Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Patrick L Pine 04072, AZFamily Medicine1922184712
Maria Norivic Laraya Soriano 85206, AZFamily Medicine1134602923
Jason Pernell Heavens 85020, AZFamily Medicine1063781797
Akos Primary Care, Llc 85301, AZFamily Medicine1235769613
Scott Ross 80840, AZFamily Medicine1144870163
Robert J. Lang 89102, AZFamily Medicine1992758726
Andrew W Mayberry 85602, AZFamily Medicine1629019260
John Glazer 85615, AZFamily Medicine1285636126
Jennifer Lynn Miller 85718, AZFamily Medicine1558362715
Canyon Medical Clinic Llc 85324, AZFamily Medicine1356834642
Mesa Health Services, Llc 86001, AZFamily Medicine1629595756
Shirin Bitajian 81650, AZFamily Medicine1952742850
Jessica Di Nizio 99336, AZFamily Medicine1346412079
Patrice M Churchill 85132, AZFamily Medicine1942395314
Patricia Lowe Sepulveda 85139, AZFamily Medicine1760644710
Blair Andrew Ball 85335, AZFamily Medicine1891297776
Clinica La Familia, Pc 85032, AZFamily Medicine1780668921
Franklin Herok Baroi 85194, AZFamily Medicine1710067608
Brian Diep 91901, AZFamily Medicine1144240631
Atlas Medical Systems, Pllc 85253, AZFamily Medicine1144730607
Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgical 85015, AZFamily Medicine1295056919
Matthew Khumalo 85614, AZFamily Medicine1679612618
Jessie Dziduch 85286, AZFamily Medicine1265900591
Ankita Singh 43537, AZFamily Medicine1265870935
Malin Medical, Pllc 86333, AZFamily Medicine1265020127
Dean H Stokes 86301, AZFamily Medicine1639173370
Kathleen Ann Wachtler 97701, AZFamily Medicine1912269168
Mary Catherine Porvaznik 86001, AZFamily Medicine1871582635
Julia Williams 85013, AZFamily Medicine1659427680
Regina Elizabeth Ross 86047, AZFamily Medicine1063690014
Atembis Llc 85224, AZFamily Medicine1144372699
Julia Lynn Melvin 85013, AZFamily Medicine1104087881
Nazir Delawar 84132, AZFamily Medicine1255532487
Laura Wade 86046, AZFamily Medicine1801243902
Richard M Ernst 85258, AZFamily Medicine1417944802
Andrew John Pham Carroll 85224, AZFamily Medicine1043214877
Valerie Van Ravenswaay 86001, AZFamily Medicine1376930669
Jennifer Henderson 97504, AZFamily Medicine1902123888
Barbara Polstein 86011, AZFamily Medicine1316915069
Aynur Okcay 85741, AZFamily Medicine1922319607
Jesse Michael Crane 47441, AZFamily Medicine1548520505
Kimberly Ann Abernethy 75062, AZFamily Medicine1235210048
Quincy Sa'ena 87401, AZFamily Medicine1316485246
Rajiv Parikh Md Pc 85283, AZFamily Medicine1225546880
Janet M Pragit 85224, AZFamily Medicine1518959238
Michael S Underhill 85308, AZFamily Medicine1043294606
Clean Colonic Family Practice 85032, AZFamily Medicine1003492158
Ginni Marie Orava 85295, AZFamily Medicine1619132479
Heather N Armbrust 98520, AZFamily Medicine1912373234
Kristin Pauline Hicklin 85016, AZFamily Medicine1720583685
Noel P Arce 85295, AZFamily Medicine1831290873
Benjamin T Dedrickson 84041, AZFamily Medicine1710496047
Marvin Gerald Riske 85224, AZFamily Medicine1295827871
Kevin William Turner 85308, AZFamily Medicine1952300295
Samer S Sannoufi 92506, AZFamily Medicine1528023264
Wilson Merrell Craghead 85251, AZFamily Medicine1073031308
Primary Care Walk in Medical Clinic 85268, AZFamily Medicine1790196806
Salter Med Consultants 85234, AZFamily Medicine1134787310
Curtis Errol Ball 73112, AZFamily Medicine1619956943
Imani Najuma Williams-vaughn 85224, AZFamily Medicine1841251253
Kody Je Smith 85256, AZFamily Medicine1487971560
Farzam Afshar 77056, AZFamily Medicine1841771904
Mdwatch Medical Corp. 22030, AZFamily Medicine1548842370
Praful Anugu Reddy 85306, AZFamily Medicine1679590616
Kimberly A Walls 85027, AZFamily Medicine1760996128
Dana Michael Klein 85295, AZFamily Medicine1386023760
