicine1194790345
Charles Steiner 99701, AKFamily Medicine1558337741
Clay Triplehorn 99701, AKFamily Medicine1447227152
Jean Tsigonis 99701, AKFamily Medicine1972570604
Laura Marie Walters 99615, AKFamily Medicine1831162825
Laura Nowels Kaster 99703, AKFamily Medicine1114989514
Jane E Simono 99508, AKFamily Medicine1396709168
Mary Ann Foland 99508, AKFamily Medicine1871557645
Eric J Miknich 99508, AKFamily Medicine1124082995
Bruce J Kiessling 99508, AKFamily Medicine1386608156
Derek A Hagen 99508, AKFamily Medicine1184689465
Barbara B Walis 99576, AKFamily Medicine1497713572
Ryan T. Mcwilliams 99508, AKFamily Medicine1013966977
Greg Alan Salard 99929, AKFamily Medicine1821041666
Dale J Trombley 99508, AKFamily Medicine1154386944
Mark Edward Mitchell 99901, AKFamily Medicine1689634479
Jeanne Marie Snyder 99901, AKFamily Medicine1871547869
Laurie Elizabeth Dahms 99654, AKFamily Medicine1245285964
Kimberly Lynn Bakkes 99835, AKFamily Medicine1841245388
Theresa L Bramel 99508, AKFamily Medicine1649225913
Jeffrey G Bartline 99508, AKFamily Medicine1598710683
Alex Craig Orten 99508, AKFamily Medicine1518912849
Maria Lindsey Freeman 99508, AKFamily Medicine1568417822
Delores C Catherino 99508, AKFamily Medicine1457307019
Harriet J Fremland 99508, AKFamily Medicine1487601225
Susan E Clift 99508, AKFamily Medicine1437106051
Candace L Clawson 99508, AKFamily Medicine1003863671
Peter L Cueva 99508, AKFamily Medicine1730136300
Brian Laufer 99508, AKFamily Medicine1437106721
Iluminada M Lim 99508, AKFamily Medicine1487691044
Gregory Kisling 99508, AKFamily Medicine1508803867
Wade Erickson 99654, AKFamily Medicine1245278183
Richard W Asher 99835, AKFamily Medicine1205876448
Barbara L Riley 99576, AKFamily Medicine1558301796
Ronald Norbert Talaga 99576, AKFamily Medicine1427099043
Pedro E Perez 99669, AKFamily Medicine1700827235
Rod Hall 99672, AKFamily Medicine1750322749
David Ray Baines 99503, AKFamily Medicine1710928098
Marc B Connelly 99508, AKFamily Medicine1922049253
Barbara B Medlin 99723, AKFamily Medicine1750323317
Jill Valerius 99645, AKFamily Medicine1205878303
Joseph Henry Roth 99801, AKFamily Medicine1427090307
Jason Brooks 99645, AKFamily Medicine1164465712
Supriya Mathur Gianchandani 99508, AKFamily Medicine1508801044
Priscilla Harris Valentine 99801, AKFamily Medicine1417993478
Taylor Michael Dunn 99801, AKFamily Medicine1356377188
Andrew D Pankow 99901, AKFamily Medicine1790711992
Elizabeth Abigail Van Order 99508, AKFamily Medicine1184651275
Peter A De Schweinitz 99701, AKFamily Medicine1427085711
Mark R Miles 99709, AKFamily Medicine1598792384
Rebecca M Manley 99508, AKFamily Medicine1548297385
Susanne Ruth Dillon 99654, AKFamily Medicine1679500060
David P Werner 99645, AKFamily Medicine1548298920
Natalie Seibert Mayer 99701, AKFamily Medicine1083642854
Sharon Elizabeth Fisher 99801, AKFamily Medicine1164451159
Cindy M Lee 99508, AKFamily Medicine1235169509
V Malurkar Anthes 99901, AKFamily Medicine1003846197
Diane L Liljegren 99901, AKFamily Medicine1407887763
Claudette Zaremba 99501, AKFamily Medicine1871522920
Janice D Heaton-sheufelt 99801, AKFamily Medicine1336193739
Richard W Mcgrath 99921, AKFamily Medicine1457398042
Michael Kirwan Mraz 99503, AKFamily Medicine1629011218
Todd Capistrant 99701, AKFamily Medicine1710931613
Catherine Crowe 99508, AKFamily Medicine1497702781
Ruth Ann Zent 99752, AKFamily Medicine1962430306
Heidi Coryell Lowrey Baines 99615, AKFamily Medicine1437104940
Norman Charles Petty 99508, AKFamily Medicine1235166216
