Providers with Taxonomy: Family Medicine in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Family Medicine
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robin L Galloway 81301, COFamily Medicine1609879204
David Matthew Nuhfer 80004, COFamily Medicine1952302051
Gregory Evan Sharp 80829, COFamily Medicine1679564827
Nicholas Alfred Piantanida 80910, COFamily Medicine1437132859
Miranda Graham 80910, COFamily Medicine1790203446
Luis H. Lorenzo 80045, COFamily Medicine1497732051
April Eileen Lynch 80921, COFamily Medicine1538128400
Joel L Dickerman 80905, COFamily Medicine1952378184
Robert Paul Reid 80813, COFamily Medicine1306819453
David L Fay 80205, COFamily Medicine1104898915
Deborah Leanne Brown 32960, COFamily Medicine1437112562
Janice Kay Hartman 80210, COFamily Medicine1821046723
Anjmun Sharma 80921, COFamily Medicine1578511028
Jill S Rimmey 81301, COFamily Medicine1649222738
Robert B Bricca 81301, COFamily Medicine1346277001
Amy Michele Tubay 09461, COFamily Medicine1548202658
Edward L Farrell 80205, COFamily Medicine1861422446
Hector Juan Brignoni 80643, COFamily Medicine1336196245
Jeffrey K Blixt 80907, COFamily Medicine1063438869
Peter Lowell Hansen 80452, COFamily Medicine1447272646
Western Medical Associates 81506, COFamily Medicine1366458648
Savita Yeshawant Ginde 80033, COFamily Medicine1184642001
San Juan Family Medicine Pc 81401, COFamily Medicine1982623112
Robert Charles Price 80906, COFamily Medicine1043233612
Debbie D. Urioste 80909, COFamily Medicine1326071051
Mark B Deem 28269, COFamily Medicine1538273644
Vishal Midha 95991, COFamily Medicine1669483319
Mary E Fairbanks 80202, COFamily Medicine1457360406
Mihir Vikram Patel 80104, COFamily Medicine1619074382
Michelle K Navarro 37214, COFamily Medicine1770685307
David Milton Salter 80910, COFamily Medicine1982700910
Kari Barton 80129, COFamily Medicine1205936358
Kalindi Batra 80125, COFamily Medicine1396839635
Corina I. Procell 87109, COFamily Medicine1720172117
Maria Yvonne Chansky 81601, COFamily Medicine1013090224
Sarah Hemeida 80045, COFamily Medicine1073803813
Roderic Dean Gottula 50501, COFamily Medicine1588789150
Charles R Davis 80302, COFamily Medicine1194840231
Lindy Sue Gilchrist 80111, COFamily Medicine1104990944
Rakesh Kumar Khosla 81008, COFamily Medicine1952466336
Lynn Susan Joffe 80111, COFamily Medicine1902947054
Timothy Eugene Dudley 80111, COFamily Medicine1497823249
Jacquelynn Michelle Gould 69361, COFamily Medicine1588799639
Timothy C Meilner 81413, COFamily Medicine1467583450
Matthew D Mccoy 80218, COFamily Medicine1104961390
Alex G Reish 80303, COFamily Medicine1760694525
Brian D Hill 80205, COFamily Medicine1386803435
Nida S. Awadallah 80045, COFamily Medicine1972722957
Phillip Mendoza 99503, COFamily Medicine1760681761
Lenny Sujdak 80221, COFamily Medicine1619171436
Krista Lynn Ault 81301, COFamily Medicine1700029774
Jonathan I Osorio-mckenna 81401, COFamily Medicine1760639082
Mary Elizabeth Dion 80602, COFamily Medicine1881911808
Jose Edmundo Manrique Mercado 80021, COFamily Medicine1962709246
Jk Blixt D.o. Inc 80907, COFamily Medicine1619129269
Rachel Katherine Woodruff 27104, COFamily Medicine1154647519
Elaine Stephanie Rusin 80027, COFamily Medicine1306150370
Rebecca Clark Johnson 80124, COFamily Medicine1073833828
Katharine L Caldwell 84044, COFamily Medicine1598990392
Zachary W. Barton 81401, COFamily Medicine1740578780
Rachel J Keesling 80863, COFamily Medicine1770879546
Kate H.a. Liu 60189, COFamily Medicine1982925657
Rebecca Bryn Nolan 98274, COFamily Medicine1912290636
Tanner N Tollett 80863, COFamily Medicine1700015286
Robert Schuyler Klein 87402, COFamily Medicine1497980742
Babu Chalam 98272, COFamily Medicine1598051633