Deborah Ann Hahn 85308, AZFamily Medicine1629075932
Gary J Debrino 85259, AZFamily Medicine1437132107
Denise Carol Schweda 85255, AZFamily Medicine1790878262
Carolyn C Moats 85260, AZFamily Medicine1427046937
Carden Kendrick Gambee 98110, AZFamily Medicine1619218567
Richard L Engle 85259, AZFamily Medicine1245213032
Integrated Clinix 84062, AZFamily Medicine1477166098
Integrated Clinix 84062, AZFamily Medicine1659931384
Hope Family Care Center Llc 85501, AZFamily Medicine1588924351
Kevin Mark Houlihan 85395, AZFamily Medicine1609862697
Samer Mohd Faruq Muala 85006, AZFamily Medicine1790943900
Oliver Grey Waldrop 85050, AZFamily Medicine1205879475
Sanjivan Pllc 85323, AZFamily Medicine1659415206
Steven Walter Geise 85614, AZFamily Medicine1972571602
Chelsea Presbrey 86401, AZFamily Medicine1548657695
Kevin Frank Brown 86442, AZFamily Medicine1245233980
Kingman Family Practice, P.c. 86442, AZFamily Medicine1346386174
Eric Huynh 86401, AZFamily Medicine1649633058
Bhavani Naginani 86442, AZFamily Medicine1669702155
Asim Rahman 32789, AZFamily Medicine1366749731
Micah D Hale 85020, AZFamily Medicine1972506616
Emily E Vona 86403, AZFamily Medicine1386047850
Christopher M Ramage 77868, AZFamily Medicine1598086688
Our Home Of Unity Llc 85339, AZFamily Medicine1942784285
Michael Paul Brown 85340, AZFamily Medicine1386800076
Medsite Medical Services 85020, AZFamily Medicine1316464290
Maria Hoertz 56258, AZFamily Medicine1104871607
Helen Sava 23604, AZFamily Medicine1396726477
Heidi U Rula 85224, AZFamily Medicine1023095742
Verve Wellness Center, Llc. 85206, AZFamily Medicine1871002683
Jetta Derasin 85201, AZFamily Medicine1720336910
Dana S Farris 85209, AZFamily Medicine1033214200
Rex H Ragsdale 85013, AZFamily Medicine1609064609
Sahan Joseph Emmanuel 85142, AZFamily Medicine1245686872
Luz Angela Lopez 85204, AZFamily Medicine1124081823
Gregory Desimone 89149, AZFamily Medicine1851785687
Tyrone Harvard Hanks 85224, AZFamily Medicine1952587750
Painx Joint Revitalization Inc 85203, AZFamily Medicine1306404454
Rachel Chisausky 83704, AZFamily Medicine1134765910
Mark Timothy Mcvay 67214, AZFamily Medicine1841255056
Deseret Medical Associates Plc 85118, AZFamily Medicine1962989244
Liana Tsuruko Kobayashi 96701, AZFamily Medicine1265902555
Redirect Health Centers, Llc 85306, AZFamily Medicine1083221634
Healthcare Campus Llc 85206, AZFamily Medicine1205442704
Cynthia G Jordan 85286, AZFamily Medicine1548349624
Tanya Marie Balov 85140, AZFamily Medicine1164801205
Emma Marie Stephens 85395, AZFamily Medicine1730778648
Nathan E Russell 85140, AZFamily Medicine1205360237
Brian William Goodman 85901, AZFamily Medicine1497165732
Cliff C Pham 85254, AZFamily Medicine1720155989
Elsi Maria Diaz 85629, AZFamily Medicine1487972477
Gary Andrew Herring 16652, AZFamily Medicine1124093356
North Country Healthcare Inc 85541, AZFamily Medicine1093146755
David James Engstrom 85340, AZFamily Medicine1710058870
Emelia Kay 85351, AZFamily Medicine1316457096
Veronica J Ruston 85302, AZFamily Medicine1437406212
Shayna M Mansfield 85253, AZFamily Medicine1780687087
Hima Bindu Smelser 87505, AZFamily Medicine1730165333
Sanjay Patel 85021, AZFamily Medicine1669418331
Jai Kim 85031, AZFamily Medicine1407892268
Billy Joe Evans 85392, AZFamily Medicine1114942422
Emily J Zaragoza 66211, AZFamily Medicine1043320484
Christopher R Miera 87111, AZFamily Medicine1932293313
Vanessa Tartaglia-keane 85308, AZFamily Medicine1265566061
Serena Dawn Woods-grimm 85004, AZFamily Medicine1003009705
Michael Ryan Esmay 88260, AZFamily Medicine1184821050
Long H.t. Le 85014, AZFamily Medicine1336451525
