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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Angela Kay Stapleton-mackenzie 98104, CAFamily Medicine1518969575
Sean M Mclaughlin 98201, CAFamily Medicine1447252556
Gregory Walter Bergner 96150, CAFamily Medicine1851398671
Kevin Ray Buckwalter 89128, CAFamily Medicine1003813478
Samar Rashid 92103, CAFamily Medicine1811394869
Chris Burkhart 96122, CAFamily Medicine1639176308
Derik Keshishian 93611, CAFamily Medicine1699041426
Daniel J Cooper 95209, CAFamily Medicine1790770022
Rolando A Atiga 92562, CAFamily Medicine1275527152
Patricia Whooley Kulawiak 95401, CAFamily Medicine1487649711
Pacific Redwood Medical Group Inc 95482, CAFamily Medicine1033103676
Gerald R Hamwi 90028, CAFamily Medicine1467447714
Elsa Kiyoko Tsutaoka 94609, CAFamily Medicine1275524589
Lisa M. Ward 95401, CAFamily Medicine1790768869
Richard Victor Guzzetta 93611, CAFamily Medicine1265422695
James Timothy Murphy 94945, CAFamily Medicine1578544755
John C Booker 93291, CAFamily Medicine1790769768
Taylor Sangjin Han 56303, CAFamily Medicine1992775720
Louis Maximilian Dibernardo 91786, CAFamily Medicine1528045358
Daniel A Rossignol 32904, CAFamily Medicine1821076431
Jacqueline Wu 92620, CAFamily Medicine1447760103
Arvinder Singh Bir 92270, CAFamily Medicine1487629564
Christine Chang Pecci 94110, CAFamily Medicine1043284813
Edwin Seth Munich 94903, CAFamily Medicine1770556805
Robin A Lowitz 95407, CAFamily Medicine1922074038
Robert R Treuherz 92325, CAFamily Medicine1194796151
Ronald Yusi Bangsil 92626, CAFamily Medicine1043261654
Feoktist Nikitovich Orloff 96001, CAFamily Medicine1700839446
Jennifer Chilyn Li Kaufman 92115, CAFamily Medicine1407818768
Jessica Temple Servey 20814, CAFamily Medicine1053362491
Charles Joseph Renner 94521, CAFamily Medicine1669439733
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CAFamily Medicine1356394175
Gregory Marcus Coe 94589, CAFamily Medicine1295797405
Donald Blair Maisel 94513, CAFamily Medicine1740246495
Holly Lorenzen 95932, CAFamily Medicine1578026399
Deepak N Patel 92868, CAFamily Medicine1164460382
Molly Manning Roberts 94115, CAFamily Medicine1558302612
Mary Catherine Murphy 90073, CAFamily Medicine1902851652
Bruce Allen Roberts 94115, CAFamily Medicine1912940305
Cynthia Lynne Clark 94102, CAFamily Medicine1487690244
Sunny R Richley 92227, CAFamily Medicine1588608475
Carla Price Longchamp 95401, CAFamily Medicine1972544948
Suraj Arthur Achar 92103, CAFamily Medicine1235167321
Mary Jo Groves 98250, CAFamily Medicine1730124371
Craig V Smith 90265, CAFamily Medicine1023049483
Petaluma Valley Internal Medicine Inc 95476, CAFamily Medicine1326089806
Jason R Vance 95926, CAFamily Medicine1912938234
Divya T Raj 94610, CAFamily Medicine1639106610
Top Care Medical Group Inc 95127, CAFamily Medicine1932665437
Alesia Joy Wagner-largent 95688, CAFamily Medicine1205867892
Nehzat Nikakhtar 90723, CAFamily Medicine1427062348
Christine Simon 94706, CAFamily Medicine1588779185
Premier Family Medicine Associates, Inc 91709, CAFamily Medicine1730112426
James Huang 92831, CAFamily Medicine1518992635
Seema Bir 92270, CAFamily Medicine1720099294
Helene Thuy-ha Nguyen 95758, CAFamily Medicine1689685331
George Delgado 92108, CAFamily Medicine1083639470
Fumi Louise Suzuki 94706, CAFamily Medicine1033125281
Peter John Elliot Scheid 92624, CAFamily Medicine1922024777
Thomas A Bzoskie 95758, CAFamily Medicine1013930866
Galen Howard Church 95814, CAFamily Medicine1467487868
Carol Stewart-hayostek 93306, CAFamily Medicine1508880618
Caroline M. Schreiber 94609, CAFamily Medicine1972617637
Hung Kang Ou 91709, CAFamily Medicine1942219944
Ashish Malhotra 92308, CAFamily Medicine1679583744