Andrew Carlton Morris 81004, COFamily Medicine1619233186
Casey Michelle Starks 82633, COFamily Medicine1316205677
Shiela Klemmetsen 56425, COFamily Medicine1033555867
Jennifer Allaire Ayars 76574, COFamily Medicine1912345752
Lindsey Chao Schaffer 80003, COFamily Medicine1609296409
Matthew Travis Mullane 80023, COFamily Medicine1720408479
Taisa Victoria Wiedel 80202, COFamily Medicine1700206679
Lindsey Cassidy 80045, COFamily Medicine1336553445
Alison Shmerling 80021, COFamily Medicine1609295526
Gina Carr 81235, COFamily Medicine1114281169
Holly Ivalon German 80526, COFamily Medicine1962644831
Harriet Huang 80219, COFamily Medicine1295121002
Stephanie Natassia Sandhu 80010, COFamily Medicine1265819668
Devon Hutton 97701, COFamily Medicine1518379080
Cassandra Ann Workman 80230, COFamily Medicine1225150287
Grace Harding 81230, COFamily Medicine1770962920
Jacob Marquette 81230, COFamily Medicine1649659772
Rasha M Abdelsalam 80222, COFamily Medicine1891058467
Joanna Billings 59864, COFamily Medicine1447630868
Charity A Reynolds 55720, COFamily Medicine1912344722
Hannah Elena Schwartz Fields 80517, COFamily Medicine1568857662
Michael Rudolph 80023, COFamily Medicine1972997161
Jeffry Tyler Byrne 80007, COFamily Medicine1144617713
Christopher Upton 28791, COFamily Medicine1336403328
Cherly Maria Estevez Zorrilla 11030, COFamily Medicine1093155640
Anita Allison-mcnutt 97405, COFamily Medicine1053790923
Roxanne Lee Radi 80230, COFamily Medicine1982023032
Jessica Rae Sena 80910, COFamily Medicine1285162644
Michele Lynn Coleman 80920, COFamily Medicine1962473157
Jillian Rushing 87124, COFamily Medicine1356751069
Laura Davis Huggins 56334, COFamily Medicine1013335520
Jinlin Brendel 98362, COFamily Medicine1003234113
Joedy Hulings 80207, COFamily Medicine1851719801
Autumn Suzanne Krenning 80620, COFamily Medicine1932600905
Luke Casias 81301, COFamily Medicine1558359729
Dtc Family Health Pllc 80111, COFamily Medicine1609817444
Tessa M. Beal 81631, COFamily Medicine1700148525
New West Physicians, P.c. 80220, COFamily Medicine1467944082
Pinnacle Medical Partners Ii, Llc 80128, COFamily Medicine1376912931
Russell Alan Parker 96743, COFamily Medicine1023167947
Terrill Kae Schmitt 81321, COFamily Medicine1144736257
Christina Turner 80104, COFamily Medicine1740732320
Kylie Beukema 80023, COFamily Medicine1174918346
Gregory Bohuslav 78934, COFamily Medicine1518348010
Silver Thread Public Health District 81235, COFamily Medicine1538655766
Seth Allen Mathern 80023, COFamily Medicine1972998110
Michael Magill-collins 87102, COFamily Medicine1962814855
Yogis Choice Health Care Llc 80206, COFamily Medicine1245619451
Sarah Elizabeth Bosch 80016, COFamily Medicine1194186445
Layla S. Jaffree 30033, COFamily Medicine1386919587
Devin Gamundoy 80134, COFamily Medicine1730593518
Susan G H Hamstra 80601, COFamily Medicine1700926953
Mark Oscar Robinson 80920, COFamily Medicine1053398131
Kathie Elizabeth Mcalpine 80439, COFamily Medicine1063736692
Sheldon Ravin 80920, COFamily Medicine1124114335
Platte Valley Medical Group Llc 80601, COFamily Medicine1730698820
Daniel Seth Caplin 81303, COFamily Medicine1033277371
Cole Anthony Zanetti 80003, COFamily Medicine1710273420
Scott Cochran 97128, COFamily Medicine1457706251
Emily Schrader 80010, COFamily Medicine1356704506
Hila Mitchell 80023, COFamily Medicine1508154097
Rebecca J Nickell 80129, COFamily Medicine1477516045
Tanner Duane Mathias 05701, COFamily Medicine1801258611
Sandra Duwaik 80010, COFamily Medicine1528446911
Christian Damon Lobo 80129, COFamily Medicine1326401605
Pavitra Rajendrabhai Patel 80012, COFamily Medicine1013270545
Mattson Mathey 82443, COFamily Medicine1811374010