Elizabeth Hunnewell Deschweinitz 99507, AKFamily Medicine1952340358
Dwayne Ernest Trujillo 99507, AKFamily Medicine1740220102
David Robert Downey 99603, AKFamily Medicine1306882360
Anna E Reese 99503, AKFamily Medicine1295761500
Julius Goslin 99503, AKFamily Medicine1386686582
Michelle Rothoff 99503, AKFamily Medicine1023059151
Patrick F Martinez 99503, AKFamily Medicine1518901321
Denise Bay Ramp 99508, AKFamily Medicine1316970098
Alexander Thomas Baskous 99508, AKFamily Medicine1710910914
Donna A Fearey 99503, AKFamily Medicine1285667501
Patrick Aaron Plunkett 99508, AKFamily Medicine1619902558
James Glen Welker 99508, AKFamily Medicine1215962022
David A Snyder 99508, AKFamily Medicine1407871825
Kendrick David Blais 99701, AKFamily Medicine1497771109
Katy Marie Sheridan 99669, AKFamily Medicine1518983246
William R Hale 99508, AKFamily Medicine1730105552
Craig Doser 99669, AKFamily Medicine1679590327
Mark Andrew Clifford 99701, AKFamily Medicine1003834086
Eric Olsen 99801, AKFamily Medicine1790705952
Kim C Smith 99801, AKFamily Medicine1134149396
Michael Fitch 99701, AKFamily Medicine1366462889
David Martin James 99508, AKFamily Medicine1376564906
Tim W Scheffel 99603, AKFamily Medicine1659394898
Frank Adam Greathouse 99654, AKFamily Medicine1780699330
Jana K Mcaninch 99709, AKFamily Medicine1235144916
June M Thomasson 99701, AKFamily Medicine1952316630
Ty R Vincent 99654, AKFamily Medicine1578578183
Melinda F Evans 99701, AKFamily Medicine1083620918
Christina L Wright 99701, AKFamily Medicine1407862345
William Harrison Bell 99603, AKFamily Medicine1992711337
Rebecca Sc White 99645, AKFamily Medicine1205843430
Lisa L Harrison 99654, AKFamily Medicine1821004383
Sheila A Burke 99508, AKFamily Medicine1366459869
Stephen S Gerrish 99701, AKFamily Medicine1134137003
Andrew Wayne Swartz 99502, AKFamily Medicine1336158401
Kathleen G Todd 99686, AKFamily Medicine1639188683
Anne E. Musser 99508, AKFamily Medicine1801806203
Paul W Davis 99508, AKFamily Medicine1467462887
David A Driggers 99508, AKFamily Medicine1467462895
Harold L Johnston 99508, AKFamily Medicine1790796977
Shannon Wiegand 99701, AKFamily Medicine1629080437
Jerry Hudson Crosby 99926, AKFamily Medicine1508878778
Lavern R Davidhizar 99669, AKFamily Medicine1154334381
Michelle R Hensel 99664, AKFamily Medicine1154434298
Deborah J Minnick-shearin 99701, AKFamily Medicine1790899425
Christine L Golnick 99508, AKFamily Medicine1427163633
Patricia Anne Ko 99508, AKFamily Medicine1790890952
Olga Iris Wasile 99567, AKFamily Medicine1306952569
Shanda Renee Lohse 99654, AKFamily Medicine1790891521
Megan Kawas Lemasters Soule 99508, AKFamily Medicine1295841013
Alberta Barbara Laktonen 99504, AKFamily Medicine1558477356
Michael Wayne Orzechowski 99508, AKFamily Medicine1417982067
Rebecca Jean Bingham 99508, AKFamily Medicine1093724270
Mark Thomas Erickson 99508, AKFamily Medicine1790799716
Lani Ackerman 99508, AKFamily Medicine1780696401
Jean Marie Snyder 99508, AKFamily Medicine1518979426
Steve Emery Parker 99577, AKFamily Medicine1588699342
Allan Alberton 99623, AKFamily Medicine1710992581
Ray Robinson 99508, AKFamily Medicine1306953880
Louis M Packer 99654, AKFamily Medicine1407965288
Calvin J Billman 99502, AKFamily Medicine1356450027
Dorothy V Hernandez 99801, AKFamily Medicine1659483980
Douglas M Savikko 99577, AKFamily Medicine1154433308
Martha T Cotten 99508, AKFamily Medicine1528170677


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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