Yadwinder S Dhillon Md Pc 85006, AZFamily Medicine1295964781
Ryan A Evans 80205, AZFamily Medicine1902167380
Kalina Ehrenreich-piot 80621, AZFamily Medicine1386056257
Dapinderjit Singh Gill 85374, AZFamily Medicine1114333911
William Kermit White 85016, AZFamily Medicine1174539316
Andrew Barclay 84660, AZFamily Medicine1033556204
Benjamin Heller 85003, AZFamily Medicine1346655099
Micia Roby 84604, AZFamily Medicine1790198141
Kellie Wheeler 85050, AZFamily Medicine1659751857
Renata Whitlock 85012, AZFamily Medicine1912410309
Guggiari Med Pc 85381, AZFamily Medicine1457765695
Rachel Annette Giroux De Armendariz 85051, AZFamily Medicine1245643774
Dominick Ruybal 80012, AZFamily Medicine1811428048
Angela E O'neil 85258, AZFamily Medicine1639141161
Perla Quinones 85140, AZFamily Medicine1003269697
Jeffrey Mark Curtis 85013, AZFamily Medicine1144318700
Jessica Doney 85224, AZFamily Medicine1255316642
Parwin Shetab Sadaat 85013, AZFamily Medicine1487695243
Michael Tawadrous 85224, AZFamily Medicine1972892339
Jennifer Park 85048, AZFamily Medicine1245679182
Zaid Fadul 85338, AZFamily Medicine1740593797
Vanna R Campion 85224, AZFamily Medicine1235540055
Peter D Hogan 85224, AZFamily Medicine1730299637
Jessica Vanderwilp 85013, AZFamily Medicine1851763635
Lovejoy Tulusan Arriesgado 85374, AZFamily Medicine1861968794
Evan Werk 85006, AZFamily Medicine1184036774
Catherine L Lacourt 85028, AZFamily Medicine1942232988
Jeanette Anuddin Cruz 48220, AZFamily Medicine1891971628
Michael J Ahmann 85258, AZFamily Medicine1720245806
Vpa Pc 85020, AZFamily Medicine1952875783
Dr Rick Shacket Pllc 85258, AZFamily Medicine1215263850
Jay Gary Bernstein 85028, AZFamily Medicine1649233396
Kisria Rechul 80919, AZFamily Medicine1265886782
Dawid Rechul 06510, AZFamily Medicine1477909752
Maria V Gibson 85215, AZFamily Medicine1649388596
Gobi K Paramanandam 85028, AZFamily Medicine1568677706
Kelly Jean Lueck 97601, AZFamily Medicine1578815809
Justin M Possner 81324, AZFamily Medicine1689834046
Carl Bryce 68113, AZFamily Medicine1619315074
Ohana Kids & Family Kare Llc 85204, AZFamily Medicine1003356320
Alyssa Korenstein 10013, AZFamily Medicine1801320825
Adele Marie O'sullivan 90049, AZFamily Medicine1568417053
Asfiya Yunus 70070, AZFamily Medicine1619331089
Lawrence W. Bence 85032, AZFamily Medicine1194713628
Can Community Health, Inc. 34237, AZFamily Medicine1104829274
Edmond Lowe Baker 85015, AZFamily Medicine1235304171
Jacqueline Kristina Dumagpi 85374, AZFamily Medicine1023622867
Matthew Brian Anastasi 85259, AZFamily Medicine1033353354
Michael P Truesdell 85256, AZFamily Medicine1144263377
Laura Ellen Purdy 42223, AZFamily Medicine1093058463
Mary Jo Colorafi 85255, AZFamily Medicine1497793137
Maria Gonzalez Berlari Md Llc 85031, AZFamily Medicine1699025981
Maria E Gonzalez Berlari 85031, AZFamily Medicine1861665796
Donna M Brogmus 80634, AZFamily Medicine1134187016
Christine Vigilia Ragay-cathers 93454, AZFamily Medicine1871740266
Stephanie Price 85042, AZFamily Medicine1578097077
Sammya Shahla 85028, AZFamily Medicine1407175284
Omavi Bailey 79902, AZFamily Medicine1982010203
Tan N Vu 85014, AZFamily Medicine1932427341
Jessica Marie Pogachar 98003, AZFamily Medicine1811239965
Honorhealth Medical Group, Llc 85014, AZFamily Medicine1689098675
Navdeep Gill 99336, AZFamily Medicine1255783494
Joanna Campodonico 46176, AZFamily Medicine1477973311
Anh Tuyet Vuong 85016, AZFamily Medicine1295345163
Matt Evans 85020, AZFamily Medicine1821431560
Richard P Kratche 85224, AZFamily Medicine1407899842
Daniel Scott Buck 97838, AZFamily Medicine1629307087


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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