Mark David Jeffords 98431, COFamily Medicine1528296183
Susan Kimiko Kunihiro 30342, COFamily Medicine1699160457
Kevin Hattaway 80440, COFamily Medicine1679691885
Elise Simone Yerelian 80211, COFamily Medicine1710334818
Michael John Solomon 29406, COFamily Medicine1922458850
Keyna I Schlup 80751, COFamily Medicine1609172782
Jill M Neiman 99114, COFamily Medicine1851778070
Emily Lines 80045, COFamily Medicine1568826592
Carolyn Shay Moore 80909, COFamily Medicine1881821296
Angela L Kurtz 81501, COFamily Medicine1083734313
Nurses, Llc 80504, COFamily Medicine1679089338
Tyler Lawrence Ladue 92373, COFamily Medicine1801214861
Sarah E Crowley 80211, COFamily Medicine1376898882
Audrey Klawiter 80487, COFamily Medicine1710341029
Joseph J Kezeor 80528, COFamily Medicine1578683223
Lower Valley Hospital Association 81521, COFamily Medicine1538626833
Todd P Landin 80234, COFamily Medicine1295013597
Vivian Jiang 80020, COFamily Medicine1467871160
Michael H. Nguyen 89145, COFamily Medicine1063810935
Mark A. Siemer 28117, COFamily Medicine1871649368
Crystal Dawnelle Dickerson 99336, COFamily Medicine1184665697
10k Sports Medicine, Pc 81224, COFamily Medicine1316184120
Joshua Blitstein 34110, COFamily Medicine1639533698
Joshua A Emdur 80031, COFamily Medicine1649218389
Paul T Raford 80112, COFamily Medicine1578561874
Heather S Banks 80303, COFamily Medicine1093804460
Eric Lee Hetzel 80923, COFamily Medicine1699970806
Drew Blumberg 97355, COFamily Medicine1821452715
Devon C Daney 81328, COFamily Medicine1427189927
Kameo Lynnae Smith 81321, COFamily Medicine1083645881
Jason Mack Eversole 81321, COFamily Medicine1699159178
Tyrone Harvard Hanks 85224, COFamily Medicine1952587750
David Scott Moran 80913, COFamily Medicine1841531647
Garrett Urban 80121, COFamily Medicine1699208066
Matthew Pappy Md Pllc 53581, COFamily Medicine1316496383
Katherine C. Painter 62906, COFamily Medicine1295171023
Clemencia Rasquinha 55422, COFamily Medicine1023021409
Richard William Payden 80537, COFamily Medicine1306223110
Christa Wright 80909, COFamily Medicine1770944829
Hni Hospital Services Of Colorado, Pllc 80033, COFamily Medicine1740767953
Primary Care Partners, Inc. 81506, COFamily Medicine1245392612
David Stuart 81501, COFamily Medicine1881040707
Anna M Jones 81501, COFamily Medicine1467809517
Monique Morisseau 81506, COFamily Medicine1194702886
Karl Kuzis 99352, COFamily Medicine1154402253
Annamarie Neumann Meeuwsen 81230, COFamily Medicine1205028735
Jesus M Ochoa 81401, COFamily Medicine1023089166
Amber Angles 81416, COFamily Medicine1407205966
William Everett Gattis 81230, COFamily Medicine1386611465
Ted Kai-i Lin 81089, COFamily Medicine1518092683
Thomas C Coburn 80459, COFamily Medicine1073562237
Mark Andrew Wisner 80459, COFamily Medicine1083829162
Elaina Nicole Collins 81435, COFamily Medicine1740702893
Christine R Mahoney 81435, COFamily Medicine1851551097
Steven Gale 54115, COFamily Medicine1730528456
Sharon Ann Grundy 81435, COFamily Medicine1023043825
Margarita Sevilla 80126, COFamily Medicine1568431542
Hannah Schreiber 97601, COFamily Medicine1245694819
Sara C Herstad 55441, COFamily Medicine1629152103
Lindsay Cala 81635, COFamily Medicine1437598083
Jeanne Haberer 81506, COFamily Medicine1447240767
Kevin Leonard Mcclintock 81005, COFamily Medicine1366400178
Sara Allison Warzecka 81506, COFamily Medicine1225392210
Katherine Gray 83647, COFamily Medicine1427407824
Arthur Davies 37388, COFamily Medicine1770821365
Cloud Medical Llc 80504, COFamily Medicine1902430945
Envision Physician Services Llc 84057, COFamily Medicine1003282567


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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