William G Hoffman 95919, CAFamily Medicine1437170149
Lorena Bischoff Russo 95010, CAFamily Medicine1306959390
Khoa Dang Nguyen 91345, CAFamily Medicine1164438172
Rodney M Swenson 96007, CAFamily Medicine1407863913
Derek Johnson 94513, CAFamily Medicine1407876063
David Gorchoff 94558, CAFamily Medicine1720098429
Michael Lloyd Farley 96002, CAFamily Medicine1396754925
Holly Leeds 95945, CAFamily Medicine1861413387
Tanyech Patricia Walford 91340, CAFamily Medicine1518984046
Immanuel Atienza Asuncion 94806, CAFamily Medicine1245254580
Noemi Vazquez 91901, CAFamily Medicine1174604680
Kenneth James Griffiths 92103, CAFamily Medicine1760563068
Matthew John Katics 93401, CAFamily Medicine1114039153
Edgar Hugo Castellanos 93906, CAFamily Medicine1619089943
Harpreet K Johl 95961, CAFamily Medicine1053423202
Allen & Lin Inc. 92253, CAFamily Medicine1659478162
Amy Solomon 59101, CAFamily Medicine1073616116
Richard Moris Ingle 96067, CAFamily Medicine1164523072
Steven C Mills 95762, CAFamily Medicine1881786309
Thomas A. Bertolli 95454, CAFamily Medicine1811089717
Kimberly Jean Duir 94710, CAFamily Medicine1578646998
Daniel Lin 91006, CAFamily Medicine1689771842
Arnold Cuenca 92691, CAFamily Medicine1306927371
Erin E Lund 95403, CAFamily Medicine1790876720
Panna Lossy 95401, CAFamily Medicine1679670673
Wendy Kohatsu 95401, CAFamily Medicine1609973478
Basem R. Farag 90805, CAFamily Medicine1457441974
Charles M Maples 90720, CAFamily Medicine1215033808
Julia Diane Crawford 95006, CAFamily Medicine1932282498
Elise Singer 95128, CAFamily Medicine1851497697
Elisabeth Harriet Renner 94521, CAFamily Medicine1275642910
Mary Rosalie Pena-pridmore 95953, CAFamily Medicine1336240837
David Loc Tran 94086, CAFamily Medicine1154740819
Farzaneh Sarlak 92130, CAFamily Medicine1538252036
Nasir Kamal 93630, CAFamily Medicine1588742167
Kari Mathison 93101, CAFamily Medicine1124124276
Michelle A Kim 89451, CAFamily Medicine1801982343
Tania Rezai 95841, CAFamily Medicine1710397153
Ho Q. Bui 93644, CAFamily Medicine1063590958
Robert Stephen Jennings 92649, CAFamily Medicine1932211380
Michael P Mulligan 95602, CAFamily Medicine1053411892
Christopher Tak Lau 90042, CAFamily Medicine1548365968
Suzan M. Lewis 66062, CAFamily Medicine1811045156
Laura Elizabeth Coulson 92115, CAFamily Medicine1447308424
John E Turns 94546, CAFamily Medicine1942371588
Rita H Rubinstein 92821, CAFamily Medicine1922179639
Rebecca T Rootlieb 92651, CAFamily Medicine1952464216
Visalia Family Practice Medical Group 93291, CAFamily Medicine1073681730
Kwun-shan Lip 94043, CAFamily Medicine1578615373
Stephen Peter Markus 98005, CAFamily Medicine1225198708
Trudy K. Singzon 94122, CAFamily Medicine1083745285
Catherine Angela Kim 93010, CAFamily Medicine1497819809
David R Bloom 92647, CAFamily Medicine1417005737
Daniel Robert Toub 95401, CAFamily Medicine1861540486
Douglas Jimenez 95401, CAFamily Medicine1154474781
Marie Mulligan 95401, CAFamily Medicine1477682896
Joseph A Zammuto 94062, CAFamily Medicine1063570018
Peter John Muran 92660, CAFamily Medicine1154479525
Dan Vasile 92307, CAFamily Medicine1841353869
Saddleback Family Medicine 92653, CAFamily Medicine1336288745
Stephen John Ierardi 92653, CAFamily Medicine1548308836
Kristi Marie Schoeld 93003, CAFamily Medicine1740344852
Lalaine Lim Tiu 93721, CAFamily Medicine1225173537
Loretta Sutphin Stenzel 20759, CAFamily Medicine1144388729
James Michael Voss 95742, CAFamily Medicine1932251733
Julia S Hohman 94595, CAFamily Medicine1649327685
Borrego Community Health Foundation 92020, CAFamily Medicine1154480069
Michael Andrew Howell 91361, CAFamily Medicine1053580191
Cheryl Emily Thompson 92083, CAFamily Medicine1548429863
Elisa Anne Wilson 92103, CAFamily Medicine1972716918
Hessam Khalili Tabrizi 92075, CAFamily Medicine1528269081
Holly Lucille 90046, CAFamily Medicine1013112556
Dulce Maria Oandasan 92253, CAFamily Medicine1689856734
Jaime Pardo 90602, CAFamily Medicine1346419348
David Robles Abiva 90606, CAFamily Medicine1295858215
Scott Matthew Gregor 90401, CAFamily Medicine1285845479
Rene Jouvanni Trabanino 90015, CAFamily Medicine1700086337
Edgar Alexander Chavez 90021, CAFamily Medicine1023216678
Jack Bailey Vu 90815, CAFamily Medicine1083885826
Mona Saifullah 46229, CAFamily Medicine1629247549
Elaine Mae Hain Hollero 19010, CAFamily Medicine1629238134
Firas Hazim Gorges 91901, CAFamily Medicine1891998118
Erin Lynne Imler 90272, CAFamily Medicine1649455841
Jenny Hariri 94041, CAFamily Medicine1821438458
Sean Howard Zager 48105, CAFamily Medicine1437355898
Antonio Viscarra 93010, CAFamily Medicine1760642540
Ashwin Doss 95355, CAFamily Medicine1184839615
Mary Catherine Papsco 95404, CAFamily Medicine1588850796
Ele Lozares-lewis 95401, CAFamily Medicine1881860666
Uziel Sauceda 92555, CAFamily Medicine1164837191
Rajneet Kaur Sekhon 95630, CAFamily Medicine1588867147
Evelyn Akinsanmi Darius 30106, CAFamily Medicine1124219696
Javier F. Chang 91711, CAFamily Medicine1558565366
Mohammad R Mohebbi 94558, CAFamily Medicine1871767004
Jose Luis Barrios 95062, CAFamily Medicine1346400116
Kelse Patrice Mckinley 94704, CAFamily Medicine1649433178
Millie Jay Surati-tantod 92649, CAFamily Medicine1063672145
Veronica D Contreras 92395, CAFamily Medicine1275866568
Parker Andrew Duncan 95407, CAFamily Medicine1033434923
James F Moore 95816, CAFamily Medicine1588984918
Mark Jeffrey Davis 20037, CAFamily Medicine1740598804
Michael Nino Munoz Moya 93710, CAFamily Medicine1407146269
Ana Karina Melgar 90806, CAFamily Medicine1245525005
Heidi Sarah Millard 93454, CAFamily Medicine1871889667
Neeza Hassan Kamil 92020, CAFamily Medicine1568740983
Kathryn Manning Noyes 95403, CAFamily Medicine1194969048
Christopher A Kroner 90806, CAFamily Medicine1477785681
Tonantzin Eva Rodriguez 95667, CAFamily Medicine1518280288
Chelsea Jordan Hodgkiss-harlow 92078, CAFamily Medicine1245541242
Esmeralda Moran 95355, CAFamily Medicine1144528498
Amelia Harris Buttolph 28547, CAFamily Medicine1164719035
Ana Cecilia Orozco 95616, CAFamily Medicine1356638373
Carol Lynn Hastanan 92020, CAFamily Medicine1861648461
Gem Physicians Medical Group Inc 93301, CAFamily Medicine1396985404
Jefferson T Hunt 31905, CAFamily Medicine1083843221
Oc Family Medical Group, Inc. 92868, CAFamily Medicine1528398773
Marc Jean-paul Debay 92262, CAFamily Medicine1588996623
Clarence Canlapan Monteclaro 90744, CAFamily Medicine1548573793
Reshma Vijay Gandhi 94588, CAFamily Medicine1265748602
Donald Kim Buschmann 90403, CAFamily Medicine1013218908
Yvonne Heung 77030, CAFamily Medicine1699062190
Katherine T Gardner 95816, CAFamily Medicine1760702633
Leena Kamat 94583, CAFamily Medicine1184913824
Leona Shum 80634, CAFamily Medicine1679941132
Ardientes C Tolentino 92804, CAFamily Medicine1497257505
Darlene Ramones 96707, CAFamily Medicine1427483569
Ruby Kaur Gill 95240, CAFamily Medicine1609147354
Benjamin T Clark 85143, CAFamily Medicine1831400894
Arvinder S. Bir Md, Seema Bir Md Corp 92270, CAFamily Medicine1972747137
Harry H. Ahn 91208, CAFamily Medicine1730492000
Alan Scott Kellermann 95945, CAFamily Medicine1972747384
Reema Menezes 95020, CAFamily Medicine1366756900
Bryan Gaudio 33140, CAFamily Medicine1679865885
Hamid Eskandari 92610, CAFamily Medicine1063662682
Gohar Gevorgyan 93301, CAFamily Medicine1619107083


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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